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Article: 30 Best Engineer Logo Design Ideas You Should Check

30 Best Engineer Logo Design Ideas You Should Check

The engineer has been, and is, the maker of history.
Check out some of the best engineer logo design ideas we have curated to inspire your projects!
Created by Vinicius Bernardes | -

Engineer is a professional job, so professionals must also make engineer logo designs professionally. You probably won't be able to afford many design changes. But it never hurts to start with single digits for other design elements.

How we market, our brand will be significant in getting customers. Finding people who can trust your brand will be challenging when you cannot demonstrate the design requirements. Dedication and precision are essential.

Your company work will also get the desired results after the well-designed mark. Your company will also measure how the company logo can describe every size and specialty for construction purposes.

Everyone can use many mark makers to become the perfect tool for the job. This will significantly help your work in presenting the construction design and Engineering logo. So, we can say that you need to explore more engineer logos.

When you start the Engineering industry, mark preparation must also be done. So that there are no mistakes when publishing, and it can produce the type of design that stands out. Just take a look at some of the following design examples:


1. CAP

Created by Kaio Cezar |

The CAP logo is a monogram logotype with only writing three company letters on a simple background. This CAP example uses black as the background for the mark, which is quite interesting.

This CAP logo is not only simple but also emphasizes the value of engineer logo designs. For example, the font and typography used to write the CAP are in an Engineering style. Similar to the construction equipment, which has many sides.


2. Ve

Created by Gustavo Ritter |

The VE mark created by Gustavo Ritter is no less remarkable. They use the symbols V and E but in a slightly curved style. With this VE design style, people could tell it was an Engineering firm.

Black is still an option as a background, and white is a compliment. VE Engineering firm also knows what they are preparing, namely a lettermark with the words eng empire as the slogan of VE.


3. Mandel

Created by Dhyogo Gouveia |

If the MANDEL logo is transparent, other Engineering firms cannot ignore it. This MANDEL mark uses construction paper to be the background. Still, clear construction drawings, calculations, and drawing lines are typical of an engineer's job.

These engineer logo designs are also quite interesting because they use a light play on several sides. In the center of the picture is the MANDEL logo that looks like a bent trident. The red color is chosen and gives an aggressive impression.



Created by Roger Alves |

Contrary to the MANDEL mark. The ECOS logo is quite simple and minimalist. ECOS is an Engineering company in the construction sector, so the elements and icons of upright buildings are the leading choices for the ECOS mark design.

In addition, ECOS writing is also done in such a way with its characteristics. There are no diagonal angles between the letters, but they are all sharp angles. And with a style like this, the impression of a construction and Engineering logo.


5. P3 Group

Created by Matthias Scholz |

The new Engineering company could also include the P3's design style as inspiration. If you look at it usually, this is indeed an engineer mark design that looks simple but has a more prominent meaning than other firms.

P3 Group is an Engineering company that focuses on the service sector. The designer chose to include elements P and 3 only for the logo. With a dark blue color, the mark looks very dominant compared to the gray background color.


6. Sizing Solutions

Created by Dale Blackwood |

Because this company focuses on size calculations, that's the message they brought to the following logo design engineers. From a glance, you can tell it is a company that will be wanted in terms of the Engineering logo.

The mark used is shaped like a stack of blocks. But if you look at it from the side, it looks like a beehive, or it could be an abstract image. So this is also the focus, namely a matter of calculation and size.


7. Redmax

Created by Dhyogo Gouveia |

The Redmax logo is undoubtedly solid. People who see the design will be amazed by what has been presented. Using a mark is also not difficult for you to create distinctive engineer logo designs for your Engineering company.

Using the primary color red with the classic font makes the impression of this Engineering firm is playing safe. The primary mark is like a parallelogram and a right triangle so that the logo looks quite a lot of attention.


8. Moder

Created by Everton Gargioni |

Moderators use 3 doors as their icons. 3 doors are placed at a slight angle inward and attached to each other. So from a design like that, it also seems that there is a particular shape, and of course, unique.

Moder uses a simple typography game, and the background color is also prevalent. The dark red color was chosen as the primary color for the Modern mark. At the same time, for the typography itself, the Arial font is capitalized.


9. Engex

Created by Pulp Brands |

Engex can also be an example and reference for your logo. Using the spaceship theme makes the resulting mark look very prominent. Even those who saw it could immediately tell that it was Engex.

The choice of colors, spacing, and fonts are very bold. The light blue color was chosen as the background, with a bluish-white color as the font color. Engex also includes a logo such as a crossed-out triangle for its icon.


10. LOS

Created by Rod Castro |

The following Engineering company is LOS, and the selection of this engineer is also quite bold. White and orange in the middle with a slightly brownish blue color as the background color is a suitable combination for the Engineering mark.

Not to mention the choice of icons used in the form of the letter S in orange with a frame that is not all connected. Seeing an engineer firm logo like this will let you know more designs that can be realized in your mark.


11. Kineer

Created by Dhyogo Gouveia |

The 30 best logos that you should check next are those presented by Kineer. They use the lettermark type for the mark, which is unique, especially with writing that allows him to communicate with potential clients.

Kineer is an Engineering company that emphasizes that they are building construction with passion. The font used may be Robota or more advanced. But we can't ignore the background either.


12. Nerellab

Created by Taylor Shady |

Nerellab also brings a design that is no less cool than the others. Designers take advantage of their creativity to present a mark with the characteristics of an engineer. Included in the choice of fonts and icons in the Engineering Team.

The orange-red color chosen as the icon indicates that a firm can bring satisfaction. While writing Nerellab, which is reported separately, makes it an advantage. Even with just that icon, I can already tell it's Nerrelab.


13. Fabric

Created by walid harakat |

The following Engineering company that can be an option is Fabric. This mark is more straightforward than the others, especially the use of the Calibri font for Fabric writing. What adds to the uniqueness is the icon next to the word Fabric.

There is an icon that resembles a blockboard made sideways. It seemed to give a 3D impression to people who saw it directly. But unfortunately, these engineer logo designs did not dare to play with unique colors.


14. Rossion

Created by Liza Kuznetsova |

Rossion's color play must be recognized as unique and exciting. They tried to lock up with a blue icon - a white background or a white icon - a blue background, and it said Rossion was dark blue.

The Rossion mark is like a flag, with a wave in the middle. This is a prevalent logo image today and can be modified according to the designer's creativity. You can also follow the unique font.


15. Pats

Created by Marcio Nascimento |

PATS uses abstract styles to describe its designs. So that this PATS becomes an inspiration that you can also use for your Engineering Team, with an abstract class, you can also create it according to your motivation and creativity.

PATS has an Engineering-style design. The best free engineering logo designs. That you should check are using grayscale colors. Gray, black, white, and also gray. You can change the color according to your creation.


16. The Bridge

Created by Hafeez Olamide |

Engineering the bridge mark can also be selected. The Bridge Construct uses navy blue as the base color, peacock as the bridge color, and also white to write the Bridge Construct text in the Engineering logo.

Because the name is the Bridge, there is a bridge icon. The font used is quite simple but with an excellent style. This is also a minimalist style; you can follow it for your next Engineering Team design.


17. BEU

Created by Victor Hugo Ellion |

The Engineering firm from BEU uses a constructed type. With everything angular and classic. With style like this, you can follow your engineer mark and company design with slight modifications.

Only with the monogram style, a combination of letters with a few basic shapes, can it be created further. Victor Hugo Ellion can come up with an attractive mark and style that suits the choice of many people.


18. Firmum

Created by Ruben Daems |

FIRMUM has an engineering logo design free that is quite common. With white color for typography and blue color for background color. But it's also very similar to the brands that can be found in general.

This mark made by FIRMUM uses an icon like a warehouse divided by 2. So, please note such a style, you can create it according to the part of your company firm, especially for the best engineer logo design.


19. Draftal

Created by Rafael Cardoso |

The Draftal mark uses the most common styles; even the icons selected are basic. Draftal is an engineer logo design that clearly describes the Engineering firm. But only the font style, in our opinion, is quite disturbing to the eye. 

The Draftal icon uses the letter D, which has a layer underneath. White is the color chosen to fill the icon and brand. As for the background, DRAFTAL uses a dark blue color that looks very suitable.


20. Geolaf

Created by Sávio Carvalho |

We have to admit that the most widely used color for mark engineers is blue. Just like Geolaf, which uses blue, there is an element of gray. Geolaf also has a lock-up design for appropriate creations.

The final design from Geolaf, with the icon at the top, the brand in the middle, and specialization at the bottom layer. The color for the icon is red, with the unique GEOLaf font. But the background color is quite disturbing.


21. Visto

Created by Vinicius Bernardes |

You can follow engineer logo designs, and you'll notice Visto uses several blocks arranged with typical engineer calculations. The font selection is also more straightforward, with the dominant color being plain white.

The block icon we mentioned earlier used the color red. The red color chosen is pretty much aggressive. At the same time, the background color is a slightly grayish-black color. So in looking for it, the clients can earn insight there.


22. Hydor

Created by Diana Coe |

You can't ignore the Hydor mark if it's one of the coolest. The gear logo, usually found in the design engineer, has been replaced in the form of particles. And many praised the design work for being so creative as well.

The hydro mark was also chosen in white, with the letter O that the designer modified. For the background, we can say that this is an exciting color. In the end, there is a black color; then the fading becomes dark blue and light blue.


23. Sorat

Created by Artur Santos |

The SORAT mark has a simple, minimalist, and engineer style. The color chosen for the background is also excellent, light gray. In addition, the fonts and icons are there for other elements in engineering logo makers that are no less cool.

The light orange color is the typical color for the Sorat icon, which depicts the letter S. In addition, for branding, the font for writing Sorat is very Engineering. For those who like minimalist style, SORAT style is the most suitable.


24. Stucco

Created by 327 creative studio |

The STUCCO mark, in our opinion, is quite outdated. This style is no longer the time to be your branding identity. But STUCCO's designers were able to package that style into something that's cool and doesn't look outdated.

As an Engineering firm, STUCCO knows how to make their engineer logo designs look expensive. STUCCO also uses a lettermark style, with prominent branding, while the tagline is small. And the slogan chosen is Finely Engineered Solutions.


25. tenfen

Created by Cássio Podgaietsky |

Tenfen uses a retro mark as well as a construction style. This style is bold, mainly because of the choice of black and dark gray colors. By choosing a logo like Tenfen, you can create according to your creativity.

Tenfen is also a mark that uses a monogram style. Retro style like the one in the Tenfen logo makes the engineer's construction meet expectations. Appreciation to CÁSSIO PODGAIETSKY, who can present such an excellent design.


26. UES

Created by Rhombus Studio |

Take a look at the UES marketing brochure. You could say that their mark style makes the entire flyer eye-catching, getting a lot of attention. UES uses combination words as well as symbols from the Engineering logo.

This UES mark resembles a ladder or a snake, then adds the UES lettering on the side. The dark blue color was chosen on the base color white layer. The selection of the UES logo is also a good idea for engineer logo designs.


27. Ballistic Engineering

Created by Ayela Julius |

The letter B, composed of glass particles, makes it a system and method you should check out. People who will use the services of an engineer will realize that it is the type of mark that will get a lot of attention from the outside public.

There are 8 layers and glass particles arranged into the letter B. Next, you can add a choice of Ballistic names or other names with really suitable fonts. White color with a colorful background is not a problem for the Engineering logo.


28. Birmingham Busworks

Created by Kieran Reilly |

The engineer logo designs from Birmingham Busworks also give a no less incredible impression than other logos. Its simple style makes it easy to catch eyes, including its flagship orange background.

Birmingham busworks is a mark engineer created by Kieram Reilly in a London font. No wonder because this is an Engineering firm from England. You can try the Birmingham Busworks style for your firm's logo.


29. GRS

Created by João Pedro Pina |

GRS Engenharia is quite bold in presenting the design. They use the results of their Engineering work as a background. The red color was also chosen with black fading for the background, which was quite prominent.

Again, black, red, and white were chosen as the primary colors of GRS's mark. Similar to other engineering team logos, the selected red color is more prominent. And of course, with style like that, many eyes are attracted.


30. Ambientale

Created by Xava Design |

Ambientale Engenharia Inteligente uses a natural impression as their Engineering firm. Maybe you are wondering about how there is a relationship with nature. But Ambientale can realize some of those points.

Ambiental uses a green leaf background with a black fading. For Ambiental writing, it is yellowish-white. And the mark is beautified with a logo that describes the engineer, as well as nature.


Final Words

One of the critical keys to business success is presenting a clear identity. The civil Engineering logo will convey the brand message to potential clients for your Engineering company. So you need to check it clearly.

Including an engineer mark in brochures and banners will improve the company's face. Getting more clients to present on top of the company and people to start using your service will be easy.

In general, those who use the mark are Engineering firms. With that logo, it will be an essential factor to start the project with an excellent band image. That way, you can get the best engineer logo designs for your company.


Let us know what you think!

These above references are done by some of the most talented designers all over the world. If you think your work is better and would like to showcase yours here in this post, please feel free to email your work to Cheers!


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