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Article: 30 Best Rocket Logo Design Ideas You Should Check

30 Best Rocket Logo Design Ideas You Should Check

The deeper the journey into inner space, the further the possibilities in outer space.
Check out some of the best rocket logo design ideas for your projects!
Created by Nevena Savić |

Rocket logos have become popular and iconic symbols in various industries, representing innovation, progress, and a sense of adventure. The design of a rocket logo is often carefully crafted to convey the values and aspirations of the organization it represents. 

The concept of using rockets in logos can be traced back to the mid-20th century, a time when space exploration and technological advancements captured the imagination of people around the world. The Space Age, which began with the launch of the Soviet satellite Sputnik in 1957, sparked a wave of interest in space travel and rocketry. This newfound fascination with outer space influenced the design of logos, especially those associated with aerospace companies, science fiction publications, and futuristic brands.

Rocket logos commonly feature a stylized depiction of a rocket, often streamlined and sleek in design. The rocket is typically portrayed with flames shooting out from its engines, symbolizing power and propulsion. This imagery represents the idea of pushing boundaries, reaching for the stars, and propelling oneself forward into new frontiers. It conveys a sense of ambition, adventure, and the pursuit of the extraordinary.

In addition to aerospace companies, rocket logos have also been adopted by a wide range of industries and organizations that strive to embody the spirit of exploration and progress. Technology companies, startups, and innovation hubs often incorporate rocket imagery into their logos to convey a sense of cutting-edge advancements and forward-thinking ideas. These logos aim to capture the excitement and potential of new discoveries and breakthroughs.

Here are some of the best rocket logo design ideas you can reference:


1. Alen Pavlovic

Created by Rocket Mountain |

A recent project by Alen Pavlovic for Slovenian Space Agency uses a rocket theme. This agency has a primary national symbol of a mountain called Triglav or tri heads. That is why the logo contains three peaks of a blue mountain with a rocket symbol in the middle mountain. This logo does not include any typography, but the graphics represent the agency enough.


2. Houston Rockets

Created by Michael Irwin |

Michael Irwin created a logo concept for Houston Rockets by combining red and yellow. It incorporates a yellow basketball ball with a shooting rocket pass through, leaving a red star on it. You can discover the white cloud underneath the yellow ball. The typography is a white font in uppercase letters with stars accent at the top and a yellow line surrounding this logo.


3. Lead Lab

Created by Migléna Spásova |

Lead Lab has a rocket logo design created by Miglena Spasova. It uses an orange background that represents a rocket theme. The symbol is a white Erlenmeyer flask with a pre-launch rocket on it. Hence, it looks like the leaks are due to the rocket illustration. The typography of the lab name is in bold white font with uppercase letters.


4. Fouronline

Created by Deividas Bielskis |

Fouronline is an internet agency that focuses primarily on growing other businesses through online marketing and web design. The logo design incorporates a small blue rocket symbol with an orange fire on its bottom. The designer uses the same blue color for the typography of its name in a bold standard font. The white background looks fun with the orange and blue star accents.


5. Musiverse

Created by Tamara Radke |

A cool version of the logo concept for a music school in Shanghai, China, uses the rocket theme. It features a cute white elephant character riding a rocket as the symbol. It also comes with an orange accent on the back to make it look clear on a light blue background. The typography is minimalist, with black uppercase letters beneath the character in the logo.


6. Axis

Created by Afzaluzzaman Saju |

A rocket ship logo for Axis created by Afzaluzzaman combines a red background and white graphic. The symbol is a white launched rocket with three vertical lines to represent the smoke. The designer also made a white circle surrounding the rocket symbol. The typography appears underneath with white font in lowercase letters. It creates a balanced look for this rocket logo design.


7. VitaNauts

Created by R A H A J O E |

An approved logo for VitaNauts created by Rahajoe looks unique because it does not incorporate any typography. The color schemes only use a combination of white and red. The symbol is a graphic of a man riding a rocket in red. It looks distinct on the white background. It even includes a small trademark under the rocket graphic, which is still recognizable.



Created by Badr |

A brand exploration for Homasap uses different blue palettes in its logo. First, you can see it in the dark blue background, making the graphic and typography look clear. The symbol is a small rocket with different colors on its body. They are blue shades, white, and orange. The typography is a bold white font in uppercase letters and a trademark at the end.


9. Rockstar

Created by Akdesain |

The brand identity of Rockstar includes a rocket logo design. The designer prefers to use neutral color schemes in this logo. You can discover a black background that matches the symbol and typography. The symbol is a light brown rocket with a star on its body. The typography for the business name uses a bold standard font in uppercase letters.


10. Nakama

Created by Deividas Bielskis | Deividas Bielskis

Nakama is a real-time social, competitive game server. For its visual identity, the designer uses a rocket logo to present what this company provides. Its logo uses a dark blue background which looks suitable with the symbol and typography. It uses a rocket symbol with bold purple edges. The typography of its name is bold with font in standard style.


11. Quasar

Created by Sopyan Giantoro |

The Quasar logo by Sopyan Giantoro uses a Saturn planet as a symbol. However, he plays with the bold line creatively to form a small triangle in the middle that looks like a rocket. The typography is also in white but uses less boldness level but an uppercase script. The background is a night sky with a light line that looks like a rocket’s trace.


12. Air Rocket

Created by Anamul Hossen |

Air Rocket is another spaceship company with a rocket logo design. It features a white paper plane to symbolize the rocket. This symbol matches the bold typography in lowercase script on its side. The designer uses a light blue background to create a contrasting look. However, a combination of light blue and white in the logo looks cute and iconic.


13. astrololy

Created by Deividas Bielskis |

A logo concept designed by Deividas Bielskis looks cute and iconic but ends up unused. It features a rocket symbol with a middle body that looks like a lollipop because it has a pink shade combined with blue. The typography of its name appears underneath in bold white font and lowercase script. The background is navy, but the designer adds plus and circle for star elements.


14. Apollo Program

Created by Mikołaj Szymkowiak |

Apollo Program is a logo for an awesome team called AuthO that focuses on writing about technology, IT, and all geek stuff. That is why the designer uses a quill as a symbol with red and blue for the color schemes. He also adds a red circle surrounding it. The typography for the team name uses an uppercase script with different font sizes.


15. ASB All Star 2021

Created by Yury Orlov |

ASB All Star 2021 has a rocket logo design created by Yury Orlov. The logo comes out in a navy circle with a red ribbon across as it contains white typography and white ACE word in uppercase script. The logo uses lighter blue for another typography and combines it with a white bling-bling effect. The shooting rocket symbol is red with a yellow accent.


16. AM rocket

Created by Yuri Kartashev |

AM Rocket is a logo design by Yuri Karthasev that applies a rocket theme. Yuri only works with white and red for the color schemes. The symbol is a launched rocket in red with fire on its bottom, showing that it is moving upward. The typography of the name uses a similar font with different boldness levels to highlight AM and a smaller-sized establishment year.


17. Airolane

Created by Saidur |

A logo concept designed by Saidur for Airolane applies simplicity and looks good, although it ends up unused. It includes an open box with different blue palettes on its sides and white in the middle representing the rocket. The typography uses a standard font in black with a bigger size to match the symbol’s height.


18. Rocket games

Created by Alexandra Metlitskaya |

A rocket logo design created by Alexandra Metlitskaya only uses a combination of two neutral colors. However, it is powerful enough as branding because the symbol appears in a more heroic style. It features a moving rocket with some creative lines on both sides in white. The typography of its name uses the bold font in two rows to balance the symbol.


19. Astro Division

Created by HRO Design |

A logo design for Astro Division presented by HRO Design combines black and brown for the whole concept. It features a man riding on a moving rocket with starry elements in his surroundings. The designer puts the typography of its name in a half circle with a Saturn symbol. Meanwhile, the typography for the brand name uses different font styles and sizes.


20. Lia Tanasa

Created by Lia Tanasa |

Lia Tanasa provides another idea for those looking for a rocket logo. It plays with different blue palettes, white and cream. The rocket illustration looks distinct on a dark blue background because she a combination of white, light blue, and cream. The typography comprises bigger sizes for rockets in cream and smaller light blue for the space combined with connected blue lines.


21. João Augusto

Created by Apollo¹¹ |

Oleg Coada presents another rocket logo design, although it ends up unused. This logo looks vibrant because it uses yellow background. Besides, he plays with bold black lines to create a rocket symbol with a grey fire on its bottom. The typography for its name is also in black uppercase script with 11 grey superscripts.


22. Takeoff

Created by Bohdan Harbaruk |

Takeoff is a web development agency that collaborates exclusively with other agencies. They serve digital, creative, PR, and digital marketing agencies. Its logo is a small rocket with colorful lines behind and brackets on both sides. The typography of its name is a bold black font with a dev superscript. On the bottom of the white background, there are some colorful dashes.


23. Netpay

Created by Sumesh |

Netpay combines target and rocket in its logo design. That is why the symbol is a circular target with a rocket launched from it. Both are in blue but in different shades. The typography of its name is in bold white font. The background of this logo is dark blue which looks contrast with the typography and symbol.


24. Huntsville Alabama

Created by Crisy Meschieri Dyment |

A rocket design logo for Huntsville, Alabama, in Rocket City, USA, has an iconic design. It looks like an emblem with a grey inner part and an orange frame with white typography inside. The rocket symbol appears in the middle of the emblem with starry elements on its top. You can discover the establishment year and year of 2019 side by side.


25. Reelay

Created by Jowel Ahmed |

A Reelay logo design created by Jowel Ahmed also looks simple but memorable. It uses blue dominantly, especially for the background. The designer combines it with white to ensure the typography and symbol looks clear. The typography is a simple paper plane that looks like in messaging app. The typography of its name is also white in a bold standard font.


26. Rocket

Created by Daud Husain Sami |

Daud Husein Sami combines typography and symbol to represent a rocket as brand identity. It only uses a white background with black typography but creates effective branding. The designer uses an uppercase script in the typography. However, he changes the C and K letters into something which looks like a launched rocket. Hence, the rocket symbol appears in the typography.


27. RocketFish

Created by Elif Kameşoğlu |

A rocket logo design for Rocketfish depicts the name very well because the designer combines the fish and rocket into a symbol. The designer puts the blue fish vertically and adds an orange fire on its bottom to represent a launched rocket. Meanwhile, he only uses a bold standard font style for the typography, which looks distinct on a white background.


28. Axis

Created by Nevena Savić |

A logo design challenge created by Nevena Savić also applies a rocket theme. She does not put the rocket symbol separately. Instead, she replaces one of the letters in the typography with it. The typography uses a lowercase script in a lighter blue than the navy background. The designer replaces the X letter with a launched rocket with a white smoke effect. 


29. Conceptic

Created by Conceptic |

Conceptic sticks to simplicity and minimalist design in creating its rocket logo. It even does not include any typography, so the users can add more customization if they are interested in using this design. It features a simple rocket graphic divided into two parts. Its body is in black and white the fire effect on its bottom is in orange.


30. CosmoDay x Zhenya Artemjev

Created by Zhenya Artemjev |

CosmoDay and Zhenya Artemjev collaborates to create a rocket logo design for the CosmoDay festival. The design is cute as it features a black circle representing aerospace with planets and stars. The symbol is a cute character riding a rocket in red and white color combos. The typography is under the rocket in arch up style following the circle edge.


Frequently Ask Questions

What are the cultural or symbolic meanings of the rocket logo designs?

Rocket logo designs carry several cultural and symbolic meanings. They represent progress, innovation, and the pursuit of new frontiers. Rockets symbolize ambition, adventure, and the human desire to explore and push boundaries. They embody the spirit of discovery, scientific advancement, and the excitement of space exploration. Rocket logos often evoke a sense of power, propulsion, and forward momentum. They inspire a sense of wonder, curiosity, and the belief in limitless possibilities.

What types of industries are suitable for using rocket logo designs?

Rocket logo designs are versatile and can be suitable for a range of industries that align with the symbolism and values associated with rockets. Aerospace and aviation companies, including space exploration agencies, satellite manufacturers, and rocket manufacturers, naturally find rocket logos fitting. Additionally, technology companies, startups, and innovation hubs can utilize rocket logos to represent their cutting-edge advancements and forward-thinking ideas. Educational institutions, science centers, and research organizations may adopt rocket logos to symbolize knowledge, exploration, and scientific discovery.

Which colours are commonly used in rocket logo designs?

Commonly used colors in rocket logo designs are carefully chosen to evoke specific emotions and convey the desired brand message. Vibrant and energetic colors such as red, orange, and yellow are frequently used to symbolize power, energy, and dynamism. Blue is a popular choice as it represents trust, professionalism, and a sense of reliability. Silver and metallic tones are often incorporated to convey high-tech precision and futuristic aesthetics. Black can be used to add a sense of sophistication and elegance.

What other symbolisms can I combine with rocket logo designs?

Rocket logo designs can be combined with various other symbolisms to enhance their meaning and visual impact. Some common symbols include stars, which represent aspirations, guidance, and the vastness of space. Planets or celestial bodies can symbolize exploration, discovery, and the limitless possibilities of the universe. Wings can be added to signify freedom, speed, and progress. Circuits or gears can represent technology, innovation, and the interconnectedness of systems. Additionally, arrows or upward-pointing elements can reinforce the idea of growth, advancement, and moving forward.

Which famous brands or companies are using rocket symbolism in logo designs?

Several famous brands and companies have incorporated rocket symbolism into their logo designs, representing their values of innovation, progress, and forward-thinking. SpaceX, founded by Elon Musk, features a sleek and stylized rocket in its logo, reflecting its mission of revolutionizing space technology. Blue Origin, the space venture founded by Jeff Bezos, also incorporates a rocket in its logo, symbolizing its commitment to advancing space exploration. Additionally, Rocket Lab, a private aerospace manufacturer, prominently displays a rocket in its logo.


Let us know what you think!

All of these fantastic logo design ideas are created by some of the most talented logo designers worldwide. We hope you enjoy our gallery and remember to leave us a comment below. Cheers!

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