10 Reasons Why a Simple Logo Is More Effective For Business

A good logo design represents an identity and tells you a meaningful story.
Here are some good reasons why a simple logo is more effective for businesses!
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There are reasons why a simple logo must be the most effective way to promote your brand. The proof is in the many successful brands that we know have been popular all over the world. On average, they use a simple logo. There is also a logo that changes over time. The point is that the logo used is getting simpler.

A logo is one of the important ways to communicate indirectly with consumers. This means that logo design must be considered, such as creating a simple design. Even if it is wrapped in a simple design, the essence of a logo is to convey the ideology of a company.

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Why Is a Simple Logo Better for Business?

Creating the right logo is a challenge for a designer. Besides being able to convey information about a company, a successful logo must also be easy to remember. We know various logos in the world, but the most effective logo is the simple one.

Most logos that are influential for success are those with simple designs, according to well-known brands, that have lasted a long time. Simplicity is the key to creating a logo that makes consumers more focused and able to remember it in a short time.

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A logo must have an effective design to convey the personality and character of your business. Choose a style that is consistent with your business identity. Also, choose the right color to strengthen the company's identity.

If your company is engaged in cosmetics, you can choose pastel colors or soft ones. The logo for the cosmetic business must also be in harmony. It can be an image of a woman, cosmetics, or other elements related to beauty.

It's impossible for a cosmetic company to create a logo with a dark color selection that doesn't show any feminine side at all. The audience will not be interested.

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Also, remember to keep the design simple. Some important reasons why you should choose a simple logo are:

1. Simplicity is The Key to Being Recognizable

Imagine you are walking on the sidewalk or maybe driving a car down the street. There are many shops or cafes standing on the side of the road. Each of these shops and cafes displays its logo on a shop front sign. Can you remember the logo that was installed in just a short time?

As a consumer, seeing a logo at a glance is commonplace. In this case, a logo with a simple design will get more attention because it is easy to remember and recognize.

There is even a study that shows that consumers tend to be more attracted to products that have a simple logo design. Some important aspects of a logo include clearly legible text, brand name, product purpose, and other identities.

Not just simple, a good logo must be able to convey what the company wants to its consumers.

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2. A Simple Logo is Easier to Print

A logo is not only displayed on the product but also in several other places. The company logo will be printed on business cards, advertisements, letterhead, business bags, and any other important related elements.

A complex logo will be difficult to blend into several places, so the key is to use a logo that is simple and still practical. There's no need to use too many colors, even to create a full logo with mixed bright colors. Consumers may immediately turn to see an exaggerated logo. Again, a good logo should look simple because it can be printed more practically and easily.

Remember, mistakes in choosing the color of a logo can create a bad image for a brand. If the color does not match the company's image, it will be difficult for the public to recognize it. The use of too many colors can also make the character of the brand unclear. That's why it's so important to decide on color choices carefully and thoughtfully. A simple logo will be easily displayed anywhere.

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3. Simplicity is More Powerful

Simple but elegant is more impressive than overdone but tacky. People tend to like things that are easy for them to remember, including when paying attention to a logo. Instead of choosing products with complex logos, they prefer products whose logos are easy to remember.

A logo with a complex design may impress at first, but consumers don't remember it easily. They will even forget when they see your logo elsewhere. A complicated logo has no particular appeal or impression; in fact, it makes consumers reluctant to look at it longer.

When creating a logo, the design must be embedded in the minds of consumers, even if only at a glance. Like when you see the logos of the iPhone, Nike, NASA, Burger King, KFC, and several other well-known products. They tend to have logos that are simple, elegant, and easy to remember.

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The more famous the product logo, the better brand recognition it will build. Your product or business will also be more popular and liked by many consumers.

Designers are required to think hard when creating a logo because they must have high creativity. In addition, do not plagiarize the logos of other companies, especially competitors. That's not a good idea because your company might come across as unwise and incompetent.

A simple logo is easy to remember so that it seems more familiar to consumers. So, start to design a logo that is simple but has a strong appeal. A unique symbol that is not owned by other companies.

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4. Simple Logo with Direct Message

There's no need to add too many details, even create colorful logos and complex images. Remember, this is not an abstract painting but a logo to represent what the company wants to convey. A logo that is too complicated can't convey business desires and even makes the audience feel confused and disinterested.

A simple logo can convey a message well, especially your company's important message. The main function of a logo is not only to display a full and colorful image but also to convey what is needed. You can create a simple logo with the right and simple image choices. As a medium to convey identity, you must create a logo that is simple but displays an elegant and classy impression. You have nothing to lose when you decide to get rid of some unimportant elements in a logo.

On the other hand, you can achieve the best design elements that can properly represent your business identity. Logos are all about strong and attractive symbols, which can make people think of your product just by looking at it through the logo. When you can create a logo like that, then you are successful.

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5. Simple Logo Offers Certainty

A simple logo looks elegant when viewed, making the audience immediately understand the product. When you see the KFC logo, you immediately know what the company has to offer. It often makes you hungry when you take a break at work. Just like you who see other successful logos, everything is made simply but with careful consideration.

Google also has a simple logo, making us immediately understand it even if we only see it at a glance or from a distance. This is because our minds have memorized it. Consider the following scenario: if the Google logo is complicated with colors like a rainbow, we may become lazy and less interested in remembering it.

Your logo must be able to refine the company's ideology practically, focus on the core idea, and don't create distracting visual clutter. A simple logo offers certainty to the audience. In contrast to a logo that is too detailed, the audience may feel that the product you offer is too complicated.

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6. Timeless Minimalist Style

Having an attractive logo for a product is the desire of many companies. Do you know the logo of National Geographic Logo? A simple logo in the form of a rectangular box in bright yellow. With such a practical symbol, the audience will immediately know when they see it anywhere, even without any explanation.

The simple logo is not made haphazardly; there are important considerations in a short time. From this famous logo, you will know that one of the reasons a simple logo becomes effective is because it is timeless. The minimalist style will always be a trend every time.

Many logos have also evolved to become more minimalist over time, the purpose being to produce the perfect design. Now, let's take a look at the BBC logo, which is no less simple with three capital letters. Although simple, there is a strong and elegant impression that makes the audience immediately know what the BBC is about.

The passage of time will not make your simple logo design out of date because the minimalist concept will never be timeless. The minimalist concept of a logo describes something that is always modern.

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7. Simplicity goes hand in hand with consistency

We know that a logo will be posted in various places; business cards, advertisements, company letterheads, and much more. A good logo should still maintain its consistency even when placed in various media. Consistency will make it successful as an effective promotional tool.

If you own a bakery, your logo might be a picture of a bakery with the name of your shop. It's a simple idea so that consistency can be maintained when the logo is placed in various places, including cake boxes and bags that you give to customers. The simplicity of the logo will keep it consistent and perfect, even when it's engraved in a tough spot.

"Beating around the bush" is something that will waste your time, including when creating a logo. A logo is a symbol or identity of a company. It doesn't need to be complicated.

Give your audience what they want and need from the products you offer through your logo. Don't make them think hard or guess from the complicated logo you created. A logo should be able to create clear, direct, and no-nonsense communication.

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8. Simple Logo Is Not Ambiguous

One of the important things to avoid when doing business is ambiguity. When designing a logo, one must pay attention to clarity. The clearer the logo, the clearer the message you want to convey will be. An ambiguous logo will only lead to different perceptions.

Try to position yourself as a consumer. What do you think when you see the logo that you are currently designing? Are you immediately able to catch a certain message according to your business product, or are you wondering and feeling complicated?

If you feel your logo is too complicated, start by reducing some of the components that you think don't match the image of your brand.

A logo should be made by paying attention to its aesthetic value but keeping it as simple as possible by avoiding complicated and confusing details. An unambiguous logo will still be recognized even if viewed with a rotating, mirror, or flipped effect to the right or left.

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If you look at the type, there are character or mascot logos, combinations, emblems, pictorial marks, wordmarks, and letter marks. Whatever type of logo you want to use, make sure to choose it according to the brand you are building.

Google is an example of a logo that immediately focuses on the company name. The selection of letters and colors is very precise so that it seems modern from time to time.

Twitter and Apple use the Pictorial mark, which is also elegant and timeless. Then there is also KFC, which uses the mascot logo with a simple, classy design. Choosing the right design will make the brand last a long time because the audience will easily recognize it.

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9. A simple logo will not be copied

Do you know what the downside of creating a business logo is? It relates to other companies or competitors who may want to copy your logo.

But that will not happen if you have a simple logo design because it will be difficult to copy. It's different if you have a logo with a complicated design. The competitor may change certain parts and then claim the logo as their brand.

A simple logo has an elegant simplicity and will not be easy to imitate because the public already knows that the logo belongs to your brand. A simple logo already has definite lines, shapes, fonts, and colors. When someone tries to tamper with it, the whole logo changes.

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You can try changing the Apple logo, giving it a little text, or changing its color. Audiences will immediately know that you have plagiarized Apple's logo. Even when you use an image of a whole apple, your audience may immediately think of the Apple company.

That is the power of a simple logo. Once the public recognizes it, they will let the logo stick in their minds. Thus, you must also grab the public's attention by introducing your simple and elegant logo.

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10. Science's Opinion on Simple Logos

Science has researched why a simple logo seems more effective. It turns out that this is related to the innate preference of humans, namely the concept of cognitive fluency. In this theory, it turns out that the human brain is wired to look for easy things, apparently to avoid working too hard. In this regard, a simple logo is something that is easily processed and understood by the brain.

When the midbrain processes a complex logo with many colors, the brain has to work hard to get clear information and try to remember it. This complex process will make it difficult for us to remember the logo. It's different when you see a simple logo. The process of decoding information in the brain is also easier.

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In addition, logo designs are also easily absorbed by our memory in the short term. With a simple logo concept, it will be easier to communicate the message you want to convey to the audience. A minimalist logo will be easily absorbed by the working memory of your consumers.

Although it appears to be simple and easy, creating a logo is not. Making a logo requires a careful preparation process, trial and error, and you can even recreate it until the logo looks right for your product. A logo designer certainly works hard for this, especially when you want to create a unique and simple design that is easy to remember.

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Final Words

Creating a simple logo is one of the keys to business success. A simple logo will be easy to remember, effective, timeless, and flexible so that it still looks modern from time to time.

You can see it in several well-known global brands. On average, they have a simple logo that is easily attached to the public's memory. Desiring a long-lasting business means paying attention to every detail, including creating the best logo that fits your corporate identity. That way, the public will immediately think about your product when they see your logo on social media, brochures, or even anywhere.

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