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Article: 30 Best Clothing Logo Design Ideas You Should Check

30 Best Clothing Logo Design Ideas You Should Check

Life is too short to wear boring clothes! Check out some of the best clothing logo design ideas we have curated to inspire your creative projects!

Created by Masha Kornienko | -

When you want to buy a famous fashion brand, what you remember from the brand is the logo. For example, in well-known fashion brands such as H&M, You see their icon, and you can immediately see the quality and variety of fashion they make. It will make you want to buy this brand. The influence of icons is indeed in the fashion world. In this article, we will inspire the 30 best clothing logos that can provide references for your brand.

Logo design is an important factor for a business, especially a business engaged in fashion. That's why a lot has to be considered in creating a fashion brand logo. Starting from the color combination, the shape of the symbol display, and the typographic style, to the concept you want to display. Here are some examples of the best clothing designs from various world brands:


1. Noize

Created by Otre |

This Noize design uses a white monochrome color as the color and black as the background. The symbol uses the name Noize but on the letter O with a holographic pattern. Noize's writing model is like using illustrations from wooden blocks. This Noise design is suitable for monochromatic, masculine, and formal outfits. Examples of clothes that are sold are shirts or trousers.


2. Dollars & Cents

Created by Germán Rodríguez |

The brand name already contains an element of money. That is the basis of this Symbol. This symbol uses a lot of typographic elements and uses the same font style to make it look consistent. The combination of the white color of the Symbol and the green color on the background looks harmonious. Just like Noize, Dollars and Cents are suitable for selling masculine and formal clothes. Examples of clothes that are sold are shirts, suits, trousers, or ties.


3. The South Side Apparel

Created by Abdulsamad Umar |

Next is The South Side Apparel logo. These symbols use geometric or abstract objects to represent the brand they carry. The symbol model, as usual, is side by side with the brand name writing. The placement of the symbol is to the left of the brand name writing. The font used is all capital letters to make it look clearer. The South Side Apparel is suitable for clothing brands such as t-shirts, hoodies, jackets, and chino pants because this logo gives a stylish impression that fits today's millennial youth.


4. Evangelist

Created by Miki Grujic |

This icon design model has an artistic font shape. The form of this symbol takes the initials from the word Evangelist, namely EV. The form of this abbreviation is also the same as the shape of the brand name, then combined and given an oval shape around the Symbol. The typography doesn't use a lot of font variations either.


5. Roots

Created by Tarik Raiss |

There is a natural feel to this Symbol. This is due to the illustration of the shape of the root in this icon. Due to the brand's name, Roots, the illustration of roots is used in this Symbol. The designer who created this logo had a brilliant idea in designing this icon. If you like nuanced logos like Roots, this is a great example. This root can be used as a reference for the distro t-shirt icon.


6. Anemoia

Created by Katherine | Le

Next is the Anemoia logo. Animal takes a simple, relaxed, and comfortable concept. The proportions given to the typography arrangement are also good and neat. The symbol uses a dark color because the background used is light. If the background is not plain and bright, you must use a dark color for the icon. As in the picture on the Anemoia background, this brand symbol is recommended for t-shirt sales.


7. Offrip

Created by Raghav Malhotra |

The Offrip gives a cool and trendy impression when you see it. This icon uses two different font styles. The font on the left uses an italic font, and then the right uses a ball font. This font difference is also a differentiator between the word Off and the word RIP. Then, using photos of people as the background of the logo adds a cool impression to this icon. The cool Offrip impression can be your solution for the millennial t-shirt logo.


8. Behardy

Created by Guilherme Vissotto |

For those of you who are still confused about finding inspiration for your icon shape, why not try a logo like Behardy? The design is simple but doesn't look ordinary. When viewed from the shape again, this symbol is in the form of the initials of this brand name, namely B. However, in the middle line of B, two lines make this icon unique.


9. Kalt

Created by Erika Levko |

The Kalt is a brand that sells thick winter jackets as well as other winter clothing and accessories. The font for this logo uses bold font. This indicates that this is a picture of their product. The base of this logo uses a square font style but has been modified by making the letter A italic in this symbol. The color concept that Kalt sells is muted colors such as olive, cream, brown, and beige. Not only jackets, but they also sell hats for winter.


10. Gossam

Created by Irena Egorova |

The Gossam's design has a calm and girly female concept. The Gossam logo also doesn't use a lot of typographic ornaments but uses dot ornaments that look beautiful. To give a little accent, we can also give pictures of women to make them more aesthetic and beautiful. This Gossam is suitable as an inspiration for selling party dresses or mini dresses. If you sell clothes in pastel colors, then Gossam is suitable as an inspiration for your clothing brand icon.


11. Osen

Created by Olena Doshak |

The short Osen logo name makes it easy for consumers to remember it. No less interesting than the font, the shape of the letter E is also unique. The E shape model on this icon makes it uniquely different from the others. The background color of sage is also a color that people are interested in. Appropriate attire for symbols like Osan is blouse tops, women's shirts, and dresses. Because Osen also has an elegant impression.


12. Teasel

Created by 八八口 龙 |

As the name implies, it makes people tempted to buy this brand's products when they see the logo it has. This symbol uses two written languages, namely Latin and Chinese. The merging of these two languages ​​makes it unique and different from other brand products. The long and not thick front model makes this design look minimalist.


13. Leana

Created by Alisa Yarkey |

No less beautiful than the name, Leana's logo and typography design is unique, luxurious, and has character. This logo describes their clothing products from more formal to semi-formal blouses. If your product is as previously mentioned, then Leana is the right icon model for you. Its bulging shape like A makes this Leana icon unique and easy for others to remember. If you sell casual clothes for every day, maybe Leana is suitable as inspiration.


14. JiMil

Created by Dhaval Modi Design |

The next reference that we will discuss is the product logo named Jimil. The shape of this icon looks abstract, but indeed, clothing designs usually use an abstract style. But take a look at this logo; if you look in more detail, this logo is a combination of the letter J and the letter M. The letter J and letter M are an abbreviation of the brand name, Jimil.


15. Boogle

Created by Rhea Jain |

Boogle Apparel is an iconic clothing brand that describes the clothes they make are handmade. This brand's clothes are made by professional tailors and are guaranteed to be good, both from the material to the neatness of the clothes. Fonts and typographic styles This Boggle symbol bisects the boogle word and is placed up and down as shown in the image.


16. Parallel 66,5°

Created by Konstantin Vlasev |

We can see together how the shape of this Parallel Symbol. This symbol is shaped like a combination of the letters I and L. These two letters are taken from the letters of the word part of this brand. This brand conveys the impression that the clothes are cool, professional, and energetic. In the picture, it is also embodied in a furry winter jacket. This makes the logo stand out more.


17. Owlfit

Created by bdCalling gency |

The identity of this brand name can be seen from the shape of the icon. The shape of the illustration is like an owl's eye. The designer took the shape of an owl from the clothing brand's name, Owlfit. It's so cute, right? If you like logo models with animal images, Owlfit could be the right reference for you. Droplets are also suitable if used as inspiration to sell unisex clothes of all size types.


18. Modo

Created by Alena Toporkova |

The discussion of next example of a logo reference is the Modo clothing brand. Judging from the first impression of seeing this picture, namely clothes with the theme of earth colors. The purpose of earth color clothing is a color that adapts the basic colors of the earth, namely brown, green, beige, cream, and white. The icon from the Modo brand also seems simple and uses basic fonts.


19. Droplet

Created by Oduplo |

The logo concept with the name Droplet uses a familiar shape as the logo for this brand. This brand icon uses a logo shaped like an illustration of a water drop taken from the word drop. A significant advantage of choosing an illustrated logo is that the concept is imaginative and easy for customers to remember. Droplets are also suitable if used as inspiration to sell unisex clothes of all size types.


20. Superior

Created by Kit Lim |

A designer must also know various types of fonts and typography. In this icon, the designer uses a font in the form of a letter mark or monogram. This model can attract consumers from among young people, so they can be enthusiastic about buying your clothing products. The colors used for this Superior concept are also not flashy; this brand uses black, white, and cream.


21. Metanoia

Created by Quang Nguyen |

The type of logo that only uses the brand name is Metanoia. Metanoia is also a logo that looks simple and doesn't have a lot of ornaments in it. The font used in this brand is the square font style. The designer's choice of color for this logo is also not flashy; they use black as the font color and use a cream color as the background. This logo is suitable for selling jeans.


22. Materia

Created by Anka F. |

The word Materia comes from the word material which means the material of work or work. The concept to be conveyed to this Materia icon is that they sell clothes made from wool. Wool here is wool that has become a wool thread. Their clothing production is a kind of sweater, vest, or cardigan made from wool yarn. It is very visible again on the icon of the letter M and the letter R, which are like forming threads and knitting needles.


23. Nesla

Created by Nicelab Studio |

Next up is the Nesla clothing production logo. This Nesla icon design looks crowded because there is an abstract round ornament at the top that fills the empty cavity on the cardboard cover. The font used by the Nesla brand uses a basic font style. Perspective lines are also seen in this logo design. The white color becomes the full dominance of this logo. Nesla is great for selling clothes like pants and casual tops.


24. Silencio

Created by Lucas Matheus |

The word Silencio comes from a Spanish word that means silence. But the meaning of this silence is the opposite of this Silencio logo. There is a lot of repetition of Silencio's words in the design. However, it can be a way for the seller to attract the attention of the buyer because of the incompatibility of the name and concept. The color used in this logo is black and white.


25. Bizuz

Created by Masha Kornienko |

If you need inspiration to catalog your clothing brand, Bizuz is a great example to inspire. The symbol uses lowercase letters and changes the direction of the back of the letter Z. There is a photo of the model on the logo element, which also makes it different from other clothing brands' icons. This icon design uses two different fonts. Black, green, and beige are the color combinations for the design of the Bizuz brand.


26. Nspir

Created by Adil Mait |

The millennial, cool, and trendy concepts are suitable for mentioning the NSPIR logo. Even if you only use basic fonts, designers can make these icons look amazing. Supported by pictures of stylish models and color choices of clothes, this design is suitable for the youth market. The white color on the Symbol makes it right on target.


27. Koto

Created by Ekaterina Chernyshova |

One of the brand's designs, named Koto, when viewed, gives the impression of being stylish, formal, and thoughtful. Brands like this usually sell formal clothes for going to work, college, or other formal events. You can also feel the Japanese feel when you see the Koto icon. The font used has a thin model with a basic font style.


28. Finesse.

Created by Shubham Sharma |

This time we will discuss a logo that has an element of the sport. Are you looking for sportswear icon inspiration, maybe Logo Fitnesse? Fitness Icon uses a frame to frame the icon within it. A 3D feel was also created by the designers, with the appearance of a skateboarder model embossed on the back of the Symbol. The font used at Fitnesse uses the basic font as an option.


29. Bandati

Created by Flip Panov |

We found an example of a minimalistic Symbol design once again. Bandati gives the impression of being concise, solid, and clear. The concept that Bandati wants to convey to consumers is to sell clothes that are comfortable, elegant, and stylish. Bandati also displays a logo as if it were on a wall that looks aesthetically pleasing. Especially by using a combination of beige and gray.


30. L’Enfants Vagabond

Created by Marina Lavrova |

This last clothing logo design looks a shame if it is missed or ignored. The L'ENFANTS VAGABOND icon uses the same font style, so it has a consistent and less crowded feel. At the top of the brand name writing, there is a symbol such as a cross shape as an ornament of this design. This design uses images as background icons, such as the Koto, NSPIR, Materia, Modo, and Boogle logos.


Final Words

Very inspiring, isn't it the example of the clothing logo design that we present to you? We have discussed many things, ranging from color, icon position, background, style, concept, shape, and typography, which we have discussed thoroughly in this article. If the logo design you want is minimalist, then Symbol TEASEL and Bandani are perfect for you. If you like the concept of backgrounds with model photos, then the Koto, NSPIR, Materia, Modo, and Boogle logos are highly recommended for you. Not only that, if you want to sell sports clothes, fitness is the choice. Or you sell your own handmade Materia and Boogle for your reference. It all depends on the concept you want and what kind of clothes you are going to sell.


Let us know what you think!

These above references are done by some of the most talented designers all over the world. If you think your work is better and would like to showcase yours here in this post, please feel free to email your work to Cheers!


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