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Article: 30 Best Fisheries Logo Design Ideas You Should Check

30 Best Fisheries Logo Design Ideas You Should Check

Walk tall, carry big fish, and spend extra time for one more cast!
Check out some of the best fisheries logo design ideas to inspire your projects!
Created by Austin Dennis |

The fishing industry has a long and storied history, dating back thousands of years to the early civilizations of Egypt, China, and Mesopotamia. Fishing has played a critical role in the development of human societies, providing food, trade, and cultural exchange. Over time, fishing techniques and technologies have evolved, and today the fishing industry is a complex global enterprise that involves a wide range of activities, from commercial fishing and aquaculture to seafood processing and distribution.

As the fishing industry has grown and diversified, so too has the need for effective branding and marketing. A strong logo is a key component of a successful marketing strategy, helping to establish a unique and recognizable visual identity for a business or organization. In the case of fisheries, a logo can help to communicate the quality, sustainability, and traceability of the products being offered, as well as the values and mission of the company.

In recent years, there has been growing interest in sustainability and responsible fishing practices, and many fisheries logos now incorporate symbols and imagery that reflect this trend. For example, logos might feature depictions of sustainable fishing gear, certifications such as the Marine Stewardship Council (MSC) or the Aquaculture Stewardship Council (ASC), or messaging around reducing bycatch or minimizing environmental impacts.

Here are some of the best fisheries logo design ideas you can reference:


1. Fishhawk Fisheries

Created by Ort Design Studio |

Fishhawk Fisheries goes with the versatile and timeless design using typography in its works. The graphic is pretty simple, which is less complex and easier to accept for the audience. While the graphic and logo image is less prominent, the concept is amazing. It is relevant thanks to its idea of complementing a hawk and fish as two subjects mostly found around fisheries.


2. Damian Orellana

Created by Damian Orellana |

Damian Orellana sure played around with a more modern and fun-looking fishery logo. This kind of approach sure helps create a unique effect on the audience. The points go to the use of bold, colorful graphics; there are green, blue, oranges, red, and purple. It feels too much, but it feels more appropriate since it represents Sardines. Sardines are one of the staple products consumed by anyone.


3. Big fish

Created by Alex Seciu |

There are ways to develop unique branding in the fisheries business. One of the keys is to put fish in it, and this logo did the best in it. The Big Fish design feels more iconic as the designer did amazing with the use of negative space and spacing. The designer added an image of a fish facing down for a unique feature.


4. South Fork Lodge

Created by Yondr Studio |

It is safe to say that one of the common graphics used in this industry's logo is the fish. But to make a more relevant graphic, use a local fish or anything the brand captures in its business. South Fork Lodge uses its local fish harvest as the main visual. This unique fish will showcase the product and the business quality, which is why the logo feels more personal and proper.


5. Omnia Fishing

Created by Malley Design |

Omnia Fishing sure takes a different way in providing its logo. It uses an initial or letter mark design, which appears like a simple O with an orange background. This kind of design fits perfectly for modern graphic style. And to make the design feel more rewarding and relevant to its business, the designer added a cute little tail on one side. Hence add a touch of personality to the O letter.


6. Kansas Fisheries

Created by Rory Harms |

Rory Harms cleverly put various elements to capture the brand's quality, product, and branding in its logo design. The best to say is that the logo design is circular, which is made by the fishing lain and its bait. Inside, there is a sea and a jumping fish. The additional stars on the fish add a unique and relevant imagery of Kansas.


7. Morgan Fisheries

Created by Mihir Bhavsar |

Morgan Fisheries' logo is one of the best examples of how to establish a good mark in the market. The design is pretty simple but also works as it is. It uses a combination of wordmarks and pictures. The wordmark is drawn in a simple yet professional font. Meanwhile, the graphic is pretty direct, with a drawing of an M with a fish in the middle.


8. Simms Fishing Products

Created by Kevin Kroneberger |

There is a charm in using an old and vintage graphic for logo design. This approach is pretty much common in various businesses, including fisheries. SIMMS logo by Kevin Kroneberger is a good example of how the fish drawing turns into a shape for its logo. The wordmark is drawn inside the fish, following several line art for the distinctive style.


9. Goodwater

Created by Joshua Diaz |

The fisheries graphic is not only about the fish but also the fishermen. Goodwater fly fishing co takes the idea in its concept. The design feels more alive with the picture of four fishermen on a boat fishing. The touch of old-vintage drawing adds a distinctive feature, including the toned yellow color. This vintage design and color are known to be timeless and memorable.


10. Jeff Jennings Fishing Co.

Created by Joe Wilper|

What else is the graphic or illustration that will depict the business? Fishing is one of them, and Jeff Jenning uses its iconic fish lure as part of the logo icon. This logo is one of the best examples of vintage design. The logo uses washed-out colors (red and green), a cool lure graphic, and combination of cursive and formal lettering. Its lure drawing sure leaves an impression.


11. Nantucket

Created by Lisa McCormick |

Nantucket is known as one of the anglers or fishing paradise. It has various types of fish, and its fisheries have been one of its top businesses. For this reason, the logo from Nantucket feels more personal. It has skewed lettering, a cool graphic of a man in a diving suit fishing a fish on a boat. Everything is clad in blue to balance the rich visual.


12. Joseph Ernst

Created by Joseph Ernst |

Vintage design is famous in this business thanks to the well-established industry. Some designers are trying to stay relevant and loyal to the old imagery, which is why many brands have vintage logos. Joseph Ernst also used a similar style to the Duck Camp brand. Its design feels dated with the color pink and detailed graphic drawing of a duck and fish. But it is still a memorable identity.



Created by Tim Frame |

Alana Louise's design is another set of vintage and old-styled logo designs. The fisheries logo design uses similar ideas to many other logo design ideas, as it uses a badge shape, a detailed fish graphic, cursive lettering, and red, dark colors. This is a design that appears timeless, which can add variety and better values to the branding for a long time.



Created by Oleg Martcenko |

From the name, it is safe to assume that the business is a fishing company. With that, the logo takes the main visual element by providing an image of a boat under the sun. This kind of direct graphic imagery is a pretty good decision, especially as a company name. It also uses a blue and yellow color scheme, with the withy drawing and professional names around.


15. Alexey Noss

Created by Alexey Noss |

The first thing that comes to attention from the logo design by Alexey Noss is the visual representation of its brand. The branding name is written using the loud red wordmark. But the graphic behind its logo is what makes it unique. The designer added a whimsical and weird-looking boat with a body of fish to add a unique sense to the logo.


16. Penbroke Fisheries

Created by Dan Brown |

The Pembroke Fisheries logo feels more traditional thanks to its very detailed fish graphic. This kind of graphic is pretty popular thanks to its capability to showcase the fish type. Using the graphic for Pembroke Fisheries helps signify the product and its specialties. It is also easier to remember, especially for people who recognize the type of fish the business portrays in it.


17. Al Khazar Fisheries

Created by Ahmed Aziz |

Simple, modern, versatile, and unique, those aspects are part of the Al Khazar Fisheries logo design. The logo graphic is amazingly drawn and done by using line art. It appears like a fish and waves, drawn in the shape of a circular symbol. Not only the symbol but the fisheries logo designs also use unique fonts, which appear reliable, professional, but also personal.


18. Rippin' Lips

Created by Jordan Blahnik |

From the name itself, Rippin Lips has won its unique branding approach. A fun naming is always a good point to get in the crowded business or industry. To make it better, the designer also goes all out with the visual element. The main illustration is drawn with heavy details; the lettering is a combination of formal and cursive, plus the greenish color keeps everything relevant.


19. The Land of 10000 Lakes

Created by Austin Dennis |

The land of 10000 lakes refers to Minnesota, USA. This is a place where people come for fishing. Thanks to that image, Austin Dennis developed a logo that is very relevant to the name, brand, image, and expectation. The graphic is a fish drawn with green and yellow colors. The name is written at the border of the badge. It also has a tagline for distinctive remarks.


20. Arkansas Fly

Created by Jeremy Teff |

The logo from Arkansas Fly is simple, direct, and clean. The designer does have several mood board ideas, which come with similar styles. The main logo symbol is the flying lure. The rest is the color scheme of green, blue, and cream. The logo is drawn in different types of style, such as a badge, oval, lettering, and so on. It shows the versatility of the design's concept.


21. Elk Creek Ranch

Created by Adam Anderson |

Elk Creek Ranch is going for the greenish color for its logo design. The idea is fitting to its business and name, as it focuses on the creek. The best feature of its design is the wordmark. The logo consists of cursive lettering and formal professional font. It also has a fishing rod to add a flowy drawing. The fish image is a good distinctive feature.


22. The Local Branch

Created by Zachary Kiernan |

The Local Branch's main branding and concept are old school. It uses several features, such as graphic images and drawing with very high details in it. Looking at the mood board, this logo is made to appear more classic and memorable. Hence the old-style drawing and coloring. It even has various vintage features, such as black and white color, hand drawing, or printing.


23. FICL

Created by TOKTOKHAN.DEV |

FICL is probably the most modern and unique fisheries logo design idea. The image is pretty much out of the ordinary, in which every feature is made with modern implementation. It has bright yellow, green, white, and black color. The wordmark is drawn with simple lines and fonts. This kind of design will fit better for modern or young targets for the fishery business market.


24. The Golden Fish

Created by Ardian |

With the fisheries industry taking a huge part in the market, there are various chances of business you can find in it. The Golden Fish seafood and fish restaurant is one of the examples. To keep it versatile and flexible, the designer uses professional and reliable design. It also uses green and gold colors, fitting with the name and luxurious services of the seafood and fish restaurant.


25. PSN Fisheries

Created by Md Tozammel Haque |

PSN fisheries have a rather modern graphic, flat image, and play around with analogous colors. These approaches develop an attractive graphic that fits the market. The first is drawn using a simple shape and shades of blue. The logo also has an image of a fishing pole. It can feel more flexible and versatile, with its arrangement with or without the brand name. PSN is a memorable and simple logo.


26. Yakoda

Created by Dan Lehman |

Nothing is wrong with going straightforward with the design. Yakoda took the idea to heart and made a unique drawing of its fish. The fish is drawn with a unique technique of line art, which also has a peculiar face and look. This kind of exceptional approach surely adds an attractive point to the logo design. For a logo design, it can be used in various mediums and models.


27. Arctic Fishing Industry

Created by Gediminas Medžiaušis |

As the name says, the Arctic Fishing industry is the fishery from the Arctic. This kind of business comes with great potential for design imagery. But the designer decided to use a more neutral design by using a black-and-white logo. The company also uses straight, bold, and formal fonts. Meanwhile, the symbol is drawn in a cute image of an iceberg, fish, and ocean.


28. Chattanooga Creek Flies

Created by Joseph Ernst |

Another vintage and old-style graphic feels like a proper logo design inspiration. Chattanooga Creek flies give a more down-to-earth impression. Its vintage drawing, lettering, and color make it one of the more attractive and unique logo designs to remember. It can easily stay as a timeless design that dates and goes for years. You can see that this design has been in use for years.


29. Hook & Sinker Fisheries

Created by Taslim Oladoja |

The dark green with white color from Hook and Sinker makes a huge contrast for its graphic. But at the same time, it makes a good distinctive aspect of the identity. The design is pretty much simple and old-style. The marlin fish is drawn with such details, creating a huge impression on the audience. Overall, the design shouts out professional services and business.


30. Portland Fishermen

Created by Dmitry Krino |

Portland fisherman logo design works like a charming and fun logo style. The fish image is drawn closely to Portland's mountain. It also has the same green-yellow color scheme, as the design tries to stay related to the watercolor. For a logo design, the unique graphic surely adds a distinctive impression. This made the logo notable in many ways, especially with its visual element.


Frequently Ask Questions

What symbolisms can I use to represent fisheries logo designs?

There are several symbolisms that can be used to represent fisheries logo designs, depending on the values and mission of the business. For example, depictions of fish, marine life, fishing gear, or boats can be used to convey the industry's focus on fishing and aquaculture. Additionally, symbols of sustainability, such as green checkmarks or leaves, can be used to convey a commitment to responsible fishing practices and environmental stewardship. Logos may also include certifications such as the Marine Stewardship Council or the Aquaculture Stewardship Council or messaging around reducing bycatch or minimizing environmental impacts.

Which colours are commonly used in fisheries logo designs?

The colors commonly used in fisheries logo designs are those that reflect the natural beauty and diversity of marine environments. Blue is a popular choice, representing the ocean and water, and can evoke feelings of calmness and reliability. Shades of green can also be used to represent the sustainability and environmental friendliness of the fishing industry. Neutral colors such as gray and white are often used as well, providing a clean and classic look. In some cases, brighter colors such as yellow or orange may be used to add a pop of color and create a more eye-catching logo.

Which target audience should I keep in mind when creating fisheries logo designs?

The target audience to keep in mind when creating fisheries logo designs can vary depending on the specific business or organization. Generally speaking, the target audience for fisheries logos may include consumers who are interested in sustainable and responsible fishing practices, as well as those who appreciate high-quality seafood and the natural beauty of marine environments. Other potential audiences may include retailers and distributors in the seafood industry, as well as investors or stakeholders who are interested in supporting innovative and forward-thinking fishing businesses.

What are the successful examples of fisheries logo designs?

There are many successful examples of fisheries logo designs that effectively communicate the values and mission of the businesses they represent. For example, the Marine Stewardship Council (MSC) logo is a globally recognized symbol of sustainable seafood, featuring a blue checkmark and the words "Certified Sustainable Seafood." Another successful example is the logo for Bumble Bee Seafoods, which features a bold and memorable yellow and black design with a depiction of a bumblebee. The logo for Alaska Seafood, featuring a bold blue and white design with a stylized depiction of a fish, also effectively conveys the quality and sustainability of the brand.

Which design styles are often used to create fisheries logo designs?

The design styles used to create fisheries logo designs can vary depending on the brand's values and mission. However, some common design styles include traditional and classic designs that evoke a sense of history and heritage in the fishing industry. This might include the use of serif fonts, depictions of boats or fishing gear, or imagery that reflects a connection to local or regional fishing traditions. More modern and streamlined designs are also popular, often featuring sans-serif fonts, clean lines, and bold imagery that communicates the brand's commitment to sustainability and responsible fishing practices.


Let us know what you think!

All of these fantastic logo design ideas are created by some of the most talented logo designers worldwide. We hope you enjoy our gallery and remember to leave us a comment below. Cheers!

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