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Article: 30 Best Nautical Logo Design Ideas You Should Check

30 Best Nautical Logo Design Ideas You Should Check

The sea, once it casts its spell, holds one in its net of wonder forever.
Check out some of the best nautical logo design ideas to inspire your projects!
Created by Luis Alvaro |

Nautical logo designs have a rich history deeply rooted in maritime traditions and symbolism. The term "nautical" pertains to anything related to ships, sailing, and the sea. Nautical logos are characterized by their distinctive elements, such as anchors, ship wheels, compasses, ropes, waves, and other maritime symbols. These designs are widely used by various businesses and organizations associated with the maritime industry, including shipping companies, yacht clubs, naval forces, and nautical-themed businesses.

The origin of nautical logo designs can be traced back to ancient times when seafaring was essential for exploration, trade, and warfare. The earliest civilizations, such as the Phoenicians, Egyptians, and Greeks, developed navigation techniques and established maritime traditions. These ancient cultures often used symbols related to their seafaring activities to represent their naval prowess and identity.

Nautical logo designs also incorporate other maritime symbols, such as lighthouses, seagulls, shells, and fish. These symbols add depth and character to the logos, further emphasizing the connection to the sea and its surroundings. Lighthouses, for example, represent safety, guidance, and a beacon of hope. Seagulls and fish symbolize freedom, grace, and abundant marine life.

In contemporary times, nautical logo designs continue to be popular and versatile. They are used not only by maritime-related businesses but also by various other industries seeking to evoke a sense of adventure, reliability, or elegance. Nautical logos are often adopted by coastal resorts, seafood restaurants, beachwear brands, and even fashion designers.

Here are some of the best n nautical logo design ideas you can reference:


1. The Fouled Anchor

Created by Ben Kocinski |

The first nautical logo is The Fouled Anchor. As the name suggested, you can see an anchor as the main material shown here. Because it has been there for almost a decade, you can say how fouled it is. Besides telling the audience the name of the corporation, the logo also tells its slogan.


2. USCG Station Cape Charles

Created by Chris Edington |

When you are a sailor who has been in an ocean for so long, then it will be nice for you to see this logo. It means that you will be able to do other things than the sea. The logo tells people that there is a cape nearby. Only by reading the identity written on the logo will anyone recognize what place this is. The logo has also put a lighthouse which is surrounded a the wave as the symbol.


3. Inky Barley

Created by Becca Hand |

Nautical logos are mostly identical with pictures of sea waves, sea shore, or a lighthouse. But this one is different. Becca Hand may have thought about how to create a distinguished nautical logo, and she finally decided to use an image of an octopus instead. Along with the phrase “Scottish Stout,” the picture shows how powerful The Scottish is.


4. Lighthouse

Created by Yulia Malinovskaya |

As you can see here, the lighthouse is the pointed part of the logo. It is a sole symbol, and other elements are the supporting details of it. The lighthouse stands tall out of the sea, and it emits light through the darkness for the sailors to see the way. Blue is chosen as it is the nautical logo indeed.


5. The Narwhal

Created by Michael Penda |

Michael Penda chooses a narwhal used as a logo for a nautical theme instead of the sea wave or a lighthouse, as they are commonly used in many other nautical logos. It is chosen because the organization represented has nothing to do with marine activities. It is an art gallery, so the narwhal, with its unique task, is a perfect choice for the logo. It successfully represents the uniqueness that is offered by the art gallery collections.


6. Mire Petrol

Created by ted pioli |

The petrol is available at the harbor, and the logo is, of course, utilizing the anchor to associate with. The identity is written clearly at the center of the logo, added by some other information is written in smaller fonts so that people will still focus on the main identity as they see the logo.


7. Nantucket Brand Clothing Co.

Created by Lauren Griffin |

Nantucket is an island which is located about 30 miles away to the south of Cape Cod. This island is part of Massachusetts, USA. Since you can see a lot of waters area here, there’s a brand of clothing that makes use of the nautical theme as the logo for its brand. The logo uses blue, representing the color of the ocean; then, it puts an anchor as the symbol of the logo. Other details contain information about the building itself.


8. Gone Coastal


The first time you see it, you may find the number 8 on the logo, so you cannot relate it to any nautical theme. However, soon you can see there is a great lighthouse with an anchor attached, and you will understand that the 8 is probably the result of the spinning light from the lighthouse. While on the eighth, you can see some sparks on one round, and on the other, you can see the initial of two letters, L and H.


9. Sea People

Created by Rachel Gillespie |

This nautical logo uses a legend from Greek as the symbol. It takes Poseidon's character, the God of the sea, as the main symbol here. Poseidon is believed as the ruler of the sea for millions of years. The picture shows that Poseidon is bringing along his weapon, the trident, and also brings the trumpet. It shows the power of Poseidon.


10. This Viking Boat

Created by gaga_vastard |

The Vikings have been long known as the conquerer of the seas. This logo uses the picture of the Viking’s boat to show how persistent this company being represented as it has the spirit of the Viking inside. However, the logo is made less serious but playfully instead to show that persistence should still bring along the fun.


11. The Dock

Created by Tim Evans |

There are two versions of The Dock’s logo. The first one uses the anchor and the compass as the symbol. Another detail about the place follows. Another version uses a compass as the symbol. Both have similar shapes and similar colors.


12. Bellerophon

Created by Jonathan Schubert |

Several choices are used in the logos. There is one uses the picture of a ship as the symbol, another uses the anchor, and there is also another uses the anchor and letter B as the symbol. The identity of the association, “Bellerophon” has two different fonts as well. All choices represent the identity of the corporation.


13. City of Gloucester Harbormaster

Created by Coric Design |

The logo has a badge shape with a symbol that shows a picture of an anchor, while inside, there’s a sailing boat. This represents that the city has a harbor, and therefore many harbormasters could serve you well.


14. Puddle Pirate

Created by Steve Wolf |

This logo shows a captain of a ship called Cpt. Joshua James. The symbol is the portrait of Joshua James himself, appearing in a captain suit complete with his cigar. Below the picture, you can see detailed information about what brand is being promoted to the public. The nautical logo theme is not necessarily about nautical activities, and this logo is one of the examples.


15. Johnny Cupcakes Martha’s Vineyard

Created by Corey Reifinger |

As it is stated before, any nautical logo theme doesn’t always represent any nautical business or activities. This logo uses a mermaid but tends to represent a cupcake business instead. Beautifully designed with the perfect choices of colors, the logo doesn’t disappoint at all.


16. Katie Whitcomb Photography

Created by Lauren Carns Reed |

Katie Whitcomb has a photography business that has an anchor as the symbol. This might raise the question of why she chooses such a logo for her business. Well, the one who knows for sure is, of course, Katie Whitcomb herself. The anchor may represent that most of Whitcomb’s projects are done by the sea. Or it takes the philosophy of an anchor, powerful and firm, so the business knows where to land firmly.


17. Greyson Fletcher

Created by Jarrod Bryan |

This logo seems simple, but it will look powerful when you see the detail in the words used here. There’s a compass with a trident inside. And the slogan “Feel the thunder” and “Hear it roar”. It seems like you are brought to face the great wave of the ocean.


18. Santa Maria Náutica

Created by Bruno Viegas |

The logo is simple. It only uses a symbol and a word showing where the business is located. The symbol shows an anchor, and the word says Santa Maria Nautica. The color uses blue, which is the best representation of the ocean color.


19. Harbour Master Brewing Co

Created by Matt Vergotis |

Matt Vergotis as the designer of the logo, has provided several options for the Brewing business. The first choice is the complete one, meaning it has a symbol, supporting pictures for details, and also letters providing information about the business. The other choice only appears in the letter mark style of the logo. While other pictures show the details put in the logo, there are a lighthouse, the water symbol, and also the seagull.


20. Newport Rhode Island

Created by Nicole Sgroi |

The logo is simple but quite clear. As a town located on a seashore, Newport has a nautical theme for its logo. You can see clearly that the logo has an anchor as the symbol and a gate. The detail of the city is described by the words put in.


21. Born To Conquer The Ocean

Created by DGIM studio |

The first time you see this logo, you will feel a strong power coming out of it. The slogan has brought the great spirit out to the audience. While this phrase is supported by the vicious picture used as the symbol. A captain with an octopus face has chosen to strengthen the words provided.


22. Dry Dock Brewery

Created by Lexi Axelsen |

A lot of breweries use the nautical theme for the business logos they create. It is probably because sailors are often associated with being drunk. This brewery also uses a sailing ship as the symbol used in the logo. Completed with detailed information about the brewery, the logo tells the audience what business it represents.


23. Anchored Life Oyster Farms

Created by Coric Design |

It’s an oyster farm that uses twin mermaids as the symbol of the logo. The twin mermaids are holding the shell, and above it, there’s a crown. The oyster is the representation of luxury life. They contain pearls.


24. Redcar Strollers Walking Football Club

Created by Nick Budrewicz |

The football club uses the combination of an anchor and the letter S for the symbol of the logo. The football team may take inspiration from the teamwork of the sailors while they are wading the ocean. That spirit is what they want to have inside the team.


25. McLoons

Created by Jeremy Martinez |

Established in 2012, lobster shack created the logo and used the anchor as the main symbol. This may not represent the nautical activities, but we all know that lobsters only live by the sea. The simple logo also shows information about the identity of the business owner and where it is located.


26. Atlantis Hard Seltzer

Created by Nicole Sgroi |

A beautiful mermaid is often used as a symbol by a designer in creating logos with nautical themes. This hard seltzer also uses a mermaid as its logo symbol. The branding wants to highlight its beauty and the appeal it has through the symbol.


27. Great Lakes

Created by Brian Butler |

In the US, there are some great lakes, and logo designer Brian Butler has got the inspiration into the work of logos. There are several concepts offered here. The first is a rudder with the names of the great lakes inside. Another is only a rudder as a symbol, and below it is said, “Great Lakes Born and Raised”.


28. Broadside Trading Co.

Created by Darren Pollock |

The branding has taken a ship as the symbol of the is the representation that the trader wants to go abroad and go around the world. The logo also provides another form which is only containing the initial of the corporation. Both choices are simple and quite representative of the business.


29. Tall Ship Apparel

Created by Luis Alvaro |

The logo is really beautiful. Not only taking a great ship as a symbol, but you can also find some other beautiful decorations, such as two flowers on both sides of the ship. The shape is also quite interesting. It’s like the picture is placed on the lamp, then the lamp illuminates the picture. If you have ever watched a Batman film, then you will be familiar with it.


30. Bexar Goods Co

Created by Michael Adams |

The Octopus bringing a trident is the main symbol of the logo. There’s an ancient story about this creature, and you can even see it in Pirates of the Caribbean movies; the Hector Barbossa it is. The symbol is used along with the identity of the organization, and both elements play each function well.


Frequently Ask Questions

What are nautical logo designs?

Nautical logo designs are visual representations that incorporate symbols and elements associated with ships, sailing, and the sea. These logos often feature icons like anchors, ship wheels, compasses, waves, and other maritime symbols. Nautical logos are commonly used by businesses and organizations in the maritime industry, including shipping companies, yacht clubs, naval forces, and nautical-themed establishments. They evoke a sense of adventure, reliability, and connection to the sea while also conveying professionalism and expertise in maritime activities.

Which colors are commonly used in nautical logo designs?

Colors commonly used in nautical logo designs are often inspired by the ocean and its surroundings. Blue is the predominant color choice, representing the sea and its vastness. It conveys a sense of calmness, reliability, and professionalism. Other shades of blue, such as navy or teal, are also popular. White is frequently used to symbolize purity, cleanliness, and the foam of breaking waves. Additionally, red is sometimes incorporated to add a vibrant accent, representing energy, power, and a nod to traditional maritime imagery.

Which industry niche commonly uses nautical logo designs?

Nautical logo designs are commonly used in various industry niches that have a connection to the sea and maritime activities. Shipping and logistics companies often utilize nautical logos to represent their expertise and reliability in transporting goods by sea. Yacht clubs and boat rental services use nautical logos to convey a sense of luxury, adventure, and a connection to the boating lifestyle. Coastal resorts and beachwear brands incorporate nautical logos to evoke a beachy, relaxed atmosphere.

What are the successful examples of nautical logo designs?

There are several successful examples of nautical logo designs that have effectively captured the essence of the maritime theme. One notable example is the logo of the clothing brand Nautica, which features a stylized sailboat in a circle, representing elegance, adventure, and a connection to the sea. Another successful design is the logo of Royal Caribbean International, a leading cruise line, which incorporates a ship's anchor within a crown, symbolizing luxury, reliability, and a sense of grandeur. The logo of America's Cup, a prestigious yacht racing event, showcases two sailing boats in motion, reflecting competitiveness, innovation, and the spirit of sailing.

Which design styles are often used to create nautical logo designs?

When creating nautical logo designs, several design styles are commonly employed to evoke the maritime theme. One prevalent style is a vintage or retro aesthetic, which draws inspiration from classic maritime emblems and typography. This style conveys a sense of nostalgia, tradition, and a connection to seafaring heritage. Another popular design style is minimalism, where clean lines, simplified shapes, and a limited color palette are used to create a modern and sleek look.


Let us know what you think!

All of these fantastic logo design ideas are created by some of the most talented logo designers worldwide. We hope you enjoy our gallery and remember to leave us a comment below. Cheers!

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