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Article: 30 Best Cosmetic Logo Design Ideas You Should Check

30 Best Cosmetic Logo Design Ideas You Should Check

Beauty is power, and makeup is something that really enhances that.
Check out some of the best makeup logo design ideas to inspire your projects!
Created by Marina Zakharova |

The cosmetic industry is one of the most lucrative and competitive markets in the world. With so many brands and products vying for consumer attention, a company's logo design can be the difference between success and failure. A well-designed cosmetic logo can help a brand stand out, convey its message, and create a lasting impression on customers.

The history of cosmetic logo design can be traced back to ancient civilizations such as Egypt, Greece, and Rome. In these societies, people used various substances for cosmetic purposes, and the containers that held these substances were often decorated with intricate designs and symbols. These designs not only served a functional purpose but also communicated the status and wealth of the individual using them.

In recent years, cosmetic logo design has become more diverse and inclusive. Many brands have embraced a more natural and organic image, with logos that feature earthy colors and botanical imagery.

Other brands have focused on inclusivity, with logos that celebrate diversity and represent a wide range of skin tones and ethnicities.

Despite these changes, certain elements of cosmetic logo design remain constant. Bold typography, elegant graphics, and a clear brand message are all key components of effective cosmetic logos. A logo should be memorable and timeless and communicate the essence of the brand it represents.

Here are some of the best cosmetic logo design ideas you can reference:


1. Oryxie

Created by Ahmed creatives |

Established branding in cosmetic or skincare businesses bound to work with unique graphics or imagery to stay relevant with its brand. ORYXIE is one of the examples in which a distinctive icon logo is different from the market. The design feels more luxurious with its color scheme: brown, gold, and cream. It also uses a flat image and a reliable formal font to keep it memorable.


2. Fraya

Created by Stan Aleyn |

The first impression of Fraya is the casual and younger impression of its logo. The designer put a concept of youth, casual, fun, and simplicity in its design. Hence the use of a single solid flower image with a casual and professional font. The design took black as the primary color, which makes the logo versatile and works with any background possible.


3. Labouch

Created by Ahmed creatives |

Labouch design feels like a professional, formal, and prominent name in the cosmetic industry. The logo is made with a symbol drawn in a way resembling a flower shape. The best thing about this branding is the color scheme. It uses blue, gold, and cream, which is one of the popular options to showcase high-end products. It is also a versatile image for various cosmetic products.


4. Blossom

Created by Ahmed creatives |

Blossom's design also takes a luxurious and modern concept in its development. The way it uses green and fold is pretty common in luxurious branding. The styling is also appealing to the market. Using green can mean a lot in this industry. Including a blossoming brand, a natural product, to a friendly and positive effect of its formula.


5. BA Store

Created by Maycon Prasniewski |

There are various types and focus on every cosmetic industry. It is not only for skincare but also makeup for certain facial parts. Eyes, for example. From this logo design concept, it is easier to understand that the brand is about eye care, makeup, or product. It uses a simple graphic and more feminine visual representation (pink and script), which works effectively.


6. Soma

Created by Luka Zarandia |

There are chances that cosmetic logo design needs to cover various types of products, services, or markets. Rather than going for obvious illustration, a good lettering design should work. SOMA is one of the good examples. It uses formal fonts to showcase reliability and professional quality. It does have pink color as a highlight, but it still appears more versatile than the image.


7. Sysderma

Created by Afifudin Zuhri |

Looking at the design, Sysderma likely targets a higher-end market and audience. Its symbol icon is amazing, as the shuriken-like drawing represents its name, "sysderma". Black and gold are the epitome of higher-end branding. And to complement everything, the logo concept works best for various variations. It works for badge design, circling lettering, and various package design mockups.


8. Austin

Created by ikram h sakib |

Austin's design is pretty similar to many other modern, simple, and graphics-based logo designs. The cosmetic product has a unique symbol that looks like a stacked spade, but it is a monogram of Austin "A". The design is drawn in line art to develop a more versatile use, which is seen in different packaging mockups. This kind of design can fit any color, including the initial orange.



Created by Farjana bithi |

It is best to say that lettering and graphic together works like a charm for a logo. Muah's logo design feels more personal, modern, and also luxurious. The appeal starts from the beautiful abstract symbol, then the great customized fonts to fit the theme. It will add a luxurious and attractive aspect to the design, especially when used in different types of medium.


10. Henna

Created by Badr |

Henna in this logo is a brand name, but it can also refer to traditional and plant-based temporary body art. It is very common for Middle Eastern women to use henna as a way to make themselves look more beautiful. With this idea, the brand takes a similar concept to its logo. It uses a picture resembling leaves and green gold color, representing the henna plant.


11. obsesión

Created by Insigniada |

The logo design from Obsesion feels more attractive and memorable. Simplicity is one of the keys to creating an effective visual from obsession. And it uses a simple O with a water drop shape on top. This O letter eventually becomes part of the logotype, which can be found using handsaw script lettering. The pink and orange colors also complement the distinctive symbol.


12. Ellavate

Created by Sazzad Hosen |

The best logo design ideas for cosmetic or skincare products should be lettering or typography. Typography allows better usage, versatility implementation, and several ways to develop meanings. Ellavate uses typography to cover more versatile meanings and targets, as seen from the background color. The black letter also makes it easier to adapt to different mediums. It also uses a formal font to improve professional looks.


13. Evalonevan

Created by Ahmed creatives |

Evaloneva's logotype by itself has a slight touch of personality. The characteristic formed from the unique A letter, which has a diamond or shiny shape as the bridge. A similar shape also appears on its symbol, which feels whimsical, beautiful, and unique. It appears as an antelope galloping at night. The design is simple without losing the style.



Created by Ashraful Alam Akand |

Catrina's cosmetic branding is not only going for different captures or concepts but also adds a unique image to remember. The cosmetic logo design feels unique as the logo is made with the image of a tree inside a dome shape. The uses of negative space, color, and composition attract people to see further. This is why a good logo design and image should fit the brand.


15. Pano

Created by Rimon Hasan |

While the cosmetic business is mostly dominated by the female audience, it does not mean that male products are gone. This is why a good logo brand helps the branding stay unique and has a clear vision for its development. Pano did its best to attract a male audience by using masculine lettering and colors. It uses a monochromatic scheme and customized fonts, which allow better segmentation.


16. Aralima

Created by Sajal Saha |

From the color, logo image, and mockup, it is clear to say that Aralima Cosmetics focuses on the female market. The design is clad in pink, using a clear professional font and a soft aesthetic in every part. The logo symbol is the key in its visual, which is drawn as a monogram of its name. This simple design makes it easier to perceive and remember.


17. NORA Beauty

Created by Frederic |

Many cosmetic brands go with lettering or logotypes designed to create versatile identities. But to make a unique or distinctive design, one should be creative. Nora beauty makes a beautiful and creative design in mind. Its lettering is drawn with several shapes of circles, which potentially draw people's attention. It is not unique but also fits the market.


18. Purple9

Created by Steve Wolf |

Purple9 feels pure and modern. This kind of image mostly appears as the creator uses a simple font, drawing, or less color. Purple9 did amazing by using a casual yet professional font in it. The lowercase lettering is such a good addition to the purple 9. This contrast allows the design to showcase a personal aspect. It is also a versatile and timeless design for cosmetic brands.


19. Audrose

Created by Dimitrije Mikovic |

The rose symbol or icon drawing is beautiful. It has a strong correlation to the branding name, as well as the market. The concept also feels more planned, as it has a pink background, white lettering, and a simplified rose drawing. For casual imagery, this cosmetic logo design will fit various mediums and functions. Its simplicity and memorable depiction will also fit a younger or modern audience.


20. Florisa

Created by Gennady Savinov |

Florisa's design takes the real concept of nature and floral images, hence the green color scheme used for the logo. It is also using logo symbols that appear similar to leaf shapes. The thing that stands out is the use of analogous colors, which are apparent from different shades of green. The symbol is simple yet memorable, and the name can easily introduce natural cosmetic products.


21. Renew Botanics

Created by Michael Moodie |

Natural cosmetic products are on the hype lately. Hence, increase the challenge of developing a unique and distinctive logo design. In many cases, going with logotypes for branding and having a unique set of graphics can help. Renew Botanics seems to be the best example. It has a simple logotype. But the signature botanical painting in green, white, and pink add a distinctive aspect to the brand.


22. Bellissa

Created by Ahmed creatives |

Bellisa's design feels more mature and reliable thanks to its ability to highlight simplicity and luxury. The design takes the red or earthy color, with a simple logotype and its logo symbol. The symbol is drawn with line art, representing the brand's initials and a heart shape. This minimalism is the key to versatility and a timeless look. It also guarantees easier implementation.


23. Elif Kameşoğlu

Created by Elif Kameşoğlu |

Elif Kamesoglu developed a beautiful cosmetic logo design with his drawing. The logo is made out of line art design, which appears as a circular logo with an image of a woman with beautiful hair made out of branches and shrubbery. This unique imagery sure adds impact to branding. It is attractive and has a strong correlation to the cosmetic business, product, or service.



Created by Yosbrands |

Mohja's branding vision and signature are organic products. It later shapes up and leads the designer to work around the logo concept. It appears with the use of a unique plant logo symbol, drawn and shaped with various geometric images. It also uses direct sans serif font, which makes the design appear more approachable. This is a design that fits perfectly with its brand or market.


25. GriefGoat

Created by James Christmas |

The grief goat design is simply amazing. Not what people expect from the name, but rather going for the minimalist and simple approach. The main graphic comes from the monogram symbol, drawn with lines to create a G letter. It tries to represent natural and organic products, which stay relevant to its concept. Pink and black is the top visual style of the design.



Created by Farjana bithi |

Aqua Blow cosmetic logo design stays simple and directs to its naming. The design uses black and white colors to fit the graphic image, plus bumps up the versatility and usability. The logo symbol is amazing, as it translates the branding name "aqua blow'. This beautiful piece is drawn with droplets, lines, and blown effects. Such ideas help the brand to be consistent.


27. Asia care

Created by Valery Shi |

Asia cares about several features in its design. The first memorable one is the logo symbolizing four pink flowers arranged in a way to create a satisfying shape. The logo also uses a wordmark with a bit of customization on its letter. And last is Korean writing. Those concepts and plans develop a wholesome and complete identity for cosmetic branding.


28. Anemone Natural

Created by Andrea Binski |

Anemone Natural is a feminine cosmetic brand with a beautiful graphic logo design. The image feels like an old-style, vintage drawing of a flower inside a circular shape. To keep it simple but stand out, it uses a similar tone to its background. This aesthetic idea fits the more modern and versatile branding, as the logo can fit and be used in different situations.


29. Fruit Basket

Created by Valeriia Solianyk |

The naming itself is pretty direct, but the logo designer does not take the chance to make an obvious graphic. Instead, the creator plays around with lettering design. The letter of the fruit basket is drawn with a serif font, but every bit of its shape is skewed and edited. Some letters are also made to share the same lines or brush, which makes the brand name stand out.


30. palette

Created by Marina Zakharova |

The palette can refer to color options and shades in cosmetics or makeup, hence the use of pixelated or square-ish lettering font. This kind of font is unique and feels more personal to the brand as it is similar to the three small rectangles after the wordmark. It is also simple enough to be used in various products since a palette can refer to many cosmetic things.


Frequently Ask Questions

What symbolisms can I use to represent cosmetic logo designs?

There are several symbols that can be used to represent cosmetic logo designs. Flowers and plants are commonly used to represent natural and organic products, while geometric shapes can convey a modern and sophisticated image. Animals such as birds or butterflies can represent freedom, beauty, and transformation, while symbols like stars or diamonds can suggest luxury and glamour. Color choices can also be symbolic, with pink representing femininity, blue conveying trust and reliability, and gold or silver suggesting elegance and exclusivity.

Which colours are commonly used in cosmetic logo designs?

Color is a crucial element of cosmetic logo design and can communicate a brand's image and message effectively. Some colors commonly used in cosmetic logo designs include pink, which represents femininity, beauty, and compassion. Gold and silver are often used to suggest elegance, luxury, and exclusivity. Blue conveys trust, reliability, and professionalism, while green represents nature, health, and well-being. Black and white can suggest sophistication, minimalism, and timelessness. Bright, bold colors like red or orange can be used to create a bold and playful image.

Which target audience should I keep in mind when creating cosmetic logo designs?

The target audience for cosmetic logo designs can vary depending on the brand's focus, product line, and market position. However, in general, the primary target audience for cosmetic products is women, particularly those aged 18-35. This demographic is often interested in beauty and personal care products and is willing to spend money on high-quality products that meet their needs. However, with the rise of gender-neutral and inclusive beauty products, the target audience for cosmetic logos is becoming more diverse and inclusive.

What are the successful examples of cosmetic logo designs?

There are many successful examples of cosmetic logo designs, each with its unique approach to branding and marketing. Some notable examples include the minimalist and elegant logo of Chanel, which communicates sophistication and luxury. The colorful and playful logo of Benefit Cosmetics reflects the brand's fun and creative image. The timeless and refined logo of Lancôme conveys elegance and sophistication, while the bold and modern logo of Fenty Beauty celebrates diversity and inclusivity.

Which design styles are often used to create cosmetic logo designs?

Design styles used to create cosmetic logos are often diverse, reflecting the broad range of products, target audiences, and brand identities within the industry. Some popular styles include minimalism, which uses simple shapes, typography, and color schemes to create a timeless and elegant image. Retro and vintage styles, with their bold typography, bright colors, and playful graphics, are often used to create a fun and nostalgic image. Natural and organic styles, with earthy colors, botanical imagery, and hand-drawn typography, reflect the trend toward sustainability and eco-friendliness.


Let us know what you think!

All of these fantastic logo design ideas are created by some of the most talented logo designers worldwide. We hope you enjoy our gallery and remember to leave us a comment below. Cheers!

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