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Article: 30 Best Tailor Logo Design Ideas You Should Check

30 Best Tailor Logo Design Ideas You Should Check

Tailoring your clothes makes all the difference!
Check out some of the best tailor logo design ideas we have curated to inspire your creative projects!
Created by Mike Knapek |

Like any other business, tailoring businesses need a logo. The problem is it isn't easy to make a good visual representation for a tailoring business brand. It can be a daunting task even. However, a good tailor logo design goes a long way, so it is worth the time and effort.

Since a logo is a brand's visual representation, it must be able to tell the audience about the brand. It should be designed in a way that is easy for the audience to recognize and remember. It should also convey a certain message about the brand, be it the brand's characters, values, what it stands for, and so on.

While it may not be an easy task, you can get inspiration from many places, including other designers' works. To get you inspired, below, we listed 30 tailor logo design ideas from talented graphic designers from around the world.


1. Harrow

Created by Liam Foster |

Liam Foster's artwork is for a London-based premium menswear brand. The logo communicates elegance through simplicity. It also has a modern touch from its typography in the middle. Notice the unique abstract "H" shape. It has two pillars with a "tie" between them.

What's more, the color green suggests a sense of balance. In this case, it further emphasizes the balance between the simple yet elegant letter mark with the modern typography of the wordmark.


2. Timothy & Co

Created by Mike Knapek |

Next is a creative tailor logo design by Mike Knapek. The artwork is for Timothy & Co, a London-based tailor business. What makes the brand's visual representation great is its sophisticated and premium design. That is the quality that Timothy & Co wants to communicate to its audience.

The black and white combination is a classic. It works in many cases. In this case, it adds the sophisticated and premium feel further.


3. Malik Bros

Created by SB Brands |

SB Brands' artwork for Malik Bros is quite creative. Combining a pictorial mark and a wordmark, the logo makes it easy for the audience to associate Malik Bros with the symbol, recognize, and memorize it.

Darker shades of green represent wealth. In the artwork, it is used as the background color. On the one hand, it conveys wealth. On the other, it becomes a fitting background for the dark brown text to stand out.


4. Ferguson

Created by Mathilde Peyrigué |

When it comes to designing a logo, the fewer colors are used, the easier it becomes to balance them. Also, it is a good practice to start with only black and white. If your logo looks good in black and white, it will look good with colors.

That's not to say black and white logos are not attractive, of course. Mathilde Peyrigue's artwork shows how visually appealing a black and white logo can be.


5. Made in London

Created by Cameron Maher |

A tailor logo design can also involve tailor-related items. For example, Made in London logo by Cameron Maher here involves a looping string and a needle. Interestingly, the string and the needle form the word "MiL," which is the acronym for Made in London.

Since the design is already unique and attractive, it works with different colors. It is in white, it looks great with both lighter and darker shades of gray.


6. James Barry

Created by Reshma Mallecha |

Reshma Mallecha's artwork is simple and pleasing to the eye. The color combination is amazing. It makes the logo stands out very well but not to the point of sticking out like a sore thumb. It is a concise logo that communicates well.

The brand's name is red, which grabs the attention of the audience immediately. The grayish-white background highlights the picture and text. Meanwhile, the blue color adds a sense of balance.


7. Herringbone

Created by Albert Klimovych |

Herringbone is a brand with a long history. It was established in 1895, so it is over a century old. Albert Klimovych's artwork captures this well. The use of serif font adds a traditional touch. The gold color conveys prestige and high status, which fits the brand nicely.

In addition, the letters are arranged to form an oval shape. Inside the oval, there is a needle, which represents the industry the organization is in.


8. Kingstown

Created by Manish Mittal |

Using a mascot is a great way to attract attention. Designed by Manish Mittal, this artwork uses an image of a gentleman as the mascot placed inside what looks like a needle container. The mascot conveys the vintage and class that the tailor has.

Around the gentleman, there are the brand's name and its brief description. This makes it easy for the audience to associate with the brand, its mascot, and what it is about.


9. Consiglieri

Created by Andrei Popa |

Andrei Popa's artwork comes next. If your brand has a unique and distinctive name, you may want to consider using it as a part of the logo. Here, the brand's name is Consiglieri. The name sounds foreign and thus, piques curiosity.

Just a name is not enough, however. Notice the abstract symbol above the name. This draws attention. Also, the dark gold color conveys a sense of prestige, fitting the Consiglieri tailor quite well.


10. Savile row

Created by Dima Kolchánov |

Dima Kolchanov's Savile Row logo evokes a feeling of vintage and style. The text is written in uppercase, showing that the tailor takes their work seriously.

There are also pictures of a crown, scissor, button, and string with a pair of needles in between them. This adds an interesting touch while at the same time telling the audience what the brand is all about. It is a personal tailor, clothing to individual measures.


11. Heroldberg

Created by Dimitrije Mikovic |

In Dimitrije Mikovic's artwork here, all the letters are written in uppercase. It conveys the boldness of the brand. It communicates the brand's willingness to be unique and stand out. It is, after all, a tailor that tailors tailor-made suits.

The use of lighter colors against a black background draws attention to the center. Consequently, when you see the logo, your sight immediately focuses on the "HB" letter mark and the name of the brand.


12. Mamba Tailoring Co.

Created by Blake Cale |

Soft and easy on the eye. That describes Blake Cale's inspiring artwork here. The letter mark consists of 4 letters from the brand's name: M, T, C, and O. The letters are enclosed within two layers of squares with rounded edges.

The result is an interesting visual cue that the audience will find hard to ignore. In addition, the soft contrast between the text and the background makes it easy on the eye.


13. Tailor Enrico Abate

Created by Deep Bear |

When you see Deep Bear's artwork here, your first impression is probably about something vintage or traditional. That's exactly what Tailor Enrico Abate is. It is a traditional tailor who makes, alters, as well as repairs clothing professionally, particularly men's clothing and suits.

The design appears as if old and aged, which makes the brand's visual representation more interesting. It is iconic and communicates what Tailor Enrico Abate's brand is about perfectly.


14. Boulevardier

Created by Graham Ebetsch |

A good tailor logo design is simple. The simpler the design is, the easier it becomes for the audience to recognize and memorize it. Let's take a good look at the artwork here.

Graham Ebetsch's artwork here is simple but delivers. By just looking at the artwork, you immediately know the Boulevardier brand, what it is about, when it was established, and where it is located. It is concise and gets the points across.


15. Story Tailor

Created by Geoffrey Dorne |

The next on our logo design ideas list is an artwork by Geofrey Dorne. The artwork embraces minimalism well. Notice how easy the eye Story Tailor wordmark is.

The background is red, while the text is white. The contrast makes it noticeable and attractive. The typography conveys a sense of friendliness and approachability. The letter T gives a unique touch and makes it more playful, while the period communicates seriousness and professionalism.


16. Sarto Bespoke

Created by Mirismoil Usmonov |

Black and white are an amazing color combination. The color combination may be simple, but it is flexible and represents sophistication. It comes as no surprise if many brands use it.

Mirismoil Usmonov's artwork for Sarto Bespoke shows how good the color combination can be. In addition to the color combination, it also has a unique emblem-like picture, which uses the brand's initial and makes it distinctive. Plus, the uppercase letters convey professionalism.


17. Timothy & Co.

Created by Mike Knapek |

Another example of a logo with a black and white color combination. Mike Knapek's artwork, however, doesn't include a picture. It is entirely a letter mark. When designed well, a letter mark can convey a lot to the audience.

The artwork here only uses uppercase for the first letter of each word. The rest is in lowercase. This conveys a sense of friendliness and approachability. Meanwhile, the serif font gives off a traditional vibe.


18. Mr. Tailor

Created by Nour Zaffer |

A brand's visual representation need not be serious all the time. Adding a playful side works wonders, too. Look how enticing Nour Zaffer's tailor logo design for Mr. Tailor is here. Also, notice how the brand's name is written as "mister tailor" rather than "Mr. Tailor." 

The letters are in lowercase, which makes them more approachable. Meanwhile, the color combination brings timeless beauty while the needles and string add an interesting visual cue.


19. Papillone

Created by Nadir Balcikli |

Simple, straightforward, and symbolic. That is our description of Naidr Balcikli's artwork here. The black background allows the white text and picture to stand out and grab attention.

A bow tie is associated with thoughtfulness and confidence. These are the qualities that Papillone has and wants to convey.

In addition to that, the simplicity of the brand's visual representation makes it easy for the audience to associate the bow tie with the brand.



Created by omar hamo |

Omar Hamo's artwork looks so elegant, which fits the Tailor Elegance brand perfectly. The artwork consists of a letter mark and a wordmark. The letter mark is a stylized initial, while the wordmark contains the brand's name.

While the letter mark is on the creative and more playful side, the word mark is different. It conveys tradition and professionalism. The logo also includes the established date of the brand, allowing the audience to know its long history.


21. Tailor Tag

Created by Saif Ur Rehman |

Saif Ur Rehman's tailor logo design is nothing short of impressive. The combination mark grabs attention and allows the brand to be distinctive and stand apart from the competition.

The logo conveys both the brand's professional quality as well as its playful quality. Note how the second letter T is written upside down. Meanwhile, the font is a variation of serif, a font associated with trustworthiness. The use of uppercase letters conveys reliability.



Created by Ferdyzal Oktama |

Ferdyzal Oktama's artwork embodies minimalism. The twin diamonds represent a bow tie, which conveys the brand's confidence and willingness to be different. At the same time, the typography is bold and stylish, further emphasizing Prime Tailor's boldness.

The darker shade of cyan and a lighter shade of brown contrast one another. The contrast is on the softer side, but it makes the logo easily noticeable and visually appealing. It is minimalist, but it delivers.


23. Ibrahim Tailor

Created by Ilham Hakiki |

When it comes to logo designs, you want to make them as simple as possible. A simple logo is easy to recognize and remember. However, that doesn't mean you can't use intricate details at all.

Sometimes, intricate details can make a brand's visual representation unique and different from its competition. Ilham Hakiki's logo design here is a good example of that. The intricate mascot makes the brand easy to recognize, unique and different.


24. Mind Tailor

Created by Graphlings Studio |

Geometrical shapes are easy to recognize. The thing is, these shapes may not be able to convey your brand's message or make something that is truly yours. This is where abstract shapes can help.

Abstract shapes are not as easy to recognize as geometrical shapes. But with abstract shapes, your brand logo design can truly be yours and only yours. Graphlings Studio's artwork here involves abstract shapes, which make the logo very unique


25. Westmeed

Created by Phumelele Success Chonco |

Colors are a vital part of a logo. However, it is a good idea to start designing your logo without them. A brand's visual representation that looks good without colors will look good with them.

Phumelele Success Chonco's artwork here comes in red and white. But if the colors were to be replaced with black and white, it would still look good. The letter mark is sleek, has a touch of modernity, and grabs attention.


26. Sartoria Enzo

Created by Aykhan Safarli |

The next artwork is designed by Aykhan Safarli. What's interesting about the logo is how it looks like a stitched badge. Notice the straight stitch line that goes around the badge. There are also a pair of needles crossing each other, separating E, N, Z, and O.

The quirky fashion tailor logo design allows the brand to stand apart from other tailors. A well-designed logo like this helps to build consumer brand awareness.


27. Giovanni De Simone

Created by Roberto De Simone |

A well-designed logo tells a story. That's what Roberto De Simone's logo here does. With a single combination mark, it tells the audience what the brand is, what it does, when it was established, and where it comes from.

Moreover, the design involves attractive and stylish images and typography. The result is a brand's visual representation that the audience can hardly miss. At the same time, the black-on-white coloration keeps things simple.


28. Roberto Revilla

Created by Friends Studio |

Friends Studio's inspiring artwork is simple, elegant, and straight to the point. It speaks directly to the audience about the brand's personality. Take a look at the uppercase lettering.

Uppercase letters are easy to notice. Not only that, but it also conveys confidence and makes the brand feels more premium. Combine that with a black and white color combination, and you will get a logo with simplicity, timeless beauty, and the perfect contrast.


29. Musella Dembech

Created by Laura Sauchelli |

This artwork is simply unmissable. This beautiful tailor logo design ticks all the boxes for a good logo. It is simple, distinctive, and relevant, among others.

Firstly, it doesn't involve any intricate designs, which makes it easy for the audience to recognize it. Secondly, the design creates distinction, enabling the brand to stand apart from others. Thirdly, it has relevance as the design incorporates a scissor, an element that is related to tailoring.


30. Ramayana

Created by Christopher Dirdjohadi |

The last one on our list of tailor logo design ideas is an artwork by Christopher Dirdjohadi. The creative artwork showcases the brand's personality and character. It is a brand that has a long history and heritage, which the logo embodies so well.

In addition, the typography conveys charm, confidence, boldness, and reliability. The soft contrast between the background, the symbol, and the text makes it easy on the eye, which is a plus.


Final Words

As you can see, there are many ways to design a visual representation for a tailoring business. It can be as simple as a stylized letter mark, which may involve no more than a single letter from the brand's name, to a combination that combines a wordmark and a pictorial mark.

How your tailor business's logo should look depends on various factors. For example, your brand's personality and your target audience. If you know these well, designing a logo will be easier. We hope our list above can help you create a well-tailored logo design for your brand. Good luck.


Let us know what you think!

These above references are done by some of the most talented designers all over the world. If you think your work is better and would like to showcase yours here in this post, please feel free to email your work to Cheers!


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