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Article: 30 Best Flat Logo Design Ideas You Should Check

30 Best Flat Logo Design Ideas You Should Check

Sometimes less visual has more meaning, so keep it simple.
Check out some of the best flat logo design ideas we have curated for your projects!
Created by Konstantin Reshetnikov |

In this age, simplistic and minimalistic designs are the most preferred and most popular styles to use for business or organization logos. If in the past the logo was made with various complex design ornaments and illustrations, nowadays the design has been rebranded to appear much simpler. 

You may have observed this change yourself in various businesses or organizations that have been around for a long time. Their symbol design has changed over the years to become the flat design they use today.

The simple concept is deliberately used because it feels like it gives a more professional, neat, and clean impression of institutional branding. This is one of the main reasons why this concept is applied to almost all modern institutional design symbols that exist today. In this article, the 30 best flat logo designs have been curated specially for you.


1. Guard

Created by Konstantin Reshetnikov |

Although it uses quite detailed illustrations to illustrate its symbols, the GUARD uses a simple design style, using various combinations of basic shapes to depict a guardian riding a lion.

This illustration is made with a very interesting depiction. If usually this guard is associated with a gloomy and frightening impression, this depiction of the guard instead uses soft colors that seem to make it look fun and cute.

This example can be an inspiration for those of you who want to create a simple and flat design but still include an illustration of your own business or organization's mascot in it.


2. Medisquare

Created by MD Mahfuj |

Looking very simple and modern, Medisquare uses a logo design that consists of a square shape formed into a checkered pattern, with whitespace also being part of the concept. These squares are made using different colors, each of which is a unique Medisquare color. 

In addition, the writing of the business name is also very interesting. Because, in mathematical terms, the square is used to denote the power of 2, the name of the business itself is written in such a mathematical style.


3. FRT

Created by ikram h sakib |

The use of whitespace in symbol design is one approach that you can use to make the appearance of your symbol much more creative and attractive. One example of the proper use of whitespace can see in this sample work. 

The designer uses the business name monogram for their logo design branding, which is made simply. However, the designer put a very interesting detail. 

The letter F is made with an interesting typeface style, with a shape like pixel art, then the letter R itself is made close and connects with the letter R earlier. And if you look closely, the whitespace in the middle of this F and R forms the letter T in a very impressive way.


4. Secret Garden

Created by Konstantin Reshetnikov |

From the name of the business itself, we can see that there is a unique branding potential and characteristic that can be poured into a characteristic of this business itself. 

The secret garden uses a mysterious, magical, and beautiful concept, as people usually imagine when they hear the secret word garden in the fairy tale world.

The depiction is shown by the designer using various magical objects, such as a winged horse holding a flower in its mouth. The illustration is made in a simple flat style; it doesn't reduce the wow element of this illustration; it makes it look even more unique.


5. Leroty

Created by Vask |

The Leroty logo displays a very modern and futuristic impression, is very appropriate, and matches the branding identity they use. 

The symbol uses lines that are slightly zig-zag and stacked with the use of whitespace as a detail. The overall look looks even more perfect with the use of gradient colors as the main color used by the business for their various branding designs.


6. Satr

Created by Sumon Yousuf |

Striking and eye-catching colors are the perfect accompaniment for a logo with a simple concept. The use of simple colors can elevate the look to be more attractive and less stern, presenting the personality and identity of the business with a professional look.

The Satr symbol design uses a simple symmetrical shape. Made from a bunch of overlapping shapes and made in different colors, then the design looks amazing.



Created by Charlie Isslander |

When we hear the name forest, what immediately comes to mind in our bank is a lot of trees in one place. This seems to be the right inspiration for a symbol design for a business with the name Forest. 

The symbol looks like a very simple tree shape, with four branches sticking up, depicted with a formal line. But the tree also forms a monogram F of the business name itself, which is a cool detail.


8. Dineup

Created by Vask |

Following the goals of the designer himself, the logo design of Dineup looks very distinctive and is recognizable everywhere. The look is very distinctive, with soft and curved details, which are the monogram of the letter D taken from the name of the business. 

The monogram is also shaped into an interesting illustration, which is also shaped like the shape of the illustration of a person from the side.


9. Blocksy

Created by Milos Bojkovic |

The concept of building block is one of the characteristics used by Blocksy in their business branding. This is shown in the form of their logo design which is an illustration of various building blocks of identical sizes and stacked in different ways. The look looks very modern, simple, and attractive to look at.


10. Xevisn

Created by mparvej |

The design concept that uses gradient colors as the main color always makes the appearance more attractive and more modern. One example can be seen in this symbol.

Not only the color chosen, but the logo from the Xevisn also forms a modern and futuristic look. Using two identical organic shapes that are distracted from each other, there is a whitespace in the middle of the symbol, which creates interesting details.


11. Bluprnt

Created by Sergio Joseph |

Blueprnt is a digital business agency that specializes in providing various types of different services for its users. The designer himself uses inspiration from the form of blueprint papers that are commonly found when planning a development. 

The paper's blueprint is formed into a cube that is almost finished, symbolizing the philosophy of the business itself, which focuses on development. The selected shades of blue are also the typical blueprint colors that you often find.


12. Molecula

Created by Gennady Savinov |

Molecules use molecular shapes that are close to each other in their symbol design. Illustration of this molecule formed using identical circles arranged neatly. The colors used are simple, black, and white, which makes the look more modern and futuristic.


13. FastForward

Created by Nikoloz Narsia |

A very creative look that deserves to be appreciated. The foundation of this design is very simple, namely by using the form of a monogram F, which symbolizes the name of the business. 

Interestingly, the monogram F is formed by presenting an appropriate depiction of identity, focus, and the base of the business itself. The F displays using arrows that symbolize a fast thing, changing, and moving forward.


14. Star

Created by Dylan Menke |

The star shape used in this symbol does not use the generic star appearance that you usually find. This star shape is formed with various shapes that are arranged in such a way to form a star shape on the white space. An interesting way which you can imitate to create a unique and different look from the other logo.


15. Dorek

Created by Ahmed Creatives |

The designer of the Dorek logo uses a variety of eye-catching colors. Colorful and bright, the colors used in this design are harmonious with each other, which makes this logo very beautiful. Shapes of this symbol are also made to display these colors well. 

The shape is simple, in the form of circles which are divided into four parts and given different colors inside and also on the edges.


16. Bison

Created by Konstantin Reshetnikov |

A very impressive illustration of a bison figure. Made in an abstract style and using very interesting details of highlights and shadows. The figure looks fierce and defiant. 

Although it is described in much detail, the illustrations are still made in a simple style. This symbol is very distinctive and can be one of the main elements in branding the identity of the business.


17. Tornike Uchava

Created by Tornike Uchava |

The Uchava Tornike uses a symbolic form that provides little detail in the form of an illusion of variation in its shape. The circle consists of several eclipse forms that are intertwined with each other to produce an interesting circle shape.

The blue color used as the background color and the main color in this identity brand makes the work look more prominent and attracts attention. These shades of blue are often used in various graphic works to create a professional, friendly, gentle, and classy look.


18. Moore Museum

Created by Gennady Savinov |

The look of this work itself looks very cool and creative. Using a combination of shapes and whitespace as details, the Moore Museum symbol looks to display the shape of a beautiful and majestic building.

Because Moore itself is a modern art museum, the branding identity used must display an artsy and contemporary form, which is well displayed in this design. This simple black and white color selection also seem to make the logo look more professional and give a modern impression that fits perfectly with the branding.


19. Swapp

Created by pixtocraft |

Swapp is an institution that uses modern branding as its trademark. The look of the logo appears to display the form of a symbol made in a simple illustration style but gives a very cool impression with its 3d illustration style. The concept uses various simple shapes, which are created to depict the S shape of a rectangular shape created to form the letter.


20. Tornike Uchava

Created by Tornike Uchava |

Another logo from Tornike Uchava, a circular appearance, seems to be one of the characteristics of this designer. This work uses a shape that will remind you of the weapons that are usually used by ninjas, which are thrown to overwhelm their enemies. 

The shape consists of a carved circle shape so that on its edges, there are various sharp edges, and it seems to move this shape forward.


21. Vint

Created by Logo Love |

What a beautiful logo design. The concept used is flat and simple, using only the typeface of the business name as its symbol. 

However, this appearance does not display a boring and generic form. The typeface style used is unique, shaped with several sharp edges as details that make it unique and not found in other logos.


22. Neon

Created by Vask |

This flat logo looks stunning. Even though the impression given by this is very simple, by only using various shapes to form symbols, you will get a cool and stylish look. 

This form uses various combinations of whitespace to describe and complete the shape of the symbol so that it becomes perfect. A creative work that can be your inspiration.


23. Youmake

Created by Creatheorys |

The Youmake logo design uses a Y-shaped monogram as its main symbol. This monogram form is formed by using various shapes that are close to each other, resulting in an amazing and very unique appearance. Each shape is also given a different color from the other to create a distinction between shapes.


24. Finish

Created by Wesley Marc Bancroft |

Providing details in the form of shadows in your work can be an additional touch that further shifts your work. One example you can see in this work. The Finish logo is formed with only three simple parallelogram shapes, which are placed in such a way that they create an attractive appearance.

But you can see, even though the shapes are simple, there are subtle shadows added to one of the shapes in the middle that make this shape pop up more.


25. Decipad

Created by Milos Bojkovic |

Checkered motifs are found everywhere in branding designs. But this time, the checkered pattern is formed with an unusual style, and you can imitate it as one way to produce a pattern that is not generic and also unique. The Decipad has a very attractive and unique symbol display.


26. Mezas

Created by Salma |

The concept is very simple and attractive; the designer uses various shapes such as arrows that point forward and stack with each other. Each shape is given a different color, which is harmonious with the other.


27. Bru Coffee Roasters

Created by Gabriel Hernandez |

Although this illustration is only formed from a square shape with whitespace in the form of a rectangle, the look is extraordinary. The illustration represents the shape of the coffee cup and coffee bag, which are formed into one picture. Very creative and impressive logo.

If you want to design a logo for a coffee shop and want to display a minimalistic concept, you can use this work as inspiration for you. Use an illustrative example from this logo and be creative with the approach and identity that you want to present yourself.


28. Chargo

Created by Sumon Yusuf |

Chargo is a business that deals with providing various charge services. This line of business is displayed well through the selection of icons given to their symbol design. 

The concept looks simple but still attractive, with the shape of the charger head as the main icon, which is highlighted with various cheerful colored background shapes.


29. Doublex

Created by Gennady Savinov |

The Doublex appears intimidating, using various sharp edges in their branding concept. Their symbol form consists of arrows from all four directions pointing to a point in the middle.

The chosen black and white color further adds to the stern and futuristic impression presented by the logo earlier. In addition, the typeface used also uses a unique modern typeface style and gives a cool appearance.


30. Sentien

Created by Rejaul Karim |

What amazing work! The design of the Sentien symbol uses inspiration from a simple object that is a close friend of the designer, namely the paint strips. These objects can be found in many paint or art-supply stores.

Paint strips are used as one of the inspirations for designers to form interesting and extraordinary concepts, which are rarely found in other works. This paint stripper is modified so that it has the shape of curved edges, which, when stacked together, produce a monogram S shape of the name of the business itself.


Final Words

That was a brief discussion and review of several artworks that are included in the best flat logo designs category that can be an inspiration for those of you who are stuck in making simple but creative concepts. 

The various works above are the work of various designers who are very skilled and creative, so they can produce various concepts that are easily used with simple looks and shapes. Choose which image fits the style and identity you want to portray the best, and create it in your way with these ideas as your framework or guideline.


Let us know what you think!

These above references are done by some of the most talented designers all over the world. If you think your work is better and would like to showcase yours here in this post, please feel free to email your work to Cheers!


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