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Article: 30 Best Boutique Logo Design Ideas You Should Check

30 Best Boutique Logo Design Ideas You Should Check

Let's dress how you want to be addressed!
Check out some of the best boutique logo design ideas we have curated to inspire you with fantastic ideas!
Created by Eliza Braun |

Meta desc: A well-designed boutique logo design goes a long way. Here, we have a list of 30 logo design ideas from talented designers that you want to check out.

Every business needs a logo. Of course, a boutique is not an exception. A well-designed boutique logo design goes a long way. Not only does such a logo differentiates your brand, but it also becomes your brand’s visual representation which conveys certain messages.

That is why you want to create a good logo. Creating a good logo for a boutique is not as easy as it sounds, however. If anything, it can be a daunting task, even for experienced designers.

The good news is you can gain inspiration from many places. From your competitors to other designers’ works. From their works, you can learn which elements work, like what type of logo to use, typography, color palette, and white space, as well as what to avoid.

Below, we have a list of 30 boutique logo design ideas from talented designers from all around the world. Check them out and be inspired.


1. Losanje

Created by Brand Brothers |

Brand Brothers’ work for Losanje perfectly embodies what the brand is all about. It is timeless, accessible, and trendy, which fits Losanje. The design is simple. It is a wordmark that displays the brand’s name as well as what it offers.

The text comes in black, which contrasts with the white background. The stark contrast draws attention to the brand’s name. When you see it, your attention will be drawn to the center immediately.


2. Señora

Created by Atul Charde |

This amazing work is created by Atul Charde for Señora, an undergarment brand. It is a good example of a creative logo. Being a wordmark, it needs the right typography to grab attention and convey the personality of the brand. It does both quite well.

Notice the bold yet stylish font. It is easy on the eye and embodies what Señora stands for: making the wearer feels fabulous inside and out when wearing the product.


3. Bohomie

Created by Adriano Pereira |

When creating a boutique logo design, you should aim to use no more than two colors. This is because the more colors you use in the design, the harder it becomes to balance them.

Adriano Pereira’s creative boutique logo proves that even with only two colors, it can look good. It uses terracotta pastel for the text and off-white cream for the background. The result is an unmissable visual representation of the brand.


4. Amore

Created by Tamara Kondrachenko

Tamara Kondrachenko's work is unusual and attractive. It combines the characteristic of a letter mark and a wordmark. On the one hand, it uses the initial of the brand. On the other, it includes the rest of the name.

This gives the design a personal feeling. Not only that, but the stylish letter A also makes the design more eye-catching. Due to how creative the design is, the logo can be used across different branding platforms.


5. Angelo Bridal

Created by Honey Nandal |

A brand’s visual representation should be as simple and minimalist as possible. This is what Honey Nandal’s work all is. The brand’s visual representation is simple and minimalist, yet it manages to stand out and draw attention.

What’s more, since the design includes white and gray, it is versatile to use in other branding materials. The typography embodies the elegance of the bridal boutique. The use of active white space is good, too.


6. LeRian Clo

Created by A. Lina. Design |

A. Lina. Design for LeRian Clo is unlike any other. It is a combination mark that combines a wordmark and a pictorial mark.

You can see the wordmark part from the LeRian Clo text, which is arranged in an eye-grabbing way. The pictorial mark part is just beside the text. It is an almost full circle that draws attention to the logo. It is an elegant visual representation that fits the brand so well. 


7. Komode

Created by Saif Zain |

The next one on our list is a boutique logo design created by Saif Zain. The boutique logo is created for a clothing brand that upcycles clothes. The typography of the logo is interesting.

Firstly, it uses an earthy color, which is in line with the core of Komode’s business. Secondly, the font is not only pleasing to the eye but also quirky, which is perfect since the brand is aimed at young people.


8. Ri Cotta

Created by Tamara Kondrachenko |

Also, from Tamara Kondrachenko, the Ri Cotta logo embodies elegance. The letter R is stylized with one of its legs moving out of the letter’s normal range. This adds personality and creates an impression of being out of the box and extraordinary,

Meanwhile, on the right, the Cotta is written in a bold and firm font. This makes the design looks elegant. The text is in white, making it very versatile to use.


9. La Flora

Created by Studio Eclectis

Studio Eclectics created an elegant work for the brand La Flora, a floral boutique. The letter mark conveys elegance, beauty, and sophistication.

The typography is just right. The font is bold, and all of the letters are capitalized. The result is an attention-grabbing logo.

What’s interesting about the logo is that while all the letters are written normally, the horizontal line of the letter A is not, showing the whimsical side of the brand.


10. Dear Candles

Created by Bruno Jara |

Created by Bruno Jara, the Dear Candles logo combines a pictorial mark with a wordmark. Just like many combination mark logos, the text is located beside the symbol. This is a clever positioning. 

With such a position, customers will make an association between the symbol and the text. Eventually, they will know what the symbol represents just by looking at them. The symbol is unique, which makes the association happens a lot faster.


11. Mimi & Bon Fleuriste

Created by Minh Y Nguyen |

Minh Y Nguyen’s Mimi & Bon Fleuriste logo is a rather straightforward one. When you see it, you immediately know what the brand is all about: a floral design studio that offers natural and sophisticated floral design styles.

The work is also a good example of beauty in simplicity. The bold font and the bird symbol in the middle add a natural vibe to it, which suits the floral boutique perfectly.


12. Guayaba

Created by Deep Fried Studio

If you are looking for a creative boutique logo design that has a fun and chill visual identity, this is it. Created by Deep Fried Studio, the Guayaba logo evokes a feeling of fun and excitement. It reminds you of the fun you can have at the beach.

The design also uses a unique mascot: a walking orange who carries a surfing board on a beach. It adds the fun identity of the logo.


13. Lotair

Created by Kahyun Kim |

Created by Kahyun Kim, this unique work shows how geometrical shapes can make an unmissable statement. What’s interesting about this boutique logo design lies in the geometrical shapes, which appear like a museum’s display platform.

On the logo, what is displayed is the brand’s name, Lotair. This not only creates an eye-catching focal point but also presents the brand’s personality: a boutique that focuses on remaining a classic in a world full of trends.


14. Koye

Created by Jamie Prendergast |

The Kove’s brand visual representation is created by Jamie Prendergast for a boutique surf shop. A good visual representation conveys what the brand stands for. The work does this well. It conveys fun and the attempt to make surfing as accessible to as many people as possible.

The typography evokes a feeling of excitement. The color palette is pleasing to look at. The blue and the wavy fonts remind us of the beach, too.


15. Dose

Created by Marden Jump |

Marden Jump’s work for Dose tells us a lot about the brand. It conveys cleanness and quality; both are ideals that the brand stands for. The logo looks basic, too, which embodies the brand’s main focus.

What’s more, the design is light and minimalist, making it not only good-looking but also a memorable visual representation of the brand. It also has a D-shaped symbol in it, adding a focal point that draws attention.


16. Miko

Created by Ania Pavlowa |

Ania Pavlowa’s work for Miko may look simple, but it gets the job done. Ideally, a brand’s visual representation should be simple. This one here is as simple as it gets. That said, it is far from being dull and boring. 

On the contrary, the stylish font and color palette makes the design difficult to ignore. This is further emphasized by the contrasting text and background, which allows the text to really stand out.


17. Charm

Created by Darya Zagorodnyaya |

The next work is created by Darya Zagorodnyaya. The logo is amazing in several ways. Firstly, while the design uses only text, it is capable of communicating a feeling of luxury and style.

Secondly, the font and color of the text allow the design to stand out but still be easy on the eye. 

Thirdly, the red background allows the brand’s visual representation to stand out and conveys passion, fitting what the brand is offering.


18. La Souge

Created by Mohamed Alaa |

Created by Mohamed Alaa, the logo reminds us of nature and a feeling of freshness. This is the message delivered by a small plant symbol within the letter O. That is not all, of course. The stylized text adds a luxurious feeling, which reflects the brand very well.

The work is mostly a wordmark, but it has a small touch of a pictorial mark. This unique combination creates a recognizable and memorable design. 


19. Flore

Created by Ekaterina Moss |

Ekaterina Moss’s Flore boutique logo design is minimalist yet shows attention to detail. Created for a flower boutique, the work emphasizes beauty with a twist to it, just like the brand does.

The text is not only stylish but also arranged neatly, reflecting the work of the boutique’s florists, who are experts in assembling bouquets for just about any holiday. The green color adds a feeling of freshness, which fits the flower boutique’s business.


20. Ragine

Created by Leandra Rexhepi |

Leandra Rexhepi’s work for Ragine is bold, minimalist, and straightforward. Created for a clothing brand for women, the work put an emphasis on expressing oneself.

We can see this from how the wordmark is written. Notice how all the letters are written in capital. Additionally, there is a period at the end of the letter. It is as if the boutique logo is expressing itself. Again, this reflects what the brand is all about.


21. Nory

Created by Baianat |

The next boutique logo design is created by Baianat. It is created for a fashion brand that sells clothes with custom-made prints. The design only utilizes two colors: black and white, a classic choice. The background is black, which contrasts with the white text. 

It is a simple wordmark. But despite its apparent simplicity, there is something interesting about typography. Notice that each letter has a twist in it. This makes the design more noticeable.


22. Maqrou

Created by Mustafa Khaled |

Mustafa Khaled’s design for Magrou is extraordinary. There are so many things on it. It combines the characteristics of a pictorial mark and a wordmark.

On the left, there is a unique bird symbol that easily draws attention. On the right is a stylized text that looks just as appealing as the symbol. At the bottom, there is a text that tells what the Magrou brand is. Despite its many elements, the logo is recognizable and memorable.


23. Do I Do

Created by Prizma Studio |

A bright color can really do wonders on a logo. The Prizma Studio’s work for Do I Do proves that. Notice how the bright green text stands out.

The work makes a statement, is courageous, and shows individuality. The brand’s ideals are courage and individuality, so the design fits the brand pretty well. Not only that, but the green also reminds us of nature and embodies the brand’s concern about the environment.


24. Materia

Created by Othila |

Created by Othila /, the Materia logo is minimalist in design but capable of conveying the brand’s personality quite well. Materia is a female-only retail store that focuses on basic elements that serve as the foundation of just about any wardrobe.

The text is in white, enabling it to be visible and versatile regardless of the branding platforms. The font is sleek, clean, and modern, which fits the personality of a brand like Materia.


25. Evangelist

Created by Miki Grujic |

The next one on our logo design ideas list is a boutique logo design created by Miki Grujic. The logo is mostly a wordmark, but it has a small letter mark incorporated into it.

The topmost part is occupied by the letter mark, while the middle and the bottom parts are occupied by the wordmark. The design’s contrasting text and background draw attention to where you want it to be. It is simple but very effective.


26. Art De Fleur

Created by Ekaterina Markova |

Ekaterina Markova created a beautiful work of art for Art De Fleur, a flower boutique company that offers a full range of floristry. Professional florists work in Art De Fleur stores, whose innovative ideas are implemented in their daily work.

The ideals Art De Fleur stands for are shown in the design. Notice how stylish the font is. Additionally, the “De” is in italic, adding an interesting focal point to the logo.


27. Darco

Created by Eliza Braun |

Next is Eliza Braun’s visual representation of the brand Darco. What makes it unique is how it is stylized. Notice the wavy letters that comprise the brand’s name. Despite only using the name of the brand as a logo, it doesn’t fail to draw attention.

What’s more, due to its stylization and color, the text stands out regardless of its background. Be it a photograph or a solid color like orange. It still stands out.


28. Tropea

Created by Yana Shamykayeva |

Created by Yana Shamykayeva, this boutique logo design not only differentiates the brand from its competitors but also makes it stand out. It is created for a minimalist swimwear store, which the design embodies well.

Take a look at the typography. It is minimalist. The only unusual things are the wavy letters T and A, both of which make it unique and a lot more noticeable. It works especially well with a dark background.


29. Joice

Created by Zero Design |

Created by Zero Design, the work here is rather bold and straight to the point. The text is in bright green, which enables it to stand out effortlessly.

The text styling also helps with that. The font communicates a feeling of excitement. None of the letters is capitalized, which shows how less serious and fun-oriented the brand is. What’s amazing about the design is that it works with various colors, not just bright green.


30. Thousand The Boutique

Created by Cansu Merdamert |

Lastly, Cansu Merdamert’s work for Thousand The Boutique. The brand’s visual representation has a symbol and text, making it a combination mark.

At the top, there is a symbol that depicts Thousand the Boutique’s store. In the middle, there is a text that tells us the name of the company. At the bottom is the location of the company. This kind of brand visual representation tells a lot of stories with only minimal elements.


Final Words

While the images on the list are different, all of them share something in common: They communicate the brand they represent so well.

A well-designed logo goes a long way. These examples should give you insight into what your boutique logo should look like. After all, they are the works of talented designers from around the world.

When creating a boutique logo design, be sure to take your time. You don’t want to rush it. The logo will be your boutique’s visual representation. You want to make it as good and simple as possible. We hope our list above helps.


Let us know what you think!

These above references are done by some of the most talented designers all over the world. If you think your work is better and would like to showcase yours here in this post, please feel free to email your work to Cheers!


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