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Article: 30 Best Wellness Logo Design Ideas You Should Check

30 Best Wellness Logo Design Ideas You Should Check

A wellness brand has to be able to influence society to live a healthier lifestyle.
Here are some of the best wellness brand logo design ideas to benchmark!
Created by Isabella Ro |

The wellness culture that is mushrooming in everyone in the world has become one of the biggest phenomena that have changed various industries and businesses. With the wellness culture, people are more motivated to change their lifestyles to be healthier, both physically and mentally. Because of this, there has been a very significant increase in demand for various healthy, organic, and sustainable products. This branding value can be one of the strategies you use to make your business stand out from your competitors.

One of the things you can do to demonstrate this value is to design a logo that displays branding and a visual identity that showcases the typical elements of a wellness culture. Usually, the design logo that is displayed gives a calming, natural, neutral, and minimalist impression. Below, we have summarized the 30 best wellness logo designs that you can use as inspiration for you.


1. Nutrio

Created by Marka Works Branding Agency |

Nutrio is a business that provides a variety of natural nutrient products made from natural ingredients. The brand wants to appear in a clean style that appeals to younger people. The designer created a minimalist and simple design concept. 

The design is simple to portray a calming and clean impression, which makes it look very impressive. Even so, the designer continued to add energetic colors like orange, yellow, purple, and blue to add a bolder look to appeal to a younger demographic.



Created by Dorottya Zsuky |

When we see this logo, we are immediately greeted with a calming and fresh feeling that emanates from the soft blue color and also a very stunning logo style. The Echo hotel and spa uses the element of water as a representation of the branding values ​​and personality on which they are based.

Their logo design is made quite simple but is taken from a very creative concept idea. This shape is made from the silhouette of a water drop, which is combined with several elements of nature, as well as the illustration of water ripples which symbolizes the echo element which directly represents their business name.


3. Wholly Well

Created by Shenan Rodrigo |

Wholly Well appears with a more feminine branding style, according to their target audience. This business aims to make women achieve a healthier lifestyle with the help of diet and exercise provided by them.

The logo is created by combining three elements that are considered to represent the branding value of Wholly Well itself. The three elements include the infinity symbol, a circular shape that symbolizes the wholeness of nature, and swirls. These three elements are combined into a minimalist and attractive logo design, with a slightly cursive style typeface that makes it look more striking.


4. RARE Planet Earth

Created by Emma Fanning |

Rare is a brand that provides various health supplements. This brand appears in an elegant modern style, using a simple logo style and minimalist visual design. The logo itself is made with a very simple concept, using only the typeface of the brand name. However, it is precisely this design logo that sets the tone for the visual identity. Because the chosen typeface style is classical and elegant, the overall branding also follows this impression.


5. Live Irie

Created by Tye Thomas |

One of the factors in this work that immediately attracted attention was the typeface used as the logo design of Live Irie. The curvy line that is used to replace the letters L and I at the beginning of the brand name makes it look unique and distinctive, easy to recognize by customers and the public. 

This curvy line is also what makes the branding appearance of this brand so elegant and classy, ​​especially when it is complemented with a matching style and design concept.


6. Glisten Beauty

Created by Miqdan Sajid |

A chic and modern impression emanates from this logo design for Glisten Beauty. Glisten is a brand that provides a variety of natural beauty and skincare products. The branding identity uses an elegant and minimalist visual concept to make it look attractive.

The neutral color used also helps the branding to appear with the desired impression. This soft beige color is one of the popular plain colors for wellness brands, which you can also use for your brand needs.


7. ASM

Created by Anna Yakovenko |

ASM appears with a modern and stylish branding concept. The appearance is minimal, but with the typeface style and elements used by the designer, this artsy concept displays a trendy style that elevates the look of the brand.

This appearance is indeed one of the most popular branding styles chosen by various companies as their visual branding. The appearance is attractive and minimalistic and can appeal to all types of people, making this design concept very effective as a visual identity for a brand.



Created by Elia Laourda |

Kimo is a character in ancient Greek folklore who is a Nereid, a magical creature. Kimo is said to have the power to be able to control the wind and the sea to be calm. This brand value is one of the main inspirations and bases for Kimo's visual branding.

This brand provides a variety of body care products with a calming branding appearance, representing the strength of Kimo itself. The use of neutral and slightly muted tones is one of the characteristics of the brand that makes it look very attractive.


9. Prana

Created by Collectif Huge |

This Yoga Studio uses various wellness elements to show its identity and business base. With the use of a soft and clean beige color, the brand tea looks very natural and fresh. This beige color is also combined with various nude colors taken from the image color palette used in branding, resulting in an amazing color combination.



Created by Enrico Liuzzi |

Namelis is a brand that combines a modern concept with an elegant style. From their logo design, it can be seen that the typeface uses a unique and modern style. Some letters are made with slight variations in subtle but still impactful details.

The use of typeface for logo designs that have a modern feel is also complemented by other elements and objects in the branding design that have a similar style. For example, blue was chosen as one of their main colors, which gives a clean and modern impression.


11. Mandi

Created by Kaio Cezar |

Mandi uses an extraordinary color scheme to represent the values ​​of their business. The name of this brand is taken directly from the name of the owner herself, Mandi Anglada, who is a professional who provides services to help women improve their physical and mental wellness. 

The color scheme used by this brand combines bold red color with a calming and muted sage green. Both colors present a very interesting harmony when combined with a minimalist logo design style.


12. Sain

Created by Luqyana R |

Even though it looks minimalist, the logo design from Sain is very creative. If you observe, there are three dots that are placed subtly by the designer in the typeface that is in the logo design. These three dots are placed as a representation of the three main pillars of wellness which includes mind, body, and soul.

If you want to create an attractive design, then you can add subtle but creative details like this to make your logo stick more to your business.


13. Omantara

Created by Manoj Bhadana |

Modern and professional are the first two words that come to mind when we see this logo by Omantara. Their brand uses a type-only logo, whereas, in the design, there is only a typeface without symbols to show their identity.

The typeface style used is very precise, representing the calming feeling you get when you use the service from Omantara. The designer also deliberately used only the lowercase letter to give a softer and more welcoming impression. In the end, there is a dot made in a striking red color, one of the hallmarks of the brand.



Created by Tiare Payano |

If you are more interested in visual branding that shows feminine style, you can use this inspiration as a guide for you. The Silkaen looks very beautiful with the use of a very soft pink color. In their logo, they use an elegant font style, with some curvy edges that make it look attractive.



Created by Polina Chirt |

Again, another exquisite branding visual that you can use as inspiration for those of you who want to create attractive branding. Verso combines an elegant style and a feminine style and wraps it in modern packaging. The logo consists of a simply styled typeface, with a diamond-shaped star icon as a detail which is a perfect addition to the design.


16. Rive

Created by Deola Storm |

The logo design used by Rive is unique, although the appearance is quite minimalist. The typeface used to describe this business name uses two different styles, one with a more professional rigid corporate style, while the other is made with a more varied style. The last letter, the E, is crafted in a striking style, with curvy details that are a staple of the brand.


17. Briller

Created by Tura Ganizade |

This face and body care come with a very elegant and beautiful branding style. The subtle detail in the form of a diamond shape in the logo is one of the design elements that make it look perfect. The use of this elegant and slightly classical font style makes the brand look more luxurious.


18. Adora

Created by Nidhi Shah |

Adora is a beauty and health brand that provides a variety of quality products. The premise of this high-quality product is represented by the use of a design concept that displays an elegant, luxurious logo but is not rigid so that it looks very welcoming.



Created by La Libertad [TNC] |

The golden yellow and sage green colors combined in this design become one of the main appeals that distinguishes it from other beauty or wellness brands. If the wellness brand usually uses beige or light colors, using a slightly bold color can be a good attempt to make your brand more noticeable. 

The Selva branding looks very beautiful by combining variations of different typeface styles between modern and classic elegance.


20. Mone

Created by Outer Studio |

The use of monochromatic black and white colors makes Mone appear with a more exclusive and professional style. The logo created is very beautiful, using a typeface style that represents the branding identity and value of the brand.


21. Ourganic

Created by Farhan Irrfan |

The designer succeeded in creating a branding and logo display that is very compatible with the branding value of the brand. The use of a serif style that is given several variations of detail in the logo is one element that really displays an elegant style for the brand. The designer also deliberately uses a simple nude color to display a natural and organic look, matching the name of the brand itself.



Created by Julia Osetrova |

The appearance of the branding from Curam is made slightly different and unique compared to other wellness brands. To present a more distinctive and memorable look, the brand uses bold colors as one of its main colors instead of soft nude colors. Colors such as black, green, and brown are used as additions to the design, which makes it look perfect for this brand.



Created by Kanushi R |

Aphrodite is the goddess of beauty in Greek mythology. This brand uses Aphrodite as its brand name and value because they provide a variety of beauty brands that are taken directly from ancient Greek methods. The conch shell icon is used as a logomark of the brand because this animal is one of the symbols of the goddess Aphrodite herself. The illustrations are made in a simple style, which perfectly complements the typeface of this brand which is classically styled.



Created by Axel Robinet |

L'aparte uses a distinctive curvy design as a representation of its branding. These curvy lines appear on various branding of their products, such as logos, packaging, cards, and various other products. Subtle symbols like this can be the alternative you choose if you want to create a unique branding design for your business but want to keep it simple and versatile.



Created by Eugene Dolhopolov |

The combination of thin and bolder lines in this typeface of the Liana produces an amazing and stunning appearance. The appearance is elegant and simple, matching the branding personality that this brand wants to display.



Created by Julia Miller |

Following the name of the business, Iconique wants to produce an iconic branding appearance but still maintain the elements that represent calm and elegance. The designer succeeded in presenting a design that fulfills these standards. This bold typeface makes the brand's appearance a little more striking and iconic than other brands and is also combined with an elegant font style.


27. SkinLab

Created by Anushka Sharma |

The muted baby blue color used in the designs for the Skin Lab logo creates a distinctive and memorable look. Its appearance is very calm and gentle, resulting in a distinct branding personality that distinguishes it from other brands. The typeface used in this logo design is also given a little interesting variation, using an elegant style.


28. efilow

Created by Design Momentum |

The black color displayed from this bold-style typeface produces a very interesting contrast when combined with a soft beige nude background. The bold style of the brand name produces a more striking appearance and grabs the attention, which is very good for branding the identity of the brand.



Created by taller M estudio de diseño |

With an elegant typeface in its logo, Hauser captivates anyone who sees its branding design. The use of this clean and elegant style is one of the perfect concepts for the personality of the brand. Hauseur is a brand that provides a variety of natural products, so a calm and elegant look like this is very suitable for their product. The colors used are also very able to represent the value of the brand.


30. Sol

Created by Isabella Ro |

The last inspiration that you can use to design the identity branding of your business is the logo for Sol. The design is very classy and luxurious, even though it is packed with simple elements. 

The use of typeface style is very appropriate, so the appearance of the Sol brand is very captivating and stunning. Small details in the form of a diamond shape made with a dot around it make it look more prominent and elegant.


Final Words

The 30 best wellness logo designs above are the work of some of the best designers in the world who understand well how to elevate branding with a simple yet elegant style. Not only that, but each designer can also execute the designs they make so that they can display the uniqueness and main values ​​of each brand very well. Use the inspiration above as one of your references to create an effective and captivating branding design.


Let us know what you think!

The above references are some of the best artworks done by talented designers all over the world. Hope you enjoy, and don't forget to leave us a comment below! Cheers!


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