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Article: 30 Best Footwear Logo Design Ideas You Should Check

30 Best Footwear Logo Design Ideas You Should Check

A new couple of shoes are always a good idea! Check out some of the best footwear logo design ideas we have curated to inspire your projects!
Created by Nemanja Stević | -

Your new shoe will not be perfect if you don't use the best footwear logo. You need to check these details first to get a better impression when using them. Adding a logo will probably cost you a little extra for it, but it delivers more benefits afterward.

When you are about to buy shoes, it is very helpful to search by the logo. If the logo is already popular enough and has many fans, then the in-house embroidery machine will be of higher quality and will arrange your shoes to a way higher level.

If the logo is seen as attractive and by the criteria of many people, then any kind of design will make the eyes of those who see it more interested. On the other hand, there is also a part that will be the laying of the logo later, so you need to read some reviews

30 Best Footwear Logo Designs You Should Check

You are used to seeing shoe logos, and it becomes the identity of people when they see the shoes they are wearing. It doesn't matter where it is placed, but the logo will determine how the brand can get public attention, such as the following footwear brands:


1. Carvimi

Created by erva® design |

The first logo is Carvimi's, in a monogram style. In appearance, this logo is very attractive to people who see it. The impression that is trying to be highlighted from here is elegant, as well as classic style.

The fonts and typography used are curvy and distinctively European. Thick on the sides and thin on top, coated with navy blue paint. The choice of color in the background must also be appreciated because it dares to apply orange.



Created by Estúdio Gole |

The DANKI brand uses a minimalist style but still has a modern style. DANKI, we can say that this shoe brand has used the best footwear logo. The gray background color with black font complements everything.

For the font itself, there's nothing special; maybe just use Calibri. But for spacing, this needs to be appreciated. The distance between letters is not too close and not too far away. So it gives a perfect impression.


3. Cheetah

Created by Rishab Gandhi |

For fans of trendy high shoes, maybe you can choose Cheetah shoes. But it's not just the shoe design that's amazing. But the choice of logo for footwear also looks interesting and certainly has a special meaning too.

Because it uses the name Cheetah, the logo used and pinned on the right and left sides of the shoe is the Cheetah's eye. But not the two eyes, but the silhouette is only the left eye, thus reflecting an aggressive style.


4. Toros

Created by VA SAMAD |

The TOROS shoe logo uses a combination style for its shoe branding. Not many people have heard of the Toros brand, but in terms of appearance, Toros could be one of the best footwear logos ever.

Using the silhouette of a bull's head in red and its horns are the hallmark. In addition, the letter R in the middle of Toros has also been removed from the left side. And at the very bottom, the words "Live Feel" as the tagline.



Created by Monika Pawlik |

Flair used an abstract style to accompany her shoes. But even though it looks abstract, it turns out that if you pay close attention, there are letters that are trying to be shown. The letter F was made using a curvy and continuous style.

Styles like this can be tried by owners of other shoe brands. Besides being very suitable for shoes, the logo will attract the attention of many people to buy goods from your brand.


6. Tom Hagen

Created by Oscar Dsgn |

The TOM Hagen shoe logo is very adaptable to today's tastes, so it is included in the best footwear logo designs that you need to pay attention to because the style that is pinned is a bit retro.

TOM Hagen uses a continuous lettering style, with spacing between lines of words that are made close together. With style like this, it doesn't take up much space and is suitable for logos for leather shoes and other materials.


7. PeriX

Created by MindInventory |

While the previous logo is a retro one, the Perix logo uses a modern but still incorporates traditional. That's 2 X's made concatenated, and for people who see it, it looks like the weave that we commonly find.

A perix logo like this adds a minimalist to your shoes too. Moreover, because the logo can be accepted by all eyes that see it, the Perix logo can also be a reference when looking for other footwear logo vector images.



Created by Sadao Tashiro |

The Joli Snob logo is arguably the one that doesn't match the shoes. But if used for branding and promotion, the Joli Snob brand has a very high appeal. Moreover, the special logo is used and placed on the left.

This Joli Snob logo uses a modern style for the font while classic for the icon next to the logo. The letter J, which is made like waves, is characteristic. 


9. Alex Aperios

Created by Alex Aperios |

If you're looking for design ideas, maybe you can include the Alex Aperios logo as a reference. The style used is abstract, but the logo maker must know what he is trying to display, including for shoe sales.

The Alex Aperios logo uses a dark blue background with white icons. The icon itself is shaped like an inverted triangle but divided by 3 and placed apart. So that the use of a logo like this becomes unique.


10. Dellos

Created by Jahid Hasan |

The Dellos brand should be included as an idea for making the best logo designs as well. With a writing style and font that is relatively basic, but when you see the name of this brand, there is a positive aura.

The typography alone is pretty cool, but Dellos still includes icons to embellish the logo. The Dellos logo has been successfully executed with red color in the form of a cube that is divided.


11. tennishoe

Created by graphitepoint |

For those who are looking for a minimalist and idealistic style design idea at the same time, the tennis shoe logo should be a reference. For the background color, black is selected. As for the icon in the middle, use a neon green.

The icon depicts a tennis ball on the left, while the other one on the right of the best footwear logo is like an oval. So that when the two logos are combined, it looks like the footing of a shoe.


12. Rocking Slide

Created by TesignLab |

Rocking Slide also does not want to be left behind by other manufacturers. The Rocking Slides logo depicts a shoe climbing a mountain. But what's even more unique is that on the top of the shoe is the letter R.

Underneath the new brand name, the theme of fun is written. So this curvy style makes the target market clear, namely teenagers. Moreover, the color selection, beige with dark and light gray, becomes a classic style.


13. Shoes Slay

Created by Sazzad Robin |

The word Slay describes being independent or edgy. So that the icon used in the Shoes Slay logo is also different from the others, but it is still pleasing to the eyes of potential buyers of the extraordinarily designed shoes.

The Shoes Slay best footwear logo uses a white with a shape like a letter M drawn wide. For the background, use a light blue color. So from a style like this, I can tell people that it's a Shoe Slay shoe brand.


14. Dopies

Created by Efi Kabak |

The Dopies logo must also be recognized as the coolest right now. The writing style used here is more basic, but the thin spacing is the hallmark. Moreover, the colors used are also not too prominent for the eyes of potential clients.

The black color is for the background, while the font is white. However, the size of Dopies' writing is deliberately made long; that is, it is pulled down again to make it look thin and tall. 


15. Herman's Footwear

Created by Filippo Borghetti |

Herman's Footwear uses an exclusive design style. HERMAN's writing alone is very classy with slightly bold colors. And underneath, there is the word Footwear which is made thinner, smaller, and more distant from the name HERMAN's.

After that, on top of it, HERMAN's main icon, namely the letter X combined with the letter M. What is even more unique is that the M and X styles are made hollow in the middle.


16. Arzak

Created by Álan Matos |

The Arzak logo, if it gets a little refreshed, could be the best footwear logo design we've ever seen. The Arzak logo uses a basic style with fonts that are often used, such as Calibri or not Arial.

The icon used is also the letter A, made like a triangle. So from there, it might look boring, and the color selection is a plus for Arzak. Bright green with black background is the perfect combination.


17. Hrizantema

Created by Oksana Tsiupka |

The Hrizantema logo also depicts femininity and elegance, just as written in their tagline. On the top side is also written when the year of establishment of this brand. The black background color is still the main choice for this brand.

But what stands out the most about the design is not the year of manufacture and the tagline. The selection of fonts for HRIZANTEMA writings is always a value that adds uniqueness. A classy style but still meaningful is displayed there.



Created by Kevin Cabral |

The Arcane logo is made as fun as possible because it has a youth target market. This logo also depicts the uniqueness of the letters ARC on the top and ANE on the bottom. However, what makes it the footwear logo png is because of the key icon.

So, the icon used for this type of logo combination is key. With dots in the middle with fun writing on the right, everyone who sees the logo will be enthusiastic.


19. Sneakrs

Created by Mouhammed Ajel |

For reference logo designs, maybe you can follow the SNEAKRS style. The style that is trying to be highlighted here is hype and trendy. It is proven by choice of colors and also the poster design that is bold.

But logos like this have the potential to be abandoned quickly because they are not timeless. What is unique is the letter E which is made without the I. So that only 3 horizontal lines are white, with a main blue background.


20. MADA

Created by Carlos Losan |

The next classy logo design belongs to MADA. You can use a logo like that if you want to produce shoes that look executive, with the target market being career women because styles like this will not attract the general youth.

MADA's style is similar to what you see on Channel or Fear Of God brands. It's nothing special, but just by looking at it, you can tell that it's an exclusive style. So, this can still be your reference.


21. Kick

Created by Sree Rag |

If we had a choice, the Kick logo could immediately become our top 5 best footwear logo. His style is very much like a shoe store targeting the boys' market. The black color clearly describes the bold and cool at the same time.

This Kick logo uses a different style from the others. Especially in the last K, omitting the l makes it stand without structure. But seen from any angle, the Kick logo still looks like a timeless logo.


22. Ámbar calzados

Created by Fede Bargs |

You can also use the Calzados Amber logo as a reference; if you don't know what logo, you can give other ideas. The font used is different from others so that the Ambar logo alone can give a unique impression.

For writing, calzados are also common, made with caps lock but small in size. However, what adds to the uniqueness of it all is the chosen background, where a bright dark green color was chosen.


23. Touareg

Created by Andrés Ibáñez |

When we see the Touareg logo, the first thing that comes to mind is a place to eat. Because of the logo, it doesn't look like the other shoe logo maker free at all. But the Touareg logo still has a style that is suitable for branding.

The TOUAREG logo uses a relaxed style, namely a gray gold color, while the background is dark gray. This style is perfect for those who are looking for casual shoes and doesn't distract your shoe design.


24. Nova

Created by Mohamed Adel | ©

The NOVA logo, in keeping with their tagline, “The Walk of Life.” In appearance, this is still not according to the preferences of many people regarding the footwear logo. But from the writing style and placement and spacing, everything is perfect.

The Nova logo is made in a classic writing style, with the Castellar font in orange. The NOVA logo is also made with a bluish-green background, making it a unique color combination, especially for a shoe brand.


25. Thread

Created by PRANTO GFX |

The styles that the Thread best footwear logo is trying to highlight are executive, classic, and bold styles. This style is very rare but very interesting in one way along.

The logo is made with a dark brown round shape. But it is also framed in gold, and in the middle, it is made like a tuxedo. From a style like this alone, it can be seen clearly that what is trying to be the main element is exclusivity.


26. Pergio


The PERGIO logo is no less cool than other footwear logo designs. The style used reflects the Italian style because this brand is also made in Italy. But from the font, this is suitable for a shoe brand whose target market is women.

With European style, coupled with special additions, makes it different and special. But don't ignore the white color, which is accidentally made dirty to add a natural impression when making the women's shoe brand logos.


27. Tecovas

Created by Bryan B. Butler |

The Tecovas brand can also be used as a reference because it uses a style that is already competitive with other brands. A bold color adds a maximum impression when wearing it, especially if you put it in your shoes.

The style used is similar to other American brands, namely retro and bold. But the choice of army green and light brown does not reflect such a style. Even more prominent are classic and natural.


28. COMO

Created by Cursor Design Studio |

COMO uses the tagline “The Art of Walking,” and that pretty much describes the shoes they are trying to bring, although you can only see it from this best footwear logo. Very classic, at the same time looks full of elegance too.

For the frame, Como used a 5 square style with a gold color frame. For COMO writing, the designer only uses the letters C and M with the spaces combined. So from such a style, people can see the value of elegance.



Created by daun lee |

The Taw & Toe logo is nothing special. But because of the bold selection, this makes every shoe brand is obliged to emulate it. The dark blue color with white is the most important element when making the logo design.

The Taw & Toe logo is also symmetrical and proportional. Only the addition of a shape in the middle with the words Taw & Toe makes it even more perfect. Leaf Lee as a creator, has a style of making that stands out.


30. Mania

Created by Nemanja Stević |

The MANIA shoe logo must also be an option because from here, they present artwork that has never been thought of before. The white color with the orange as typography writing adds to the sales value of the logo.

The letter MANIA is also made wider than usual with an A that does not have a horizontal line. So it looks like the letter V is reversed. MANIA has a style that must be included in the 30 best logo png designs ever.


Final Words

While you don't get the logo design that you hoped for, it could be the reason your customer is decreasing. The pattern of the selected font must reflect the marketing goals.

With the best footwear, people will be more confident. To determine the best footwear, it is to make the best design as well. One design that needs to be considered is the logo.

It should be noted that the details of the logo need to be considered, and even prospective buyers of shoes from certain brands will pay attention to the brand logo first. And we've tried reviewing 30 of the best footwear logo designs that you need to check right away!


Let us know what you think!

These above references are done by some of the most talented designers all over the world. If you think your work is better and would like to showcase yours here in this post, please feel free to email your work to Cheers!


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