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Article: 30 Best Minimalist Sport Logo Design Ideas That You Should Check

30 Best Minimalist Sport Logo Design Ideas That You Should Check

A sports logo has to have a strong and recognizable trademark.
Here are some of the most athletic and minimalist sports logo design ideas to check out!
Created by Victor Hugo Ellion |

Logo designs that take a sporty concept always have their own characteristics. They usually have the same impression, symbolizing swiftness, strength, or other values ​​related to sport. Not only that, one thing we can notice from the appearance is that it usually uses a simple and minimalist style.

Even though it is made in a simple style, a sports logo must have a unique and distinctive appearance so that it is easy to recognize customers or people associated with the logo. Using this distinctive appearance is also one of the branding strategies for the sports business. Below, here are the 30 best minimalist sport logo designs that can be your inspiration.


1. Impulstar

Created by FutureBrand Paris |

When you see this logo, the icon might immediately feel very familiar. This is because the designer deliberately used one of the Kanji letters, which means "Huo," or fire. These characters are also commonly found in Mandarin with the same meaning as well. The selection of this character as an icon is a very creative and appropriate choice.

Not only as a symbol of fire which is meant to represent the burning passion of football members, but these characters are also used as a star shape. The appearance is very simple and modern, making a classy and stylish impression.


2. Vinicius Truppel

Created by Rafael Silveira |

This style of the design concept is indeed being used a lot lately. With a modern appearance but a very striking choice of colors, businesses or organizations can create a logo design that is distinctive and striking, making it easy to identify.

In this logo design, the designer uses a type-only logo display, which only uses the letters V and T, made with a unique typeface as a symbol of the design. Although the foundation base is very simple, it looks very trendy and cool with a custom-made typeface.


3. Campeonato Paulista - Karate Kyokushin

Created by Jonatan Candido |

When you see this logo design, you can immediately conclude that this club is related to sports. Because this club is a karate club, the design used is also made to resemble it.

The impression can be seen from the typeface selection, the use of kanji characters, and moreover the use of typical Japanese colors such as red, white, and also black. A very impressive and distinct look.


4. Core Fitness

Created by Marek Szczepański |

Using geometrical shapes composed of simple lines, this icon is an example where you can make the monogram of the name of your business or institution more attractive. Using the monogram of the name of the institution is indeed a thing that is highly recommended because it can not only directly represent your business name but also can produce a more distinctive and representative appearance to your institution.

This fitness club uses a sporty design concept that is packaged with a classy and exclusive style. Through the use of gold as the main color and also a very minimalist design style, core fitness appears more classy.



Created by Sergey Snurnik |

The use of a tiger icon made with extraordinary detail is a very interesting concept. Even though the icon in this logo is very detailed and lively, it doesn't seem overwhelming because it's balanced with a simple typeface style that matches the look.

Apart from choosing the typeface style and also the illustration on the icon, another reason this logo can attract attention is the use of red as the main color in its design. The red color has been proven to attract attention compared to other colors, so you can also adopt this color in your design to create a striking appearance.


6. PlanetaRunner

Created by Asís |

Planeta Runner is a website portal where you can find various things related to running. The design of this web is made with very high creativity. The interface is very simple and simple, only consisting of various circular shapes placed in the middle of one another.

But the idea of ​​this display is what makes it extraordinary. Inspired by the symbol of the website and also the running track, the designer presents a symbol that combines these two things with a modern style. This specific shade of blue, which was chosen as the main color of the design, is also very compatible with the two main elements that form the basis of the design.


7. Skillrep

Created by Antonio Calvino |

Skillrep is a sports equipment brand that puts forward a modern and stylish appearance. The monochrome black and white color were deliberately chosen to create this elegant and modern identity branding.

The icon used represents the letters S and R which is a monogram of the name of the business itself. However, this icon is also given a variety of details and philosophical symbols related to sports so that it appears very sporty.


8. Alter Ego - Tennis Sportswear

Created by Florian Perennez |

The view is extraordinary. Even though it only uses typography as the main element in its design, the logo surely attracts attention and gives an inherent impression to anyone who sees it. The icon of the letter E that mirrors one another makes it look very classy with its unique concept.

The typeface chosen is also very fitting, representing a modern, stylish, and exclusive impression. Another major element in the design is the use of a distinctive blue color. The shades of bright deep blue make it look clean and neat, and at the same time also classy.



Created by Jan Groman |

A stylish and modern logo design, it looks versatile and is suitable for use for various branding purposes by the company. The Orbea is a business that provides various needs for cycling. Starting from helmets, clothing, and also sports bicycles.

With their line of business, their goal is to present a modern and sporty look. The designer managed to create a logo that conveyed that impression. With an O shape given simple but interesting details, it certainly looks amazing.


10. Mamba Rosa

Created by Andrés Ávila |

The Mamba Rosa logo matches the name and branding personality they use. Mamba is a type of snake that is famous for its elegant black color. This snake shape was adopted by the designer and varied into a very trendy and modern logo.

In addition to using elegant branding, Mamba Rosa also wants to keep adding a soft feel to its brand identity. We can see this softness from the use of color and also the use of soft rounded edges in the logo, which appears more welcoming.


11. RNB

Created by Kaio Cezar |
A very awesome logo. Not only do they use an immaculate and modern concept, but they also give various details in a design that elevates the business value. RNB is a business that offers a variety of professional and skilled personal trainers in their fields.

The branding identity displayed by their logo design makes this business appear very professional and offers high-quality services. The letter N symbol, which is varied with a simple appearance, is the hallmark of a business that will surely stick in the hearts of its users.


12. Gravitate

Created by Martin Spasovski |

"Your new center of gravity," which is the main motto of this business, is shown very clearly through the use of distinctive and creative icons.

The form of the G monogram is given in various interesting details so that it can be seen that there is a hidden symbol that represents the motto of this business.


13. Volta Sports

Created by Dragos Cireasa |

Volta Sports is a company that offers sports clothes for various sports. Movement and strength are the two main elements that the company's branding wants to display. The designer managed to create a logo that represents these two elements well by combining the arrow shape, which is also shaped like a running person's pose.



Created by Alex Perez |

The use of a cheerful and friendly yellow color is one of the things that represent the branding identity of this business. Bykko provides a variety of high-quality bicycles offered at affordable prices, with the main aim of promoting cycling in Sweden.

Although yellow is identical to a cheerful color and also looks fun, they also pack this color with various elements and simple and modern typeface styles so that it still looks professional and mature.



Created by Gilbert Jonathan |

This bold typeface and red color certainly attract the attention of people who see it. With its modern and sporty style, this simple typeface manages to make this brand look more attractive.


16. Hadeed™ Store

Created by Hassan Ragheb |

Because this brand is based in Egypt, they use Arabic letters as well in their design logo. From this branding design, the designer wants a bold, strong, powerful, catchy, and modern look. We can say that the designer is successful in achieving that goal from this work.



Created by Victor Hugo Ellion |

The designer realizes there is tremendous potential in the name of this business itself. Taking from the story of the Greek gods and goddesses, the name Agron symbolizes something infinite. Infinite in the context used here relates to constant movement with balance. This inspiration is what the designer uses as the basis for the logo design for this business.


18. Rick

Created by Daniel Rotter |

The typography style is very creative, using the same pattern of letters that is highlighted in a unique symbol design. The shape is inspired by the strong and dynamic curves that are commonly found in street signs.


19. Vilgain

Created by Jan Groman |

The staring two-eyed creature is the main focus of this logo design. The appearance is simple and minimalistic, but it manages to give a memorable and distinctive impression of this business that is not found in other similar businesses. This unique icon is combined with a similarly styled typeface. The combination of the two is perfect, making the appearance of the logo amazing.


20. Alpha Gym Prague

Created by feopatito STUDIO |

A simple and minimalist triangle is used in this logo design to symbolize the monogram of the letter A. But not only that but this triangle is also intended as a representation of the three main values. ​​The three values ​​include passion, sacrifice, and dedication, which are the basis of the identity of this gym. 

There is a worn-out and rugged texture given to the symbol, which further represents the three values ​​above.


21. Karma

Created by dust studio |

By using geometric shapes inspired by lotus flowers, Karma represents their line of business very well. The lotus flower has indeed become one of the symbols that are often associated with yoga and mindfulness, so the use of this symbol by businesses is very appropriate.

They provide yoga and psychosomatic medicine, which is also symbolized by the use of clean and neat style designs.


22. Blended Basketball

Created by Teju Sanusi |

The use of monograms for icons from this symbol is very creative, and it can be an inspiration for you. The logo used by Blended Basketball combines various inspirations related to basketball. Starting from the shape of the ring, and basketball court, to the poses of people playing basketball.




Very amazing inspiration for those of you who like minimalist and clean designs. The logo consists of 2 organic shapes that are displayed against each other. This shape is inspired by the shape of a square and also a circle which is taken from the name of the business itself.

A simple logo like this makes its use more varied; you can not only make it a symbol but also make this icon a pattern that you use in your various branding products.


24. Azteca

Created by Manu Berlanga |

The appearance of this logo represents swiftness and power. This impression can be seen from the use of various sharp forms, which consist of monogram A of the business name. In addition, the use of red, white, and especially black colors symbolizes the power that is very much needed in branding identity for a sports brand.


25. ASTA

Created by Slava Oleynik |

If we observe more closely, the logo used by Asta has a symbol of a person in it. The shape is simple, formed from a stick figure with a dot as the head. This icon is unique, which is great for striking identity branding. The use of identity branding is in line with Asta's own goal, namely, to attract more people to join their tennis academy.


26. motion

Created by Daniel Rotter |

There is no more appropriate form to represent Motion than the shape of a moving arrow. These arrow shapes are used by the designer to create this amazing and impressive logo design.

Three similar arrow shapes are stacked close to each other to represent the repetition of movement in the sport.


27. LANN

Created by Saruulbuyan Munxbold |

A modern and creative logo, an appearance with a concept that we often encounter for an e-sports brand. With its striking neon colors, the Lann e-sport network is sure to make a lasting impression. This icon is designed to represent a double-sided ax, thunder, and also two letters N made with interesting variations of detail.


28. FitMorph

Created by Abraham Junaid |

Another use of monograms that are designed to be very creative. The F and M shapes taken from the name of this business were modified in such a way as to produce these simple but very unique shapes. The resulting design is very distinctive and easy to remember, so it is very effective to be used as a growing business logo.

Not only is the use of the icon attractive, but the use of a slightly muted red color is also a perfect addition to the design, especially when combined with white and black.



Created by Valentina Shakhman |

The designer makes the logo very stylish and also appears sporty by combining three symbols that are very typical of this business. The icon is formed from a U and G shape, which is also combined with a biceps shape that represents a business gym.


30. Ego

Created by Stepan Solodkov |

Last on the list, we have the Ego. Their business is engaged in sports, but they do not only focus on strength but also beauty and aesthetics. Modern organic shapes are used as the main elements in their logo design, which are combined with a typeface style that also matches the modern concept. 

Although the colors used are monochromatic, mainly using various shades of white and gray, the appearance is unique and distinct.


Final Words

Logo design is a very vital part of a company's branding. This logo will immediately give the public a glimpse of what to expect from our services or our products. Like the personality possessed by every human being, a good business must also have an attractive branding identity as one of the marketing strategies that can advance the company.

By looking at the 30 design inspirations for minimalist sports logos that have been given above, you can find out some of the main factors that you can add to your design to make it look impressive.


Let us know what you think!

The above references are some of the best artworks done by talented designers all over the world. Hope you enjoy, and don't forget to leave us a comment below! Cheers!

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