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Article: 30 Best Luxurious Logo Design Ideas You Should Check

30 Best Luxurious Logo Design Ideas You Should Check

The future is the most expensive luxury in the world.
Check out some of the best luxurious logo design ideas we have curated to inspire you!
Created by Michael Knapek |

Luxurious logo designs help to make a business vision come to life. To achieve this purpose, a luxurious design that you make has to stand out from its other counterparts. Hence, if you are not familiar with logo design, it is important to hire a professional designer to create the best luxurious logo for your business.

A good and effective logo presents what your business stands for. It should be easily memorable so it will straight come to mind when people remember a particular service or product. That's why your design works should also speak to your brand identity, so potential customers convince that they choose the right one.

No matter what it is, the concept, including the luxurious ones, has to communicate all those qualities through shapes, colors, and design elements used. Hence, the logo will give your brand a distinct feeling to everyone looking at it.


1. Chéri bar & store

Created by Hardy Branding |

Chéri happens to be a new wine bar and store that opened in Moscow. To ensure more people recognize it, the store also uses a unique brand identity. The inspiration comes from La Belle Époque and the Roaring twenties. Even the name is the idea from the renowned French novel of the twenties written by Collette.

The branding results in an elegant and refined logo with l'accent aigu above the illustration that looks like a wine drop. Although it is just a small graphic, it becomes an effective point that tells about the product well.


2. Skibbereen Eagle

Created by ThinkBold _ |

Skibbereen Eagle was an a-1857 newspaper circulated in Ireland. Now, there is an Irish whiskey that uses that name for its product. The design of this whiskey product aims to remember a historical newspaper, and it emphasizes the paper and typography, which becomes the main elements.

The company uses textured paper to print the product's name. Those serve as luxury logo design ideas as they add strong emboss and stamping foil too.


3. Vogel Gin

Created by Artur Zingoni |

Vogel Gin originally is a distillery in Serra do Curral Mountains. This region is famous for its free and adventurous spirit. Vogel Gin takes this spirit for its branding to resemble freedom, distinctive, and a new vibe. Besides, the bottle and packaging are the whole identity of the product.

Following the great packaging, there are luxurious logo designs used. The label of the packaging finishes in a hot stamp. It appears to be more porous and rustic. 


4. Piamond

Created by Ling Kira |

Piamond also provides ideas for gemstone logos or lavish jewelry brands. Inspired by the pineapple shape, this brand tries to mix it with royal motifs. Moreover, the name of Piamond itself is a fusion between pineapple and diamond. Pineapple has become the mascot of the brand as it has crown-liked leaves.

Along with the name of the diamond, this brand wants to show the customers that their product is "The King of Diamond."


5. Ragine

Created by Leandra Rexhepi |

Ragine is one of the luxury logo design ideas when it comes to a clothing line. As the new French female clothing brand, Ragine delivers a message to put women at a key point. Coming with a belief that fashion is one of the ways for self-expression and inspiration, they go with simple yet elegant typography.

This brand identity not only speaks of softness and strength but also symbolizes quality, elegance, sophistication, and femininity.


6. Marquee

Created by invade design |

If you are looking for luxurious logo designs with a cheerful vibe, Marquee gives you what you need. Inspired by the evolution era in the textile industry, Marquee chooses blue indigo to remind denim fabric and darkened gold typography to exude a sophisticated and lavish vibe.

The logotype comes in art deco font, which uses some modifications to balance the iconic "Q" letter in the middle. There is also a roof icon that usually protects the building, which resembles Marquee.


7. Nordic Topline

Created by Toni Hukkanen |

Nordic Topline offers good inspiration to create luxurious brands for supplements or nutrition products. This nutrition and supplement brand provides excellent quality products for high-performing equine athletes. That's why there is a running horse illustration above its logotype.

Equine athletes require the best and most healthy ingredients to support their highest performance. Hence, this brand carefully chooses the ingredients and uses scientifically-proven raw materials which both effective and clean.


8. Montefortuna

Created by Kwangsu Shin |

Montefortuna comes with luxury logo design ideas for Cuban cigars. The name itself is the combination of "monte" and "fortuna," which means mountain and fortune. It conveys the message that they provide the most exclusive Cuban cigars for those who want the best and don't mind the price.

It adds animal Griffin in mythology as the graphic motif to strengthen the exclusiveness of this brand identity along with a year of this brand's establishment.


9. Zany&Shy

Created by Alexandra Necula |

Zany&She presents luxurious logo designs to depict their lavish Italian jewelry brand. Using olive color and golden typography with stylish fonts, they make a basic yet efficient brand identity. Interconnected ring symbol to replace "&" on its logotype even make the fine quality of jewelry recognizable.

The combination of olive green and golden colors not only exudes high-quality but also looks bright and perfectly catchy. It serves as a perfect option to communicate the brand.


10. Calypso

Created by Miki Grujic |

Calypso is one of the clothing brands that inspire a luxurious concept. The luxurious feeling sparks from this brand due to the combination of red color for the background and golden typography. The gold color used in the name truly gives an elegantly lavish feeling without going overbroad.

They use modified fonts to write the name of the brand and make the "Y" letter in the middle look smaller to give a balanced look.


11. La casa de Palma

Created by VITUS STUDIO |

La Casa De Palma offers luxury logo design ideas for hotels and private villas. Based in Mexico, this hotel takes inspiration from beautiful beaches and unique views for its branding. Tropical palms in the background give both a luxury vibe and freshness that people always dream of.

Not to mention the symbol of the palm tree puts on the top of the logotype. They use a modified font to speak the name, and it exudes a French high-class feeling.


12. Madenia

Created by Baianat |

As the new Chinese accessories brand, Madeina comes with luxurious logo designs that depict its best quality. As a newcomer, they want to enter the global market with the best price. Hence, they make an aesthetic and unique logo to communicate their branding.

The logo is an embellished "M" letter. Both the symbol and typography use gold color to make the sophisticated feeling even stronger and look in contrast to the background.


13. Louie

Created by Violaine & Jeremy |

Louie is one of the unique brands for restaurants. This restaurant's name is the combination of Louis XIV and Louie Armstrong that bring a New Orleans vibe, Paris ambiance, and touches of New Yorker. The typography of its name uses a quite classical-style font to add lavishness at first sight.

The emerald color, artistic design, monograms, and crocodile mascot create a strong brand identity that makes this restaurant iconic for a fusion of French and American foods.


14. Melie Jewelry

Created by Cansu Merdamert |

Melie serves as other luxury logo design ideas for high-quality jewelry. This Istanbul-based jewelry comes with timeless, romantic, and elegant branding to deliver the sense and emotions of women who wear it. The simple logotype is suitable for careful craft in jewelry making.

This brand also uses a woman wearing their products as a logo background because they aim to make jewelry that is usable for women from generation to generation.


15. Léonie Paris

Created by Graphéine |

Léonie Paris comes with simple yet luxurious logo designs related to the culinary. Combining orange background and a didone-style navy logotype is perfect storytelling for the unique culinary experience that people will get from this French-based culinary place.

People can experience the vibes of how Aunt Léonie's boundless imagination while enjoying a delicious menu that includes the best French ingredients and Indian spices. Not to mention colorful pastries that will pamper the tastebuds.


16. Molnievo

Created by Margarett Stasevich |

Molnievo proposes luxury logo design ideas in hand-drawn modern fonts. This visual identity radiates a sophisticated feeling and premium quality of jewelry. The logotype gets inspiration from bohemian women and men, resulting in its main feature, which is available for unisex.

The logotype is easy to read and improves people's awareness of this brand. The line inside the "O" letter looks like dividing it into pieces as well as personifying a lightning strike.


17. Palazzo

Created by Shaka Studio |

Palazzo gives luxury logo design ideas for a company working with property. Using the Italian word Palazzo, which means palace, this company aims to help people who are looking for a luxury home. The brand looks flawless and luxurious with the combination of grey background and gold color for the logo and name.

A logo is a group of vertical blocks arranged based on size to form a building-like icon. This simple golden symbol emphasizes a luxurious visual identity.


18. Dr. Herbert Lewis

Created by José Augusto Hykavy |

Dr. Herbert Lewis comes with luxurious logo designs for medical services. Bringing a medical symbol in bronze color over an emerald background, he creates an elegant, impressive, and authentic brand for his services. As a cardiologist, his services focus on diseases related to the heart and vascular system.

The logo of his medical brand combines Rod of Asclepius, refers to medicine, a shield illustrated by his name, and the "H," which is the initial of Herbert.


19. Snob Hôtel

Created by Asís |

Snob Hôtel inspires luxurious hotel brands. It uses a greenery theme to give a touch of authenticity to Parisienne's desire. The green color itself resembles nature, a universal value that she admires. The logotype comes with a simple style but never looks to promote a luxury vibe.

The logotype uses a brass-like color for the name of the hotel so that it can match well with a sophisticated feeling radiated by the greenery background.



Created by Feras Shaker |

Dores Perfumes apply luxury logo design ideas to promote their premium perfume products. The name of its logo, which is Dores refers to one of the names of gold. It conveys the message that the products available in this store are something precious to get. 

The logo appears to be a D letter with botanical graphics to add a bit of luxury touch. The navy background is a good combination with this simple symbol.


21. Moutidis

Created by Dimitris Vanis |

Moutidis is a Greece-based jewelry store with luxurious logo designs to represent its timeless visual identity. The essence of jewelry truly appears in the design as an icon that epitomizes a diamond ring and substitutes the "O" letter in the logotype name.

This ring icon can stand itself as a logo mark as well as become part of the logotype to create an important connection with the name of this jewelry brand to improve people's awareness.


22. Bleu la Soie

Created by Firma Design |

Bleu La Soie also involves luxuriousness in the clothing brands, but it is specifically for Abaya. This Abaya brand aims to stand out throughout the Middle East by providing high-quality along with a rich and detailed pattern. The symbol combines B and S letters to form an ambigram.

This unique logo also sparks the ambiance and culture where this clothing brand comes from. Along with simple yet elegant typography, this logo is recognizable.


23. Ferrari Carano

Created by Hardy Branding |

Ferrari Carano suggests luxury logo design ideas for branding and packaging. Sounds like a famous automobile brand, but Ferrari Carano refers to the packaging design of vineyards and wineries. An elegant and sophisticated logotype has a unique asymmetric look that easily attracts people's attention.

Each type of wine is available in a different label to recreate the vibe of the Russian River Valley, which is the location of the vineyards.


24. Tranquil Luxury Villas

Created by Insigniada |

Tranquil Luxury Villas is offering luxurious logo designs as a brand identity for a holiday getaway. The green color used in the brand represents the palm tree and fresh nature of Huatulco, Mexico, where this villa is located. The concept of the brand is lavish, modern, and easy to recognize.

Hence, the typography uses the gold color along with the leaves symbol and five stars above the green background.


25. Lucas Hotel

Created by Metehan Dalgılıç |

Lucas Hotel is one of the hotel brands that stick to the luxurious concept. The logo of this hotel depicts the luxuriousness of the hotel branding. Following the navy blue color, the hotel creates its brand in a bronze-liked color. The symbol is a combination of a decorative L letter and the H letter.

There are also small diamonds on both sides of the logo. Then, they put them inside an elegant rounded-rectangle shape. 


26. The Horse & Elephant

Created by Michael Knapek |

The Horse & Elephant is one of the luxurious brands from bars and restaurants that can give some design ideas. Like its name, people can see a horse head on the logo. Combining the emerald color, the typography of its name comes in gold color as well as the edges.

The fonts are simple, but they don't sacrifice the luxurious vibe shown. The white "Bar and Restaurant" matches well with the white horse head.


27. Castanea

Created by Carlos Mello |

Castanea has become one of the luxurious logo designs for restaurant branding. Specializing in Brazilian high cuisine, this restaurant takes inspiration from the surrounding nature to create its logotype. The green color of the background represents a magestous chestnut tree, a native species in Amazon.

The C letter that comes first on its name looks beautiful with the leaves graphics that embellish it. The font is also elegant and suits the brand well.


28. Vazara

Created by Jowel Ahmed |

Vazara is an example of a clothing line that creates luxurious concepts in its brand identity. The luxuriousness appears on the logo used by this clothing brand. Instead of using initial letters like most clothing brands, Vazara uses a symbol of a yellow ring with a big diamond. 

The name of the brand itself uses white color and stays under the ring symbol, so both of them match well with the dark background.


29. One Hyndland Avenue

Created by Kieran Reilly |

One Hynland Avenue presents a luxurious logo idea for a high-end apartment in West End, Scotland. The symbol is the "O" letter in a unique style, followed by an OHA monogram that resembles the quality of architecture and connectivity in the apartment location.

The brand identity gives an idea of Hynland area and the location of the apartment building.


30. Rosta Teabar

Created by Mohsen Beygzadeh |

Rosta Teabar takes luxury logo brand ideas from a combination of tea leaf and teapot icons. At the same time, the name "Rosta" delivers a quality premium Iranian green and herbal tea serving. Antique font applies to the name of the brand.

Both logo and branding resemble natural and premium tea along with friendly and luxurious service.


Final Words

Luxurious logo designs that come from various branding identities and manufacturers become a source of inspiration to create your sophisticated logo. You just need to ensure that it can speak to the quality and aims of your brand.

You can choose to use either iconic symbols or typography or a combination of them to design a luxurious logo. Makes the design perfect and recognizable by choosing the right color palette and additional graphics.


Let us know what you think!

These above references are done by some of the most talented designers all over the world. If you think your work is better and would like to showcase yours here in this post, please feel free to email your work to Cheers!


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