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Article: 10 Tips to Create a Good Hair Salon Logo Design

10 Tips to Create a Good Hair Salon Logo Design

Don't you think life is too short to have bad hair?
Here are some inspiring tips you can easily follow to create a fantastic hair logo design!
Created by Ahmed Iliragi |

Making a good hair salon logo design can be an incredibly awesome job. Because it will be the first communication that potential customers will have with your salon. Of course, you will show it everywhere to people; the website, social media, business cards, outdoor banners, and your salon door.

The best business logo or icon will be able to capture your salon's character, services, and style in a new, up-to-date way that is both everlasting and exceptional. In this article, we offer you some tips for creating a good design. We hope this will inspire your creativity so that you can create your hair salon's logo in a good and easy way.

But, before that, there are some things that you should know about the logo first. Either you want to renew your existing one, or you want to create a new one from the very start; every hair salon business owner should be familiar with the pressure of the process of creating the logo for the business. A brand identity is an important thing in business, and the hair salon business is unexceptional. 

Created by Morgan Markowski |

Just like the hairstyle trends which evolve with new and improved technology or techniques, the same thing happens with branding. If you are new to the world of design and are wondering how to make a hair salon logo, there are main points that you should keep in mind: size, style, color, and font. The right combination of those elements, along with a perfectly placed branded tagline, will help make a stunning, high-end salon logo.

Everyone knows that opening a hair salon needs hard work, indeed. Either with your hands or with your mind. A brand identity is an important part of this process. As the main icon of your salon for so many years to come, your salon logo design is a worthy investment of your time and energy! Therefore, here, we provide you with tips that will help you create a good icon to truly represent the spirit of your business. 


10 Tips to Create a Good Hair Salon Logo Design

  1. Start The Design Process With Paper
  2. Good Reference Good Result
  3. Make It Super Personalized 
  4. Consider The RIght Fonts and Colors
  5. Simple Design Works Better
  6. Add A Memorable Tagline
  7. Don't Forget To Provide Enough Blank space. 
  8. Test The Logo On Different Medium & Sizes
  9. Use Mockups For Presentation
  10. Consider For Legal


Created by Julia Novikova |


1. Start The Design Process With Paper

Think about the message you want to share with the people. Remember that this symbol is going to be your main communication tool to the people so that they know what and who you are. You, of course, want people to have a good impression as they see the logo of your brand. So, the main question you have to ask yourself is, "what message would I send to the people?" therefore, you need to do the branding first. Then this image of branding should be delivered by the symbol you put into representing the business you are running. 

There are some images or branding that you can choose in terms of the hair salon. First of all, set the target market. After that, do the research about what is the trend that is happening in that kind of community that becomes your target market. Then, you can create a sharp and effective image for your brand to attract them. Then, when everything is set, launch your logo, which is embedded with the message you want to deliver to your particular audience.

Created by Anna-Maria OrŇ°anskaja |


2. Good Reference Good Result

Although making a logo design should be unique and special as the salon itself, there's nothing wrong with trying to get some inspiration from other spots. Looking at the other competitors' work, how they create it, and what makes it so special will even add value and references that later on you can use for your own design. You also have the opportunity to see how these companies present themselves to their customers.

The result of your observations of your competitors' work can be used as new materials for you to create your own. In fact, there are several reasons for you to do the research on the competitors. First, you know their design, and you will absolutely not create the one alike. Second, you can check how people think of the design. If they give you a positive response, you should go and dig deeper into what makes the people think that way. Once you've found the reason, then you can apply the same basic root to your own logo design.

Created by Yolanda Ditvidasari |

Another way you can do this is to try to see your favorite brand along with their logo. Make a record of what you like about them most. Carefully observe what might interest people most about it. Is it because of the color choice they present, is it about the letter they use, or is it about the cutting? Or it could be about the cute tagline that they post along with the simple symbol so that the people can relate to the products immediately as they see the logo for the first time. Whatever it takes, you may need some time to take a look at successful logos closely so that you can get inspiration from there. Getting ideas online is also totally acceptable; it's even an important effort when it comes to finding ideas for a business logo.

Created by Isabela Muniz |


3. Make It Super Personalized 

It is a fact that people won't pay attention to your symbol for more than ten seconds. And after that, they will have a judgment about your brand already. Considering the fact that you need your design to have a great "kick" when relaying a message on people's minds. After all, the logo is what the people see on your store sign, receipt, flyers, and other marketing warranty. 

Therefore, you need an icon that reflects the uniqueness of your hair salon. There are many styles of a salon with a particular target market that you can choose to open. You may be interested in opening a trendy and modern salon with youngsters as the target market. Or you may open a minimalistic style salon to a more classic one for those who need an adult touch. Even you may run a sophisticated salon that will give you a sophisticated look as well. And you intend it for the career woman who needs to keep their look good.

Or the other option, like urban and aesthetic style, maybe your option for your salon with bold, brave, dark colors and more dramatic nuance. Well, any kind of salon you want to create, the world is just like an oyster when it comes to the personality and design of your salon. You should make a cohesive idea between the image and the logo so that you can bring the business to the next elevate level. Experience your salon's environment. 

Created by Insigniada |


4. Consider The RIght Fonts and Colors

In creating a logo design, there are some rules that you should know about fonts and colors. There are some combinations of colors and fonts that complement each other, and some others even may clash. Therefore, you should be careful in choosing these two elements in making a good hair salon logo design.

You should know that some colors and fonts support your salon's overall image, while some other colors just won't fit the atmosphere you are trying to create. Well, you don't need to be an artist or a graphic designer to understand this, but research and a little persistence work are all it takes!

To do it, first, try to imagine your salon thoroughly, from the service you provide, the location, and the room, including how you would paint the wall and what target market you want to take. Think also about what style you want to have for your salon. For example, if you want to run a hair salon with classic style, you might think of minimalist font with a bronze color. You may add complementary colors but not too powerful, legible characters, and tough lines. By applying this design, you might shoot directly to the target market you set before. 

Created by Ryan Nguyen |


5. Simple Design Works Better

Most successful logos come in simple and clean ideas and presentations. When making it, keep in your mind that simple reigns the most successful design for a famous brand. No one likes delicate and difficult designs. It will take time for them to understand. A clear symbol or icon in a clean logo will interest people's attention more than the ones represented in some decorations patterns.  

When talking about simplicity, it means all of the elements should go in this rule: simple. A logo that presents too crowded information will not be appealing to the viewers. It will have negative responses from the people who see it. 

Created by Tegusu inc |

It could be tempting to fill out your symbol with all the exciting concepts and design trends. However, it may result in visual distraction for the people. Going simple with illustrations, colors, and typography will help make a flexible brand mark. Adding too many features may make the icon not flexible to use on other designs and make people hard to understand. 

It is suggested that you do a quick test for the icon you make. Try to do the five-second test. This five-second test is to see how your design impact people who see it for the first five seconds. After that, ask them what they thought of it. After getting those responses, be ready to crack the weakness of the work you make, and revise it. 

Created by Anastasia Eremina |


6. Add A Memorable Tagline

An additional tagline is important to support the existence of a symbol. You can find many legendary brand taglines in the marketing world. These taglines are intentionally designed to help support a well-crafted design by converting your brand into something that is immediately identifiable and memorable. As soon as people read your tagline, they should straightaway think of your hair salon. When this is successfully done, customers will easily identify your brand from the tagline itself; without you mentioning the name of the business.

If you look at this tagline‚ÄĒ"Create Boldly. Live Boldly"‚ÄĒ is a tagline from Revlon; you'll see just what it means when the logo emphasizes the importance of a great tagline that will draw the attention of the people who read it. Ideally, a tagline should be short and sweet, and it should be able to capture the attention of the audience for the right reasons. It means avoiding misperception by removing complex words and choosing a clean and clear font to support them the most.

Created by ŇĀukasz RadoliŇĄski |


7. Don't Forget To Provide Enough Blank space. 

Some people may call it negative space. It is the empty space surrounding the subject of your icon. Why is it needed? Well, it helps you define and highlight other elements. It provides the emphasis for the main icon and keeps it clean. So when people look at it, it won't look overcrowded with ornaments.

Some other experts would say that it is a clean style where you don't have to put everything into the space and make it full. Instead, there is some blank space that functions to even highlight the main icon or the main mage used as the logo. So that when people see it for the first time, it would easily capture the attention of the people. 

Integrating space elements into your design instead of expanding on color and font choices will prevent oversaturation. It gives balance as well as harmony in the design as it is an integral part of the. Another advantage, it will make people digest the message of the logo more easily than any other style. Plus, you need to give importance to spacing, margins, and other spaces in your design.

Created by Katrina Sutton |


8. Test The Logo On Different Medium & Sizes

When designing a logo, you need to consider the possibilities of the usage and the adaptations that it may need to be made in the future. Whether it's for business cards, posters, flyers, or social media, the design should look equally great in any space, either small or large. Consider where you want to put it inside the salon; you should include it, right? Whether you want to put it in the center of the wall or at the corner store, think of it carefully.

You may also need to put your icon on marketing materials and advertising, which is why making it with the right proportions is a must! Make it in the right proportion, not too big or too small. You should remember that the human eye naturally will find proportion and symmetry for visual comfort.

After all, the main point of the logo here is to draw people's attention without overpowering the brand itself. In addition, it should be adaptable easily to any spots you need to put the logo and all mediums you need for promoting the business but at the same time, always maintain consistency.

Created by Alyssa Nguyen |


9. Try Using Mockups For Presentation

If you're a newbie in the design world and wondering how to make a logo from a technical perspective, just check the internet and find a lot of options that are available to you. If you decide to use the power of technology to help you create a hair salon logo design, then what you need first is to solidify your idea. After you are ready to bring it to life, then you can find the right apps to make it.

Fortunately, there are a lot of online hair salon logo makers that are user-friendly and suitable for both beginners and experts. Just sign in to one app, and you can start to explore the available templates, then choose the best one suitable for your need. You can also find some free trial offers there to get everything started. 

Another way to get a good logo for your hair salon is to make a contest. Crowdsourcing marketplaces should have an established community of graphic designers. You can use this community to take part in your design contest. Just post a brief explanation for the concept you want, and the participants can submit their proposals to you.

From there, you can choose the best design which is the closest to your concept. Then you can pick that as the winner of the contest, and you pay for one design. A good way to get a great design, right? Don't just throw away the other designs which don't win the contest, pile them up; who knows; you might need one of them for the next design inspiration. 

Created by Motyw Studio |


10. Consider For Legal

Once the logo is finalized and ready to be launched to the public, you may consider registering it to your business name. This is important to keep its originality and uniqueness so that no one can use it or copy it. To do it, you need to find a trustworthy source to register your business logo and earn the right certification. This will help ensure that your logo remains unique and protect the one and only logo of yours that you worked so hard to make. 

Created by Tim Baidin |


Final Words

Building and surviving a hair salon today needs a lot of work. Either from the technical point of the operations of the brand and logo creation. The brand is one of the most important tools for advertising the business. The brand's vibe, which is delivered by the logo to the people, will be an effective way to promote the business; therefore, to make an effective one should be done wholeheartedly. And hopefully, the tips above will help you in that process.

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