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Article: 30 Best Hair Salon Logo Design Ideas You Should Check

30 Best Hair Salon Logo Design Ideas You Should Check

Don't you think life is too short of having bad hair?
Check out some of the best hair salon logo design ideas we have curated to inspire your projects!
Created by Morgan Markowski |

Over time, we know that many people are starting to realize how important it is to take care of themselves to support their appearance. Both men and women, everyone likes to look fresher. And therefore, so many people go to salons or barbershops to support their appearance. This condition has opened opportunities for people to open salons, barbershops, spas, beauty clinics, and so on. It is proven now that there are many beauty centers around us today.

The first interaction between your brand and your customers is your logo. Simply, you need the best logo to attract customers to your brand. When you create a beautiful logo that is not following the concept and does not follow the tastes of the market, this can be a factor where your salon or beauty clinic is not going to be visited by customers. In this article, we will provide 30 references and recommendations for the best logo that is suitable for your business.


1. The Beauty

Created by Julia Novikova |

As the name suggests, The Beauty icon gives the impression of being beautiful, elegant, calm, and comfortable. This icon uses the form of writing, where the font design uses three different fonts. The word The uses a handwritten or calligraphy font style, and the word beauty studio uses a San-serif font style. This icon uses a combination of a plain background and a model image. The combination of white, brown, and white is very good and looks beautiful.


2. Hair By Katie O

Created by Andy An |

The focus of this salon logo seems to convey that they serve your hair coloring. If your salon has similar services offered, you can take one of these examples, such as Hair By Katie O, which could be the right choice. The symbol design takes the letter K, which is taken from the name of the owner. Then the name is formed in a circle around the letters. The background symbol uses an orange hair image. The white color is used for the logo, so it doesn't look contrasted.


3. Elle & Aimee

Created by Emma Culbert |

The next is the Symbol from Elle & Aime. This symbol uses the Slabserif font style. This font has round and bold characteristics. As for the bottom word, use a san-serif font style. Elle & Aime provides an image with shades of purple and pink. So it looks beautiful and feminine. You can also take a picture of salon tools as a background as a reference, then adjust it to your taste.


4. Isabela Alves

Created by Isabela Muniz |

Isabela Alves' iconic design uses an icon depicting a woman standing by a window. The purpose of this icon is for this salon to give an image that this is a women's salon; if you come to Isabela Alves then you will get good service. The designer chose orange as the background color. The font used is similar to the Slab serif style font.


5. Nova Hair Collective

Created by Autumn Hutchins |

This type of logo is not too crowded but also has a point that the customer wants to show. This Nova Hair Collective salon takes the word Nova as an icon. This icon also uses a slab serif type font style to create a Symbol. Then on this icon, there is an ornament like a flash that passes through the icon like a comet. The color of this icon is black, and the back of the logo is white. The white color on the background makes this logo cleaner.


6. Oleksy

Created by Motyw Studio |

The design that we will discuss is the logo from Oleksy. Oleksy uses icons and name writing as their logo design. First, use a circle shape with a pattern like embossed lines in it. The second uses the name Oleksy. Oleksy uses a combination of white, black, and green colors. The text color matches the background color. If you use a white background, then use black. If you use green, the text is white.


7. For Us

Created by Fabiola Osorio |

We can see together that this salon icon from For Us is very easy to make. Its simple design makes For Us more visible. To give the impression of not being too plain, the designer added a circle on the outside of the name writing. The font used is a sans-serif typeface. While on the back of the icon, use black so that the writing is more visible. This is because the icon uses a white color.


8. Barber Republic

Created by Insigniada |

Previously we have discussed the average salon for women. This time the recommendation for a hair salon logo design is suitable for those of you who want to open a barbershop. The black letter font style and the comic font style are the barbershop design choices this time. The black lettering is bold and has a cool style. So it is very suitable for this masculine nuanced icon model.


9. Allure

Created by Anastasia Eremina |

This Allure icon has a minimalist icon shape and looks clean; this is because the typography arrangement on the icon looks right and not excessive. If the concept you want to take for your salon is a beauty clinic in a residential area, then Allure can be a reference for an example of a logo you want to create for your salon. The black and white monochrome color adds to the minimalist concept as desired.


10. Brush Hour

Created by George Chernev |

Brush Hour is quite a unique name for a hair salon. In this logo design, the salon owner gives an example of the results of his hair styling on the logo symbol. The shape of the icon uses the name Brush Hour which is unique and different from other logos. The icon shape has a thin line ornament that is illustrated like a hair. The color of this symbol is red, so people will focus more on this Brush Hour icon.


11. Smoke & Mirrors

Created by Moniker SF |

The shape of the Smoke & Mirror logo is similar to the Allure icon. The edges of the letters are thick like blocks but thin on the sides of the letters. The impression given to this symbol is masculine. So that the masculine impression is very suitable for use on the male barbershop icon. Not only masculine but an elegant impression is also found in this icon. Plus, the black base color with white font is just amazing.


12. Duende

Created by Andrea Rodríguez Gallego |

In this logo the logo we are discussing is called Dude. This logo looks simple and clean. This icon is intended for salmon, which is open to all customers, both male and female or commonly called unisex. There are two icons, the first icon is a picture like the letter D, and the second is the name of the salon. The color combination of this symbol is black, green, and white. The design of this salon icon also looks minimalist.


13. Szymon Latyński

Created by Łukasz Radoliński |

Next, we will discuss more salons that cater to all types of visitors, both men and women. This can be seen from the photo attached to the icon background, Szymon Latynski uses male and female models on the salon icon. The font used is bold on the letters and thin on the sides. The background color is dominated by yellow. This yellow color makes customers cheerful who see it.


14. Salon O

Created by Katrina Sutton |

As the name suggests, the Symbol design shows the concept and name of this salon. The icon that is the main focus is the letter O on the icon. Then in the middle is the word Salon. The background used also depicts a luxurious and elegant beauty center atmosphere. If you have a similar service, then the Salon O logo will be a great inspiration.


15. Roast

Created by Tegusu inc |

Not only Salon O has a logo like its name. As the name implies, Roost describes a bird on a perch. However, this bird does not perch on a tree but perches on a logo that reads the name Roost. The font used for this icon uses a serif font style model. The image of a perching bird is in the middle of the letter O. The font color for this Symbol salon is brown, and the back is white. This logo is perfect for toddlers and children's salons.


16. Le Petit Salon

Created by Peréz Iruegas | Paula

Le Petit is a language taken from French, which means small salon. If you are going to set up a salon that is not too big, Le Petit can be a good reference solution for your design. The font used is a slab serif style font. Because the front model on the Le Petit Salon logo is bold. The chosen pink color becomes cute and sweet. This icon is highly recommended for you.


17. Stephen Nolan 603

Created by Ryan Nguyen |

Do you like the concept of wood? If you like the concept of wood, then the Stephen Nolan 603 logo might be suitable for those of you who like the concept of wood. I find this icon very unique. Ryan Nguyen, the designer who designed this logo, is great and cool because he can make this design. The typeface used is a serif typeface but is thicker. He places the number 603 in a descending position next to the icon.


18. The Mayer

Created by Lucas Paixão | Amadeu

The Mayer is an iconic millennial design that suits the barbershop for men. The Mayer uses three kinds of fonts. The word “The” uses Handwriting or Script. The word “Mayer Hair Salon” uses a comic but is modified a little bit. Under the word “Mayer,” there is a scissor icon to show the character of a salon. 


19. Zemura

Created by Alyssa Nguyen |

In the Zemura logo, there are four types of symbols, namely primary, secondary, accent, and logomark. The main size is larger than the other symbols. The secondary is the same as the primary but is smaller in size and has additional information underneath. Furthermore, the accent logo uses the letter Z and is given a circle on the outside of the letter. While the logomark only uses the letter Z and the letter M. The type of font used by Zemura is slab serif.


20. Myra

Created by Manish Dhumale |

What a beautiful Myra Symbol! The Myra symbol uses a dazzling written flower illustration. Especially with Myra's background using a photo of a beautiful model gives an elegant impression. Outside the symbol of the tulip flower is a circle line. The placement of the tulip flower icon above the name is also appropriate.


21. Cooper

Created by Hayda Studios |

Cooper is a design that we will discuss after Myra's design; Cooper uses a sleb serif font style. Because the shape of the model is not thick and bold. The background used is a model photo that only shows half of the face. This gives a mysterious feel to the Symbol hair salon.


22. Studio 10

Created by Anna-Maria Oršanskaja |

This symbol from Studio 10 has a unique part, namely, in the design of the number 10, number 10, and letter O combined into one. There are two types of writing used in this Symbol; the first above uses a script font type or a handwritten font style. Then in Studio 10, the writer uses the Serif style font type. The overall color of this emblem uses a cream color combined with pink or green.


23. Fell

Created by Kristina Bartošová |

If you like something simple and uncluttered, then a design like HAIR salon Fell could be a good recommendation for you. Fell made the design concept transparent in the middle of the design. Unique, isn't it? Besides looking simple, this symbol also gives a minimalist and aesthetic impression. The line color in this Symbol uses black to make it look right on target.


24. Zahra

Created by Ahmed Iliragi |

Would you like to use a mascot or an illustration of a person like the Zahra icon? By using a round emblem shape, you can make a board in front of the salon, like in this picture of Zahra. The combination of beige and black makes this icon suitable for a hair salon with a modern concept but also with a warm feel.


25. Nano Hair Lab

Created by Anna Tokareva |

A laboratory-like feel is felt in the design of the Symbol Nano Hair Lab. Because the shape of this symbol is like describing the existence of laboratory equipment such as test tubes. The overall color of the text is white and black on the background. Generation Z will love the unique concept of a hair salon like this. If you like designs like this, Nano Hair Lab is the solution.


26. Peachy Beauty Salon

Created by Andrea Ayala |

Peachy Beauty Salon uses the fruit concept as the inspiration for the symbol. As the name implies, the name of the peach, this design icon uses a peach illustration as its symbol. The basic shape of this logo is round, with a peach illustration on the inside. The impression of this symbol is beautiful and cute. 


27. Next Gen Hair

Created by Morgan Markowski |

The symbol that we will discuss again is Next Gen Hair. The shape of the Symbol in this Hair salon combines two font styles, namely the script font style and the serif font style. There are modifications to this Symbol, namely the shape of the strands of hair into a unique accent that can be different from other designs. Next, Gen Hair's background uses a model photo in black and white.


28. Firgi

Created by Yolanda Ditvidasari |

Next is the logo design of Firgi's hair salon. Firgi makes a mascot or cardboard on its logo. This cartoon illustrates a person who is getting his hair cut. The adorable cartoon design will attract young people or small figures to come to your salon. The shape of the frame on this icon uses a window-like shape. Symbol designs like this are suitable for opening a salon for children.


29. Like

Created by Anna Krishtopa |

This Like icon design looks elegant and luxurious. This is because the shape of this logo uses a font that is not crowded and looks stylish, like using stylish fonts. The modifications to this play are beautiful. The combination of the link color on the icon and the forest color on the background is very harmonious and adds a luxurious impression to this logo.


30. Entourage

Created by Tim Baidin |

The last logo we will discuss is Entourage. The icon design for this salon uses a mascot. The mascot of this icon depicts a woman carrying a flower. This icon has a round base shape, and inside is a picture of a woman carrying the flower. The overall color of the Symbol is green. The background of this hair salon logo design is beige.


Final Words

Those are the 30 best hair salon logo designs that you should check. Is there any Logo that matches your concept and taste? I hope you found this article helpful. If you have a luxurious salon concept, then Salon O and Like could be a good reference. If you love unisex salons or if you have everyone you can cater to, then DUENDE is the perfect inspiration for your Symbol. Don't forget that your barbershop concept can inspire the icons of The Barber Republic, Smoke and Mirror, and The Mayer. Hopefully, your beauty business will be better and busier after changing or creating a Symbol from our inspiration.


Let us know what you think!

These above references are done by some of the most talented designers all over the world. If you think your work is better and would like to showcase yours here in this post, please feel free to email your work to Cheers!


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