Here’s Logo Design Is So Important For A Business

A logo design is more than just a fancy icon on display.
Let's find out several reasons why logo design is very important for any business and brand!
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Many businesses take their logo or branding for granted. That's an unfortunate thing because the image is crucial to building their venture and pushing it forward. Many ventures hire professionals to work on their images and public presence. These include public figures with or without any foundations.

The best logo is the one that can speak about a venture without having to explain more. Whenever someone notices a green H on top of a building, they will think of a Holiday Inn. Thus they expect quality from the franchise during their stay. The same goes when they see the McDonald's golden arch or the laughing Colonel Sanders. They are expecting a good burger and fried chickens.

In some cases, it's easy to mislead people using well-known brands' images. A short change on the H or a different feature on Colonel Sanders can be a tell-tale of a fake. But most customers won't realize it until it's too late.

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Therefore, it's important to understand the components and importance of having a good brand image. Why is it crucial to have, and how to deter others from duplicating or misleading others with the image?


What is a logo

A logo has many misconceptions. Most people believe a logo has to be an image or an initial to make it memorable. The idea is almost there, but it's not precisely correct. 

The logo came from the Ancient Greek word "logos," meaning words or speech. The modern interpretation of the world is visible in various media and platforms as an image, text, or both. It needs to summarize the venture's values. The company needs to be able to explain what they are doing most efficiently.

There are many elements for an icon to be catchy and memorable. But among all those, the main criteria is that it has to represent the company's values. Businesses with a visual representation can choose a picture as their icons. Or creating a word and building it around an image such as Burger King.

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However, ventures that are part of larger foundations or organizations need to shorten their image. Most people recognize NASA and what they do from their logo. The same goes for NBA, NFL, and MLB.

They may not know what the abbreviation stands for, but they understand what they are doing. NASA uses the world and satellite as part of their logo, while NBA and MLB use a player's silhouette.

The same goes for several world-leading organizations such as UNESCO, UNHCR, and UNICEF. They use the abbreviation and an image to show their values. UNICEF replaces the world image with a silhouette of a mother and children to show their focus is on children's welfare.

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Why the logo is crucial

Public presence is crucial for any company. Hence, they need to have an image that will do the summary. Public needs to understand what the business is about and all values surrounding it. Another task for an icon is to provide information for the masses without looking for more. 

Instagram, Youtube, and Wikipedia are prime examples of how their image represents their values. The main icon for the Instagram website and app is a camera. It's an efficient way to tell the public that this social media focuses on taking and sharing pictures. Being the largest picture-oriented social media, Instagram takes visual presence to a new height of importance.

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Youtube used to have a different logo highlighting the words You and the TV icon on the Tube. The platform used to be a place for people to upload videos with no other features. But since they introduced the live stream function and Youtube music premium, they changed their icon to a play button. The image stays with the venture's main value of providing entertainment. Hence, the minimalist approach features the play button and the red background from the previous image.

The public is more familiar with the large W font in their browser's tab. But the Wikipedia logo is a globe made from puzzle pieces. It represents its mission to provide more information to the public. The puzzles show that crowdsourcing information can build a complete image of something. Wikipedia pages are the work of numerous volunteers from all over the world.

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The component of a logo

In general, a good icon has a picture or text or both. It needs to have the venture's name either by initial or abbreviation. One of the main requirements is it has to be memorable. It doesn't matter if it has an image or only words. The emblem is only effective when it can make the public think of the company after a short glance.  

Effective communication is one that the public can remember effortlessly. Therefore, large companies often take a very minimalistic approach to their brand image. Car manufacturers Honda and Ferrari BMW choose to have their initial and iconic standing horse as their logos. This approach proves successful as any H in a square will lead people to think of a Honda. They don't have to spell the brand's name at all.

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The luxury car manufacturer, Ferrari, choose to have a horse silhouette as their icon. They chose this image as a move to separate their values and visions from their parent's company, Fiat. Eventually, the iconic emblem is synonymous with powerhouse sports cars. 

Another example is IBM. One of the oldest computer manufacturers still has the same image ever since its conception in 1972. Back then, the design counts as unique and true to their values. Even though the blue lines count as obsolete today, the company retains the brand image.

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Versatility and availability

A venture will use the logo design in various situations. Therefore, they need to have several variations of the primary image. This will help the venture to cement its status and bring more recognition to its work.

Large companies with a solid public presence are free to interchange the variants among their products and services. They will receive the same response from the public.

An example of an interchangeable logo is Pepsi Cola. The primary logo is a red and blue circle with the name Pepsi on the side. But any paper cup with a red and blue circle will make everyone think of Pepsi Cola. However, it doesn't mean the business needs to have all types of logos. They just need a handful that they can use in both digital and print platforms.  

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Understand The Power Of Branding

The brand image is responsible for the customer's first impression. Therefore, a good design is even more crucial to catch their attention. The business can employ numerous marketing methods, but they still need to have a prominent logo design as the anchor and link to the company.

Customers won't have any difficulties remembering a good and simple design. However, an extreme minimalistic may backfire as the customers may choose another business with similar designs. 

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Communicating the value through a logo can be a heavy task. Therefore, many designers choose to use images with specific interpretations. For example, a new coffee shop will use either coffee beans or a coffee cup as part of its brand because it's their way to tell their customers that they provide coffee.  

The same goes with a gym or a yoga class. They will use images that people associate with the activities. For the gym, it can be a silhouette of a dumbbell and weightlifting sets or contracting biceps with a lot of muscles. At the same time, a yoga class will either use a lotus symbol or a silhouette of a person sitting cross-legged. A designer can use numerous image associations to their advantage when introducing a brand to the public through their designs.   

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A Logo Is An Easy marketing.

A good logo design can represent the brand and thus become a cheap and easy advertisement. The business doesn't have to spend more budget to enforce the brand's public presence. Because they already have their logos.

The company will only need to continue producing its products. They will see the result as if they employ a specific marketing technique. Of course, they still need to participate in several events and collaborations to solidify their company's values in the public's eyes. Occasionally, they also need to put out a print and digital advertisements to make an extra push. But as an overall value, they can see the result from their memorable and catchy logo.

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Jagermeister and Jack Daniels are popular enough that they can advertise from their logo alone. Anyone who sees the crowned stag will quickly think of the spiced spirit. And the same goes with the unique typography on the whiskey label. Both spirits are a prime example of how a simple logo can speak of itself. 

This method is popular among food and beverage items. Food products have to find a logo that will set them apart from their competitors. It's often that the company gives its icon a name and backstory to attract more customers. Cheetos' Chester cheetah and the M&M's couple are examples that many companies follow.

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The image has to be catchy.

In 1977, Lucas Films released the first Star Wars movie. It was a huge success mainly because of the title and keeping curiosity. But it also brings the images and typography as part of their logo to the public, and it stays. The typography they use is a unique approach to a futuristic design that many recent designers have adopted.

The Beatles' typography is also one type of image that everyone knows and memorizes. The same goes with Star Wars and The Rolling Stones. The magazine may not be using the same image as the band, but they retain the typography.

Numerous methods can help a design on being catchy and memorable. However, it doesn't mean that the venture has to be very bold or massively unique that it can be hard to understand. On the contrary, the design can be minimalistic and will yield the same result.

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A good design is key to building brand loyalty.

A recognizable image often brings loyalty to the brand. The customers will recognize the company right away from the image. They don't have to read or look for other details. Hence, a simplistic approach often pays off in this case.

However, having a recognizable image means the brand is prone to piracy. This is the case with numerous luxury brands such as Gucci and Channel. Customers can get their hands on Gucci bags and Channel shoes in a Hong Kong alley for a fraction of the original price. Their simple logo allows some people to manufacture knockoff luxury items.

The brand opts for a simple logo approach. They have built a flock of loyal customers from decades of being in the business. Their names are synonymous with wealth and class. They have solid customer bases who will recognize the authentic product from a knockoff. And their public stature will keep the public's opinion on making the brand name stay synonymous with wealth.

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Representing the products as well

It's common for a venture to have several variations for different products. This approach can be convoluted when the brand is not careful when creating a primary design.

This approach is common for a company with several subsidiaries. The venture also can have different logos for each subsidiary. Google houses numerous digital ventures, including Android and FitBit. However, since they are using different logos, most people don't connect the products with the parent company.

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The same goes for L'oreal Paris, which owns several cosmetic and skincare lines. They have products under the Loreal flag, but they also manufacture for The Body Shop and NYX Cosmetic. Each company has a different approach and values as well as its logos, as they are separate companies before the acquisition. But that aside, having. 

It's also the case for a company with several product lines. Uniqlo uses the variation of their primary logo for their collaboration items. Customers can choose between the regular Uniqlo T-shirt or a Uniqlo x Disney collaboration. Rihanna also employed the same tactics when she released a collaborative effort for her Fenty lingerie collections.

The difference in the logo can be very minimum to notice. But they can bring a lot of differences for the products. Customers will be able to tell which products are limited editions and which are on the production line.

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The value of Color and Typography

The color and typography in the image are also crucial to show the brand's importance. Many people believe that it correlates with the products and the brand as a whole.

Having the right color and font choice can bring extra value to the design. It's the small things that make the emblem iconic and memorable. And in some cases, the public will think of a specific brand and its services.

 Google's four colors are easy to recognize almost everywhere. Any digital company that uses a similar color combination will make the public think that they are one of the tech giant's subsidiaries.

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These small details also can set apart the original from fake items, especially for products and brands with a long line of loyal followers. Take the most popular perfume in the world, Channel's No. 5. Many people buy fake bottles that have similar typography and liquid colors.

But a true fan will know the difference and can tell that its' fake right away. The value that has long, But this is a detail that can set apart the original from the fake ones. 

Designers who understand how the color combination works and its correlation with a more established company can use the information to their advantage. They can design a new image with similar colors and font choices with enough differences to set them apart.

Copying is common but also still frowned upon by the public. Making the mistake of blatant or almost completely copying the whole logo can backfire and set a backlash to the venture.

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Final Words

A good logo design is imperative for any brand. It's more than just providing information for the customers. But the good design also can reach more customers in the future. These designs and their variations are crucial for the venture to stay in business.

Keep in mind that a good design means that they are easy to understand and an effective communication method from the company to the public. It needs to have the right colors and typography and choose the best image to represent the company.

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It's unfortunate that many people take the design for granted and choose the easiest approach. At the same time, it's true that a good design can be very simple with minimum colors. But it will stay catchy as it manages to tell the venture's story and values.

Different venture uses different approach, but the purpose is similar. It's to imprint and solidify the presence to the public. Having a constant presence means they have a bigger chance to expand their customer base and, eventually, their venture.

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