How to Legally Protect Your Business Logo Design

Logo design is one of the most important elements and the primary image of a business.
Let’s find out how to protect your business logo design from theft!

Nobody wants their painstakingly created logo design business to be stolen by someone else, making them think of all kinds of ways to protect it. And this is a step that is right and is correct, and the drawing must be protected at all costs.

You have undergone many phases to get a sketch for this final market. You are starting from the start from the stretch stage, paying for the figure designer, revising it several times, and starting to be satisfied with the drawing results. And because of this, you also know the struggle of the mark designer.

But for marketing materials, unfortunately, there are threats to the logo we have produced. Some people are not responsible for creating a similar sketch or even copying a business name. And clearly, this is one of the fatal violations.

Because, after all, logo brand identity is the important thing, and the customer will remember the badge he has seen. Customers identify your market and organization based on some characteristics in the sketch. So a distinct image in the market is essential.

Before your customers can use a business, they will pay attention to all marketing campaigns and often make judgments based on your figure.

What happens if you have worked hard to build branding and the organization's growth, but someone uses it for their benefit? This is a real threat, and they could use your logo concept for bad purposes.


How to Protect Your Logo Design Business Legally and Effectively?

Seeing all the threats that can appear at any time, a sketch with a copyright or trademark is one of the best ways to ensure figure protection and sketch security. However, for those who don't know what ways they can protect the logo for a business, here are them:

1. Register Your Trademark

The first and most sensible step is registering your logo design business on the trademark. This step towards improving cybersecurity will consider what identifies your brand there.

Remember, your sketch is with words, shapes, and color combinations. This trademark guarantees that the initially designed figure is protected by common law, so there are no similar marketing materials.

A sketch that resembles a trademark will become an identity. You can also call to trademark a badge because it protects everything, and you can follow these steps for Logo business design protection:

  • Unregistered Trademark. Logo copyright law protects what is pirating. This is where when other people use a similar market in a way, it can demonstrate to others. The mark is yours, the essence of business Logo protection.
  • Trademark Registration. Regarding trademark registration, this will later be registered by country and by the market. You will use the trademark by submitting it to an accredited trademark agency for every logo design business.

If you require guidance and advice regarding this application, there are many associations ready to help. Since sketch protection is essential, other uses of the mark have harmed you.



2. Decide What You Want to TradeMark

Start first by determining what you want to mark—starting by collecting designs that are owned and patented business logos—starting from color to other essential factors.

3. Conduct a Thorough Trademark Search

Next, what needs to be done is to do a careful trademark search. Before you claim ownership, it's better if you find out whether such a figure is owned or not.

4. Make Design Adjustments

Continue with design adjustments which mean adjusting elements that are necessary and legal and those that are not. This design adjustment is also related to how you can improve the quality of the design.

5. Seeking Legal Assistance

You will not be successful if you do everything yourself. This is also the reason for the presence of design legal assistance. They are directly in charge of helping the claim and trademark process succeed.


6. Finalize Your Trademark Application

Follow step by step to protect your logo design business. It doesn't matter how many steps need to be skipped, but these will all be important. Finalize your trademark application so that it becomes yours officially.

7. Wait for the Result

Do not immediately claim if this process has not been completed with adequate results. Protect your sketch until it becomes an identity; there must be one proof first. And later, the agency will provide certification.

8. Know that Not Everything Can be TradeMark

Also, know the fact that not all figures can be 100% yours because there are things that are elements that cannot be well-protected. Each area and territory has its qualifications, so you must adjust accordingly in the Logo design business.

9. Use Copyright Notice

A little explanation about copyright indicates that your sketch has artistic elements. This is an automatic international right so that the work of designers and artists can get the right so as not to be pirated by other irresponsible people.

Copyright is also used to demonstrate the condition of the market figure. The original badge and your predates copy are examples of copyright infringement conditions. What should belong to someone else cannot be forcibly taken.


Copyright Registration

Copyright registration involves submitting a copy of literary or artistic work to be held as evidence. This is an independently verifiable record of the work in your name from that date, and no one can copy your sketch.

Copyright is the answer to all and provides the tools to speed up or avoid legal proceedings in cases of identity. It can demonstrate the existence of the figure, which in turn can help prove your claim in passing off.

Trademark registrations will also take some time, but they can cover you immediately. The trademark application is disputed, but there are more details of copyright that protect the logo design business.

Seeing all the benefits offered, you may start to think about using this service, but the problem is still the process. But for the process, you can follow this:

1. Submit the Application

Come to a verified institution and apply. This is the first step to follow, and it is also the most strategic start. Apply with your sketch.

2. Pay the Registration Fee

Don't forget that this will cost money, so proceed with paying a registration fee to the institution. This registration fee varies, but the details will provide precise distribution of the figure design.

3. Send Copies of Your badge Design.

And in the middle of the process, you should provide copies of the one-by-one designs you want to get a certificate of ownership or identity. Registering copyright can apply forms and submit copies.

4. Wait for a Confirmation Email

Like a trademark, you can't directly claim this copyright as your own. Have to go through another process first. If it is officially yours, there will be a confirmation mail from the design figure business.


5. Seek Experienced Logo Designers

You may not realize this, but this process can be completed much faster with the help of experienced sketch designers. They can read the form about what needs to be included in one Logo design business.

They know what elements have been claimed by others and which ones can still be used freely. That is the point of experienced sketch designers when compared to others. So there is no violation in terms of copyright.

In addition, experienced figure designers know the brand personality and niche, so this is an excellent capital to build identity through badges. Figure design is not what you might think because the process is much more complex.

6. Spend Some More Money

If you see any elements considered rights violations, spend more money to make revisions. Copyright and trademarks will work strictly. So spending more money is certainly not one thing that will ruin everything in the Logo design business.

Spending some more money means that you hire other designers to add other elements to the sketch to make it look attractive and learn if any figure's protections have been violated. They will also be the ones in charge if there is a pirate.

With designers knowing who the actual designers are, their reputation is no longer questioned. Spending more money on designs is indeed expensive. But if you are serious about building a market, then protecting your badge design is necessary.


7. Look at their Portfolio

Look at other people's portfolios first, and this will be a tool that helps the design results. When you are ready to start a design or protect the business sketch in a single area, this portfolio will help clarify pirating or other violations.

The strong relationship between the market and designs is enormous, and it only costs a small amount of money to study other people's portfolios. But the results obtained from here will be significant and good for business purposes.

Protect your identity by ensuring the portfolio is the best in the industry. If it seems nice but easy to duplicate, better replace it. Other ideas can come up, but we rarely do brainstorming or in-depth research on the Logo design business.

8. Never Ask for Spec Work

Speculative work or commonly known as spec work, is one of the worst trends in the graphic and figures designs industry. It leads to a bad market. In this situation, the graphic designer must create a low-risk finished design.

Legally protecting your logo design business means that all clarity in the design must be maintained. On the other hand, spec work has a high chance of plagiarized elements and no clear protection. It even has a low-quality design.

Spec work will lead to no research into your company or its value. Little revisions or even nothing makes very little communication and brainstorming. But after all, nurtured and built trust from a business must be appropriately maintained.


9. Use a Watermark

Market sketch protection can be done by using a watermark. This is a sign in the design to become the identity of ownership. People who see the designs' results will notice a small sign that writes the original owner.

So that people can not directly copy it or change the color. This additional element is located near the design and is useful as proof of ownership. If it is copied, it already has a name, proving that other Logo design businesses do not pirate it.

In addition, watermarks are also very useful for figure protection purposes because, with this, the sketch will not produce works that cannot be copied without protection. This relates to intellectual property law which can be directly sued.

10. Keep Your Logo Confidential

You can also make the figure more confidential or only use it once or twice. This keeps people from getting inspiration from your work. It is enough to be an identity for the one who recognizes it and rejects all bad intentions to follow it.

Keeping your sketch confidential is not possible in a business environment, but it might just be portfolio work. Only certain people have permission to see it. And it's somehow still the best way to protect your logo design business from other methods.

Keeping your figure confidential means, you stop someone from stealing your logo. It will keep your brand safe by helping protect your sketch. A figure created by a logos designer is a registered work that should not be taken carelessly by others.


11. Use Your Company Logo Across the Platform

Contrary to what we said in point number 8, you can create a single layer of protection on the company sketch by using the image on all platforms. This will let people who see a similar sketch immediately know the original version.

Using your company logos across this platform can include many necessary steps. Applying sketch protection can still be violated; it's better to do it manually. In this way, people become hesitant to follow the figure for the business that you created.

Use your company sketch across platforms, as well as build an identity. From social media to branding in brochures with that badges, more and more people are familiar with the visual appearance, and there are no other violations.

12. Use of Colors in Your Company Logo

Also, use colors that are symbols of your sketch. With the colors there, there will be no other offense. The color of the badges will also be the identity. Use it in various other sectors to build the identity of your Logo design business.

Using colors in your company sketch relates to original and unique colors. This could be a violation if someone follows that figure and another sketch element. And at least you've built that identity before there was a pirate.

Using colors in your company logos is the best way to protect your badge design. For example, for people who want to build a similar identity, at least someone already recognizes it. And this makes it less easy for them to commit the offense.


13. Avoid Extra Empty Space in Company Logo

This is probably one way that is still unknown. Avoiding extra space in the company sketch makes you more creative. And from here, figure protection, who then created the badge's identity, no one dared to follow or add it.

Extra space in the company sketch only gives people space to try to follow or recreate the designs you created. They can add other elements that make the design their own, but in fact, it's not easy.

From now on, logos designers who want to build a protection sketch can start by making something full and with no space. In addition, try to create other things if the work still looks like there is a lot of space.



You need to know that figure designs are an identity, which is important for your market. You don't need to have any more difficulties pouring out artwork and ideas with sketches and other creative content. There will be many creative ways for other marketing.

In addition, this needs to be emphasized in all sectors if a business must have a unique name and badges. It needs to reflect the niche and personality, so you can't just follow other people's work. After all, you must prevent the figure design from getting pirated.

Indeed you will say that this is not easy, and the limitation of ideas makes it difficult. The market sketch not only a role in the pride and identity sector but also in how the market competition performs.

Creating a logo alone has taken a lot of time and effort, and it's time for you to consider a formal target. It should not be overly complex with shapes or colors. Logo design business will represent the name, niche, and absolute personality.


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