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Article: 30 Best Pottery Logo Design Ideas You Should Check

30 Best Pottery Logo Design Ideas You Should Check

Pottery is an extension of the earth. It is a part of the continuum of life.
Check out some of the best pottery logo design ideas to inspire your projects!
Created by Helena Olson |

Pottery is one of the oldest forms of art and craftsmanship known to humanity. It has played a crucial role in the development of civilizations, serving as a means of creating vessels for food storage, transportation, and ceremonial purposes. The practice of pottery-making has been found in ancient civilizations such as Mesopotamia, Egypt, China, Greece, and Rome. These cultures left behind a wealth of pottery artifacts that serve as a testament to their craftsmanship and artistic prowess.

When it comes to pottery logo designs, they often incorporate symbols and imagery that are associated with the craft. One of the most common elements is the pottery wheel, which is a central tool used in shaping and forming clay vessels. The wheel represents the essence of pottery-making and is often depicted as a stylized or abstract form in logos. It's circular shape and rotating motion can symbolize continuity, creativity, and the artistic process.

Clay, the primary material used in pottery, is another significant element in logo designs. It represents the raw material that potters shape and transforms into beautiful and functional objects. The color and texture of clay can vary, ranging from earthy tones to vibrant hues, and these characteristics can be incorporated into logo designs to evoke a sense of authenticity, craftsmanship, and natural beauty.

Here are some of the best pottery logo design ideas you can reference:


1. Craig Proper

Created by Nate Ward |

Our first pottery logo design is a work from Nate Ward. Not necessarily using sophisticated ideas, the logo is made based on the name of the artist. The logo introduces the name of the artist, what he does, and where you can find him working. As a sweet touch, a symbol is added, which is taken from the artist's initial name.


2. Studio HH

Created by Jelle Inghels |

Pottery is a classy art. This studio knows this very well, so it creates a logo that is also classy to make it even with the art it promotes. The idea is simple. It involves two H letters, and some natural touch is added by putting some leaves on the letters. White-and-black is chosen to keep its simplicity.


3. The Mud Room

Created by Mehedi Islam |

The logo has three main elements to be combined into a logo. There's a pottery house, hands molding the pottery, and the mud that is being shaped into pottery stuff. All of them are showing that this place is a place for those who are interested in making pottery.


4. Nicole Maddy Ceramics

Created by Erick Rangel |

This is one of the smartest logo concepts ever made. At first, you may see a face of an animal, which could be an owl or even a lion. But what makes it interesting is that the nose. There, you will find mud pottery. Another place where you can find hiding pottery is on the letter O in the name NICOLE.


5. Pottery Bird

Created by Jay Master |

This is another logo that involves an animal picture. A bird is created with some artistic wings which look like bands instead of wings. Pink is chosen as the main color for the logo showing the love for the pottery.


6. Dirtyhands

Created by Cansu Merdamert |

Pottery, indeed, needs your hand to be dirty. Therefore, this logo is taking that idea. It doesn't use any picture or any other detail, but it only uses a letter mark. By using the term "Dirty Hands", it is expected that people will be able to relate it to the pottery as they see the logo. Plus other detail which says "Ceramic Studio" will make the message clearer.


7. Ugly

Created by Joe Letchford |

How would you relate the word "Ugly" to pottery? Well, when making pottery, you have to deal with mud and dirty hands, and that is what makes you ugly. But once you finish the work, all the ugliness will turn into beauty. This idea is the basic concept used in the logo.


8. Pot Daddy Studio

Created by Josh Abel |

The studio offers a place for males, especially those who are interested in pottery. The symbol shows the hands of men molding pottery, and above it, there's a little bowl made from mud pottery. Then it is surrounded by the identity of the studio.


9. vacaliebres

Created by vacaliebres |

This logo is a pictorial type that uses only pictures in the design. The challenge here is that the picture should be able to represent the whole thing about the place and the message it wants to tell people. And this logo has done it well. The picture tells that this is a place of pottery where beautiful crafts are done.


10. Two Cents Pottery

Created by McCAAABE! |

The symbol taken in the logo is taken from two cents picture and a plant. That idiom is used to show that this pottery place can give suggestions or even provide many references to pottery. While the plant represents nature, you can tell this pottery place will give you a lot of references for natural pottery that you need.


11. Siera Sun Pottery

Created by Ulysses Design Co |

The shining sun is taken as the main symbol in this logo. It doesn't play much with the concept of the design itself. Therefore it plays a lot with the color used. There are two types of brown used in the logo, and both of them are used in some combinations.


12. Earthworks Pottery

Created by Ryan Prudhomme |

The basic material used in pottery is the earth, so that it can be said pottery is the extension of the earth. This idea is taken into a logo concept of this pottery place. Ryan Prudhomme created a logo with pottery and the hands as the symbol. Plus, the pottery emits some rays out of it.


13. Palim Tintin

Created by stech look |

There's a flower pot with lush flowers, and it's like drawn manually using a pencil. This is a symbol of the logo. This has created a vintage sense of the logo itself. This symbol is completed with some other words as the detailed information about the logo.


14. Frederick Prudhomme Clayworks

Created by Ryan Prudhomme |

When a logo designer chooses to apply a letter mark style to his creation, he should know what element to be highlighted. Another thing to be considered is to keep the logo interesting and not too wordy. And this logo has done it well. The designer plays very well in the font choice, and the addition of the initial letter makes it more interesting.


15. Brian Rau

Created by Brian Rau |

Involving an animal in the logo is a common thing to do. This pottery logo uses a bear as the symbol used. To relate it with the pottery, the bear is holding mud pottery right in front of his stomach so that it looks like the shape of his stomach.


16. Sawtooth Ceramics

Created by James Engerbretson |

Sawtooth Ceramics also applied a letter mark style for the logo. It doesn't put any pictures or decorations for the detail, but it only uses the letters for the logo. However, there's a letter S which is formed uniquely and is used as the symbol of the logo.


17. Heartworks Pottery

Created by Laura Prpich |

This logo is literally representing the name. There is a heart, a human heart, being held by hands in the logo. The picture is used as the logo. Though it is not the real message the logo wants to convey, the logo has put an intriguing sense in people's minds when they see it. And that's a good job done by a logo.


18. Mayakova ceramics

Created by Standpoint |

Mayakova Ceramics logo is just like any other logo that seems simple by only taking the hands doing the pottery as the symbol. What is quite clever here is how the designers draw the fingers on the working hands so that you can find the letter M there. This letter M is the initial of Mayakova herself.


19. Frank Ceramics

Created by Wesley Marc Bancroft |

Simple but smart, the logo has fooled people and surprised them with what they are looking at. It's like when you're looking at a stack of pottery at first, but then you'll see that the stack formed a letter F, the initial of Frank as the brand of the ceramics business.


20. Camera & Clay

Created by Michelle Berki |

From the name, we can say that the place provides not only pottery but also photography service. Looking at the logo, it uses the letter C as the main symbol. Then, there's more information about where it is located and also its slogan.


21. Callahan Ceramics

Created by Jacob Rhoades |

This pottery logo belongs to Callahan, and it is seen clearly from the logo created. The designer doesn't put much effort into thinking about the concept, but he does in choosing the fonts and the color since they are the main elements to be played in this type of logo. Choosing a clear font and bright color will immediately catch people's attention.


22. Kat Malone Ceramics

Created by Valerie Thompson |

The designer created his own font, which is a good choice to make it unique and not look similar to any other logos. Several choices are provided by the designer so that the clients can use them in any spot that is appropriate to the designs.


23. Earth Works Pottery

Created by Ryan Prudhomme |

The main concept to be displayed here is to show the continuum of the earth itself since the main material in making pottery is from the earth. It is shown in the logo by putting the emitting rays from the pottery. It means that the pottery gives a long life to the earth.


24. Adagio

Created by de_mone |

The logo takes an animal shape for the symbol. It looks like a turtle, and it is surrounded by some written information about the company. More than that, the creation also involves Japanese characters, which may represent the original country the business comes from.


25. Codstone Ceramics

Created by Mirazur Rahman |

The logo involves both a letter mark and a pictorial style. This combination style is commonly chosen by a new business since they need to introduce what business they are doing. As years pass by and more and more recognize the brand well, they usually will simplify the logo into one shape only. This logo uses a diamond as the symbol and a letter mark to identify the brand, and both elements work well to introduce a new brand.


26. Earthenware Ceramics

Created by AnneMarie Ellis |

The ceramics studio plays a lot in color in creating this logo design. It doesn't show any pictures related to the pottery. Instead, it highlighted any goods which have earthy colors. This color is immediately associated with the pottery, and that message is what is being conveyed by the logo.


27. Yonobi Ceramic Studio

Created by Dina Nuftugaliyeva |

The first logo only used the initial of the brand, the letter Y. This letter is created in a customized font so that it meets the owner's expectation as well as be distinguished from others. Another logo is designed not only using the initial, but the brand is written completely, YONOBI, with the same font as the first design. When you put the logo into a business card, you can use both sides to accommodate both logos.


28. Lia Brown Ceramics

Created by rixel design |

There are two options for logo designs for Lia Brown ceramics. The first one takes the letter mark style, where the audience can only find the name of the brand. Of course, the font chosen is the clear one so that people will read it easily. A little style is put on the word "ceramics" to add an artistic touch so that the logo is not too plain. Another option applies the combination of letter mark and pictorial, where not only the branding name that you find but also two pottery bowls as the symbol of the logo.


29. Mishima

Created by Helena Olson |

As you see the logo for the first time, you will find it as an elegant logo. There's a pottery flower vase with a dried leaf, and besides that, there's a traditional basket. Both have earthy colors that you can easily relate to the pottery. And the picture becomes the background for the brand name: Mishima. The word itself has a customized font which makes it unique and different from other logos.


30. Back Porch Pottery

Created by Jason Williams |

When you see the logo, you can see that it is like a door that will lead you to the back porch of the house, and you can do the pottery works there. The picture that is displayed in the logo tells everything it needs to say so that it won't need any more explanation in words. The picture has spoken for itself.


Frequently Ask Questions

What symbolisms can I use to represent pottery logo designs?

Several symbolisms can be used to represent pottery logo designs. The pottery wheel, a central tool in pottery-making, symbolizes creativity, continuity, and the artistic process. Clay, the raw material, represents authenticity, craftsmanship, and natural beauty. Kilns, used for firing and glazing, symbolize transformation and the finalization of creative work. Decorative motifs inspired by traditional patterns can add cultural context and visual interest. Additionally, regional aesthetics and cultural symbolism specific to certain pottery styles, such as Japanese porcelain or Native American pottery, can convey heritage and artistic traditions.

Which colors are commonly used in pottery logo designs?

Pottery logo designs often incorporate colors that reflect the earthy and natural tones associated with the craft. Commonly used colors include various shades of brown, representing the color of clay and its connection to the earth. Additionally, warm and earthy tones like terracotta, tan, and beige are popular choices. These colors evoke a sense of authenticity, craftsmanship, and organic beauty. However, pottery logos may also incorporate vibrant hues inspired by the glazes used in pottery, such as blues, greens, and yellows, adding a touch of color and visual interest to the design.

Which target audience should I keep in mind when creating pottery logo designs?

When creating pottery logo designs, it is important to consider the target audience. Potential target audiences for pottery businesses can include art enthusiasts, collectors, interior designers, home decor retailers, and individuals interested in handcrafted and artisanal products. These audiences appreciate the beauty, craftsmanship, and uniqueness of pottery. Therefore, the logo design should appeal to their aesthetic sensibilities, showcasing the artistic and creative aspects of the craft.

What are the successful examples of pottery logo designs?

There are numerous successful examples of pottery logo designs that have captured the essence of the craft and resonated with their target audience. For instance, the logo of renowned British pottery brand Wedgwood features a stylized rendering of a pottery wheel, showcasing their heritage and craftsmanship. Another example is the logo of the contemporary pottery studio Heath Ceramics, which uses a minimalist and geometric design to reflect its modern aesthetic. Additionally, the logo of the Mashiko Pottery Fair in Japan incorporates traditional Japanese motifs, conveying the cultural significance of their pottery tradition.

Which design styles are often used to create pottery logo designs?

Pottery logo designs can encompass a variety of design styles, depending on the brand's identity and target audience. One common design style is the use of minimalism, employing clean lines, simple shapes, and a contemporary aesthetic to convey a modern and sophisticated approach to pottery. Another popular style is the incorporation of hand-drawn or hand-painted elements, emphasizing the artisanal and handcrafted nature of pottery. Traditional and vintage-inspired designs are also prevalent, utilizing ornate typography, decorative motifs, and intricate patterns to evoke a sense of heritage and nostalgia.


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All of these fantastic logo design ideas are created by some of the most talented logo designers worldwide. We hope you enjoy our gallery and remember to leave us a comment below. Cheers!

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