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Created by Jessie Maisonneuve | https://dribbble.com/shots/17905370-Real-Love-Club-Logo-System

There are thousands of clubs or organizations in this world. As an association, the logo is one of the important identities that must be owned for branding as well as a sense of belonging for its members. A symbol that symbolizes a club can have an impact on the continuity of the members' relationship with each other. 

Usually, this symbol will be proud of its members as an identity that is inherent in them. For this reason, social relations will be much more harmonious between members because they have a sense of belonging to each other thanks to the existence of this symbol that directly or indirectly makes them feel that they are in the same box.

Creating a logo for an association itself is not an easy thing to do. This logo must be designed in such a way that it can symbolize the philosophy and identity of the group in public. Therefore, take a look at the 30 best club logo design ideas below that can be your inspiration.


1. Inter Virginia CF

Created by Chris Porter | https://dribbble.com/shots/16441374-Inter-Virginia-CF

This style is a classic symbol style that is usually owned by football clubs. There is a slightly classy and prestigious appearance given by the shape of the crest in the middle of the symbol. 

But overall, the look is simple and simplistic, not too much or too bland. A perfect logo for a football organization like this.


2. Herne Bay Football Club

Created by Owen Williams | https://dribbble.com/shots/17207427-Herne-Bay-Football-Club

Giving the trademark element of their hometown is a very interesting personal touch and detail. With an illustration of a pelican and a lighthouse in the middle of their symbol, this logo truly symbolizes the area of ​​the club. 

For a sports association, especially a football association, this logo also looks classy with a simple but clean design. There is a slight vintage look that can be felt from the addition of the club's year of birth information in the classic right-left position and also the use of the old crest style.


3. Unda' 200 Club

Created by Abigail Grewenow | https://dribbble.com/shots/15137340-Unda-200-Club-Badge

The symbol for a motorcycle club is really impressive and interesting. The design style is made with a retro touch that is typical of classic motorbikes. In addition, the placement of the typeface and typographic style also clearly takes inspiration from old vintage logos.

What's interesting, this logo is made by putting a lot of information about the association. In addition to the name of the club, which is made in a slightly curved and circular style, there is also a description of what the club is and, most importantly, its motto. This motto is an interesting central focus that cannot be ignored.


4. Marina Beach Club

Created by Andrea Binski | https://dribbble.com/shots/6373333-Marina-Beach-Club

Very interesting logo for a beach club. The first impression you will get when you see this logo is that the club is a bit prestigious and classy, ​​with the use of gradient gold in its symbols. 

In addition, they also use a vintage, timeless style for the typography placement style and also use some information such as the roman numeral year, which is an interesting detail.

The illustration of the coconut tree in the middle of the symbol is made simply, and the sun that looks half-set also completes the look.



Created by DAINOGO | https://dribbble.com/shots/18521049-BLUE-DREAM-Badminton-Club-Logo

A very creative design. Blue Dream is a badminton association, so the logo was created to reflect that. In the middle of the symbol, there is an illustration in the form of a racket which is given some modifications and minor variations. 

The entire symbol is framed in a circular shape, and the association name is placed twice. In addition, the most eye-catching detail lies in the shuttle ball that shoots from the racket, placed outside the symbol frame area.


6. Oakwood Country Club

Created by Vladimir Topalovic | https://dribbble.com/shots/16110805-Oakwood-Country-Club

The Oakwood Country Club symbol gives a cute and cheerful impression. This typeface has a slightly classic vintage style, which matches the wood and tree feel. But what makes the logo look cheerful and cute is the illustration of a bean in the middle, which is made in a cute style. 

There are silhouettes of leaves on the right and left that complete the look. The chosen yellow color is also cheerful.


7. Pacific Rink

Created by Emir Ayouni | https://dribbble.com/shots/16866951-Pacific-Rink-Winter-21-22-Collection-2-3

Although the type of font used in the Pacific Rink logo is simple and modern, the design style is packaged with a retro vintage style. The symbol may remind you of the patch design found on retro jackets, which is certainly very interesting.

There is an illustration of a roaring lion that is made simply and uses good whitespace design principles. It can be seen that this lion is the main mascot of this hockey association.


8. Eden's Serpents

Created by Linijos | https://dribbble.com/shots/6891056-Eden-s-Serpents

The Eden's Serpents logo doesn't look like most football association logos that use a classic look. One of the main things that distinguish it from other symbols is the use of its very unique turquoise green color. Colors belonging to the soft pastel color group are rarely used for football groups. 

The combination of gold, black and turquoise is also very beautiful and pleasing to the eye. Although the name of this association is quite "fierce," this logo gives a friendlier and gentler impression but is still professional.


9. Splash House

Created by Mark Johnston | https://dribbble.com/shots/18501137-Splash-House-2022-Merch

Splash House uses retro-style symbols that are simple but still attractive. The use of red combined with white and dark green also supports this impression.

The typeface in this symbol is made in a relaxed, organic style, with rounded edges and angled placement, making the look welcoming, which suits their branding well.


10. DJ Down Cornhole Club

Created by Alexa Edgerton | https://dribbble.com/shots/11988836-DJ-Down-Cornhole-Club

Looks like the vintage retro style is very popular for association logo designs. Another symbol that has this style is the DJ Down Cornhole Club uses a very interesting retro style. However, wanting to be different from other retro logos, they also provide some subtle variations but are still noticeable. 

For example, they combine different types of typefaces and may clash with each other. There is a cursive type, there is a modern monotone, and there is also a futuristic and fun type that oddly matches each other very well.


11. Pub Club

Created by Jordan Wilson | https://dribbble.com/shots/18317830-Pub-Club-Official

Although the Pub Club was only established in 2022, they use a vintage style for their symbol. It looks very cool. The symbol seems to be elaborate and detailed. 

There are several forms of curled ornaments located on the right and left, which are also used to frame the year of their establishment. But what is most interesting is the illustration of a pinecone that seems to glow with illusory stroke lines around it. The pinecone seems to be the mascot or signature identity of this association.


12. DUSC Dundee University Surf Club

Created by Molly Paterson | https://dribbble.com/shots/16295060-DUSC-Dundee-University-Surf-Club-2021-2022

One of the most creative and impressive things about this logo that should be appreciated is the illustration of the waves, which are also made with a combination of a figure stick surfing. The illustration is a very interesting addition and makes the logo much more impressive.

The typeface used in this symbol is simple but arranged in such a way with variations in size and also different positions to form an excellent design.


13. Pacific Rink

Created by Emir Ayouni | https://dribbble.com/shots/16866943-Pacific-Rink-Winter-21-22-Collection-1-3

This Pacific Rink logo accentuates the vintage look by providing a similarly stylized illustration. Because they are a hockey association, the illustrations used also reflect the identity of the association and what they are doing. 

There are two variations of the symbol here. One with a more complex style of illustration. There is a wreath framing the logo, as well as an illustration of a line of two people playing hockey.

One more symbol using a simpler style but rich in colors. There is the use of red as the background and also colors in the illustrations that make the display more eye-catching.


14. The Quarantine Club

Created by Andrew Munoz | https://dribbble.com/shots/11121169-Join-the-club

Typographic logos that use a collection of various typeface styles combined into one design are always popular and have become favorites. The Quarantine Club logo uses a classic handwritten style for their club name, then combined with a simple and modern typeface that is versatile for their association description.

The symbol becomes more complete with the addition of illustrations such as a hut or house that looks very welcoming and calming.


15. After School Club

Created by Stephanie White | https://dribbble.com/shots/5037467-After-School-Club

The use of yellow, pink, and purple is an excellent approach. With these colors, the logo comes to life and radiates fun vibes. The illustration in the form of a broken appendix also supports this impression.

The typeface is made in a slightly curved style. There are details in the form of pieces such as confetti that enliven the atmosphere. The motto "Forever Seeking Always Growing" at the bottom is also a perfect addition.


16. The Great Indoors Hideout Club

Created by Luke Harrison | https://dribbble.com/shots/11108574-The-Great-Indoors-Hideout-Club

A very unique and creative logo. Instead of regular-shaped frames, they use frames that are shaped like the head of a zipper. This zipper is also not just any zipper. Usually, this zipper style is used for tents, which can be seen as a touch that matches their "hideout" branding, which zips the outside world.


17. Black Rose Football Club

Created by Chris Rogge | https://dribbble.com/shots/10037103-Black-Rose-Football-Club

Using a classic repackaged style with a simple and modern look, the Black Rose football association logo has a very beautiful design. The crest, banner, and crown illustration are painted with simple lines that give it a clean style. In addition, the typeface used for the name of this association also uses an old-time typeface style that fits perfectly with the surrounding illustrations.


18. Bailey House Badminton Club

Created by Scott Wilson | https://dribbble.com/shots/14929245-Bailey-House-Badminton-Club

The Bailey House Badminton Club has many variations for its logo. But overall, all variations of their symbol are designed in the same style and are very attractive. 

The main typeface in the form of the name of their club is made with a classic font but has a variety of beautiful curves here and there. In addition, there is also an illustration of what might appear, such as their association building which is made in a simple line style but still looks detailed.


19. Positive Thinkers Club

Created by Jake Warrilow | https://dribbble.com/shots/16525331-Positive-Thinkers-Club-Badge

The illustrations in the Positive Thinkers Club logo reflect their principles or branding well. There is a classic picture of scenery in the form of a road in the middle of a valley with the sun shining in the middle and trees on the right and left, which represent the "Positive thinkers" branding. 

There is also a motto detail that is displayed in a small way under the club name, "the road to happiness," which complements their club name.


20. Harris Bay Yacht Club

Created by Dimitrije Mikovic | https://dribbble.com/shots/6356278-Harris-Bay-Yacht-Club

There is a professional as well as classy feeling that radiates from this simply crafted symbol. With the club name "Harris Bay '' made with a classic typeface, and also some details made in a more monotonous modern style, this symbol design is beautiful. 

The most interesting thing is the existence of symbols in the form of anchors and also Poseidon tridents which are both split in half and used to complement each other. Both elements are "screaming" ocean and yacht life.


21. Back Bay Run Club

Created by Dan Fleming | https://dribbble.com/shots/16903796-Back-Bay-Run-Club-pt-IV

The logo of the Back Bay Run Club is simple but still pleasing to look at. The main elements in this logo lie in using variations of their simple typeface. With curved variations between words made to fit each other in this simple box frame, the symbol of the association comes with a clean and neat appearance.


22. Real Love Club

Created by Jessie Maisonneuve | https://dribbble.com/shots/17905370-Real-Love-Club-Logo-System

This symbol is something you should not miss. The use of symbols in the form of a heart and one eye in the middle gives a mysterious yet classy impression with the addition of light rays behind it.

The typeface is made in a classic retro style. There is also a club motto that is placed below as an additional detail that makes the logo even more impressive.


23. Golf Club of Buffalo

Created by Rob Hopkins | https://dribbble.com/shots/15686874-Golf-Club-of-Buffalo-Lockup

Although their name has the word Buffalo, they use an elephant in their symbol design. This elephant is like a mascot that was deliberately chosen for the company's branding. Two identical elephants facing each other and holding a flag is one of the best details in this logo design.


24. Granville Cycling Club

Created by AbKirkpatrick | https://dribbble.com/shots/17947660-Cycling-Club

The Grandville Cycling Club uses a retro vintage design for its logo. There are small and simple details in the form of illustrations of 2 pieces of bicycle chains that are placed symmetrically to reflect the identity of their cycling association. Uniquely, the association’s motto is placed with the most distinctive and prominent typeface instead of their club’s name.


25. Stay Wild Outdoors Club

Created by TMPL DESIGN COMPANY | https://dribbble.com/shots/15021602-Stay-Wild-Outdoors-Club-V2

Very attractive logo and nice to look at. The style used is simple but not monotonous. The font style is also given a little variation, especially in some parts of the letter, which are given details in the form of additional lines and changes in size that remain in sync.

This illustration in the form of forest scenery and tents is the main focus which is the main element of the logo design.


26. Kvart Bilijar Klub

Created by Dimitrije Mikovic | https://dribbble.com/shots/14086533-Kvart-Bilijar-Klub

Very simple but designed with very creative thought. Kvart is a billiards association, and the symbols used to represent it are unique. The designer uses the corner of the billiard table and also the ball that goes into the hole as illustrations to illustrate this. A subtle but powerful element for the logo visuals.


27. FC Viitorul Constanta

Created by Damjan | https://dribbble.com/shots/10778397-FC-Viitorul-Constanta-Visual-Identity-Concept

The lines illustrating the rays of light are one of the most striking details and make this symbol interesting. The illustration in the form of a ship sailing in the ocean is also used as a representation of the base football club area.


28. Ratcity Run Club

Created by James Park | https://dribbble.com/shots/10862799-Run-Club-Logo

A rat in training is a money illustration made creatively and cute in style. Of course, this illustration is made to match perfectly with the name and branding of this association itself. The red color chosen as the main branding color is also bold and eye-catching.


29. Falcons soccer club

Created by Veronika Žuvić | https://dribbble.com/shots/7735195-Falcons-soccer-club-logo

The illustration of the falcon in this logo is very stunning. Has a lot of detail and describes the valor of a falcon. Even so, these big eyes still give a friendly and slightly cute impression, unlike most falcon illustrations that use sharp eyes.


30. Manors Country Club

Created by Alex Aperios | https://dribbble.com/shots/7624045-Manors-Country-Club-Badge-Design-V2

Slight art deco nuances are felt in the choice of typeface style and also the various geometric elements in this logo design. With the illustration of 3 symmetrical coconut trees in the middle, the country club and resort logo look welcoming. But still, the overall design gives a classy and prestigious impression, perfect for enhancing the club's branding.


Final Words

That was a variety of the best club logo designs that you can use as a reference if you are confused about designing a symbol for your association. The logo ideas were obtained from various skilled and professional designers who have various design styles. 

You can find a variety of different logo design styles. Starting from a simple style that is simple and clean, some use retro and vintage styles, and there are also cute and fun styles.


Let us know what you think!

These above references are done by some of the most talented designers all over the world. If you think your work is better and would like to showcase yours here in this post, please feel free to email your work to info@kreafolk.com. Cheers!


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