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Article: 30 Best Nail Studio Logo Design Ideas You Should Check

30 Best Nail Studio Logo Design Ideas You Should Check

Some say good nails will often solve a lot of problems.
Check out some of the best nail studio logo design ideas we have curated to inspire your projects!
Created by Emily Ball |

Many aspects need to be well-considered when running a nail studio. Even small thing matters, just like a logo that helps distinguish your business from others. Creating unique nail studio logo designs is a must so prospective customers can easily recognize you among other salons.

Extensive examples of symbols are accessible nowadays, thanks to the internet that allows you to browse without leaving your cozy couch. Analyze the handpicked samples and find elements you need to copy from them, so you do not necessarily need to start from scratches.

Are you looking for a good reference for nail salon logos? You have come to the right page. We have sifted through the best designs and provided you with a good list of the best modern nail logo for your business.

Most artworks below are arranged with style and creativity in mind, resulting in brilliant layouts that will steal the attention of the audience. Here is the list for you.


1. Hand Made

Created by Seyi Adebayo |

Seyi Adebayo’s Hand Made is a fine example of a modest and creative beauty salon symbol. Combining legible and decorative typefaces, the artwork creates a new and refreshing sense of art and creativity. A white shade is chosen to contrast the skin tone in the background.

The layout applies one of the good practices of building a business trademark, which involves nail salon slogans Fix My Tips. A Script font that looks like handwriting adds value to the design.


2. Veve Colornail

Created by Fabian Hung |

Made by Fabian Hung, this is one of the best nail studio logo designs that come with a strong artistic touch. A beautiful hand holding a brush represents the main service offered in the business. Plus, decorative elements of spots and sprinkles make it more festive.

For easier identification, the business name is included in the outline. The year of establishment gives an additional detail that also serves to deliver a professional look as a whole.


3. Say No Mo

Created by Orchidea Agency |

Say No Mo knows well how to make its brand stand out. While its competitors tend to play safe by creating a soft and modest sign, this nail bar breaks the boundaries and builds such an attractive and refreshing layout with a huge typeface.

Despite the absence of additional elements like shapes and lines, the wording itself serves to accentuate an artistic sense. A white shade is a brilliant option that makes it easy to read on various backgrounds.


4. Kárytha Nail Studio

Created by Pâmela Carolline |

Pamela Carolline’s artwork is on the top list of appealing nail studio logo designs that will inspire you. Made with simplicity in mind, it incorporates two different typefaces to distinguish the brand name and its business niche.

The brand name uses a decorative typeface with straight lines and curves, becoming the embodiment of the beautiful and elegant personality of the business. “Nail Studio” wording that comes with thin lines complements the whole nail bar sign.


5. So Glo Nail Bar

Created by Atavia Bishop |

If you are more into a cute nail logo, then Atavia Bishop’s So Glo Nail Bar design is made just for you. White shade combined with a lovely pink background represents femininity, cheerfulness, and cuteness, everything you need for a nail salon.

In addition to an artistic typeface, it is decorated with beautiful graphics of leaves, stars, and a hand holding a bottle of nail polish. This mark looks adorable on brochures, nail beauty products, and everywhere.


6. Perfectly Polished

Created by Chlie Sarah |

Chlie Sarah successfully made a distinctive nail bar brand sign that redefines its business value. Classic typography makes a statement, separating this symbol from its competitors. Not to mention the harmonious color combination with the background that makes it look appealing.

Among other nail studio logo designs, Perfectly Polished is characterized by an iconic hand sign. It comes with a purple shade that contrasts the background and letters. The “To the rescue” slogan is also added to the layout.


7. Carol Zagheti

Created by Raphaella Dias Chodon |

Carol Zagheti has an eccentric symbol, combining shapes into a single sign. It incorporates a square, triangle, circle, and semi-oval that come with lean lines, reflecting its business personality as modest, elegant, yet classy.

When it comes to typography, Raphaella Dias Chodon’s piece of art mixes two typefaces. The brand name has a bigger size than the additional information, giving the audience clear information about the design. Both letters and icons are painted red with a white background.


8. Hands Party

Created by Albina Margieva |

Hands Party inspires you with a festive brand layout. As the name suggests, there are two main elements used in it: the hand and the disco globe with sparkle effects. The hand emphasizes beautiful nails, describing the service offered in the business.

The logo name is made with a huge size, featuring a party typeface and vibrant red color. Further information about the brand is provided under the name, allowing everyone to identify the layout.


9. Vivy Nail Bar

Created by Meredith Crawley |

Vivi Nail Bar’s sign by Meredith Crawley is among the most inspiring nail studio logo designs on our list. Subtle tones, readable typeface, and limited decorative details are simple, but it works effectively to make your label stand out. Not to mention it helps you save time and energy during the design process.

This layout proves that a good logo does not have to be complex. With the right color choice and typography, you can create an excellent piece.


10. Kochet Nail Studio

Created by Роман Nevedomski |

The visual identity of Kochet Nail Studio is a creative sample to inspire your brain. Distinctive typography sets it apart from other brands, allowing the audience to identify this nail studio at a glance. The white color looks neutral, highlighted with a cute short stroke that symbolizes a brush.

Kochet Nail Studio sign looks attractive on various backgrounds, but it works best on dark backgrounds. Thanks to the white color, which creates a beautiful contrast.


11. Maryk

Created by Zhr Ghasemy |

Made by Zhr Ghasemy, Maryk’s identity is visually appealing. It combines two sets of oval shapes of different sizes that mimic a butterfly along with the eyes. A sparkle icon serves as the body, creating a nice illustration as a whole.

Nail logo names are commonly added to the layout, and Maryk’s symbol is no exception. A blunt typeface with semi-round edges defines a soft and sweet personality. When combined, it creates an adorable visual identity.


12. Irey Nails

Created by Aleksey Alimov |

A monochromatic nuance is rarely used in nail studio logo designs, but Irey Nails breaks the tradition. The black and white visual creates an uncommon yet fresh look, making it stand out from other brands that mostly bring a festive and cheerful sense.

An oval border becomes an important element in this artwork, separating the main layout from its surroundings. Inside the oval border is Irey Nails initial “IN” that uses an artistic topography.


13. Xoxo

Created by Ari Simnica |

Xoxo nail studio brings an artsy visual identity that will blow your mind. Adopting glamorous style, it has an intriguing design that will be perfect for your studio façade, beauty products, brochures, labels, and many more.

Created by Ari Simnica, it reflects an excellent practice of good layout. Dark and gold colors blend harmoniously with the backlight effect that brings a dramatic look. A distinct business icon is also incorporated into the drawing, so customers can identify the nail studio.


14. Matte

Created by Anastasia Ruslova |

Matte is among the nail studio logo designs that prove the strength of creative typography. It does not incorporate a specific icon into the layout, but it solely depends on the typeface choice to create a powerful decorative accent.

The typeface that features pointed ends makes a statement, at the same time, creates a classy and elegant look. A solid black shade ensures better visibility on various backgrounds. Other versions come in different colors like green and pink.


15. Nail Fox

Created by Yana Chertova |

As the name suggests, Nail Fox brings a peculiar fox icon to the layout. But with a closer look, you will know that the fox icon is made with hands rather than a real picture. This is a creative way to represent your business without getting too obvious.

In addition to the eccentric icon, the designer Yana Chertova chose a decorative and readable typeface for the design name. Two types of fonts are used for extra attention.


16. Always Nailing It

Created by Emily Ball |

A bold typeface creates a strong look, and it is rarely used in nail studio logo designs. That said, Always Nailing It is an exception for it combines a firm-looking font and flowy handwriting, providing a nice and unique layout for the nail studio’s visual identity.

A solid navy shade is chosen to create a beautiful combination with a pink background. Another version of this artwork comes with a one-of-a-kind initial of A and N.


17. Amor Nail Polish

Created by Hiu Chan |

For a sweet and playful impression, Hiu Chan’s piece of art for Amor Nail Polish should be on your reference. Using a typeface that appears like chalkboard lettering, this sign looks cute and adorable. It is highly readable on various backgrounds, thanks to the bright color choice.

A semi-oval shape creates a clear border between the symbol and its surrounding. Rather than featuring a smooth line, it delivers a nice handmade effect.


18. HALO

Created by Mola Piasecka |

HALO nail salon provides you with a good reference for nail studio logo designs. Using its own name, the nail studio builds an intriguing trademark design that looks fresh and appealing. Combined with a vibrant shade and decorative ends, it serves as a special trait of this layout.

Supporting elements are added to enhance the decorative effect without breaking the whole design. The decoration includes a tiny pink flower and a distinct navy spot inside the O letter.


19. Polish

Created by Laia Creative |

Another inspiration for nail studio logo designs is brought to you by Laia Creative. Made for Polysh Nail Studio, it is an enchanting work that focuses on the power of typography. Without additional decoration, this sign is super easy to remember.

It uses a simple typeface that comes with different thicknesses. A slogan is also included in the layout, featuring a variation of Script that resembles classic handwriting. Different colors are available for various uses.


20. Xnails

Created by Yaroslav Kryzhanivsky |

Created by Yaroslav Kryzhanivsky, the visual identity of Xnails helps set it apart from its rivals. With a brilliant combination of shape, line, and initial, this is one of the best manicure salon trademarks to inspire you.

Xnails symbol comes with a circle in which “X/N” is added to make an iconic logo. Next to the icon, there is the business name and supporting information below. The symbol looks familiar, easy to identify, and classy.


21. Blum

Created by Filip Panov |

Blum is among nail studios that display simple and elegant service marks. Few elements are incorporated into the layout, avoiding unnecessary distractions so the audience can focus on the important elements: shapes, lines, and typography.

The red color dominates Blum’s icon, from the icon to the lettering. Three spirals inside an oval boundary evoke an artistic look to the layout. “Nail Lacquer” written with Script typeface provides an additional decorative touch to the whole design.


22. Mari nail

Created by Ksenia Lss |

Straightforward, modest, and charming. Those are three words to describe Mari Nail’s visual identity. The piece of art by Ksenia Lss could be the best reference if you are looking for simple nail studio logo designs.

Simplicity becomes the main highlight in this work, focusing on the business name rather than decorations. Using a bold typeface with round edges, it meets the requirement of excellent readability. Black and white colors are available to ensure its visibility on various backgrounds.


23. Freecare Nails

Created by Dominika Krasnicka |

While some nail bars crowd their signs with sorts of embellishments, Freecare Nails chooses to make it simple. Capital letters with a fun typeface provide a beautiful trademark that fits in nail polish products, stickers, labels, brochures, and others.

Freecare Nails has a cute icon comprising a pink circle and a pair of leaves. When it is put into the whole layout, the icon is modified by removing the circle, leaving the leaves above the capital “I” letter. 


24. Paola Cadena

Created by Leonardo Mariano |

Paola Cadena has a decent trademark that will bring your creativity to the next level. Different color palettes, unique icons, and flowy typefaces are used to make a statement, creating a standout and memorable symbol for a nail bar.

A subtle sense comes from pink nuance brought to the table. When mixed with vibrant shades of red and white typography, it delivers a cute and soft accent. Made by Leonardo Mariano, this is an amazing idea to copy.


25. Monica Nail Studio

Created by Nataliya M. |

Smooth typography is the key to the beauty of Monica’s visual identity. It pays close attention to the details, from typeface option, spacing, and even size. As a result, it has become one of the most inspiring nail studio logo designs on the list.

A slight decorative touch is added to the outline. A tiny star symbol above the small “i” letter instantly becomes a focal point of the entire sign. The fill color can be adjusted depending on the background color.


26. Violet Nailart Salon

Created by Yunus Kabasakal |

Violet Nailart Salon maintains a modest design without making it look tedious. Well-thought typography brings the layout to another level thanks to the right font choice and spacing that makes the typeface clearly readable in various sizes.

Black-gold combination brings a strong sense of elegance that serves as the embodiment of the business personality. When applied to posters, labels, or nail polish bottles, this trademark enhances its value. No additional decoration is used in the outline.


27. Duarte

Created by Natalia Georgiadi |

Delivering the vintage aesthetics of Argentina, Duarte’s nail studio logo designs can be a great inspiration during your creative process. Made by Natalia Georgiadi, it has complex elements that deliver tons of meanings, mostly about gender equality.

The layout comprises a 6-petaled flower in the center and tulip-shaped flowers atop each petal. Leaves are added between outer flowers, creating a complex yet inspiring drawing. The overall layout looks more appealing with an artistic typeface.


28. Bella

Created by Seven Designer |

Next on the list, here is Bella, which features an artistic symbol for its trademark. A smooth line continuously flows, creating a beautiful icon that resembles a butterfly. A business name is added under the icon so it can serve well as a visual identity of the nail bar.

White represents purity and elegance. This color is chosen to add a decorative touch to the whole concept, combined with a solid red background that creates a nice contrast.


29. RO.SA

Created by The Manifest |

Simple is the new classy. This is what brings RO.SA trademark to our list of the best nail studio logo designs. Without using a complicated icon, it looks straightforward, elegant, and easy to recognize. Despite the simplicity, it does not ditch the artistic nuance.

RO.SA trademark by the MANIFEST is an exquisite work of art, delivering an amazing inspiration for designers who need to create a visual identity for a nail studio.


30. Glaze

Created by OhSeven Design |

Last but not least, Glaze comes with a well-crafted business identity that makes it stand out. Depending solely on typography, it is an artsy piece that easily catches attention. A fair typeface with lean strokes and good spacing, the style is highly legible on any background.

Crafted by OhSeven design, it is made simple and bare so you can easily follow the concept. The right choice of typeface is the key to beauty. No decorations are required.


Final Words

A nail bar logo design serves as a visual identity for your business. With the main function to set you apart from your rivals, creating an exquisite and distinct work of art is a must.

Fortunately, tons of mind-blowing ideas can be a good source of inspiration during the creative process. You can adapt their style, concept, or elements and modify them with your creativity, resulting in a unique trademark that has never been made before.

We have provided you with the top 30 best nail studio logo designs that are brilliantly made by designers from all over the globe. Feel free to use them as your inspiration before you get started.


Let us know what you think!

These above references are done by some of the most talented designers all over the world. If you think your work is better and would like to showcase yours here in this post, please feel free to email your work to Cheers!


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