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Article: 30 Best Horror Logo Design Ideas You Should Check

30 Best Horror Logo Design Ideas You Should Check

We make up horrors to help us cope with the real ones.
Check out some of the best horror logo design ideas we have curated to inspire your projects!


Horror logo design is a specialized area of graphic design that focuses on creating logos and branding materials for horror-related media, such as horror movies, TV shows, books, podcasts, and video games. The goal of horror logo design is to create a visual identity that captures the essence of horror and communicates it to the audience in a clear and memorable way.

The origins of horror logo design can be traced back to the early days of horror cinema in the 1920s and 1930s when horror films were first becoming popular. At that time, horror movie posters were the primary means of advertising and marketing, and they often featured hand-drawn illustrations and bold typography to grab the attention of potential viewers. These early posters set the standard for the visual language of horror, and many of the design elements that were popular then continue to be used today.

Today, horror logo design continues to be a thriving area of graphic design, with a wide variety of media and platforms for designers to work with. In addition to traditional horror films and TV shows, there are now horror-themed podcasts, YouTube channels, and social media accounts, each with its own unique branding needs.

Imagery is another important element of horror logo design. Common themes include skulls, skeletons, bats, spiders, and other creepy crawlies. Horror films and TV shows often feature iconic imagery such as masks, weapons, and locations that can be incorporated into the logo design.

Here are some of the best horror logo design ideas you can check:



Created by MisterShot |
A skull is going to help you create the most outstanding horror logo. However, you can enhance the spooky look by adding blood to the logo. When drawing a skull for the logo, use blood red for the color so that it is going to look super thrilling. You may even want to use blood drops to draw the skull logo.


2. Sadako

Created by Kasey Loman |

Sadako is a wonderful inspiration to create a horror logo design. Sadako Yamamura is a character in a Japanese horror movie that comes out on TV. Make your Sadako logo look more unique by making only the head of a girl coming out of the TV. Use red color only for the background of your logo.


3. Halloween Boo

Created by Vadim Zigangirov |

Darkness is one element that is going to make your logo look scary and spooky. You should absolutely think of black when trying to create a Halloween or a horror logo. Use it as your background color, and then use contrasting colors for the icon, like orange or red and white.


4. Sun Burnt Anemic Creature

Created by Aimee David |
When you try to create a unique and scary element for your logo, try to learn from cultures around the world. A horror logo looking like a Fujin, the Japanese god of wind, is going to make your logo look super weird and scary at once. Add Fujin's face as the main element on your logo, and then color it with the color of flames.


5. Stevan Rodic

Created by Stevan Rodic |

Skulls are the most common objects or elements for horror logos. If you are going to use a skull or skeleton but want it to look different, make the skull wear a hat and a business suit. The skull will look not only scary but also classy at once. Use dark colors for the icon on the white background.


6. Creature Studio

Created by Dusan Klepic |
Consider the woods when you're trying to create a creepy logo. Many thrilling movies make people believe that the woods are dangerous places where scary creatures are ready to eat them. Use different shades of red when coloring the logo. For the creature, make it abstract so that it will look creepier.


7. ХоррорФест

Created by Tamara Arkatova |

Black and white is actually enough to create a scary horror logo. Black is going to be a dark and creepy background with a white icon on it. When typing the name of your brand or business, try to create a scary look by arranging every letter carefully. For example, you can use letters to shape a scary face.


8. UNOM design

Created by UNOM design |
Animals can also make your logo look scary and creepy. A wolf, for example, is able to thrill everyone who sees it. The mane should have bold lines, and all the teeth must be sharp. Make your wolf look like a wolf zombie and it will be totally scary even though the logo color is just black and white.


9. Last Words Book Club

Created by mattcolewilson |
Some words can scare people even if there is no picture used. Some words that can scare people are Death Wishes, Last Words, and Truth or Dare. Find some scary words and then use them on your logo. Those words are enough to make your logo look creepy. Pick dark colors that will make it look spookier.


10. Get Well

Created by ikhsanhanaan |
A girl is a symbol of feminism, but she can also be a symbol of a ghost. Make an illustration of a girl holding a sickle with all her hair covering her face. She will be a scary figure that is ready to take everyone's life. Use this logo to show everyone that you are more powerful than others.


11. Watch Your Back!

Created by Eric Lee |
A snack and a knife can shape the scariest logo you can imagine. To make it look even scarier, use the knife to cut the snake into two. Monochromatic colors are enough since a little red will enhance the creepy look of this logo. This kind of logo may make some people feel uncomfortable.


12. Lucian Radu

Created by Lucian Radu |

Create a horror logo that also looks elegant by drawing an illustration of a vampire. A vampire may look good, but he will drain your blood. No eyeballs on the eyes of your vampire logo are going to make your vampire look threatening. Use shades of purple and bone to make your logo look more elegant.


13. Haunted Alley

Created by Petar Kilibarda |
Sometimes, a horror logo can also look fun and attractive. This haunted alley logo, for example, may use dark colors, but the lines added to the logo make it look fun and entertaining.

Pick a font that is going to make your logo look more extraordinary. Bold fonts ease people to read your business or brand name from afar.


14. Gamuzo

Created by Dlanid |

The focus of your business should affect the design of your business logo. For example, if your business is about gaming, then consider creating a face with gaming consoles for the eyes. Contrasting colors like dark gray, black, and fuchsia are going to make the logo look more eye-catching.


15. Cult Leader

Created by Amy Hood |

Be creative when creating a scary logo. Your horror logo can be created even though you're not using scary elements or objects. For example, use a firefly that is opening its wings as the main object of your logo. Add an eye on each wing of the firefly, and it will shape a weird face.


16. Evil flower

Created by Ivan |

Medusa is the inspiration behind this evil flower logo. The plant has long wavy leaves that look just the same as Medusa's hair. There's a flower on top of the plant that will catch anything that comes any closer. Even though you use black and white for this logo, it will not lose its scary look.


17. Skeleton Pegasus

Created by UNOM design |
Pegasus is the child of Medusa. It looks like a horse but has wings that help it fly and bring lightning bolts for Zeus. Since Pegasus doesn't look scary, make it look creepier by drawing an illustration of Pegasus's skeleton. The contrast between the skeleton and Pegasus's color creates a unique look.


18. Cult of the tattoo studio

Created by Ivan |
A goat is a powerful animal that can also be a great actor for your horror logo. Use black-colored goat biting a scissor to create a creepy and thrilling logo design.

Frame your goat logo design with a circle made of the name of the business or brand. Light colors like eggshells are going to be a nice background for your black goat logo.


19. Alberto Bernabe

Created by Alberto Bernabe |

Can you create a scary logo from a cute cat illustration? Simply use a skull to replace the cute face of the cat. And then add an inverted cross on the forehead; it is going to make people scared. Make the cat cry blood tears, and your cute cat will turn into a scary horror logo for your business or personal use.


20. Dead forest

Created by Ivan |

Halloween is usually using colors like black, orange, and yellow. Use those colors when creating a scary logo. Create a dead tree that has one yellow eye and some branches holding flames and the moon. This design may look abstract, but your logo will look awesome, especially if you use a bold font on it.


21. Lucian Radu

Created by Lucian Radu |
The symbol of danger will always make people more cautious. To create a dangerous logo for your business, use neon yellow that will catch everyone's attention.

And then, use a black skull that will make people focus on it and think about the thing that causes a dangerous situation. Complete your black skull with a couple of eyes from lightning bolts, and your logo will look super scary.


22. Barreled Death

Created by Raboin Design Co |

This impressive horror logo is designed for those who run a coffee shop or a café. A glass with a skull in it is going to look like poison. It is a great way to invite people and taste your signature drink. This incredible logo is going to look creepier with specific fonts. Pick fonts that have effects on your logo.


23. Lil Camp Crystal lake

Created by supercharrart |

You have no idea what isolated tribe is hiding in the woods. This camp logo comes with the face of an isolated tribe. You may want to create a scary face for the logo and make people think it is the face of a cannibal tribe hiding in the woods. Use dark colors like military green or gray for the scary logo.


24. Andrey

Created by Andrey |

Blood red and black will create a very scary logo. And for the icon, create a face of a man wearing a scary mask. A face with a mask is a famous logo for many thriller movies and will never fail to make the audience of your logo think of someone dangerous they should never play with.


25. Headless Horseman

Created by Konstantin Reshetnikov |

A horseman is going to entertain anyone, but if he is headless, everyone is going to run and save their own life. A headless horseman holding a pumpkin head is going to be the scariest yet most entertaining logo for your business or company. Use the colors of candy corn to add a Hallowe


26. Zombie Dog

Created by UNOM design |

Zombie movies become scarier when animals in the movies become zombies too. That's the idea behind this zombie dog logo. Make your own logo look scary by using the face of a zombie dog as the main focus of your logo. But only use the top side of the face to make your logo look creepier.


27. Nosferatu

Created by Alexander D |

A scarecrow is another object you can use to create a horror logo for your business. But for the head, use the head of a monkey that has a sad face. This logo is going to make everyone believes that the monkey is about to die. This unique idea will never fail to attract people's attention.


28. Pleasant Run Vampire Run

Created by Ross Shafer |

Blood red is going to be a nice color for your vampire logo design. Vampire teeth and a bat will make everyone knows that your logo is about a vampire. For the typography and icon, black will look cool on a red background.


29. Extinction

Created by Hamza |

A skinny hand can also scare everyone. Use a skinny black hand as the main focus of your logo. Use red to color the nails, and write the brand or business name on the black background. To accentuate the scary look of the hand, add a gray smoke between the black hand and the black background.




When creating a horror logo, consider combining some weird colors like purple and yellow. Those colors will make your skull logo design look unusual and irritating. Add something abstract to the logo, like purple hair for the yellow skeleton.


Frequently Ask Questions

How can a horror logo design capture the essence of a horror story?

A horror logo design can capture the essence of a horror story by incorporating elements that are central to the story's themes and tone. For example, if the story is about a haunted house, the logo may incorporate imagery of a spooky mansion or ghostly apparitions. If the story is about a serial killer, the logo may include a weapon or mask associated with the killer. The typography and color scheme can also be used to convey the mood of the story. The goal is to create a design that instantly communicates the horror genre and leaves a lasting impression on the viewer.

What kind of imagery is commonly used in horror logo design?

Horror logo design often incorporates a variety of imagery that is commonly associated with the horror genre. Some popular examples include skulls, skeletons, ghosts, monsters, and other creepy creatures. Blood, gore, and violence may also be incorporated into the design, as well as themes of death, decay, and darkness. Horror films and TV shows often feature iconic imagery such as masks, weapons, and locations that can be incorporated into the logo design. Symbols of the occult, such as pentagrams and runes, may also be used in horror logo design to create a sense of mystery and danger.

Can a horror logo design be too scary?

Yes, a horror logo design can be too scary. While a horror logo is intended to evoke fear and terror in the viewer, it's important to strike a balance between creating a sense of horror and causing distress or trauma. An excessively graphic or gory design could potentially turn off viewers or make them feel uncomfortable. Additionally, a logo that is too scary may not be suitable for certain audiences, such as children. A successful horror logo design should be able to communicate the essence of the horror genre without crossing the line into being overly disturbing or offensive.

Should a horror logo design always be scary?

Not necessarily. While a horror logo is typically associated with the horror genre, it doesn't always have to be scary. Depending on the media or platform it's being designed for, a horror logo could also be designed to be eerie, suspenseful, or mysterious. Additionally, some horror logos may incorporate humor or irony, which can create a unique and memorable brand identity. Ultimately, the goal of a horror logo is to capture the essence of the media it's representing and communicate it to the audience in a clear and memorable way.

What are some effective design techniques for creating a horror logo design for a haunted house or attraction?

Designing a horror logo for a haunted house or attraction requires a design that captures the atmosphere and experience visitors can expect. An effective horror logo design should incorporate spooky imagery, such as a haunted house or ghostly apparition, and bold, creepy typography. Dark colors such as black, red, and dark purple can help convey a sense of horror and darkness. Negative space can be used to create a sense of tension and unease, while textures like distressed and grungy textures can add to the overall creepy vibe. Incorporating an interactive element can engage visitors and create a memorable experience, while unique shapes like sharp edges or distorted shapes can create a sense of horror and fear. Incorporating iconic elements, such as a specific room or character, can help create a memorable brand identity


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All of these fantastic logo design ideas are created by some of the most talented logo designers worldwide. We hope you enjoy our gallery and remember to leave us a comment below. Cheers!

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