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Article: 30 Best Octopus Logo Design Ideas You Should Check

30 Best Octopus Logo Design Ideas You Should Check

Talent without discipline is like an octopus on roller skates.
Check out some of the best octopus logo design ideas to inspire your projects!
Created by Dmitry Krino |

Interested in an octopus logo design? Octopuses are indeed fascinating creatures. They symbolize resourcefulness, wisdom, and power. In many cultures, they are considered as the patron saint of the sea. Some people associate them with the ability to be reborn, too.

While octopuses live in the sea, the use of their image is not limited to organizations or businesses that are related to the sea. In fact, the image of an octopus has been used in logos by various organizations and businesses, and even IT projects. Their symbolisms are universal, after all.

So if you are interested in using an octopus logo design, just go for it. There is no need to start from scratch, though. Below, we have a list of 30 logo design ideas from various artists from all over the world. You can learn and get inspired by their incredible works. 

So here are some of the best octopus logo design ideas you can check:


1. Samurai Kraken

Created by Rex Graphic |

An octopus drawing doesn't get cooler than Rex Graphic's work here. The logo features a samurai octopus wielding two katanas with its tentacles. The logo is mostly in red, which is one of the natural shades of octopuses. The white streak around the octopus highlights the octopus and turns it into the center of attention. The green accent compliments the logo's color composition.



Created by Abel Nadjem |

You don't have to include a whole octopus for your octopus logo design. Octopuses have distinct physical features. Abel Nadjem's logo design for Francois de Goumoens here shows how you can create a partial image of an octopus with beautiful curves and dots. The uniquely shaped animal draws attention. The text underneath tells the audience the brand's name and what it does.


3. cnpyt

Created by Alexey Musafirov |

Designed by Alexey Musafirov, Sprut's logo here seems quite simple. Due to its simplicity, the audience can remember it easily. In addition to that, the logo octopus has three basic colors: black for the text, purple for the octopus, and white for the background. As the octopus logo has minimum details, it is easier for the audience to associate the image with the brand.


4. Oldtopus

Created by Yulian Rahman |

Yulian Rahman combined the image of an octopus with that of an old man. The result is an "oldtopus", which suits the brand. You can't help but notice that the octopus logo design was created with simplicity in mind. That's why it is so effective. The light brown color stands out gently. The text is in uppercase, showcasing professionalism and commitment to its customers.


5. Quickart

Created by Ivan Bobrov |

The natural shades of octopuses are red, yellow, and brown. This doesn't mean you can't use other colors on your octopus logo brand. Other colors work, too. You can see this on Ivan Bobrov's Quickart design. The octopus comes in pink. It looks cute and grabs attention. The text underneath is purple. Despite the difference, the logo is harmonious and pleasant to the eyes.


6. Nagual

Created by Nagual |

Next, Nagual's octopus logo design vector. The logo depicts an octopus holding a trident. The artist didn't use the natural shades of octopuses. However, no one can deny how awesome it looks. The yellow accent complements the purple. It adds depth and texture and makes the overall logo more visually appealing. The white outline allows the octopus to stand out against a dark background. 


7. Forcastle Festival

Created by Chad Patterson |

The typeface is one of the determining factors in an octopus logo design. The right typeface makes a logo more attractive and conveys the brand's personality. You can see this on Chad Patterson's Forcastle Festival logo. The upside-down octopus brings attention to the logo. At the same time, the text above and below the image communicates the brand's personality to the target audience. 


8. Mint

Created by Mint |

An octopus logo design doesn't need to feature the whole shape of an octopus. Mint's logo design shows how a curve and some lines can form a recognizable octopus. This depiction is quite simple, but it leaves an impression. It comes in black and white. Meaning it is easy to apply across media and will be able to stay relevant for years to come.  


9. Beatbox Record Label

Created by Darina Darvin |

A vector logo with an octopus mascot is an unusual but welcome surprise. Darina Darvin put an interesting twist to the logo. Notice what's on the octopus head. The animal is wearing a headphone, which not only fits the brand but also makes the logo even more unique. In addition, the typeface compliments the mascot and conveys the personality of the brand.


10. Inkstop Tattoo Supplies

Created by Cajvanean Alexandru |

Octopuses and tattoos have something in common: ink. Thus, using an image of an octopus is fitting for a tattoo supplies shop. That's exactly what Cajvanean Alexandru did with the logo. The logo features a tentacle emerging from the water, holding a lamp. Notice how the artist used the negative space to create suction cups. It is nothing short of an art.


11. Octosharp

Created by prayu_azzahra |

The next octopus logo design inspiration is created by Prayu Azzahra. The logo includes the distinctive physical characteristics of an octopus but with some twists. Instead of going with the regular shape, the artist used an outline. Look at the oval head with intertwined tentacles. The colors are bright, making the logo more noticeable. The text is easy to read with a matching typeface. 


12. Casign

Created by Casign |

Casign's octopus logo design is more on the abstract side. That said, it still has the physical features of an octopus. There are an oval head, a pair of eyes, and six tentacles. The design is not as intricate, but it is certainly intriguing. As for the color, the octopus' blue brings a sense of calmness. The lighter blue background accentuates that even further.


13. Andrius Tamosaitis

Created by Andrius Tamosaitis |

An effective logo differentiates. If your competitors are using lots of curves in their logos, consider doing the opposite. Andrius Tamosaitis' design here incorporates lots of edges and straight lines instead of curves. You can still see the octopus, but the edges and straight lines allow it to stand out from other octopus logos. The colors and shadings are the cherry on top.


14. Multitask Pirate

Created by Jessie Maisonneuve |

An effective logo communicates what a brand is. An emblem octopus logo is an excellent way to do it. Take Multitask Pirate logo by Jessie Maisonneuve here as an example. The logo has the name of the brand and its taglines. With a glance, the audience knows what the brand is about. The cool image makes it easier to associate with the brand.


15. Saltwater Nomad

Created by Scredeck |

Scredeck's octopus logo design is a clever combination of octopus tentacles and a lighthouse. The combination reminds you of the sea. The light rays that come out from the lighthouse make the logo livelier. The overall logo design fits the Saltwater Nomad brand. The colors are easy on the eyes but still noticeable. The same can be said about the typeface and text.


16. aleksandre khmiadashvili

Created by aleksandre khmiadashvili |

Perhaps you are looking for elegant and artistic design octopus ideas? If so, look no further than this logo. Created by Aleksandre Khmiadashvili, the logo interprets the characteristic shapes of an octopus elegantly and artistically. The white color makes it majestic, which is then complemented by a few gray shadings. The purple background creates a perfect setup for the logo to stand out.


17. Daniel Bodea

Created by Daniel Bodea |

When you make an octopus logo design, you shouldn't focus only on the elements you can include. The elements that you don't include are important, too. Instead of going with the full shape of an octopus, Daniel Bodea used whitespace. Not only the whitespace offers a breathing room, but it also outlines the shape of the octopus. That's how useful the whitespace is.


18. Ylang Ylang

Created by Alex Seciu |

The next on our list is Alex Seciu's Ylang Ylang Dive Center logo design. Choosing colors for a logo can be among the most exciting part of designing. However, you don't want to get carried away and end up using too many colors. The fewer the colors, the better. 1 to 3 basic colors are sufficient to make a logo appealing and memorable.


19. Tower Guard

Created by Toms Stals |

Just because it is an octopus logo brand, it doesn't mean you are restricted to the shape of an octopus only. You can incorporate other shapes, too. In their logo design for Tower Guard, Toms Stals' combined an octopus tentacle with a tower. You can see how the octopus is hiding behind the tower, guarding it. This suits the name of the brand.


20. lemos

Created by Badr |

An octopus logo design can be cute, too. Just look at Badr's logo design for Lemos, a SAAS that helps restaurants optimize their delivery. Here you can see a cute blue octopus wearing bibs. The mascot tells you that the brand is related to restaurants. Notice how the negative space separates the octopus from the background. IT brings the octopus to the center stage.


21. PrstiPerje

Created by PrstiPerje |

Prstiperje's logo design is quite striking. The octopus is black, with some white spots to add texture and depth. The coloring is done in a way that it looks like the octopus is drawn with ink. Octopuses release ink when threatened. This connection adds more meaning to the logo. Moreover, the negative space keeps the design fresh and uncrowded and balances the elements.


22. OctoPush

Created by Kristian Grljevic |

Adding many details may make a logo more interesting. But that comes with a downside. The more complex a logo design is, the harder it is for the audience to memorize. Kristian Grljevic's octopus logo design shows how a logo designed with simplicity in mind can be interesting yet impactful. The design is quite simplistic, but it retains the characteristic shape of an octopus.


23. renovo_estilo

Created by renovo_estilo |

The main purpose of a logo is to differentiate. You can stand out by incorporating what your business does in your logo. In Renovo_Estilo's octopus logo design, you can see a depiction of an octopus with a shield in the middle. It tells the audience what the brand does: providing customers with protection. Octopuses are a symbol of power, which fits the brand well.


24. Lucian Radu

Created by Lucian Radu |

The shape of the octopus works wonders as a silhouette. This is because the shape is so distinctive. It is easy for us to recognize it, even in a silhouette form. Created by Lucian Radu, the logo design is simply beautiful. The octopus silhouette is charming and adds mystery to the logo. It makes you curious about what the brand is all about.


25. Four Hands

Created by Four Hands |

A picture speaks a thousand words. You can tell your target audience what your brand is about using a pictorial mark. Let's use Four Hands' work as an example. The octopus is depicted to have eight tentacles. This fits the symbolism that the octopus is resourceful as it has many limbs to work with. The helmet is a nice touch that adds interest.


26. Otto

Created by SPG MARKS |

There is a variety of ways to create an octopus logo design. The octopus can be a central part of a logo or a complementary one. SPG Marks's logo is one of the logo designs in which the shape of an octopus is complimentary. Instead of going with a regular "O" for the logo, the artist transformed it into an octopus with four tentacles.


27. Gedas Meskunas

Created by Gedas Meskunas |

An abstract logo is the best choice if you want to express your brand's personality to the fullest. The design of such a logo is truly unique. Gedas Meskunas' Octoculus logo features an almost abstract interpretation of the shape of an octopus. What's interesting is how the lines and negative space work together to form the octopus. Meanwhile, the typeface compliments the design.


28. Studio Evoke

Created by Studio Evoke |

Not every brand requires a logo with a graphic. In some cases, it is best to go with only the name of the brand. Especially if your brand has a unique name, you can do what Studio Evoke did. Modify one of the letters "O" with the characteristic shape of an octopus. Give it tentacles to make it unique and noticeable.


29. Nagual

Created by Nagual |

Purple is not the natural color of octopuses. That doesn't isn't suitable for an octopus logo design. If anything, the color adds interest and charm. Nagual's logo design here exemplifies that. The head of the octopus is purple. Its tentacles, however, are all black. The distinction separates the parts, creating intriguing visual cues. The purple background sets the stage for the octopus to shine.


30. Atlanters

Created by Dmitry Krino |

Using contrasting colors can make your logo more attention-grabbing. In their octopus logo design, Dmitry Krino used shades of purple and yellow. The contrast of these colors is quite striking. The result is an octopus logo that simply can't be missed. But that's not all. The artist also added a sense of movement on both sides of the octopus, thus creating interesting visual cues.


Frequently Ask Questions

What does the octopus logo design symbolize?

Octopus logo designs often symbolize intelligence, adaptability, and versatility. The octopus is known for its remarkable problem-solving abilities, which represent intelligence and creativity. Its ability to change its shape, camouflage, and maneuver through various environments reflects adaptability and resourcefulness. The tentacles of an octopus can also represent versatility, as they are multi-functional and can be used for various tasks. Additionally, the octopus is associated with mystery and enigma due to its complex nature and elusiveness.

What other graphic elements can I combine with octopus logo designs?

When creating a logo featuring an octopus, there are several graphic elements you can combine to enhance its visual impact. Consider incorporating elements like waves, which symbolize the octopus's aquatic habitat and add a sense of movement. Tentacles can be extended beyond the logo's boundaries, conveying a dynamic and immersive feel. Nautical elements such as anchors, ship wheels, or compasses can reinforce the maritime theme and emphasize the octopus's connection to the sea. Additionally, exploring negative space creatively can yield hidden symbols or other marine creatures, adding depth and intrigue to the design. Strive for a harmonious balance among these elements to create a captivating and memorable octopus logo.

Which colors are commonly used in octopus logo design?

When it comes to octopus logo design, there are various color choices that are commonly used to convey different meanings and evoke specific emotions. Blue, being associated with water and the ocean, is a popular choice as it represents tranquility, depth, and trustworthiness. Shades of purple can be utilized to symbolize mystery, creativity, and sophistication. Earthy tones like brown and beige can evoke a sense of warmth and stability. Vibrant colors such as orange or yellow can add energy and playfulness to the design.

What types of industries are suitable for using octopus logo design?

Octopus logo designs can be suitable for a variety of industries. They are particularly fitting for maritime and ocean-related businesses such as shipping companies, boat manufacturers, and seafood restaurants. Additionally, industries like diving and snorkeling, aquariums and marine parks, and surfing and water sports can utilize octopus logos to represent their connection to the ocean and water-related activities. The versatility of the octopus as a symbol of adaptability, agility, and strength allows it to be effectively incorporated into logos for industries ranging from marine conservation to underwater exploration. Ultimately, the suitability of an octopus logo design depends on how well it aligns with the brand's identity and target audience.

Which famous brands are using the octopus logo designs?

One famous brand that uses an octopus logo design is Paul Mitchell, a well-known haircare company. Their octopus logo symbolizes flexibility, adaptability, and multitasking, qualities that reflect their product line. Another brand is Octopus Energy, a UK-based renewable energy supplier. Their octopus logo represents intelligence, agility, and eco-friendliness, aligning with their commitment to sustainable energy solutions. Additionally, the Monterey Bay Aquarium features an octopus in their logo, emphasizing the marine life conservation and education aspects of its organization.


Let us know what you think!

All of these fantastic logo design ideas are created by some of the most talented logo designers worldwide. We hope you enjoy our gallery and remember to leave us a comment below. Cheers!

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