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Article: 10 Tips to Create a Good Clothing Logo Design

10 Tips to Create a Good Clothing Logo Design

Created by Adil Mait |

A logo can support the brand name in the market. The existence of the logo or an iconic symbol in the business is just like the face that represents the whole company and the products offered. Great companies, home industries, and even online businesses today use the iconic symbol to promote their business. They will put it on social media to represent their company and brand. 

Therefore, this work of the company should not be done carelessly. A logo would be an identity symbol of a brand that distinguishes it from other brands. That's why it is going to be used in every marketing and promotion activity and business. 

Clothing is a developing business. Many people who do online business take clothing as a commodity. To promote the business, these businessmen should create a supportive iconic design for the brand or the products. Clothing logo design can be made easily by yourself with the help of the internet since you can find so many applications that will do or the templates that you can use to create the design.

Created by Ekaterina Chernyshova |

The logo design is important because it can affect the branding of the product. A good iconic design is easily recognized and will be remembered for a long time by people as they see it. A symbol may build a certain perception from the customers about the business you are running or about the product you are offering.

Though you can create your icon for your company, making it is not an easy matter. Making a certain design for this creative work needs a high level of creativity. And often, the owner of the company and the designer need a lot of time to think about an idea until they can finish creating an iconic symbol for the brand. 

Since making a good logo for a certain brand is not an easy matter, here are some tips that might be helpful for you when you make it for your fashion business.


10 Tips to Create a Good Clothing Logo Design

  1. Find Plenty Of Good References
  2. Understand The Client's Background
  3. Start Sketching Some Options 
  4. Make Use Of Symbolism
  5. Make It Simple & Effective
  6. Be Relevance To Consumer
  7. Consider A Stylish But Timeless Design
  8. Try Experimenting With Fonts & Typography
  9. Make Sure It's Visually Flexible On All Sizes
  10. Find Good Mockups For Cool Presentations


Created by Alisa Yarkey |


1. Find Plenty Of Good References

Ideas may come from everywhere. It is going to be very nice if you just come up with your own idea, so that concept of the logo will have a better chance to have one hundred percent original. However, this kind of inspiration doesn't happen all the time. Sometimes, after seeing something or even several things, then an idea suddenly pops up, and you'll just do the sketch. Therefore, looking for ideas by looking at some references could be a good point. 

You can browse the internet and search for some interesting iconic features that might draw your attention. Collect them and categorize them based on the theme, the color, or any other characters that you find. Take a look closely, and draw the bottom line or the main concept that might become the base of the artwork creation. From there, you can use this very basic concept, and then you can develop it into another idea, and that is not going to be plagiarism. With the basic concept, you can create your own design which is unique and different from others. 

Looking for references is not plagiarism, but it is a way to find inspiration instead. By looking at others and the history of their creation, you may find a comparison and grab the different idea which is interesting and unique from others.

Created by Anka F |


2. Understand The Client's Background

Every business has its own background. There is always a certain reason why the owner of the business built the company or the business and why he or she chooses the commodity they want to sell.

To make the process of making the concept easier, you need to understand the whole thing about the company. By doing so, the symbol you are making is going to be able to represent the company exactly. And you will be satisfied with the result in which it can tell people exactly what you want to say or share.

In this case, a deep and open discussion between the owner of the company and the designer is definitely needed. The owner of the company should be open and give the information about the company literally to the designer. The vision of the company or the personal vision should be delivered in a literal way so that the designer completely understands and be able to make a real symbol that represents the company itself.   

Created by Irena Egorova |


3. Start Sketching Some Options 

After you feel that you have finished the design, keep it and have a rest for a few days. Then, go back to your design after you refresh your eyes. Take a look at your design more closely, and erase all the unnecessary element which is not relevant to the logo. And when it is finished, you can add more useful elements to the design. 

Created by Flip Panov |
When you have finished, then try to ask your colleague, friends, or relatives to give comments or feedback on your design result. Ask them some questions like these:

What kind of business comes up in their mind as they see the logo?

What character of the business do they find when they see the logo? 

Do they think that the logo communicates the business to the people? 

How do they feel when they see the logo for the first time?

Those questions are used to see if you achieve what you plan when you are making the logo. When you get all positive feedback, then it could be said that your logo is successfully designed. On the other hand, when you get a different answer than what you expected, then it is time to review it one more time your logo.

Created by Rhea Jain |


4. Make Use Of Symbolism

The shape can be made from letters, pictures, or a combination of both of them. The process of creating an iconic symbol has also involved the use the color; it is an important element in work. Certain logos only use one color, while others use more than one color or even many colors.

The shape and the color used should contain certain philosophy and deep meaning which expresses the value of the brand. This philosophy contained in the symbol possesses deep meaning to the brand so that it will leave a strong image because it is made by a full heart. 

A strong feeling that is put into the work will illuminate the product. It goes the same way when we are making a logo. When it is designed seriously with the whole heart by the designer, it will have different effects on people who see it. The people will be able to feel the vibrates emit. Once the people feel it, they will remember the symbol, for instance, and they might be interested in the products sold by the owner who created them. Isn't it what we are looking for as a businessman? 

Created by Otre |


5. Make It Simple & Effective

The main key in making a good clothing logo design is simple. A simple design will be easily recognized. In addition, when you want to put the icon on the stuff you are selling, it will be much easier with a simple design. 

A logo does not have to contain the name of the brand or the slogan. Otherwise, you can add them if you want to. Just consider the simplicity, since simple is much easily remembered by people. 

Take the famous icon used by Apple, which only depicts an apple with a small bite and is presented in one color only. This symbol has become an iconic image that no one wouldn't know or recognize. And people should know what "an Apple" is. 

Created by Raghav Malhotra |
Another example you can find is an image of a bird on Twitter. This small bird is also presented in one color. However, it can represent all the things about the application itself. So, making a clothing logo design doesn't have to put the picture of various outfit that is usually worn every day.

Choose the picture or certain letters which is simple and representative of your brand. And let people get to know you better. Remember, sometimes simple is the one that you need so that people will recognize and remember it easily. Somehow, the complicated designs do not guarantee that they will be interesting and cool. 

Created by Katherine Le |


6. Be Relevance To Consumer

When making a logo design, one thing you should pay attention to is its relevance. You may put an image or some words, or even a slogan into the logo. But you have to remember that what you are making should have great relevance to the business that you are running.

The choice of the font, color, or background should be in harmony with the commodity or the services sold by the company. When your business is on clothing, you may put various colors to the symbol. However, too many colors may even distract people's attention since it is too bright and uncomfortable for their eyes. 

An image of a shirt with an additional letter attached and presented in a strong color may become a good choice for your symbol. The letter can be taken from the first letter of your name or any other word that looks great, along with something meaningful. Perhaps the letter R is going to be a perfect choice if you sell man's clothing. R is for Romeo, with the philosophy that everyone who wears your product will be Romeo, a man who would die for his love. Cool, isn't it?

Created by Shubham Sharma |


7. Consider A Stylish But Timeless Design

Making a trendy logo that goes with the trend is a must. The look of it may also affect the target market. When the target market is the teenagers who live a modern life, then making a trendy logo design would be helpful for the marketing strategy.

However, why don't you try to consider making a clothing logo design which is not too trendy? Classic is not always bad. Sometimes, the classic has the image of eternity. And what people are looking at is something that durable. Old may come in terms of experience. And some of the customers will care more about the experience instead of the trend. 

So, what you have to do is to learn your market well. Decide on what target market you want to play. If you want to play in the modern market, then you should adapt yourself to the market. But, if you choose a different segment of the market, then you should learn their trend and the tendency. Then go along with them so that your iconic symbol will go to the right segment of the market. 

Created by Erika Levko |



8. Try Experimenting With Fonts & Typography

Logo can be presented in two ways: logogram and logotype. Logogram spends many spaces by filling it out with relevant images or pictures. For this kind of work, you can use the example of Apple or Twitter. At the same time, the other one is logotype. A logotype is a creative work that has the element of words in it. A famous example of this is many, i.e., Adidas, Nike, and Cocacola.

You can choose either you take the logogram type or the logotype type. Both have their benefit. What you should think about is whether it is representative of your brand or not. Or you can discuss the designer that you assigned to make the symbolic design for your business. Try to ask him to make you both design the logogram and the logotype. Then, at the end, when both are finished, you can choose whether you want to launch the artwork in a logogram or logotype. 

Another option that you can do is you can keep both of them. One is launched for now, and you can keep the other one for the next time when you want to revise the logo.  

Created by Quang Nguyen |



9. Make Sure It's Visually Flexible On All Sizes

The logo should be made multipurpose. It is because you will have it "work" in any place. When you do business, the main activity you should do as a businessman is doing the marketing strategy because it is what sells. When you want to sell something, first of all, you should make people know about your product. And a logo would help you in doing this.

A good logo design will help the businessman to promote the brand and the product they sell. By showing it to people, it is expected that people understand what is sold by the company. A good logo also works to intrigue people with the products offered. It may bring people's attention to the products. When the curiosity cannot be fulfilled, then they will try to buy the products. And that is the main goal of "employing the logo." Therefore, an iconic symbol should be made carefully so that it can work the way it is expected by the businessman. 

That's why a logo design should be created to be multipurpose so that it can be placed in any significant spot so that it will be helpful for marketing jobs.  

Created by Kit Lim |



10. Find Good Mockups For Cool Presentations

Clothing logo design, most of the time, uses a screen-printing technique when it is attached to the clothing, for example, a shirt. This has to be a thing to consider. Besides the material of the screen printing, the technique used is also should be thought about. Lately, you may find various kinds of screen printing in the market. 

There are different techniques used by the printer based on how many items you want to print. When it is a large number of shirts, then it is recommended that you use the convection technique process.

But when you only have a couple of pieces, then the technique called Direct to Garment (DTG), in which the printing is directly applied to the piece of cloth, is the one to be recommended. The DTG technique is known to be easier than the convection one since it doesn't have to go through a complicated process. Therefore, by doing the DTG process, you can easily use various colors or gradations. 

Created by Tarik Raiss |


Final Words

Those are ten tips to make a good clothing logo design. As it is an important part of the business, when you have a clothing business, then that explanation should be useful for you. If you decide to make the design by yourself, then there are various kinds of applications that are now available on the internet. Some of them are even free of charge.

Created by Alena Toporkova |

You can simply use the free templates and add your creativity and a bit of imaginary touch to make it on your own. Customize them into the style that represents you personally and your brand as well. Or, if you don't have enough time to think about it, or you don't have any skill for that, you can use the help of a professional designer.

You can find them online by browsing the internet, or you can find them through your friend's or relatives' recommendations. Tell them what you need, and explain what kind of artwork you want to be made to promote your business.

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