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Article: 30 Best Fashion Logo Design Ideas You Should Check

30 Best Fashion Logo Design Ideas You Should Check

Fashion is a form of self-expression. It's like saying who you are without having to speak. Check out some of the best fashion logo design ideas!

Created by Leandra Rexhepi |

Welcome, fellow graphic designers! Today, we're diving into the exciting world of "fashion logo design ideas." Our fast-paced, ever-evolving industry of fashion is a hotbed for creativity, but it can be challenging to keep up with trends while crafting unique and meaningful designs. This article is your treasure trove, packed full of inspiring and innovative fashion logo design ideas that will ignite your creative spark and help you leave a lasting impression in the competitive world of fashion.

Through the kaleidoscope of our industry's diversity, fashion logo designs can be minimalistic, extravagant, traditional, or futuristic. It's all about perfectly capturing the brand's essence while being stylish, memorable, and versatile. So, whether you're starting a new project or seeking inspiration for an existing one, this compilation of fashion logo design ideas promises to provide the creative nudge you need. Grab your design toolkit, sip your coffee, and let's embark on this artistic journey, exploring the best practices, emerging trends, and timeless classics of fashion logo design. Stay tuned for a bounty of design inspiration that marries style and substance in unforgettable ways. Happy designing!


1. Patsá

Created by Carlos Michael |

PATSÁ is a nice fashion logo design. It uses a thick font from the sans-serif family. This logo combines black and white, which are the two most timeless colors for all logo designs. Monochromatic colors on those logos make a modern look that matches the aesthetic font and ornament. Its sans-serif font enhances the modern look.


2. Tropicalina

Created by Lira Lira |

Want a unique design for your logo? This Tropicalina fashion logo has different fonts on one word. The text has a thick and bold font, a script font, and a serif font. For the text, pick a neutral color if the background is bright enough. The gray text color matches the orange color flawlessly.


3. DEEP™

Created by Nikita Kropotov |

This logo is for a fashion store providing limited-edition and high-quality products, sneakers, and clothing. The logo has a bold and purposeful look, as well as a kind and brave design. It uses a tall and bold font that will create very readable text on any surface. The color of the text can be white or black. 


4. Dantel

Created by Manar Magdy |

White is the most neutral and elegant color for a fashion logo design. Unlike the previous one, this white logo has a minimalist look and a thin serif font for the text. The curves on the text make the logo more flexible and gorgeous. It will look incredible when you place it on top of a background with vintage colors.



Created by BACILE * |

Fiasco is a classic fashion logo that has a tall sans-serif font in a thin format. This tall font makes the logo highly readable when you place it on the clothes you are selling. Pick a light gray color for the font, which is going to blend well with any color of clothes. It will look awesome in black, green, and blue clothes.


6. Kabitskaya

Created by Ekaterina Gruzdeva |

This fashion logo belongs to a fashion store providing premium quality clothing. The logo has a very deep purple color with code. Since the background has a darker shade, it uses light colors like #dfd8ce for the monogram logo in the middle of it. Use a similar color combination if you need to create a luxurious fashion logo.


7. Lusso

Created by Leyz Oliveira |

A thin sans-serif font like Organ Grinder font designed by SoftMaker will create a nice logo looking like this LUSSO brand. The font looks minimalist, modern, and unique at once because of the tall and slim design but a wider design for the letter O. It has an orange color for the background and black text, a fresh and fun combination.



Created by Tom OLIVIER |

A special way to make your fashion logo look more stunning is by framing it in an ellipse. This is a genius idea if your logo will only contain text and no illustration at all. If the logo is for a modern fashion store, pick a modern and minimalist sans-serif font for the text. And use monochromatic colors like white and black.



Created by Valeria Karacheva |

This logo design is trying to create the best first impression. The text on the logo looks clean, simple, and comfortable. It also has a dot above the first letter of the Ascendent. It creates a highlight while reflecting the brand name's spiritual component. This logo design is for various clothing products like casual wear, jackets, sweatshirts, and hoodies.


10. slkwrm

Created by Merilla Angie |

The SLKWRM logo uses a special color palette that comprises pastel-washed neutrals. Those colors evoke feelings of freshness and comfort. The text on the logo features modern and clean fonts. Actually, there are two fonts on the text. The text also exudes the timeless luxury of the brand personality. This logo has sophisticated and luxurious looks at once.


11. Larasoo

Created by Ahmed Kamal |

From the Larasoo logo, you can see the feminine elegance and minimalist sophistication. It merges contemporary classics and global trends. The logo's signature silhouettes have modern styles, geometric precision, and bold lines. This logo is perfect for fashion brands that focus on impeccable details and clean cuts for strong, sophisticated women.


12. Reign Apparel Co.

Created by Dam® Studio |

This Reign logo shows you that the brand is trying to provide premium and modern products that will reflect customers' creativity and individuality. Since the target market will be young people, the Reign logo is using a modern yet unique font to draw young people's attention. It uses monochromatic colors that last forever. The font is actually Helvetica Neue, but you need to make it more special.


13. Neowear

Created by ANDRES © |

This special fashion logo design has a bold chromatic palette. The palette is made of the color for the background and black for the text. The text, Neowear, was taken from two words: neo, which means new and innovative, and also wear, which means clothing. Neowear means a brand new way of dressing. It uses uppercase letters to create an aggressive look.


14. Do I Do

Created by Prizma Studio |

The logo is for a fashion brand designed for all women who need to find courage. Since the brand is trying to provide various sizes of clothes, the logo uses two different widths for the font. When you rotate the logo 90 degrees to the left, it will show you two icons of people, one shorter and one taller.  



Created by VEIG Co.,Ltd. |

This Offroad logo design has two different shapes of the letter f. One of them is a capitalized letter, while the other is a lowercase letter. The lowercase one symbolizes the natural field since it has a curved shape that looks like a mountain ridge. At the same time, the uppercase one symbolizes the urban field because it has straight lines.


16. Magnolia

Created by Sarah Hernández |

If your logo is for female customers, use soft and pastel colors to attract their attention. This one has a combination of beautiful colors. It also uses some dark colors like chocolate brown. Pick a handwritten decorative font that makes women fall in love with your design.



Created by Tatiana Gorbenko |

Here is another logo design idea for a women's clothing brand. The text of the logo is designed with no unnecessary elements. However, it can show minimalism, simplicity, beauty, and nature. The icon at the end of the text is designed to symbolize camomile. The word Papatya itself is from Turkish and means camomile in English.


18. Eas Fors Isle of Mull Knit

Created by My Creative |

The words Eas Fors was from the Norse and Scots Gaelic. It means waterfall; that's why this logo has the unique shape of a wave but is placed vertically. This symbol also becomes the brand's core motif that, represents the flow of water and the woven wool strand. It is a perfect logo since the business provides knitwear.


19. Hering

Created by Paulo Altieri |

This Hering logo looks timeless with monochromatic colors. It has black and pure white, but the brand also prepares some other colors for the logo, including denim, blue sky, dark blue, warm gray, and cotton white. If you fall in love with the font for the Hering text, consider using Termina Bold, which is similar to it but is thinner.


20. O.A.D.

Created by Goods |

Looking for a unique and minimalist logo for your clothing business? This O.A.D. comes with a gray stone background and a wood-brown color for the text. However, the labels of the clothing products can use some other colors that are all related to those colors. For example, use orange shades like vermillion, clay, amber, and sun.


21. ROCHA℠

Created by Thiago (ROCHA) |

A logo for a business fashion store should have a professional design and a bold font. Draw inspiration from various classic fashion brands like Gucci, Nike, Balenciaga, and Saint Laurent. Make sure that your logo has a clear, daring, precise, and bold look. Black and white should be your top priority since they are the best colors for a professional design.


22. Paca

Created by Samuel Nóbrega |

If you want to make a logo that looks sustainable, timeless, and accessible, you need to consider taking inspiration from this Paca logo. The word Paca is taken from tupi-guarani, and it means to stay alert. This logo will symbolize the attention you should give to new trends. Paca uses three colors, black, very dark lime green, and grayish orange.


23. Chocco Mint

Created by Pedro Renan |

Chocco Mint is another logo for a female clothing brand. This logo has vintage colors such as very soft orange, light grayish orange, and dark orange with brown tones. Those earth tones on the logo are going to catch women's attention, especially the ones that love the tones of nature. 


24. Every(one)

Created by One & Other |

Every(one) is a fashion brand that focuses on active apparel and clothes for all women. It offers various sizes, from XS to 3XL. The brand wants to reflect body positivity; that's why the text uses a wide font and has a light color. For the background, it has light grayish orange and grayish orange that accentuates the colorful logo.


25. Pard

Created by erva® design|

Pard is a streetwear product that offers a more fabulous and aesthetic style. The logo of Pard is full of attitude, energetic, youthful, and strong. However, the text is not only unique but also memorable and very easy to read. It also has elements that make the logo look fresher and more modern at once.



Created by Ola Biloshysta |

Vivid red is a very bold color that becomes the background of Mi Atelier. This color is going to hurt everyone's eyes if you don't pair it with the right colors. Fortunately, the logo has some soothing colors, such as dark grayish blue, mostly desaturated dark red, and light grayish red.


27. Komode

Created by Saif Zain |

The Komode logo uses the traditional serif font that looks bold and super-readable. The logo is inspired by nature, so it has white text on a nature-themed background. Komode's text is made of Mirador bold font, while the complementary text of the brand is only using a basic gothic pro.


28. Rooh Eyewear

Created by Olga Tikhomirova |

In Hindi, root means soul. This brand provides second-hand sunglasses and glasses that will last forever, like our souls. The brand uses some fresh colors like soft yellow. Rooh also uses some other colors like white, soft red, very pale, mostly white orange, and very soft violet. Those pastel colors soothe your eyes like Rooh.


29. Ragine

Created by Leandra Rexhepi |

The logo of Ragine tries to reflect quality, sophistication, femininity, and elegance at once. Just like some other feminine fashion brands, this logo is dominated by earth tones. It has very soft orange, very dark yellow, and moderate orange. Those are soothing colors that will grab women's attention.


30. Calypso

Created by Miki Grujic |

Calypso's logo looks extremely elegant and glamorous. The main color of this logo, vivid red, is bright and very inviting. The text has a bright orange color that matches the red. But for the label, Calypso has light grayish orange for the background and very soft orange for the monogram logo in the middle.


Frequently Ask Questions

What symbolisms can I use to represent fashion logo designs?

When it comes to fashion logo design, incorporating symbolism can add depth and meaning to your brand's visual identity. Certain symbols are commonly associated with the fashion industry and can help communicate the essence of your brand. Consider using icons like a clothing hanger to represent fashion, a stylized silhouette to convey elegance, or a sewing needle and thread to symbolize craftsmanship. Incorporating symbols that reflect your brand's unique style and values can create a memorable and visually appealing logo. So, when designing a fashion logo, don't be afraid to play with these symbolic elements and let your creativity shine.

Which colors are commonly used in fashion logo designs?

In fashion logo design, colors play a crucial role in evoking emotions and establishing brand identity. While color trends can change over time, there are some commonly used colors in fashion logo designs that never go out of style. Classic black and white combinations exude sophistication and elegance, while bold and vibrant colors like red, pink, or gold can make a powerful fashion statement. Soft pastels like blush, mint, or lavender can convey a sense of femininity and grace. Additionally, neutral tones such as beige, taupe, or gray can provide a versatile and timeless look.

Which target audience should I keep in mind when creating fashion logo designs?

When creating fashion logo designs, it's crucial to consider your target audience to ensure your brand resonates with the right people. Your target audience may vary depending on the type of fashion brand you're designing for. For instance, if you're creating a logo for a luxury brand, your target audience might be affluent individuals who value quality and exclusivity. On the other hand, if you're designing for a streetwear brand, your target audience may be fashion-forward, urban youth. Understanding your audience's demographics, interests, and aspirations will help you choose appropriate visual elements, colors, and typography that will appeal to them.

What are the successful examples of fashion logo designs?

When it comes to successful fashion logo designs, several iconic examples come to mind. One such example is the Chanel logo, which features an elegant and timeless combination of interlocking "C" letters. Another standout is the Nike logo, known as the "Swoosh," which represents movement and athleticism. The Gucci logo, with its distinctive double-G monogram, exudes luxury and style. The Adidas logo, featuring three stripes, is instantly recognizable and associated with sportswear. These examples showcase the power of simplicity, strong typography, and unique visual elements in creating memorable fashion logos.

Which design styles are often used to create fashion logo designs?

When it comes to fashion logo design, various design styles can be used to create unique and visually appealing logos. Minimalism is a popular choice, with clean lines and simple typography conveying a sense of elegance and modernity. Vintage or retro styles can evoke nostalgia and add a touch of sophistication. Hand-lettering or calligraphy can bring a sense of artistry and craftsmanship to the logo. Additionally, abstract or geometric designs can create a contemporary and avant-garde look.


Let us know what you think!

All of these fantastic logo design ideas are created by some of the most talented logo designers worldwide. We hope you enjoy our gallery and remember to leave us a comment below. Cheers!

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