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Article: 30 Best Interior Logo Design Ideas You Should Check

30 Best Interior Logo Design Ideas You Should Check

Design with style, design with a smile! Check out some of the best interior logo design ideas to inspire and use as a reference for your projects!
Created by Muhammad Fattouh |
Good branding is the identity and representation of your business, especially for interior designers. With social media and business cards or other marketing, the logo serves as the key introduction to your services and job quality. It is part of the business identity and a hook to attract potential customers. That is why a good logo design should create a good impact.

But what makes a good interior logo design idea? In general logo creation methods, you need to pay attention to the target audience, brand, color, shape, and lettering. But as a business under the creative product, such as interior design, production, or sales, you have to add something personal and authentic.

This is where a good logo design is made with every consideration of the brand itself. One logo should complement the brand's works, capabilities, and touches. You might find one interior company that uses a luxurious image, but the others are edgier. It is all thanks to the vast possibilities of the industry itself.

Being original while staying true to your business is the main key to good interior branding. Thus, it is not only attractive but also has a proper meaning in the creation. Check out the following interior logo ideas.


1. Scale & Degree Design

Created by Pear St. |
One of the key aspects of interior design is the use of Scale and Degree. Given the name and its context, the logo is relevant to the industry. But it also uses a symbol or illustration that appears like two curved shapes. The symbol looks like corner pieces that, when assembled, can appear as an S or D initial.


2. Alfonso Interior

Created by Manta_styles |
Alfonso interior logo design is pretty much made to attract the high-end market with luxurious services. It is very apparent from the colors pink, green, and yellow. Another key that stands out is the symbol. It has a triangle shape that refers to a roof and curved shapes that appear like a collar. The combination logotype can indicate professionality and luxury for its interior business.


3. Aptuno

Created by The Collected Works |
Aptuno takes the minimalist style to its design. The idea fits with the interior design concept it has, which is a casual and minimalist design. If one takes the logo as an introduction, Aptuon did the right thing. The lettering uses serif font but in lowercase. The symbol is dots arranged to shape a house. Everything has the same concept.


4. Atmosferny

Created by miranchukova |
There is a concept that mixes various stylings and looks. Atmosferny takes the idea and makes good examples. The logo is straightforward and appears like a line art of C and A. Nothing more, nothing less. If needed, it has a logotype of its brand to create a circle shape. As simple as it is, the design has a sophisticated aspect.


5. Ksenia Dobrolyubova

Created by AM Studio |
The beauty of simplicity, minimalism, and aesthetics in interior design served perfectly in Ksenia Dobrolyubova's logo design. The interior brand uses sophisticated line art of various shapes and angles. The symbol consists of a semicircle, a rectangle, and a triangle. It fits with the interior design elements while staying gorgeous with pastel colors.


6. Riaanla

Created by Stephanie Garavito |
The interior industry is not only for big names and companies. Freelancers or personal professionals can also thrive in this market. That is why even a small business needs a proper interior logo design. Just like Riaanla, which takes the simplest idea using logotype, lavish color, and theme, plus versatile imagery. The logotype is versatile, scalable, and easier to use.


7. Dominante

Created by Mais Designer |
Dominante plays with more modern and meaningful symbols in its logo. The design consists of the brand name with simple sans-serif lettering. The symbol is the key to its identity. It plays with shapes, line art, and 3D illusion. It consists of two rectangular shapes in a diagonal position, which later appears as a corner. It also uses orange color to be bold.


8. ViPdesign

Created by Olga |
The concept of VIP design is a monogram, which is designed in a way to make a uniquely shaped symbol. The symbol combines V+ I+ P drawn together in line art. The concept of boxed initials also works to be a pattern. It also has the brand name, plus a color scheme of two blue tones and white.


9. Papiló

Created by Alexandra Volodos |
Papilo design buro has a clear and proper element that is relevant to interior design companies. The design uses a sharp and unique typeface. It also uses a rectangle as an ornament, which refers to a corner in the interior process. For an interior logo, the design is lavish yet simple. The green color fits with cream, which might introduce its brand style.


10. Kint Studio

Created by Redkroft |
When trying to appeal to a more saturated market, use a design that states the main style. KINT Studio takes the idea and makes it works. It uses a simple logo design to fit and properly attract the minimalist interior design. It uses a sans-serif typeface, grayish color, and no other significant imagery. It helps stay versatile and usable.


11. Alejandro

Created by Kevin Craft |
Using names for branding is not something new in the interior business. Most of the time, it is used for personal or small business. In this case, Alejandra took the logo design further. It uses an elegant typeface for its branding name. The key difference is the A letter. It can turn into an initial. This small change is enough to make the brand authentic.


12. Furngully

Created by Deividas Bielskis |
Furngully's design takes a more modern yet attractive style in it. The brand name is written in simple sans serif, which makes it versatile and works in almost every background. The symbol is unique, as it is shaped like a leaf but with a unique F monogram inside. The color itself enhances the luxurious and professional impression.


13. La Vison

Created by Malagovska Design |
The home studio takes a more elegant, luxurious, and classy style to its interior logo design. At a glance, the typography is the key visual of its branding. It uses a serif font with several personal touches. The first A is made differently. The O has a dot in the center. Together, it resembles the classy minimalist interior design it is.


14. Different Strokes

Created by _tashaparris |
There is something unique in this interior design branding name. Different strokes are a fun and authentic naming with clear relevance to the industry. To make it better, the logo is made with a minimalist style. Its simple lettering is self-explanatory. The use of white likely shows the basics of any strokes and patterns in interior design.


15. TM Interiors

Created by Cameron Maher |
Teri Maher or TM is the interior branding that prefers the more fancy and luxurious imagery. Its monogram is made simple using an overlapping design, which also makes it easier to see or read. The symbol is also provided with an oval shape border. It even comes in several variants, such as good, white, or emboss, which help fit in any medium or color.


16. ACCAI Studio

Created by Sergio Ruiz |
A modern, professional, and strong company tends to use attractive yet authentic symbols. It is meant to make a memorable and relevant symbol in the crowded market. Accai Studio did the same as the monogram symbol combined with C & A. It made it into a unique array of lines, creating illusion and interpretation.


17. Guatemala Alumínio

Created by Lucas Detoni |
From the name, the logo design idea is pretty unique and captures its sense. The symbol is likely made with a monogram, combining and blending G with A. As a branding symbol, this intake can provide an authentic and unique identity. It also fits with the interior industry, which focuses on aesthetics or function.


18. Sonaya Home

Created by Ayoub Elhab |
The luxurious and sophisticated reflection from the logo is one thing that attracts the audience. The Symbol shows the intention by using a unique initial design combined with decorative swirls in it. It makes the initial favorable and more memorable. It is also clad in gold, which is the epitome of high-end or luxury branding. Thus, a perfect logo design to use.


19. Nook

Created by Isaac Powell |
Smart naming that also comes with the authentic plus meaningful logo concept by Nook is the ideal example to use. It captures the real meaning of the nook, as the logo design intertwined the OO in its logotype. For sure, it works like a charm since it captures the name while also keeping it simple, fitting with the interior branding or product.


20. Plania

Created by Alex Marin |
The Plania symbol is trippy enough to make an attractive 3D illusion to see. What makes it more interesting is how the design uses line art and lack of color in its illustration. It makes the linear appear like a P with shadow, which can be interchanged for its arrangement. Plania can use its logo better thanks to its minimalist effort.


21. Zukowska Interior

Created by Tomasz Mazurczak |
At a glance, the Zukowska interior appears like a Japanese letter. It is what makes the logo have a unique appeal and market. But behind what seems like Japanese letters, it hides the real brand name. The symbol combines the branding's monogram using white space and a unique arrangement to make the symbol work.


22. Bedroom Design Club

Created by Brianna Miller |
Looking at the name and the logo, the audience can understand that the main market for its interior industry is young and casual customers. Hence the use of colorful symbols in it. The key visual by itself is a fun and attractive design, as it uses abstract shape, orientation, and relevancy to its business insight.



Created by Alex Koin | might not have a very flattering symbol or illustration for its logo. But it is a common practice used in various interior design companies. The logo uses a logotype with the whole name intake. It uses sans serif that attracts various audiences. It also fits with the modern flat image, especially in the interior industry.


24. MB Interiors

Created by Tomasz Mazurczak |
MB interior uses a monogram with a more modern intake in its styling. The symbol might appear bold and strong, but that can help create a strong impression in the versatile interior market. The monogram itself is unique, as the M and B are blended vertically. The M is very clear, but the B appears less prominent with lines.


25. Renno

Created by Matis Branding |
There are several cases where interior logo design is made with a more custom and feminine touch. Renno takes the idea by using a custom logotype, with the aesthetic point of the wavy looks on top. It sure makes an authentic appeal for the brand. It is also a very simple decision for a logo concept, which might help Renno to expand its business in the future.


26. Fieldhaus

Created by JT Grauke |
From the name to the aesthetic of Fieldhaus, it is clear who the market is. It is a sophisticated and simple logo that fits properly for the higher-end market or luxury customer. There is a small logo symbol at the bottom, which appears like a monogram of F & H in a house shape. The luxurious point goes to the gray color.


27. Maison Kitchen & Bath

Created by Josh Kulchar |
For a kitchen and bath interior logo design, Maison makes a great and authentic identity. The design consists of its brand name, motto, and sophisticated illustration. The illustration is made to picture a door, water, and sunshine in the overall house shape. It also uses red and black colors to add boldness and fit with its product.


28. 4Balance

Created by Daria Stetsenko |
Modern design and authentic flat styling for a younger audience make 4balance design appealing in many ways. The highlight color, orange, is eye-catching. The logotype uses unique styling, where the logo plays around with four and A. Its arrangement and simple look develop a sophisticated value for an interior design studio. In the end, it is professional and appealing.


29. Meraki

Created by Muhammad Fattouh |
The sophisticated design and luxurious look fit its whole appearance. The main symbol comprises a unique line art, probably referring to Merak (peafowl) tail's pattern. But to fit for interior and construction business, which put the pattern into a sharper shape and structure. With monochrome color, it fits the minimalist but extravagant market.


30. Raimer Bureu

Created by Oleksandr Maksymov |
Raimer Bureu uses a more abstract design for its logo. It has a geometric look, which is very popular to be used in the industrial business. If broken down properly, the logo appears to be a monogram of R and B, which is styled using simplified geometric shapes. For its color scheme, the designer uses monochrome to increase versatility, authenticity, and scalability.


Frequently Ask Questions

What are the key elements of an effective interior design logo?

An effective interior design logo should be simple, memorable, and versatile. It should be scalable and easily recognizable in different sizes and formats. The logo should reflect the company's style and values, and it should be visually appealing and aesthetically pleasing. A good interior design logo should also be appropriate for the company's target audience and convey a sense of professionalism and expertise.

How can I incorporate my company's story into my interior design logo design?

To incorporate your company's story into your interior design logo design, you can use imagery or design elements that relate to your company's history, mission, or values. For example, you might use a tree or leaf design to reflect your company's commitment to sustainability or a geometric pattern to reflect your company's modern and innovative approach. By incorporating these elements into your logo design, you can create a visual representation of your company's unique story and personality.

Can I use my interior logo design as a watermark on my interior design portfolio?

Yes, you can use your interior logo design as a watermark on your interior design portfolio. This can help increase brand recognition and awareness while also adding a professional touch to your portfolio. Additionally, consider incorporating your logo into other branding materials, such as promotional products or signage.

What types of symbols are commonly used in interior logo design?

Symbols can be used to create a memorable and recognizable logo that communicates the brand's values and personality. Some common symbols used in interior logo design include furniture, lighting fixtures, and other interior design elements. These symbols can be combined with typography and color to create a cohesive brand identity.

What type of typography is best suited for interior logo design?

Typography is an essential element in interior logo design as it conveys the brand's personality and communicates the brand's value. Sans-serif fonts are often used as part of interior logo design as they are clean and modern and work well with minimalist designs. However, serif fonts can also be used to create a more traditional or elegant interior feel.

How can interior logo design be used to target a specific audience?

Interior logo design can be used to target a specific audience by incorporating design elements that resonate with that audience. For example, a logo for a modern and contemporary interior design brand might use clean lines, bold typography, and a minimalist design to target young professionals or tech-savvy clients. On the other hand, a logo for a traditional interior design brand might use a classic serif font, a more muted color palette, and ornate design elements to target older or more traditional clients. By understanding the brand's target audience and their preferences, designers can create a logo that accurately represents the brand and speaks to its intended audience.


Let us know what you think!

All of these fantastic logo design ideas are created by some of the most talented logo designers worldwide. We hope you enjoy our gallery and remember to leave us a comment below. Cheers!

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