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Article: 10 Tips to Create A Good Artist Logo Design

10 Tips to Create A Good Artist Logo Design

Created by Caio Garavazzo |

In a business, the existence of a logo is important. It is a central part of the business. A business logo is a representative of the whole business itself. An artist, likewise, has also applied the same principle when they do the "selling." Artist today needs to get through the internet and social media to promote themselves, either their ability, their products, or their programs. 

The entertainment world, along with the presence of the artist, has been part of the business today. People cannot go away with this. An artist who can sing should understand how to sell their performance. An artist who can dance cannot just dance and wait for people to hire them for certain programs or events. They should be able to create their event and invite people to come to the events, and therefore they will get money. One of the most popular ways to promote themselves today is via social media posts. 

Created by Mariana Alegre |

There are various kinds of applications that should be utilized by artists to promote themselves. Even these applications have become a place for newborn artists. People regularly post their activities on their social media, such as Tik Tok, Instagram, and even YouTube. And by doing that, they've got a lot of followers, and suddenly they become famous. 

These new-born artists, mostly, don't know how to keep their sudden carrier on top. Therefore, they are commonly engaged by artist management. And in doing the promotion, one of the important things to do first is to make the symbol for the artist. The agency should have an expert who has been working with them. However, there's nothing wrong if you would like to try to make an artist logo design. If you are interested, check the tips below!

Created by Urvi Prabhu |


10 Tips to Create A Good Artist Logo Design

  1. Start Everything With Paper & Pencil
  2. Find Plenty Of Good References
  3. Use A Simple Symbolism
  4. Keep It Clean
  5. Be On Trend But Not Too Cliché
  6. Experiment With Fonts and Typography 
  7. Choose Your Color Wisely
  8. Make It Memorable 
  9. Test On Various Sizes
  10. Don't Forget To Show Your Artistry


1. Start Everything With Paper & Pencil

When you make an artist logo design, whether you want to include the photo of the artist or not, remember that your choice of the shape you are going to use will give a significant effect. The appropriate shape will support the icon or the symbol you make. When you use the right shape of the logo, it will bring the right atmosphere into it. Otherwise, when your shape is not perfect, then be ready to revise your initial work, or be ready for the worse, it won't fit anyone's eye, and they will soon forget about it. 

The shape should be in coherence with the picture of the artist, the color you choose, and any other element you need to put into the creative work you make. The shape is also an efficient way to make your work stand out. With a perfect layer or gradient and texture, it will help your design reach its next level so that people will find it difficult to forget about it. 

Created by Geraldine Díaz |


2. Find Plenty Of Good References

If you are a newbie in creating logo design, you can make use of the so-called internet technology today. There are several applications that you can download for free and that you can do your work with the help of them. However, you need to be careful in choosing the right one. As they are free applications, of course, the available features are limited. If you want to have more features, sometimes you need to buy them. Still, you cannot customize it based on your wish. 

Therefore, exploration is important. As a beginner, you may feel enough with applications such as Corel Draw or Inkscape. But then, as you get involved in this world longer, of course, those will not be insatiable for your craving for a new design of your own.  

Exploring your ideas and skill with the help of a YouTube tutorial might be a good point to learn more about logo design. 

Created by Jennifer Tan |


3. Use A Simple Symbolism

Some people say that a picture might paint a thousand words. Well, maybe it's true. This visual communication in the form of a picture is often able to tell more information to people. If you can tell people who and what you are, why bother to tell them in person. Just use the right picture or icon which can represent you and the whole thing that you can do.

So, by looking at your icon or symbol, people would find what they are looking for already. The artist, as well as the logo creator, should know this before they start to design a work for the artist. The artist should spend some time with the creator of the designer to decide what vibes or what message they want to share with the people.

Brainstorming of the ideas is definitely needed so that they finally come to the right decision when making the logo design for an artist. Besides, the artist and the designer should choose the main theme or the "main menu" they want to sell. Supposedly, an artist is a multi-talented one so that he or she can do many kinds of activities; then, she should choose one as the main icon. So that when people see it for the first time, they see the right image the artist wants to show. 

Created by Ted Oliver |


4. Keep It Clean

When you use a brochure or poster, of course, there will be some information you include inside. Here, making your design "clean" is important so that it won't be lost from people's attention. Use some blank space that is clean to put it, so that people will recognize it easily. When you want to post it on a large board for a certain event, then the use of blank space to place the design is going to be helpful and make it much easier to be identified.

Since the logo is a central part of a business, you need to make it easy to find, easy to be understood, and easy to be identified. When the symbol stands alone, it won't be much problem for people to find it. But, if you post it along with some other information on a page, then you should consider it well of how or where you put it so that it won't be blocked by the information that you want to share. Therefore, you need to use the blank space for it. 

Created by Shaquille Galanto |


5. Be On Trend But Not Too Cliché

Some people said that they hate changes. However, life has taught us that change in life is inevitable. If you have ever had a logo once, you'd better not hesitate to make a new one or at least renew it. With a small touch here and there could be something refreshing. remember, people today are those who get tired and bored easily within a short time. They require something new all the time. 

What about old people who have known the logo for a long time? Maybe a sort of question comes up in your mind. Will they recognize my new logo? Wouldn't they be mixed up? Well, take a look at the old product or brand logo. Try to search their logos from year to year. Do you find any changes? The answer is a definite "yes." Can you still recognize the product? The "yes" answer would still be yours. 

So, don't be afraid of making the new one. The main point is that don't change the main element or the main concept of the logo. 

When you follow the trend today, people are interested in an easy, simple, and chic look. By simplifying your artist logo design, people may recognize your artist as the same old one but with a new spirit and a new and fresher character. And that is going to be a good way of promotion. 

Created by Jonathan Ortiz |


6. Experiment With Fonts and Typography 

When you want to include a word or two in your logo, you should think of the font and the typography technique. But since you are making a creative symbol for an artist, you might not think about it much because you may put the picture of the artist itself in work. However, if you want to put the name or the initial to tell what it means exactly, you could use these tips. 

For the font, there are a thousand fonts available in the application you can use for the design. However, to make it more powerfully original and still aye-catching, you should try to make it costumed. The custom font will give you the essence of creativity, originality, or authenticity. Once you register the work for copyright, it will be a great way for your brand or product to have its very own identity that others don't have. 

To make it easier for you, today, there are many applications available to make custom fonts. Why don't you try it out now and see where your creativity drives you? 

Created by Birgitte Lindtvedt |


7. Choose Your Color Wisely

The next thing you need to pay attention to in making a logo is the color. It also plays an important role in making one. The mistake in choosing the color combination will ruin the whole design. Since color is an important element in making a design, the designer should know well about the color and its meaning or the atmosphere it creates. There are seven groups of color called premiere color, secondary color, tarsier color, neutral color, hot color, cool color, and complementary color. 

When making a symbol, the best choice of color should go to premiere or neutral color. It is because these colors make the image simple and memorable. Premiere colors like yellow, red, and blue will fit well into creative work. 

Besides, you should also understand the vibes deliver by each color so that you won't make the wrong choice of color so that it will fit the philosophy of the logo you make. For example, you can use black to show power, elegance, and formality. While to get an image of royalty and wealth, you can take purple as the first choice. And to show creativity and imagination, yellow is the perfect choice to represent this nuance. 

Created by Amanda Louisi |


8. Make It Memorable 

To make a good logo design for an artist, many experts say that a good logo is simple and memorable. To make a memorable one, a designer shared one of his tips, which is to make a logo design that is similar to the name of the brand. Apple is a real example. This IT company has a very simple symbol but is quite representative of the name of the brand.

The brand Apple has inspired the logo designer to make a logo design with the picture of an apple with a small bite on the top right side. The black color has given a powerful sense of the symbol itself. Or it shows the elegance of the brand. In addition, the black neutral color is perfect to be attached to every item of their products. 

When it comes to the artist's logo design, this way could be used as well. Either you can put the name of the artist into the symbol, or you may use the initial name of the artist. That way, the logo design would be many, lots memorable as well as representative of the name of the artist. 

Created by Rienlou Clarish |


9. Test On Various Sizes

The site is another consideration before you decide which logo design you want to make. You should know where you want to put it. This acknowledgment will bring you the benefit of the consideration of the size, color, and shape. If you're going to put it on the brochure, think of the size of the brochure and which part of the brochure you want to attach with the design. Think of what information you want to share as well so that your design won't be disguised by other information you want to share with people. 

If it is for a formal letter, you should know that the logo should be put on the top part of the letter along with the heading. Consider the font as well so that the design and the heading go well in harmony. 

In addition, it is also a good point to think of the marketing strategy you want to take to suit the design you make. If you want to do digital marketing, for example, make sure that your design is clear and good enough when you post it on social media. Or, if you have the intention to put it on the business card, make sure you make it stand out, considering the small size of the media you have. 

Created by Martin Nauman |


10. Don't Forget To Show Your Artistry

A good logo, once again, should be able to tell people right away about a certain product or brand. If you want to make a good artist logo, one thing you should consider is to be brave and bold. Do not hide the real meaning that you want to tell people. Be straightforward and make your logo literal. In doing so, there are some advantages you can have. First, people will understand the meaning of your logo right away as they see it.

Most people are now quite busy with their own business, so they don't have much time to think of the hidden meaning of your logo. So that when you make it straight, it's easier for them to understand. Second, as your logo is easily understood, it will be a lot easier for people to remember it. So, when your purpose is to introduce the new you as an artist, it is going to be a good promotion as well. People will recognize you in a very short time. So, making a logo is a good way to promote yourself to people. 

Created by Amr Araby |



Final Words

Well, to recap all of those things, let's make some highlights here. There are several ways to create a good artist logo design. What is more important is that you should make a clear and firm concept, and the concept should be understood well both by the artist and the logo creator. Once the concept is agreed upon by both sides, then you can start right away with making the logo. 

A professional logo designer is not going to make one logo as an option. He will create some logos based on the concept agreed upon. From the concept, he will deliver it into some logos options. After that, he will consult the artist about whether the logos he made are enough or not. And the artist can choose several options available. 

As the artist, he or she will say that a good artist's logo design should fulfill some requirements, such as it has a sensitivity to the market trend and the culture as well. It can describe the whole idea the artist wants to share with the public. And the work has the best representation of the artist itself.

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