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Article: 10 Tips to Create a Good Footwear Logo Design

10 Tips to Create a Good Footwear Logo Design

A new couple of shoes are always a good idea!
Here are some inspiring tips you can easily follow to create a fantastic footwear logo design!
Created by Nemanja Stević |

Creating a footwear logo design is not easy. It is because you must make not only an interesting image but also an effective one. It should send the right message about your business.

A logo is actually a crucial aspect of branding, especially if you sell a product or other kinds of business. The reason is that it is easier to remember someone visually than just by reading something.

That is why you must learn how to create a good shoe business icon. It is because the image will be used for a business, and there are so many competitors out there, right?

In today's era, everything is served visually. The aim is to get more attention than before, where the creations are so pleasing to the eyes. Do this way if you want to get more profit.

Created by VA SAMAD |

That visual represents how and what your business is. You could say that it is the first face that will be seen by other people. If it is footwear, find a creative way to show this thing.

The great thing is that these shoe logos are an effective medium of promotion. Someone may use it online or offline. People will automatically remember your company only by seeing that image.

There are so many examples of it where you will remember a company when seeing a check symbol, isn’t there? That is what we are talking about. Creating a strong picture like that needs good skill and creativity.

However, don’t worry since it can be learned. You just need to know the tricks and don't forget to practice them. It is also recommended to get any advice from professional people out there.

Created by Monika Pawlik |

The reality is that you have to consider many aspects despite having only a picture. It means that you should consider the colors, shape, formation, letters, and so on. Here are the tips:

Actually, education about how to make a logo like this will be beneficial. It is because students are used to learning many things about it, including the software needed.

However, what if you don’t have that basic knowledge to create an icon for your footwear business? Don’t worry since it can be studied as long as someone has the desire to master it. Below are the tips you could do:


10 Tips to Create a Good Footwear Logo Design

  1. Study the Company's Background
  2. Easy to Understand
  3. Make It Memorable
  4. Create a Timeless Design
  5. Collect as Many References as Possible
  6. Understand the Appropriate Logo Criteria
  7. Consider A Suitable Type Of Logo
  8. Enjoy The Whole Process
  9. Use A Proper Software
  10. Conduct a Market Test


1. Study the Company's Background

Before creating a company or product symbol like that, it is important to know the business in more detail. Understand what the message that will be delivered through that image is. Why?

It is because a picture like this is not a common image. It becomes the representation of a company or business. They are shown and represented through the colors, writing, and shape.

That is why, before making one, ensure that you understand the business first. A correlation between their design and business. The example is color in this case.

Created by Sadao Tashiro |

Usually, a company, product, or service has one or more dominant shades. In making a logo, you can adopt these shades to represent a business properly. There are so many shoe business icon ideas that serve as references.

Then there is the shape. You can use the meaning of a product or service before making a meaningful image. An example is if your brand name is Stream. Adding the symbol of flowing water would be great.

Besides that, the philosophical message of a brand can be your inspiration too. The important thing is that you should make a unique design and don’t copy others. People will hate it.

Created by Sazzad Robin |


2. Easy to Understand

Have you ever heard a saying that something big always comes from something simple? Use this saying as a basis for making a footwear logo design. What is the meaning of "simple" here?

Many experts recommend not using too many colors. The unique one will be more effective and flexible. If it is right on target, that is going to be memorable at the same time.

Applying too many shades can be boring, and it is harder to find a harmonious look from it. To avoid that mistake, especially if you are a beginner, using two or maybe three colors is better.

Created by erva® design |

The examples are like the Olympic symbol, which consists of several connected rings. They have some shades there, but it is still pleasant to see. It needs more effort to find that thing.

In making a logo or symbol for the shoe industry, someone must consider the color and fonts. Although they look not that complicated, these aspects affect a brand's branding.

If your product caters to a specific gender, use the appropriate color. It is for all genders; applying neutral shades is absolutely better to attract consumers.

Created by Rishabh Gandhi |


3. Make It Memorable

You should know that a good logo is one that is easy to remember. It means that when people see that picture, they will think of your product. However, making an icon for an industry or business like that is not easy.

However, it is not hard at the same time. Just use the concept of simplicity, which has been explained above. It must be simple and not too complicated because this concept is more memorable.

Created by Oscar Dsgn |

It is a challenge that must be faced because this criterion is not easy. Sometimes, maybe it is something that is out of the box, and you have never thought of it before. Don’t force yourself too hard if you get stuck.

To find the best shoe business symbol ideas that are new and unique, you must be in fresh condition. Take a deep breath first and find as much inspiration from various sources as you can.

Created by Oksana Tsiupka |


4. Create a Timeless Design

If you want to make it the new symbol for your business, following the latest trend could be your plan. Is it a great decision? Actually, not really, and there is a better thing to do.

An example is if the latest trend is a flat design. You don’t have to follow that because it could be changed in maybe five years or more. The trend is dynamically changing, and it is unpredictable too.

Created by Mouhammed Ajel |

The solution is to make an image that will last forever. It may be better to choose neutral colors like white, black, and brown that are always in. These shades are loved and look elegant.

Besides that, these shades are also good for being placed in any background. Someday it will be printed on a shoe as a brand. It is going to be amazing. That is why many large corporations have chosen these neutral colors as well.

Choosing the right font is also an important thing to consider in making this footwear logo design. You may discuss and ask the professionals about this. Usually, they have some effective recommendations to try.

Created by Efi Kabak |


5. Collect as Many References as Possible

Referencing is a crucial thing, and thank God because nowadays, you can get it easily. It is because technology has developed really well nowadays. Getting inspiration from an online world is an example.

By having enough references, you will know which image has long since lasted since it was first made. Well, there are various examples that you may get nowadays.

A long-lasting footwear logo design can be said to be a successful tool for branding. In the shoe industry, you can see several samples of it. The design is not only memorable but also has a high value.

Created by daun lee |

That is another advantage that someone will get as a businessman. In this era, you are able to witness that some shoe brands are working in cooperation with other businesses.

It is even if they don’t come from the same industry. That is not the end because there are numerous references available to help you choose a concept. So, making the general view will be a piece of cake.

Aside from Google or other online sources, a discussion may provide you with an idea. What we mean here is a discussion with those who have mastered this topic for sure.

Created by Bryan B. Butler |


6. Understand the Appropriate Logo Criteria

Before making an image or icon like this, please ensure that you know some of the criteria that you want. It means that at least you should have an idea of what that picture will be.

If you want to make it by yourself, that will be great. It is because you can make any edits based on your liking. It is because sometimes inspiration comes accidentally and in the middle of your work.


However, it is also not a mistake if you want the other people to make the symbol. The most important thing is to tell him about your overview. Explain everything early, including your company’s slogan.

Make certain that the outcome accurately describes your company. It must be free of bias and ambiguous as well, which means it may not give another meaning. That could be harmful.

The best footwear logo design must be easy to translate. That is why you should avoid the complicated shapes with too many colors, lines, and so on, which are unpleasant to watch.

Created by Filippo Borghetti |


7. Consider A Suitable Type Of Logo

There are various types of characteristics which you should know. Choosing the right one is always recommended. Make sure that it is suitable for your company and products.

Created by Alex Aperios |

Usually, each type can give a different taste and representation. Here are the types which people must understand:

• Word mark: this one focuses on the name of your company or brand. Typically, there aren't many details surrounding the image or symbol itself.

• Letter mark or monogram: This design of icon uses the initials of your enterprise as the main objective. Maybe it only consists of a letter too.

• A pictorial trademark: This one is quite different from the points above. A pictorial mark is more like a photo or graphic. That is why people also call it a symbol.

• Abstraction: This type is less to the point and a little bit unclear. Usually, people will have difficulty recognizing the brand name if they haven’t seen the full image. So, don’t forget to decide the types of work which you want to do as a first step.

Created by Jahid Hasan |


8. Enjoy The Whole Process

This stage is said to be the most difficult to do. It is because every designer has their own favorite steps, and maybe you are also one of them. What do they usually do? Several designers may love to make a sketch first before doing research.

Created by Carlos Losan |

On the other hand, others may prefer to do research first and then make a sketch. Everything is based on the experiences that you have. However, there are some types which you should understand as follows:

  • A brief and straightforward design strategy
  • Conducting research and brainstorming
  • Creating sketches
  • Create a concept and prototype it
  • Revision and final touches

Using the steps above, at least, will make the overall process look easy. It is important, especially If you are a beginner at designing things like that,

If there is a question about which step is more important, you cannot answer that. All the steps above are important, and make sure to have enough time to create them.

Created by Andrés Ibáñez |


9. Use A Proper Software

Just like what has been explained before, technological development could be really helpful. It is especially for creating something digital because you may use various gadgets, the internet, and software.

There is a plethora of software available to create this image. They are the platforms where you are able to use them for editing and making a symbol. There are two versions available as well: free and paid.

Related to these footwear logo design makers, some platforms or software that you can choose are Photoshop, Coreldraw, or Illustrator. These almost serve the same purpose.

Created by Kevin Cabral |

However, each of them may have different features. That is why you need to learn how to use these platforms properly. How could you do that?

Various options are there. You may learn to do it by yourself by watching several online videos. Besides that, having a discussion with others can help, too, since it can be done offline or online.

The good thing is that various online or offline classes are also available right now. It will improve your skills to make the best business image or icon as a representative. Choose the right method based on your needs.

Created by Mohamed Adel © |


10. Conduct a Market Test

Have you ever thought of involving your customers in choosing the best symbol for representing a business? This could be a great idea. The core of this activity is by making a vote about which design is better.

It is good if you have more than one image and don’t know which one is more interesting. For this case, ask the people to form a vote, especially through your social media accounts.

Let people choose the most interesting footwear logo design for them. The one that has the most votes means that it is more interesting and loved by the market. That will make your job easier, right?

Created by Cursor Design Studio ® |

Besides that, it could be a smart way to promote your business or product. It is because when they make a vote, it means that people start to know your brand. Furthermore, they may be curious about it too.

Actually, this market test could be done offline too. You could print it in the newspaper and distribute it to the customers around you. This means you'll need to set aside more money for printing the papers.

Besides that, it may take more of your time and energy. Doing it online is basically easier and has a wider reach because it has the possibility of being seen by those from another country.

Created by PRANTO . GFX |


Final Words

The tricks above are crucial if you want to create a powerful and effective footwear logo. Someone may make it by himself or ask another professional person to do it.

Those ways are definitely fine as long as the makers have the proper skills and knowledge. As a customer, you should tell them clearly about everything. It is included when the brand is launched.

Give them enough time in order to get the maximum result. It is because the revision or finishing touch needs time as well. That is why the makers must be informative and always tell you about the progress.

Created by Sree Rag |

The process of making a special symbol like that, in this case, is that the duration depends on how complicated the image is. However, the skills and experience owned by the makers also play a role.

Anyway, if this is your first time making this symbol, don’t be worried since the tips above can be your guide. Make sure to know exactly what your plan is and then take the aspects above into consideration.

When you have made this kind of image before, don’t be shy to ask another person's opinion. This is especially if he is the one who has a lot of experience in this industry.

Created by Fede Bargs |

For your own good, please ensure that your creation doesn’t break the law nor cause any controversy in society. Be wise about it, and sometimes it is better to play safe.

The most important thing is to always update yourself with the latest technologies and software. It is especially the ones that can support your activities to make the best footwear logo design.


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