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Article: 30 Best Mascot Logo Design Ideas You Should Check

30 Best Mascot Logo Design Ideas You Should Check

An illustrated character can be a great and fun way to represent your identity.
Check out some of the best mascot logo design ideas for your projects!
Created by Dckydesign_ |

Welcome, fellow graphic designers, to a journey filled with creativity and charisma as we explore the exciting world of mascot logo design ideas. In the digital realm, where visuals speak volumes, creating a mascot logo that resonates with audiences can become your brand's ultimate game-changer. As designers, we know that these charming and unique entities are more than just aesthetically pleasing elements - they breathe life into a brand and cultivate a lasting emotional connection with the audience.

So, whether you're just starting out in the field or a seasoned professional looking for some fresh inspiration, you're in the right place. Get ready to dive into an array of exciting mascot logo design ideas that can make your brand truly unforgettable. We'll discuss emerging trends, timeless strategies, and inspiring examples to fuel your creativity. Remember, the goal isn't merely to make a logo but to craft a character that carries the essence of a brand, thereby enhancing audience engagement. Stick around; this journey promises to be a captivating one! Let's start designing.


1. BC Moscowsky

Created by Quberten |

Many logos have a Bengal tiger as their mascot. This tiger represents immortality, independence, majesty, cunning, and strength. Use a Bengal tiger on your logo if you want to make people see that you have a powerful brand. Some colors like orange, white, and dark blue are going to accentuate the strength of your tiger logo.


2. Munchers Inc.

Created by Manu |

Mascots can be inspired by people, objects, characters, animals, monsters, fantasy creatures, or other subjects you can imagine. Traditional monster mascots are usually inspired by old legends from horror films. But you can make your monster cute and fun. For example, color it blue and use yellow for its background. A big smile will make your monster friendlier and nice.



Created by Dckydesign_ |

An ice cream cone will be a unique and inviting mascot for your ice cream business. Use the right colors for your ice cream cone since those colors will be used on the overall appearance of your logo. This one has a yellow cone that makes a nice and soft background. The pink color of the strawberry ice cream can be an accent color.



Created by Dckydesign_ |

Husky is a unique dog breed. Just like other animals, a husky will also teach you something. Husky teaches you that the destination isn't the most important thing. Instead, it shows you that the journey to get to the destination is really important. This makes a husky a perfect mascot for your outstanding logo design. Dress in a red and blue suit, the colors of Superman.


5. Lucian Radu

Created by Lucian Radu |

Shiba Inu is a small Japanese dog breed that looks super cute and will make a beautiful mascot for your logo. Create a cute round Shiba Inu mascot and make it wear sunglasses. People know and love Shiba Inu for their devotion and also intelligence. You can show the nature of Shiba Inu through your logo and make people fall in love with your brand.


6. NorthXiang youth basketball club

Created by MonkeyBen |

Orange is an exotic fruit that can help you create a fascinating mascot. In the Baroque era, orange is always associated with noble women and men and their high social status. Orange is also the symbol of great wealth, happiness, and prosperity. When you use it as your basketball club mascot, you'll show everyone that your club members can always be happy and prosperous.



Created by Hassan |

Inuit hunters respect polar bears because those animals are the most intelligent ones in the Arctic. A polar bear is also a symbol of determination, patience, and resilience. Use a polar bear on your logo and pick neutral colors like dark blue, light blue, and khaki. Dress the bear with something cool like sunglasses and a hat. 



Created by Ilya Gorchanyuk |

For years, people have believed that black cats are associated with bad luck. However, a black cat is actually a symbol of protection, growth, compassion, and good luck. Use this black cat as a mascot of your logo, and then make it look cool with a pair of blue eyes. White outlines make the black cat look more stand out on the black background.


9. Ducky toys

Created by Andrii Kovalchuk |

Looking for a cute mascot for your toy store business? Since your target customers are kids, consider using a cute duck holding a toy for your mascot. Use fresh colors like jade (#00a86b) for the background. It is a soft color that will soothe your audience and make them focus on the white duck and colorful toy in the middle of the logo.


10. Lucian Radu

Created by Lucian Radu |

The rabbit is a sweet animal that symbolizes resurrection, rebirth, and vitality. This animal can be a cute mascot for your unique logo. Simply use bold black lines in creating a rabbit head. And then, add some pink color on the ear and cheek of the rabbit. This smiling rabbit makes your logo look friendlier.


11. Hoom

Created by Pavel Kozlov |

Even a house can be a unique mascot for a business. This home mascot is made of black lines and is accompanied by a blue moon and star. The presence of legs and a face make the house mascot look alive and more outstanding. Use the same color for the text you place under the mascot. 


12. Bagel Baron

Created by Akuma.Studio |

Bagel has a round shape which symbolizes long life. So if you have a bagel business, use a bagel as your mascot. Dress it with a Mustache, a hat, a pair of shoes, a bowtie, and gloves to make it look classier and more unusual. Use pastel color for the background but bold dark blue color for the bagel logo.


13. Rebel

Created by Milos Djuric |

A collie can be a cool mascot for a pet care business. People believe that a collie dog will direct you to go back to what makes you smile and feel happier. By using a collie as the mascot of Rebel Pet Care, you make your audience believe that your dog will be happy in your hands, even though it may be a rebel.


14. Frozen Chicken

Created by Alexandra Erkaeva |

A chicken surely is the right mascot for this business. However, you need to make the chicken looks special because the business name is Frozen Chicken. One cool idea to create an unusual logo design is drawing the chicken with two different colors. Black is going to be the main color, and blue to show people that it is freezing.


15. Lammetje

Created by Milos Djuric |

This cute logo design has a lamb as its mascot. You, too, can use a lamb as your mascot if you want to deliver purity, innocence, and gentleness through your business. A lamb also symbolizes meekness, forgiveness, and sweetness. Its innocent face makes it look super cute and sweet. Dress it with a nice necklace, and you'll get a perfect mascot.


16. Akuma.Studio

Created by Akuma.Studio |

The easiest way to create a mascot is by using an illustration of a man. This mascot has a man wearing a hat and smiling happily to your audience. This mascot is dominated by a chestnut color (#cd5c5c) and some neutral colors like black and white. Pick a color that matches your own brand and business.



Created by Ilya Gorchanyuk |

If you want a cat mascot, but you don't like black cats, a bicolor cat is what you need. It has two colors on its body, and it symbolizes balance and good luck as well. Feel free to use any color to create a bicolor cat mascot. This one has a yellow and white on its face.


18. HeyCreators

Created by Daniel Bodea |

Basically, you are free to create any mascot for your logo. This logo has a blue rabbit as its mascot. Even though the rabbit doesn't have a smiling or friendly face, it waves its hand and will make your audience smile because of its unique act. The blue color makes it more unique and fun.


19. Nagual

Created by Nagual |

A shark is the mascot of this Nagual logo design. This sea animal is the symbol of tenacity, strength, and power. It also reminds you that you need to be careful at all times. The shark will also remind your audience to never give up and stay focused on their goals. Moreover, a shark is identical to the blue colors of the sea.


20. Morning general

Created by Nagual |

Make your logo more awesome and cool by using a rooster as its mascot. A rooster is a special symbol of masculinity. When a rooster is crowing in the morning, it symbolizes early risers, optimism, and energy. Make your rooster look unique by dressing it with a communication device.


21. Tribal Tiger

Created by Lucian Radu |

A tiger is already a cool mascot for a logo. However, you can make your tiger mascot look more fascinating and satisfying by adding a tribal motif on its skin. Use the colors of a tiger and combine them with unique patterns that will make your audience more curious about the meaning behind your logo.


22. Haunted Print Co

Created by Akuma.Studio |

Since the business name contains a creepy word, you need to consider something creepy as the mascot of the logo. A ghost is the most famous option to consider. Make the ghost on the logo do something your employees will do. The ghost of this printing company is printing something. It looks mad but cute at the same time.



Created by Dckydesign_ |

This logo is for a hockey club, so whatever mascot you finally choose should wear a hockey jersey and equipment. The mascot on this hockey club logo is a rabbit that's wearing hockey equipment and looks very happy. You can use the whole body of an animal to create a mascot or just the head and its facial expression.


24. Chewy & Co

Created by Manu |

Here comes another Shiba Inu mascot that will make your audience smile. The Shiba dog is sitting while holding a pan and wearing a toque on one of its ears. Its facial expression makes it look cute. Small pink paws enhance the cuteness of this Shiba dog logo design. Since the dog has chocolate brown outlines, the text has the same color.


25. Lucian Radu

Created by Lucian Radu |

A Bengal tiger has orange color with some white stripes. Most Bengal tiger mascots have both colors and contrasting background colors. Your Bengal tiger logo can be totally different from the orange color for the logo's background. Use white color only to create the Bengal tiger illustration. The contrast creates a magnificent design.


26. Gecco Sound Studio

Created by Elmira Gokoryan |

The Greeks and Egyptians considered lizards like geckos as the symbol of intelligence and good fortune. That's why some people use a gecko as the mascot of their business. If you want to use a gecko as your mascot, make it look weird by coloring it orange and adding a unique eye to its face.


27. Lonecat

Created by Dckydesign_ |

Most cat mascots look very sweet and cute. But this one looks scary and intimidating since the mascot is to represent the wild members of a baseball club. The main color used on this logo is blue, with some touches of neutral colors. You should also choose the main color of the mascot before expanding to accent colors.


28. Chamelo

Created by Milos Djuric |

A chameleon is another unusual animal you can use as a mascot. It symbolizes resourcefulness, fearlessness, curiosity, perception, determination, patience, insight, and stability. It can change its skin color, so you may want to use some different colors on the chameleon mascot of your logo.


29. Bull Dog

Created by Dckydesign_ |

Bulldogs are usually associated with courage, strength, and determination. These dogs can be a nice mascot for a basketball club. Make your bulldog mascot look angry while holding a basketball. Use cool colors like blue for the mascot and black for the outline and background. And white can be the logo's accent color.



Created by Dckydesign_ |

A red fox has a bushy tail and has been associated with transformation, trickery, and magic. It is a gorgeous and majestic mascot for your volleyball club logo. Since it already had a red color. Use dark blue and white to complement the logo design and create a more colorful logo to attract your audience's attention.


Frequently Ask Questions

What are mascot logo designs?

Mascot logo designs are unique and engaging characters that represent a brand or organization. They are popular in various industries, such as sports teams, schools, and businesses. Mascot logos combine a distinct visual identity with a friendly and approachable persona. They help create a strong brand personality and establish a connection with the target audience. A well-designed mascot logo can convey the essence of a brand, its values, and its unique selling points. Graphic designers play a crucial role in creating mascot logos by blending creativity, storytelling, and visual appeal.

Which colors are commonly used in mascot logo designs?

In mascot logo design, colors play a vital role in capturing attention and conveying the desired message. While there are no hard and fast rules, certain colors are commonly used to evoke specific emotions and traits. Vibrant and energetic hues like red, orange, and yellow can symbolize enthusiasm and excitement. Cool tones such as blue and green are often associated with trustworthiness and reliability. Additionally, contrasting colors like black and white can create a bold and striking effect.

Which industry niche commonly uses mascot logo designs?

Mascot logo designs are commonly used across a wide range of industries and niches. They are especially popular in sports, where teams utilize mascots to build a strong brand identity and connect with fans. Educational institutions, such as schools and universities, often incorporate mascots to create a sense of unity and school spirit. Additionally, mascots are widely used in the entertainment industry, including theme parks and festivals, to entertain and engage visitors. Beyond that, businesses in various sectors, such as food and beverage, technology, and retail, also embrace mascot logos to stand out from competitors and create memorable brand experiences.

What are the successful examples of mascot logo designs?

Successful mascot logo designs have made a lasting impact across various industries. One notable example is the Kool-Aid Man, representing the iconic drink brand. With his cheerful and vibrant persona, the Kool-Aid Man instantly became recognizable and memorable. Another standout is the Michelin Man, the lovable and rotund mascot for the tire company. His friendly appearance conveys a message of reliability and safety. In the sports world, the Philadelphia Flyers mascot, Gritty, became an instant sensation with his unique and playful design.

Which design styles are often used to create mascot logo designs?

Mascot logo designs can be created in various styles, allowing for creative expression and customization. One popular style is the cartoon or illustrative approach, where the mascot is depicted with exaggerated features and vibrant colors, giving it a fun and playful look. Another style is the realistic approach, which aims to create a mascot that closely resembles its real-life counterpart. Retro and vintage styles are also commonly used, evoking a sense of nostalgia and timelessness. Additionally, minimalist and modern styles are gaining popularity, focusing on clean lines and simplified forms.


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All of these fantastic logo design ideas are created by some of the most talented logo designers worldwide. We hope you enjoy our gallery and remember to leave us a comment below. Cheers!

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