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Article: 30 Best Baseball Logo Design Ideas You Should Check

30 Best Baseball Logo Design Ideas You Should Check

Every strikes will bring you closer to the next homerun! Check out some of the best baseball logo design ideas we have curated to inspire your projects!
Created by Kendrick Kidd |

The history of baseball logo design can be traced back to the late 1800s when professional baseball leagues were first established in the United States. At that time, logos were not commonly used in the sport, and teams typically identified themselves through their uniforms and team colors.

However, as the popularity of baseball grew, teams began to develop distinctive logos to help them stand out and build brand recognition. The early logos were often simple designs featuring the team name or initials and were typically embroidered onto the team's uniforms.

In the 1980s and 90s, baseball logos continued to evolve, with many teams adopting more streamlined and simplified designs. One trend that emerged during this period was the use of animal mascots, such as the Baltimore Orioles' cartoon bird and the Milwaukee Brewers' racing sausages.

Here are some of the best baseball logo design ideas you can check:


1. Chicago Convention

Created by Torch Creative |

The Chicago Convention logo is designed as an ABCA convention for a thousand coaches. It is an annual convention, which is why the logo tries to be more versatile. It is seen from the classic vintage logo aesthetic, consisting of blue, white, and red colors. It also uses bold font and a baseball stadium silhouette in its background. It is a memorable and professional image.


2. Global League Baseball

Created by Ryan Foose |

The emblem logo design for GLB is straightforward and properly represents its business. At a glance, the design appears more modern with solid and modern simplified imagery. It has a baseball, an earth image, and its letter mark. The whole design is properly developed without overshadowing each other, especially with the color (white, red, and gold).


3. Backstop Boys Fantasy League

Created by Matt Dawson |

Developed to bring a modern and attractive aspect for the youth audience, the Backstop Boys fantasy league logo is on point. It uses bold fonts, various baseball-related images, and bold colors. The logo has the best use of baseball imagery. Because without the bat, ball, and flag, there is no chance people can link the name with the sport. Overall, a complex and complete logo design.



Created by Hakam _mid |

The baseball logo design by the northern cardinal is one of the smart examples to see. For its wordmark, the designer takes the commonly used bold script font. It also comes with different variations following a more formal image with a bold design. But the key image is its mascot, which is the iconic native bird from Missouri, the red Northern Cardinal.


5. NC Dinos

Created by Ryan Foose |

If not many, then most baseball will have its mascot drawing in its logo. NC Dinos is one of the examples as the logo has the iconic cartoon triceratops as its logo. It is an icon that is recognizable from the color and bat. The imagery has a certain impact on the company since it appears to be a unique and fun brand to remember.


6. Toronto Blue Jays

Created by Vincent Pettofrezzo |

There are many chances and cases that the logo designs come with native animals as their logo mascot. Toronto Blue Jays take its mascot to create a memorable logo. The Blue Jays are illustrated in detail with the red maple leaf at the back. For a complete logo, the design uses a modern style combining the imagery and logotype drawn in a circle.


7. Orioles Magic

Created by Forrest Williams |

Orioles Magic's baseball logo design mood board is amazing. The design is pretty much a vintage-athletic-inspired aesthetic. It comes with bold arched lettering, classic ornate logotype, and the iconic old-style cartoon mascot. The yellow and black color, plus the scratched effects, fit perfectly with the aged baseball team. It is a common style but properly holds the public's memory for its identity.


8. Tallboys

Created by Sebastian Abboud |

Tallboy's design is iconic, fun, young, and attractive in many ways. It has various elements that make points that are worth remembering. Starting from the impression, the design uses vintage colors and graphics. But it adds various references, from balls, bats, and eyes, to spider webs at every edge. It also uses a monogram of the TB acronym. It feels more casual and friendly, the reason it fits the softball club identity.


9. hispanic heritage month

Created by Kyle Culps |

Not only filled with references, but the design is also something unique to remember. The design fully embraces the modern interpretation of Hispanic culture with its imagery and colors. It uses the skull, flowers, colors, and styling. To keep it related to baseball, the designer adds the baseball ball in one of the eyes and the baseball club name on the skull.


10. Cleveland Ducky

Created by Dckydesign_ |

Taking a mascot as part of the logo design is not a foreign thing in baseball. In this case, Cleveland uses the duck mascot as part of its mood board and design concept. In one of its logo variants, the duck is part of its emblem logo. Other variations consist of monogram, flag design, and logotype with bold, strong, and typical font.


11. Monarchs

Created by Jason Craig |

King of the Diamond Monarchs plays around with mascot design as part of its logo. In general design, the mood board and concept are pretty straightforward. It uses an image of the king in the pitching position going to throw the ball. The color (yellow and purple) and graphic style make it stand out. It also tries to stay versatile by developing various arrangements for the logo design.


12. Indianapolis Peppers

Created by HSSN DSGN |

Similar to many other mascot-based logo designs, Indianapolis Peppers goes with iconic imagery. The mascot for this club is pretty simple but memorable. The pepper is a batter ready to strike the ball. To keep true to the concept and name, it uses a hot red and yellow color with a fire image. Meanwhile, the naming uses the prevailing baseball fonts.


13. Round Rock Bombers

Created by Jay Master |

Vintage, old, bold, and memorable mascots are the key aspects of Round Rock bombers' design. In its logo, you can see the main logo of the brand name is written in a washed-out lettering effect. Meanwhile, the main graphic illustration is a baseball player drawing in the background. The white and orange color makes the design feel less old but still has that memorable vintage touch.


14. Zorros de Somerset

Created by Ryan Foose |

Zorros des Somerset is a Spanish baseball club that goes with direct translation for its logo design. The main mascot is the Zorros or Fox. It is drawn pretty fun and cartoony, which helps create a more impactful and friendly impression. For the baseball logo design, the club has a circular badge shape with a warped logotype and a mascot in the center.


15. Global League Baseball

Created by Ryan Foose |

Global League baseball has another memorable and cool-looking logo to use. The main elements of its elements are still the same: the baseball ball and the earth. It is drawn as if the ball is going for a full orbit through the globe. The key difference with the emblem design is its badge shape (circular and protruding ball shape) and the lack of brand name or logotype.


16. Kansas City Royals

Created by Alex Anderson |

Kansas City Royals keep it loyal to its naming and aesthetic. To make the royal image, the design uses emblem shapes with blue and golden-yellow colors. It also uses a crown illustration, bold and professional lettering, plus an attractive drawing style. In its emblem logo shape, the audience can understand its relation to the sport thanks to the baseball field illustration. It is an up-front design.


17. Pittsburgh Pirates

Created by Scott Biersack |

What makes the greatest correlation to its name is the treasure map. It is one of the very simple, straightforward, but loyal logo design models. The image does not have various colors except yellow, white, and black. For its letter mark, a bold, strong Pirates form. It is one of the staple and distinctive fonts known from the Pittsburgh Pirates logo.


18. Platano Power

Created by Sean McCarthy |

Platano power design is weird, but in a good way. Being different from the commonly used design ideas can help a brand stand out in the market. That is what made Platano Power work better. The design uses a rubber hose mascot character of a banana baseball player. It also has casual and unique lettering with a greenish-yellow color. For sure, it left an impression on the audience.


19. ABCA 2023 Nashville Convention

Created by Torch Creative |

One thing that is worth noting from ABCA convention design is its annual logo creation. The 2023 version in Nashville feels more modern and packed with various references in it. It has the common bats and ball. But it also has the iconic guitar to represent the city. The use of color and design itself is bold and youthful, which helps leave an impression on the audience.


20. Kyoto Demons

Created by Akuma.Studio |

Being a Japanese baseball club brand, the baseball logo design of Kyoto Demons is pretty memorable and representative. The way it represents Japanese culture is its demon mascot. The mascot appears like a cartoon of Oni, native Japanese demon imagery. It has red skin and a unique facial image. Other than that, the logo stays modern and versatile with simple combination logotypes.


21. Lonecat Baseball Club

Created by Dckydesign_ |

Baseball clubs can appear fiercer and more professional with good logo creation. Lonecat, as an example, has a cool illustration of a cat swinging a bat made out of fish bone. This interpretation of the design itself has left an impression. To stay true to the common baseball aesthetic, the design uses the script font for logotype, monogram, and circular badge as the logo variations.


22. Washington Nationals

Created by Sean McCarthy |

Washington nationals love its iconic national mascot, the eagle. In its design, the designer developed a fun and friendly eagle graphic for its mascot. The mascot is drawn carrying a baseball bat with a flag year on its shoulder. This mascot design may feel common. But every drawing is unique and different, which allows Washington nationals to have its distinctive mascot image.


23. Johnny Cup Cakes

Created by Corey Reifinger |

This design is made as the Chicago-based Johnny cupcake pop-up store, hence the combination of the bear holding a bat and the cupcake. The unique collaboration is part of the unique commemorative approach from the cupcake shop to the local baseball club. It is not only making a memorable identity but also a great way to attract local and baseball lovers.


24. Dude Perfect

Created by Kendrick Kidd |

Dude Perfect is not a baseball team or club. It is a group of people doing various American sports tricks, including baseball. The Dude Perfect baseball logo is likely one of its ways to create segmentation to its content. And the designer did it perfectly. The logo uses the classic ball mascot with a touch of modern sport lettering and color. It is a unique and memorable image.


25. Minnesota Twins

Created by Kevin Fluegel |

Minnesota Twins is known for its iconic 19 and 61 numbers. The club also has its blue and recognizable characters. The good thing about this club's design is its transformations. Many logos are made without losing the main distinctive elements (stay consistent). Similar to this image, where the logo uses the iconic color, lettering, and the mascot of a character running with wings on its shoes.


26. Buffalo Blue Jays

Created by Rob Hopkins |

Buffalo blue jays also show versatile evolving designs to its baseball logo image. The key elements are the blue Jay's mascot, the blue color, and the B monogram. In this image, the designer only shows the mascot while staying consistent with the main aesthetic. This kind of design fully represents the club without being bonded by the initial design, which is good for long-lasting branding.


27. Kick the ball baseball club

Created by AndreyMezhuyev |

A good baseball logo design can feel more timeless without making so much effort. The kick-the-ball baseball club shows its capability from its badge design with vintage style. The pastel or washed color is part of the graphic. It also uses warped rounded lettering, with rubber hose graphics as its main imagery. This iconic design can stay for years or evolve later.


28. South Austin Baseball

Created by Ben Harman |

There is something memorable in using the common aesthetic. The Flanders font that combines the vintage oldies script design and colors makes the South Austin logo fit properly to the market. It also has those universal baseball color options of blue and red. This kind of design makes the logo feel more approachable, recognizable, and memorable thanks to its less complex styling.


29. At Logography

Created by At Logography |

AT logograph monogram design is amazing and fun to see. Its monogram badge is an N letter, taken from Natural. In its design, the circular badge is decorated in a way to appear like a baseball ball. It has a white lining inside, blue main color, a yellow stroke, and a small baseball ball under. It feels more memorable thanks to the unique lettering of the monogram design.


30. Portland Roosters

Created by Dckydesign_ |

The key imagery of the Portland rooster design is none other than its wrapped logotype. The font used is pretty much the key distinction. It is also known for its red, black, and white color. But to make the whole branding unique, the club also has a rooster as its mascot. The cool-looking mascot is drawn to swing its bat and is ready to get the home run.


Frequently Ask Questions

What symbolisms can I use to represent baseball logo designs?

Baseball logo designs often incorporate imagery that represents the team's identity and history. Common symbols include baseballs, bats, and gloves, which are often stylized or combined with other elements to create a unique design. Some logos feature animals, such as birds or bears, while others use typography to create a bold, iconic look. Many logos incorporate local landmarks or symbols, such as the Gateway Arch in St. Louis or the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco.

Which colors are commonly used in baseball logo designs?

Baseball logo designs typically feature colors that reflect the team's identity and history. Many teams use a combination of two or three colors, often incorporating their team's primary color along with accent colors. For example, the New York Yankees use navy blue as their primary color, with white and gray as accent colors. Other teams, such as the Chicago Cubs and the Boston Red Sox, use red as their primary color, with blue and white accents. Some teams, such as the Oakland Athletics and the Seattle Mariners, use green and blue as their primary colors, respectively.

Which target audience should I keep in mind when creating baseball logo designs?

When creating baseball logo designs, it's important to keep in mind the target audience, which typically includes fans of the team, as well as potential fans who may be interested in purchasing team merchandise. This audience may include people of all ages, genders, and backgrounds, but they are united by their love of baseball and their loyalty to the team. A successful baseball logo should be visually striking and memorable but also capture the essence of the team's history and identity, appealing to both die-hard fans and casual observers alike.

What are the successful examples of baseball logo designs?

There are many successful examples of baseball logo designs that have become iconic symbols of their respective teams. One example is the classic interlocking "NY" logo used by the New York Yankees, which has been in use since the 1930s and is instantly recognizable around the world. Another is the stylized "B" logo used by the Brooklyn Dodgers, which has become a symbol of the team's legacy and the borough of Brooklyn itself. More recent examples include the sleek and modern "M" logo used by the Milwaukee Brewers and the colorful and dynamic "W" logo used by the Washington Nationals.

Which design styles are often used to create baseball logo designs?

There are a variety of design styles that are often used to create baseball logo designs, each with its own unique characteristics and appeal. One popular style is the use of bold, blocky typography, often combined with simple graphic elements like baseballs or bats. Another style is the use of animal mascots or cartoon characters, which can add a playful or whimsical element to a team's branding. Some logos use more abstract or stylized designs, incorporating elements like stars, stripes, or other geometric shapes.


Let us know what you think!

All of these fantastic logo design ideas are created by some of the most talented logo designers worldwide. We hope you enjoy our gallery and remember to leave us a comment below. Cheers!

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