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Article: 30 Best Circle Logo Design Ideas You Should Check

30 Best Circle Logo Design Ideas You Should Check

The earth, the sun, and the moon all revolve in the same shape.
Check out some of the best circle logo design ideas we have curated for your projects!
Created by Anna Kuts |

A circle is one of the most common shapes used in designing a logo. We can find circles in various designs. Even famous brands like Firefox and LG have a circular shape for their logo.

And the logos listed below are those that use circular design, which presents a simple yet effective idea to convey the brand values of the business. Take a look, and you may find your ideas for creating one.

If you want to create a circle logo and still finding some inspiration, you'd better check the list below.



Created by Toby Ng |

This logo comes in three colors; black, white, and blue, which is meant to show the powerful and tough character of the owner. The box outside the circle emphasizes the circle inside. The circle is the natural element used in this logo, but the additional blue circle shows that the creativity has never ended. 


2. Matcha Life

Created by Mila Katagarova |

Matcha life has the nature symbol as the icon as the main element of the design. It offers us a better life with the use of natural substances and natural a material in our lives. Not only that, but it also demands our awareness of nature's condition. It also invites us to actively participate in the effort to preserve nature. 


3. Kappo Ryokan

Created by hiromi maeo |

Kappo Ryokan has a small circle in white and some other circles which are shaped by thin black lines inside the white circle. Japanese commonly has hidden message in every symbol that they make. The circle may represent a life that always turns around. And the owner wants the business to go around and around in the shape of a circle which shows perfection. 


4. Tania Cerqueira

Created by Tania Martínez Cerqueira |

There is a letter T inside the circle with white color. And the designer chooses pale red for the background, which sets a nice contrast between the two elements; the background and the symbol. This symbol is quite simple, and the color choices of the designer are comfortable for the eyes of the viewers. Once you get the word T as the symbol, you can relate it to the owner as well. 


5. 4CAST

Created by Ethen Eulcheol Park |

This logo is designed uniquely. The use of color in some shapes has created a new shape inside the circle itself. You can see a rectangular inside the circle. The symbol is added by the text 4cast, which helps people to understand more that this logo is for the community who does the forecasting. The four similar shapes inside the circle might be seen as representative of the four seasons all the year. 


6. Ferney-Voltaire

Created by Graphéine |

This is the logo of a community that represents the history of the city. The writer Voltaire came to Ferney and spent his last few years there. In honor of him, the logo was made. The silhouette was taken from the statue, which is located in the middle of the city. The use of red and white color has strengthened the image made in the logo. 


7. Glorious

Created by marta ghudushauri |

The main icon used in this work is the shape of the number 8. There are two 8s here, and they are designed as a cluster. It uses the line as the main element with a black color choice. Below the symbol, there is a text show the name of the company. It makes people easily understand what the logo is about. The number 8 icon is chosen to represent eternity. The owner of the business, of course, expects longevity for the business he is running. 


8. OMH Logo

Created by Ebrahim Khalil |

The circle shape, with the initial as the main symbol, is the element used in this work. It has a circle shape, and the letter OMH is created artistically so that it fills outs the circle, yet the letter is still readable. The green line is used to give a fresh touch to work. The idea is quite brilliant, where it can acknowledge the business or the brand.  


9. Organized

Created by Milán Prischetzky |

You can see many sticks organized so well, and they finally made up a circle. To make people more aware of the brand being promoted, the text "Organized" is written well. It is written very nicely so that it can get the eye level of the viewers. Below the word, there's a small text written "event and more." The text surely helps people understand more details about the brand being offered. 


10. CuFo

Created by Sanaullah Ujjal |

This work has three main elements; the letter C, the circle, and the connection. In addition, there is also a text "CUFO" on the right side of the symbol. There are three main colors used as well; black for the background, blue on the symbol, and white for the text. The dark background has supported the symbol and the letter inside so that t can be sharpened and seen by the people. The work has brought simplicity into life and has brought much attention from the people to it.  


11. Green Ibis Ventures

Created by helve tian |

This logo applies the combination style with the image and the text. The picture of an ibis is put in the center of the work. And under the picture, there's a sign of when the company was established. It may build the trust of the audience. As they know that the company has long been in the industry, it shows the guarantee of quality and longevity. Another text is put in a circle way at the outside circle. Though it has double circles and combines the image and text in work, it is still a simple design and doesn't show overcrowded work.  


12. Nourishing Nature

Created by Mel Bruning |

Nourishing nature has proposed a new concept of life where it invites us to have well-being in every aspect of life, from physical, mental, and emotional aspects as well. The plant symbol is used here to show that nature is the one that we should preserve well to have a good order of life. The greenish color is, of course, becoming the first choice of the designer to represent the good life itself.


13. Coach

Created by GAX Creative Studio |

Commonly, you will see a clean logo with a simple design. Well, cleanliness and simplicity are the main principles of making a logo for the sake of readability and comprehensive purpose. However, here you will be provided with a little bit more colorful logo. It uses the nature of color for the work. For the first time, look at the background; it shows a file of flora and fauna. And the symbol is made just right in the middle with a circle shape. Inside the circle, you will find many kinds of lives, their plants, sunray, earth, and waters. Then on the outside circle, there's a text that mentions the name of the community.


14. Caribou Home

Created by Dlanid |

This is the symbol used by the online store of Canadian entrepreneurs. The chief of the company has made this with the aim that the entrepreneurs she met will stay in business and keep feeling confident with the business they are running. To be able to realize it, she made a powerful and unique symbol, the caribou, and tried to make it both modern and artistic. Finally, you can see the work of vector design works very well for the logo. 


15. Circle Coffee

Created by Hải Dương |

Connection, for the first time, is through the eyes. Then it will lead us to something more abstract and more personal. When you see the symbol, you should understand that the eye with the coffee bean inside is the representative of those meanings. Circle coffee invites you to come so that instead of having a conversation and connection through phones, you can share everything and connect through the eyes. Another thing that it would like to reveal; every visitor will get inspiration, and the first time it gets is from the eyes.



Created by Anon Nantanavanich |

From the logo, you can easily tell that this business is offering a place that provides the best spot for having the best coffee ever. The branding has told you that the place is specially designed for those who need to grow their creativity along with the coffee. As soon as you get the idea, you will come up with the imagination of an elegant coffee shop with young executives as the target market. 



Created by kalthoum meghirbi |

This design is for a company that provides design services for you. Look at its simplicity and versatility. The symbol is made simple so that it will be remembered easily. Plus, the work is designed with versatility. You can easily adjust the size of other elements and put it in the media, and still, you will get the perfect and good-looking logo as it is. Even when you put it on the office items, it will still look cute and nice. And if you put it on screen, either the screen of your phone or the computer, you will still find it eye-catching. 


18. Onid

Created by Only1Mehedi |

You can see that this is very clean and neat work. The simple O with blue color is the main star in this work. The text Onid is just the strengthening part of the symbol made. The use of color is also important in this simple design. A simple work, to make it stand out, should pay attention to the usage of color. You must choose the precise color so that your simple work would still look amazing. And this work has been very successful in doing it.  


19. Red Moon

Created by bishoy yousry |

The original idea is to combine a lady's face with a moon. Therefore, in this logo, you will see the silhouette of a woman's face and a moon as well as a star. The text is also designed in a unique way where the first O is easily associated with the moon, which is used as the symbol. The picture of a woman is chosen since this business has targeted women as its main market. The jewelry is the business involved here. Therefore, elegant ladies are expected to relate themselves to the products as soon as they see the logo.  


20. Round Records

Created by Hubert Siemiński |

Ordinary people will find some difficulties in understanding the logo. It only has three circles that are attached to each other, and there are two "tails" which might shape the letter R. Well, if it is o, then you will see two R in work. The white double R may represent the company Round Records. 

From the principle perspective, it has shown that t is a simple logo. Yet, it hasn't conveyed the message at all to the people when they see it, so it will be hard for people to relate it with the business brand. 


21. Moad Jameel

Created by Moad Jameel |

The modern circle has a deep meaning to convey to the people about. It starts with the letter C at the beginning, and then it is designed with the circle shape, and some wires are connected to the ones on the other side, which is bold. The wire represents the connection that we may make through the internet working today. As we all know, our lives today cannot be separated from the internet. It has become the most important part of my life. It is also the biggest part of our life which has seized most of our time a day. So, the modern circle with its logo has shown us how our life is.  


22. Big Drop

Created by Anna Kuts |

You will see a big O and a dot in this work, and both are in black. At the same time, the designer decided to use yellow for the background. It is perfect for highlighting the dots. The little word drop comes as additional information, which may be helpful for the viewers to understand what is being advertised or what is being told by the logo here. 


23. CCO

Created by Graphéine |

This organization is intended for social and cultural innovation. Many people meet here every year and share their thoughts and creations along with appreciation with one another. The symbol made is just as simple as that, the letter CCO in white color with a sharp orange background. The background color is chosen to cherish all the people who come into this community so that they will feel positive energy and spirit as well. At the same time, the letter is the representation of the growth of the community. It starts with half C, then it becomes the whole C, and from C, it makes the whole O the representative of the whole community altogether. 



Created by Jantan Sekali |

The icon made by JantanSekali is quite unique. Bright blue is the main color used here, so therefore it is called circle blue. The circle in the middle shows an image of flowing water, and in the middle of it, there is an eye. Or, as the modest people who see it for the first time, it is just like an eye. It may show that the company will invite people to see their products.  



Created by Ankush Chaudhary |

This artwork has made the lotus into a circle. In ancient belief, the lotus is the eternity flower or God's flower. The logo tries to combine eternity and the infinite. So that when you take this icon, you will find an eternity of the business is infinite.  



Created by Nikolai Parshin |

From the symbol that you can see here, the basic color of black and white is in use. There's a double circle in the middle of the icon. The inside circle shows the nature image where there's a field along with plants and flowers, and the sun shines brightly. And on the outside circle, the designer put the identity of the company who made this icon. 


27. Brighter Future

Created by Maxim Durbailov |

The logo is created simply. There is some circle that shapes a binocular and the text beside the icon. It conveys the meaning that we can see the future through binoculars and hope for a brighter one. 


28. Play Press

Created by Kristian Grljević |

This is one of the smart icons ever made. If you are familiar with the button "play" in the gadget, well, then it is using this idea to make this icon. The triangle in the middle of the circle is the play button that you should press when you want to play the video or the music. 



Created by iframe design studio |

The Peliva Suites offer you the nature and surrounding experience when you stay there. The simple icon created is proof that they can accommodate a lot of people at a time. It has a great capacity so that many people will be able to enjoy nature together. 


30. Custom Woodwork

Created by Brandon Nickerson |

This logo has set a very clear purpose for the audience. There is a piece of wood inside the circle logo. And there's a text which explains that the company that has the logo is doing the woodworking. No wonder you'll get the message as soon as you see the logo for the first time. 


Final Words

Those are several inspiring circle logo designs that can be helpful for you when you want to create one. Find the best and the closest one to your concept, and get your own done. And be ready to show it to your audience. 


Let us know what you think!

These above references are done by some of the most talented designers all over the world. If you think your work is better and would like to showcase yours here in this post, please feel free to email your work to Cheers!


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