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Article: 10 Tips to Create A Good Cleaner Logo Design

10 Tips to Create A Good Cleaner Logo Design

A clean space will make you a happy person!
Here are some inspiring tips you can easily follow to create a fantastic cleaner logo design!
Created by Md Faisal |

Cleaning service providers have become regular players in the business world. As more and more people work and they don’t have much time to clean the house or the apartment where they live, these cleaning services have become their choice to do the chores. 

A lot more population need these services today. Not only for both parents who work but for those who are single but very busy at work and they don’t have much time for doing the chores, asking a cleaner to help them with that is an efficient choice. 

This business has spread widely all over the world. Many companies of this service have employed so many cleaners to do the chores for the customers. And, as it has gotten into the business, the company symbol has become an important part too for the business.

Created by Henrique Félix |

If you have this kind of business, and your company provides much cleaner for your customers, such as cleaners for deep cleaning, carpet cleaning, janitorial services, maid service, or general maintenance, you should remember that quality design for cleaning service company should come first in your mind. This design will give you two main benefits, i.e., it will distinguish you from your competitors. This is important so that your customer will recognize you easily. The second benefit you can get is that people will notice that your business is known as an established, professional, and reliable cleaner business. 

Though many companies believe in the word-of-mouth marketing strategy, today, you need something more than that. You will find today that many cleaning services company has created their cleaner logo design so that they will get a professional look so that people will be interested in hiring them. And the bottom line is that when you are ready to get into this business, you should include digital marketing into your consideration. And a good design for cleaning services is more than helpful in inviting the customers. 

Created by Burak Bal |

Talking about symbol design, there’s a little more to the process than just choosing the graphics randomly and Putting the name of the company name on top. In particular, you have to stop and consider your customer. The first thing to do is discuss the need of the customer and what you can offer them. When the concept is finally agreed upon by both sides, then you can start to process the logo design. Here are the tips to make a good, cleaner logo design.


10 Tips to Create A Good Cleaner Logo Design

  1. Sketch First, Digital Later
  2. Understand The Market & Audience
  3. Understand the Client / Brand Background 
  4. Check The Biggest Competitor
  5. Choose A Suitable Font
  6. Keep it Simple and Clean
  7. Think About The Sizes & Where You Want to Place It
  8. Make Sure the Message is Clear 
  9. Make Sure It's Eye Catching
  10. Be Memorable & Recognisable


Created by Elif Kameşoğlu |


1. Sketch First, Digital Later

A good, cleaner logo design should be able to represent the company, the brand, the products, or the services it offers to people. Every element used in the logo should be able to support this idea. The picture, the color, and the letter that may be used in the logo should be able to tell people the idea of the company, and people who see the logo for the first time would understand immediately that this is a company of cleaning services which offers various kinds of services in cleaning. 

Therefore, the option of placing pictures of cleaning elements or tools like brooms, vacuum cleaners, spray bottles, aprons, or even maid uniforms will be the best choice to be put in the logo design. 

Created by Alfrey Davilla |
By doing so, people will easily recognize that this is the representation of a cleaning services company that offers you the services to clean up the house, office, or even your apartment. 

Besides pictures, the appropriate words will also do the work. Making a short but meaningful jargon will also bring your artwork to the next level. So, when people see it, they don’t only see pictures, but they also acknowledge your jargon. The phrases like “We Give You Cleanliness with a Full Heart” or maybe “Your Cleanliness and Health Are Our Guarantee” may sound intrigue people who read it. And that could be another free promotion since the ones wearing a shirt with the logos are your employees on duty. And at the same time, they help you to promote your business. 

Created by Dustin haver |


2. Understand The Market & Audience

Before doing anything, first of all, think of your client in common. The main point in this business is to keep the costs low but still maintain the super services. This trend has become the desire among everyone to have more for less effort. Besides, the industry trend in offering not only cleanliness but also health and appearance will end up in various “green” cleaning products for customers who significantly demand environmentally-responsible solutions for their daily problems.

Therefore, you may change some main elements of your service to fulfill the modern demands of the customers. However, some of them will inevitably stay the same. So, the most important question is: do people know exactly what you provide? Therefore, the discussion between the company and the designer is important where the result will lead to the form of the logo agreed by both parties. 

Created by Brennan Burling |


3. Understand the Client / Brand Background 

As a designer, you should know the brand or the product that you are working on very well. Understanding this brand will bring you a great benefit when creating a logo for the company. As you know the brand or the product well, you should know what it is, what is the advantage of using it, and what its flaws of the products. It means that you will have a visualization of what is to be exposed to the logo design you want to create. 

You should also know what is the mission of the company they want to share with the public. And what is not less important is that you should also know the market segment the company wants to target. It is useful to decide what elements to put into the logo. Whether the element is essential or effective or not can be decided by the result of the research about the target market the company has set. This knowledge should be shared by the company with the designer of the logo as well so that the designer can have a better visualization of the logo before he creates it. 

Created by Hannah Smith |




4. Check The Biggest Competitor

Once in a while, try to take a look at the logo of the same companies which provide the same service as yours. By doing so, you may get a new fresh idea for your cleaner logo design. Browsing the web may give you the same benefit too.  

Looking at others may give you an insight into what design you may create for your design. You can pay attention to what is the strong point a symbol shows, and you can take the idea. On the other side, you can also learn what is wrong or what is missing from work. There, you can put something important that you think is missing from the competitor’s artwork.

However, you should not do that regularly. It may give you a bad influence. The longer you pay attention to them, you may get affected more and more, and it may result in your ideas. It will be difficult for you to find your originality since you’re affected so much by the other companies’ logos. Once in a while would be perfect timing, just as a comparison, see what’s missing, not too much. 

Created by Yuri Kartashev |


5. Choose A Suitable Font

You can choose whether you want to use the picture only for the company’s icon or the words only, or you can do with both so that the company’s icon design will go with both pictures and words. Of course, when combining the pictures and the words need more effort and budget. However, what you should remember the most is that the logo should be able to represent the whole idea of the brand you are working for. 

When it comes to the choices of letters for words you want to place into the logo, there are many fonts available. But, if you want to be more original and authentic, then you can create your own font. This could be the distinguisher between you and the other companies’ logos. 

The good thing is when you choose to use customized- font, first, it won’t be easily copied by other designs. Your design will have the value of its uniqueness so that people will easily remember that. Second, it can create creativity as well as increase people’s appreciation for the logo design you make. And the appreciation from people will go to the respect and who knows they might be interested in your services and become a loyal customer one day.  

Created by Rolina Vorster |


6. Keep it Simple and Clean

You may use various kinds of material to make a good, cleaner logo design. However, your logo design should be as tidy as the black and white as it does in color. In using colors, remember that your services should be environmentally-friendly. Therefore, the fresh color should be included to give the nuance of nature. These colors are blue sky, white, green, orange, and other colors that are commonly associated with freshness. On the opposite, avoid “dirty colors” which give a gloomy atmosphere like brown, gray, or dark colors. 

The other consideration is that you should remember that an effective work would always be interesting though it is presented in n colors at all. Think of that your symbol would be set or printed in various colors like in a document, or it will be printed in the newspaper, which tends to be printed in black and white color. 

To overcome this problem, try this trick. Make the sketch first by using a pencil. When your design is interesting enough only by using a pencil, then you can consider it an effective logo design. Because without any color, it is eye-catching enough for you. If so, then you can use that as your icon. 

Created by Muhammad Sidiq Nur |


7. Think About The Sizes & Where You Want to Place It

When you decide to make a good design for cleaning services for your company, you should also consider when you want to put the logo. You can either put it on the invoices, envelopes, the websites you are running, or elsewhere like the stationery you use daily or even the other office items. And you may need to put the icon of the company on the shirt or uniform that your employees wear when working.

Therefore, it should be taken into consideration that because you will attach the symbol on the uniforms, think of what elements should be taken into the company’s icon as well. You have to think that you might need the icon which does not only look good on the paper and eye-catching on the web but is also appropriate to be put fully on a shirt of one of the employees you have.

And this could be a good marketing strategy as well, and it may bring you to the level of the business. 

Created by Raul Sigala |


8. Make Sure the Message is Clear 

When creating a cleaner logo design, make sure that your message is clear, and make sure that people who the design catch the idea that you want to share. Put the picture which will lead people’s thought of the cleaning services. It will help them to memorize your brand of products well. 

It is believed that every business has its symbol that represents the industry they are running. For the cleaner logo, you can use some related pictures as a symbol, such as brooms, rags, mops, buckets, vacuum cleaners, spray bottles, bubbles of the detergent, or even the uniform of the maid. In addition, you can add some sparkling accents to improve the image of the company persona as well.  

Remember the old saying that a picture is worth a thousand words. So, by placing the right picture on the logo, it will help you tell many things to your customers and those who are prospective to be the next customers.  

Created by Silpa Singha Roy |


9. Make Sure It's Eye Catching

A company’s icon should be able to attract people’s attention immediately when they see it for the first time. Simple and unique should be kept in mind by the designer whenever they make the company’s icons. The target market should be taken into consideration swell. The market trend is also another point to be thought about before designing a new company’s icon. 

When you already have a logo for your brand or product, you don’t need to be afraid of up gradate it into something newer. 

Created by Leo |

You can give a small touch here and there, add some new fresher color, renew the shape of the company’s icon and transform it into a new one. The world has changed, and so has everything inside it. Whenever your icon is too old, people will also get bored. Although they remember you and your services, they might not be interested in hiring you since you don’t have a new “face” in your icon.

The world changes, and people need to change too. And your icon should be able to follow the world’s circle. Today, digital technology is inevitable for everyone. There’s no need to worry about finding a new reference, a new expert in the digital world. 

Use the technology and the internet to find something to improve your old icon. Make it more interesting and more charming for people to see. Make it as simple as possible but punch at the right point. That’s one of the effective marketing to get people interested in your services. 

Created by Elena Anagnostelou |


10. Be Memorable & Recognisable

A logo is an important marketing tool. You should think of it to be applicative. It means that the icon can be present in any size without diminishing its main point. It can be put anywhere, including the office’s staff, or in this case, the cleaners’ tools, so that whenever or wherever people go into the office, they will find it everywhere. So that the logo will be kept in their mind instantly. And the employees of the cleaning services company d the jobs with the tools attached with the icon, people who are passing by will see it, recognize it and finally keep it in their mind. 

Think also when you want to place it on a big billboard as a promotion or to be placed in front of the office. Or consider when you need to print out the envelopes of the companies, documents, or any office printed materials. In that case, you should be able to create a logo design that will fit any needs without eliminating its essence and its beauty.  

Created by Arnaldo Jimenez |


Final Words

A good design for a cleaning service company must be able to represent the cleaning service company’s idea, the loyalty of the employee, the services it offers, and the main point is the spirit of the cleaning service company who are making it. In creating it, there are several tips to be done, as has been explained well above. A good company will share its ideas with the logo designer who is going to make the logo for them. The good designer will communicate what is needed to make a good logo so that the logo, once again. Can tell everyone about the company thoroughly. Only by seeing the logo will people hopefully understand what the company is, what it is doing, and does it sell to the people?

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