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Article: 30 Best Website Logo Design Ideas You Should Check

30 Best Website Logo Design Ideas You Should Check

The key to a successful digital business is to start before you are ready.
Check out some of the best website logo design ideas to inspire your projects!
Created by Hamza Shehzad |

Meta desc: Looking at some ideas can help you create a website logo design. Here, we have a list of 30 logo designs from talented designers from around the world.

Your website needs a logo. You don’t want just any website logo design. You want a high-quality logo that can convey your brand’s personality and attract customers. Creating such a visual representation for your brand is not easy. If anything, it can be a daunting task.

Fortunately, you don't need to start the process from scratch. No need to reinvent the wheel, either. One of the first steps you can take in creating a website logo is to look for inspiration. When you look at other designers’ works, it will help you get an idea of what your brand’s visual representation should look like.

You can learn which elements work, like what colors are effective, which font suits your brand’s personality best, what shapes give the right impression, and what to avoid. Below, we have a list of 30 website logo design ideas from talented designers from around the world.


1. Telescope Films

Created by Gabriel Lefebvre |

A logo is not just a pretty visual. It is much more than that. It is one of a brand’s visual representations. Gabriel Lefebvre’s work here emphasizes that. With a clean and minimalist design, it communicates that the brand knows what counts; it is cool and up-to-date.

Notice how the black and white color scheme makes it quite noticeable and memorable. The overall design is simple yet clean and sleek, which fits the brand.


2. Oleg Kulik

Created by Bananazz Agency |

While logos often have easily recognizable shapes and establish an immediate connection, that doesn’t mean your options are limited to these shapes.

A brand visual representation with abstract shapes can work well, too. Created by Oleg Kulik, the design here keeps things simple. It has a very personal touch to it, too. This design is quite versatile as it can work not just on a website but also on other branding materials.


3. Cafler

Created by Toormix Design Agency |

This work of art is created by Toormix Design Agency. A good logo communicates a brand’s personality. This design here does it well.

Notice that when you see it, you immediately think about vehicles. That is what the logo is designed for. It was designed for Cafler, a Barcelona-based startup that focuses on delegated vehicle mobility.

The brand’s visual representation successfully communicates a story with a simple symbol that looks easy on the eye.


4. Refactor

Created by Play Studio |

Colors have a lot of different meanings. When you create a visual representation for your brand, you need to pay attention to color. Created by Play Studio, the design here is dominated by red, with the text coming in white.

The color red is associated with youthful passion and excitement, and they want to stand out. That encompasses what Refactor is all about, a brand that seeks to refactor the world by helping seed-stage companies.


5. Really English Club

Created by Marina Vedenskaya |

Marina Vedenskaya’s work for Really English Club is one of the design ideas that are simple yet get the job done. The stylish font makes the design noticeable. The contrast between the text and the background brings attention to the text even more.

This type of logo is known as a wordmark. It is all about typography, which is why the design uses only the name of the brand and nothing else.



Created by Graphéine |

Many brands go by their initials. This work is an excellent example of how an initial can be turned into a good website logo design. JVFR stands for; a fans-developed turned professional website for video games.

The stylized and bold font of the design is eye-catching. The red color, which communicates passion and excitement, further enhances its looks. The neutral background provides the perfect stage for the design to shine and stand out.



Created by Christina Dmitrieva |

A good visual representation of a brand is simple and doesn’t overcomplicate things. The Yellow Duck logo, created by Christina Dmitrieva, showcases how even a simple, straight-to-the-point design can be impactful.

What’s amazing about it is that the website logo is a combination mark. That is, it combines text and symbol. The brand name is there, the text is white with the stylized “U,” and there is a tiny duck inside the letter O.



Created by |

The next one on the list is a work created by Szikora Sara. This work is an example of abstract logo marks. Unlike pictorial marks, abstract logo marks are not immediately recognizable. Rather, they condense a brand into a truly unique symbol.

When you see it, you are unlikely to grasp any immediate connection the logo has to any existing image. However, you can feel that the logo does have a unique personality.



Created by 製所設計 MADE&CO. |

When done right, text-only logos or wordmarks can look amazing. The Evopure+’s logo proves that. Notice how the name of the business becomes the logo. Since it is text-only, typography becomes especially important.

Notice how sleek and modern the design is. Not only does it makes use of stylized font, but it also utilizes contrast and whitespace. Even the “+” is stylized. The result is an eye-catching modern logo that no one can ignore.



Created by Monumento Co |

Created by Monumento. Co, this amazing work of art is designed for Pet-a-Porter, a one-stop premium pet bazaar. The design is as straight to the point as it gets. Another example of wordmark logos, this logo lets you know what it is all about with just a glance.

The logo has a classy font. The contrast between the text and the background allows it to shine. The stylized “a” in the middle makes it memorable.


11. Shopier

Created by Fol. |

The next website logo design inspiration is Fol’s Shopier work. A good logo differentiates a brand from its competition. The Shopier logo does that.

It is a platform that offers payment and sales automation in various marketplaces, social media, as well as other channels on the internet. The simple design sets it apart. While the design is rather minimalist, it grabs attention effortlessly. In addition to that, it also communicates the brand’s personality well.


12. Transcend

Created by Ramotion |

Ramotion creates a combination mark for Transcend. Notice how the work includes both text and symbol elements. With the text placed next to the symbol, the design stands out visually but without being visually overwhelming at all.

The use of whitespace is also nice as it draws attention to the center. When a combination mark is made right, customers will associate both elements with the brand. That is what this website logo design does.


13. Foundation Capital

Created by C42D Creative|

A black and white color scheme is classic. It is often used in a logo. There is a good reason for that: it works. When combined with a well-designed symbol, it results in a memorable logo that is easily noticeable. C42D Creative’s Foundation Capital logo here proves that.

The white text is contrasted with the black background. The symbol is in aqua, adding an interesting visual focal point while still keeping things balanced.


14. Matter Motion

Created by R Y B A S T U D I O ® |

Created by RYBASTUDIO, the Matter Motion logo communicates what the brand is: an animation and 3D visualization studio. This impressive work combines the initials of the brand with its full name.

When you look at the design, you immediately know what the name of the brand is. With the stylized monogram, the logo can’t just be ignored. There is also soft contrast here, which allows it to shine just enough to grab attention.


15. Elevation

Created by Ozan Karakoc |

When you create a visual representation for your website, try to create it in black and white first. A good website logo design will look good regardless of its color palette. While colors are important to deliver certain messages and evoke certain associations, they are complimentary.

Ozan Karakoc’s Elevation impressive work here shows what a good logo looks like in different color palettes. Notice how regardless of the color palette, it still looks good.


16. Roon

Created by Esdras Lucas |

This interesting website logo is created by Esdras Lucas. It is one of the lettermark logo ideas on the list. The design uses the brand’s name uniquely and memorably.

Take a look at the stylization. Rather than having two separate letters O, the logo has an elliptical one. This makes the design unique and more interesting to look at. With analogous shades of blue, Roon’s visual representation is quite easy on the eye.



Created by TRÜF |

TRUF uses interesting shapes for the Demarest logo. Notice there are five half circles with three different sizes. They correspond to the shape of the letter D, which comes after the symbol.

The similarity between the circles and the letter creates an association. The next time you see the symbol, you will probably recognize the Demarest brand. That’s what a good website logo design does. It is memorable and differentiates a brand from others.


18. Tedroid

Created by Suleyman Suleymanov |

Created by Suleyman Suleymanov, the Tedroid visual representation is meant for a blog and media channel that covers various topics, from technology and science to startups. The robot-like symbol on the left reminds us of technology and topics related to it, which is what the website covers.

When you see the design, your attention will immediately shift to the center. What’s more, it mixes minimalism with more technological styles, creating a unique visual identity.


19. Markets

Created by Dmitry Tikhonchuk |

Dmitry Tikhonchuk’s work is created for Markets, a digital market agency. You immediately know what the website logo is all about just by looking at it.

On the left, there is a symbol of a demand curve. The small detail here is what makes the logo so interesting. Notice how the curve moves upward after a certain point. This implies that if a business works with Markets, it will see an increase in profit.



Created by GRAFIX SCHOOL |

There is nothing wrong with using bright colors in a brand’s visual representation. When done right, it can allow your website’s logo to be unique and stand out from your competition.

Grafix School’s work for Beep In shows how beautiful a design can be with bright colors. The symbol comes in orange, the text in white, and the background is black. The combination of the three creates a sleek, unique, and unmissable design.


21. Flunk

Created by Emre Can Şahin |

Emre Can Sahin’s work for Flunk shows that red and pink can go hand in hand. While it is text only, it attracts attention effortlessly. What’s more, the design does so without being visually overwhelming. If anything, it is easy on the eye.

The design uses a display font, a type of font that is highly stylized, decorative, and eye-catching. Combined with the color palette, this work of art is really hard to miss.


22. Via Mondo

Created by Alexandra Black Bug Creation |

Alexandra Black Bug Creation’s Via Mondo website logo design is unique. While it has a minimalist design, it looks premium. The work is rather simple, but it gives off an elegant vibe. This suits the Via Mondo Brand, which is a premium real estate agency.

The symbol is a stylized combination of the letter V and M. The text is based on a serif font, which is a characteristic of premium brands.


23. Element

Created by Travis Ladue |

One of the most important things to note when creating a brand’s visual representation is to aim for simplicity. That is not to say you can’t have a delicate design, of course. It is just that a simple design is easy on the eye and can be remembered easily, which you want yours to be.

The Element’s visual representation exemplifies simplicity, but it checks all the right boxes for a good website logo design.


24. openAnt

Created by Simon Störk |

Simon Stork’s work for OpenAnt has a very clever design. It plays on the word “ant,” which happens to be a part of the brand’s name, and based the design on it.

M is a combination mark, combining a symbol of an ant on the left with the brand’s name on the right. The text and symbol are black, while the background is yellow. The result is a visual focal point that draws attention.


25. Silken

Created by Hamza Shehzad |

While a logo needs to be pretty, it is more than a pretty visual. It needs to convey messages and the brand’s personality to customers. Hamza Shehzad’s work here does them very well.

The letter mark styling and the chosen font convey modernity, giving the impression that the brand is up to date and knows what counts. The black and white contrast is complemented by blue smoke, which makes the design more interesting.



Created by Tatiana Pelevina |

The next one on our list is Tatiana Pelevina’s work for the brand Decoholism. The work is unique. On the one hand, the design is rather minimalist. On the other, it uses simple shapes, emphasizing its modernity.

The visual representation is created for a décor store, and it is able to communicate it very well. Notice the play of light and shadows. The symbol is abstract, adding a truly unique personal element to the design.


27. Euroconsult

Created by Graphéine |

This work is created by Grapheine for Euroconsult, a strategy consulting firm that specializes in the space sector. The design embodies this. Notice the letter O in the text. It looks like a small planet in levitation.

While the shift in height is small, it conveys the idea of movement. More specifically, of taking off. It tells the customers that when they work with the firm, their space projects can get off the ground.


28. Imperium

Created by fhm design |

FHM Design’s work for Imperium is bold and elegant. The website logo design consists of a symbol of a tiger, the brand’s name, and a brief description of what the brand offers.

What is interesting about the design is how it involves shapes and the right font to express boldness and elegance. When you see it, your attention is immediately drawn to the tiger, creating an association between the tiger symbol and the brand.


29. Growbe

Created by Matheus Henrique |

While the text is often included in a brand visual representation, it is not a must. Using only a symbol can work, too. Matheus Henrique’s work for Growbe is an excellent example of that.

This pictorial mark shows interesting shapes. In fact, there are three shapes if you count the white space inside the iconography. With a multi-colored background, the design stands out very easily. Moreover, it looks good even when its color is changed.


30. Wyd Group

Created by Graphéine |

The next inspiration is from Grapheine. It is a work created for a recruitment agency named WYD Group. The iconography comes from the letter W, which is rotated 90 degrees.

You can see there are two arrows moving forward. The two meet in the middle. Being a recruitment agency, the idea of the meeting is the core of WYD Group’s business. The color red communicates passion and excitement and makes it bold and unmissable.


Final Words

Creating a good brand visual representation takes time. When you create a visual representation for your website, do take your time. Don’t rush. A well-designed work goes a long way. Remember, your logo is a visual representation of your brand. You want to design it as unique and as good as possible.

Get inspired, but never imitate. Also, make a logo that communicates your brand’s personality to your customers and differentiates your website from your competitors. We hope the ideas from the talented designers we listed above help you create a unique website logo design that is truly yours. Good luck.


Let us know what you think!

These above references are done by some of the most talented designers all over the world. If you think your work is better and would like to showcase yours here in this post, please feel free to email your work to Cheers!


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