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Article: 30 Best Spa Logo Design Ideas You Should Check

30 Best Spa Logo Design Ideas You Should Check

It's always a good idea to sometime enjoy a stress-free zone.
Check out some of the best spa logo design ideas we have curated to inspire your projects!
Created by Kira Butoragina |

The spa industry is growing rapidly. The demand for spa services is increasing, and so is the competition. If you want your business to thrive and succeed, you will need to launch an aggressive marketing campaign. For that, you will need a spa logo design. Not an ordinary one, of course.

The logo will be a part of your brand's visual identity. A well-designed visual identity goes a long way. Thus, you want to take your time to design it. The good news is there is no need to start the process from scratch. If you don't have any idea yet, browsing other designers' works may help you get inspired.

To help you get inspired, we have collected 30 inspiring and amazing spa logo design ideas from talented designers from around the world. They come in various shapes, sizes, and styles, which means you can learn a lot from them.



Created by Chen-you Huan |

The wellness industry, including spas, is related to nature and beauty. So, using a natural element like herbs for the logo is certainly a good idea. Notice how Chen-You Huan's artwork incorporates herbs here. With just a glance, you get to know what the Boho Spa offers immediately.

The customized font is easy to read and has a modern touch. This fits the Boho Spa Studio well. The logo is simple but effective.



Created by Mohamed Alaa |

When designing a brand's visual identity, always keep in mind that colors evoke emotions. In this case, the color green is associated with nature and relaxation.

What you want from a spa logo design is that when your clients see it, they immediately think of relaxation. Green helps to create such an association. Mohamed Alaa's artwork for La Souge combines the color green with a stylish serif font, which conveys reliability and elegance.


3. Ego Spa

Created by Евгения Горинова |

The next artwork is still in the same line. Designed by Evgenia Gorinova, the text and icon in the artwork are rendered in white with a green background. The leaf icon brings the association with nature, which is further emphasized by the green background.

This makes the spa logo easy to notice and gives a positive impression. The typography uses a variation of serif fonts with an interesting twist for the letter O.


4. Atria

Created by Natalya O. |

Natalya O.'s artwork for Atria is nothing short of impressive. The overall design is simple and minimalist. It is a combination mark that combines a pictorial mark and a letter mark.

The pictorial mark shows the natural association the spa business has. The letter mark tells the audience the brand's name in an elegant way. Notice how some parts of the letters are thicker than others. This artwork shows how you can convey elegance through simplicity.


5. Echo

Created by Dorottya Zsuky |

While green is a good choice for a spa logo design, it isn't the only option. Other colors, like blue, for example, are good too. Dorottya Zsuky's artwork here shows how beautiful shades of blue can be for a spa business' visual identity.

Blue is associated with calmness and serenity. Combine that with minimalism and the water motive in the design, and you will get a soothing logo that clients would love to remember.


6. Myrrh

Created by Zachary Mainello |

Zachary Mainello's design for Myrrh creates an identity that is luxurious. What's interesting is how the spa logo design has a whimsical side to it. You can see this with a glance at the typography.

Besides the brand's name, the design also includes an icon, a brief description, and the date of establishment. Thus, a glance is enough to know a lot of things from Myrrh. It is a concise visual identity that delivers.


7. La Palma

Created by Robynn Gardner |

While letter marks only use the brand's name for the logo, they can be very attractive. Just look at Robynn Gardner's artwork for La Palma here. There is no icon or symbol used. Rather, the logo is all text.

The "La Palma" is written in a serif font. Interestingly, the letters have wavy elements on them. The result of this unusual combination is a quirky and unique logo that gives a feeling of sophistication.


8. Monet

Created by Tree Creative |

The next one on our logo design ideas is Tree Creative's artwork. When you design a logo for your spa business, always remember that it will be present in all of the spa products and/or services. As such, you want a simple and flexible logo. Tree Creative's artwork is a standout example of that.

Notice the simplicity of the design. Through its simplicity, it conveys reliability and professionalism with a bit more playful side.


9. Leide

Created by Mairon Ribeiro |

The color blue stands for non-threatening, serenity, and calmness. The color is also often used in instances where a feeling of reliability and stability is needed. Of course, that includes in spa business too.

Mairon Ribeiro's artwork evokes a feeling of serenity and calmness. The predominant motive is a lotus flower, symbolizing renewal and revival of vital forces. These design elements fit the Leide brand nicely. In addition, the typography is clear and readable.


10. Ruco

Created by M — N Associates |

M – N Associates' designed the logo for Ruco, a professional spa for women. The typography embodies femininity. Notice how curvy the letters are. In addition, the completeness and fullness of the letters also emphasize the brand's flawlessness.

The text is rendered in dark green and written in Helvetica Neue. Green is an amazing color for spas because it is associated with health, nature, organic, and sustainability. Meanwhile, the font allows it to stand out.


11. Asbel

Created by Aya Magdy |

Some spas are aimed at a high-income audience, offering premium spas products or services. You can see this from their logo. Aya Magdy's artwork for Asbel is an example of such a logo.

The seashell icon adds a natural vibe. The text has a touch of minimalism, but it leaves a premium impression. It is also bolded, which makes it even more noticeable. At the same time, the colors add a feeling of elegance.


12. Aluna

Created by Brint Nguyen |

Going with a creative and modern approach is fine and dandy. But always remember that a lot of people turn to spa products or services for healthcare reasons. This is why you should add a sense of professionalism to your logo.

Brint Nguyen's design for Aluna exemplifies how you can be creative while keeping a sense of professionalism. The image makes the brand distinctive and stands apart, while the serif text keeps it professional.


13. Shore

Created by Ian Westwater |

A logo is a brand's visual identity. Ideally, it should tell a story about the brand to the audience. This can be anything, including certain concepts or items related to the spa business. Ian Westwater's artwork showcases this excellently.

The shore is a spa business that offers seaweed-based products. You can see the connection between land and water not just in the brand's name but also in the subtle wave element inside the letter O.


14. niño

Created by Ash Jin |

A good spa logo design is simple. You want to keep things simple to make it easy for the audience to recognize and remember the logo. Ash Jin's artwork for Nino here is very simple, but it conveys a message about the brand well.

The lowercase letters give a sense of friendliness. The dots represent acupuncture points in traditional Chinese medicine, conveying the brand's spirit. The color combination keeps things simple but still classy.


15. Karan Gujar

Created by Karan Gujar |

Knowing your target audience is a crucial part of designing a logo. If you know your target audience well, you will be able to make the logo relatable and relevant.

For example, if your target audience is young people, a simple, creative, and modern logo will be a good idea. Likewise, if your target audience is people with higher incomes, a luxurious brand's visual identity, like Karan Gujar's beautiful artwork here, will be ideal.


16. Arganails

Created by Firma Design |

Firma Design's artwork is for Arganails, a Riyadh-based Moroccan spa business. The Moroccan architectural elements are used in the symbol. The intricate shapes make the symbol an eye-grabbing element. The color of the symbol is soft and subtle, making it easy on the eye.

The text is all in uppercase and bolded. It stands out with confidence. The text comes in a stylized font, combining thicker and thinner parts to keep things in balance.


17. Qorraa

Created by Maria Ermakova |

If we were to describe Maria Ermakova's design for Qorra shortly, it would be: simple, minimalist, and to the point. The logo represents the Moscow-based conceptual spa salon excellently.

The stylization of the text is minimal. There is only a small decorative element in the form of a dot within the letter Q. Yet, due to the logo's color selection and typeface, the logo is able to convey elegance through its simplicity and minimalism.


18. Orepó

Created by Orlando Jimenez |

Orlando Jimenez combines two opposite fonts for the Orepo wordmark. The brand's name is rendered in a romantic, expressive, and neoclassical font. On the other hand, the brand's brief description is rendered in a modern, geometrical, and rational font.

The juxtaposition results in an interesting brand visual identity. Although the fonts may be different and evoke different emotions, they are both beautiful. It communicates beauty both inside and outside, which fits the Orepo brand.


19. Ammotti Spa

Created by Khaled Zaabalawi |

Ammotti is a hotel and spa that offers customers exclusive spa products that enhance the user's sensory experience. Khaled Zaabalawi's Ammoti Spa logo is nothing short of an art.

It is elegant and premium. It conveys professionalism and reliability. It is also stylish. All these communicate the brand's character clearly.

What's more, it has a symbol above the name. This helps the audience to make a connection between the symbol and the brand.


20. M Chí Tâm

Created by Salt&Pepper Creative |

Salt&Pepper Creative's artwork for M by Chi Tam is minimalist. Notice how sleek the design is. It doesn't include any intricate details, but the spa logo design is charming in its own way.

The darker and bolder color suits the text quite well. It grabs attention with various backgrounds, both those of lighter and darker shades. When you see the M by Chi Tam logo, you can't help but notice it.



Created by salman ahmed |

Salman Ahmed's artwork for Cinix also combines two different fonts. The font for the brand's name is a variant of the serif font, conveying reliability and professionalism. On the other hand, the brand's description is a variant of sans-serif, adding a more modern and youthful touch.

In addition, the abstract symbol draws attention to Cinix's visual identity. The symbol and text are in a light color, which means they stand out against dark backgrounds.



Created by Mark Anthony Ambrocio |

Next is Mark Anthony Ambrocio's beautiful artwork for Sand Dune Spa. Like many other previous ideas, the text is written in a serif font. It comes with an interesting twist. The horizontal line within the letter A is a bit wavy, which in a way, corresponds with the brand's name.

What's more, some parts of the letters are thinner, creating an interesting visual cue while keeping the text from becoming visually overwhelming.


23. Thermëa

Created by David Julien |

When designed properly, letter marks can do wonders. David Julien's design for Thermea may consist of only text, but it is attractive and appealing. The typeface is nothing less than unique, as it conveys multiple things simultaneously.

The text is written in a serif typeface. The letters are all lowercase, communicating friendliness and allowing the audience to relax and be at ease. The body of the typography is massive; you can't help but notice it.


24. Blossom

Created by Rich Araos |

While you can be as creative as you want with the logo, you should always keep in mind why customers want to get spa services. They do it for healthcare reasons. You want to present your brand in a professional way.

You can, of course, add a playful style. But don't forget to add a bit of professionalism. In this Rich Araos' artwork, the creative and professional sides are combined, thus complementing each other.



Created by Sravan Sasi |

One of the various things that a seashell symbolizes is relaxation. It comes as no surprise if spa salons include a seashell or use a seashell motif in their logo. Sravan Sasi's artwork pairs a seashell icon with the text written in print and cursive script.

The print script makes the brand's name readable. Meanwhile, the cursive script, while not as readable as the print script, adds an interesting visual cue to the logo.


26. Calla Spa & Beauty

Created by Khai Luu |

When it comes to designing a spa logo design, minimalism is the way to go. The less intricate details a logo has, the easier it is to recognize and memorize.

Khai Luu's inspiring artwork for Calla Spa & Beauty is a standout example of how good a minimalist logo can be. It includes an abstract symbol, but the rest is minimalist. Yet, it is visually appealing and easy on the eye.



Created by Juan Jesús PR |

Juan Jesus PR's Caleta logo keeps things simple and flexible. At a glance, the logo may seem serious and professional. But upon a closer look, you can notice the playful side of it. Notice how the wavy horizontal lines contrast with the normal letter lines.

The design communicates the uniqueness of the brand while at the same time conveying its professionalism. It may not have any symbol or icon, but the logo stands out.


28. Eden

Created by Kris Nguyen |

Striving for simplicity is a good practice in logo design. Kris Nguyen's artwork here shows how a simple logo can become recognizable and memorable.

This combination mark consists of two parts: the pictorial mark that depicts a woman eating an apple and wordmarks that tell the audience the brand's name, when it was established, and what it is about. The simple composition makes it easy for the audience to recognize and remember the logo.


29. Queen Hair

Created by Spazioceano Design Studio |

Spazioceano Design Studio’s artwork is next. It has a few details, but it creates a positive impression. Notice the blinking stars pictogram above the brand's name. It adds an interesting detail to the logo, but not too much it steals the light from the brand's name.

Underneath the stars are the wordmark that tells the audience the brand's name. The body is mostly solid, with thin lines here and there to balance it.


30. sanitou spa

Created by Kira Butoragina |

The last on our amazing spa logo design ideas list is an artwork by Kira ButoRagina. Also, with a combination mark, the logo focuses on building an association between the image and the text.

The image depicts a woman closing her eyes and relaxing, followed by the name of the brand. The background is black, adding sophistication, and serves as the perfect background for the image and text to stand out and make a statement.


Final Words

As you can see from our list above, there are just so many ways to create a visual identity for a brand. An amazing spa logo design ideas helps your brand to stand out from the crowd and draw attention. It helps in building your brand image as well.

We hope the artworks of talented graphic designers from around the world above help you get some ideas. Take the elements that you think will work for your brand and use the others that won't change as a lesson. Make a simple, unique, and distinctive logo so that your business thrives and succeeds.


Let us know what you think!

These above references are done by some of the most talented designers all over the world. If you think your work is better and would like to showcase yours here in this post, please feel free to email your work to Cheers!


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