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Article: 30 Best Golf Logo Design Ideas You Should Check

30 Best Golf Logo Design Ideas You Should Check

Golf is the closet game to the game we call life. Check out some of the best golf logo design ideas we have curated to inspire your projects!
Created by Thanh Thinh |

The sport of golf has a rich history and culture, and its logo design has played a significant role in representing the game and its values. A golf logo typically incorporates various elements, including the sport's equipment, the golf course, and its natural surroundings.

The earliest golf logos can be traced back to the 19th century when the sport began to gain popularity. These early logos were simple and straightforward, usually featuring a golf ball, clubs, or a flag. As the game evolved, so did the logos, becoming more elaborate and sophisticated.

Today, golf logos continue to evolve and adapt to changing trends and technologies. Many logos now incorporate digital elements, such as animations or interactive features. Logos also continue to reflect the values and traditions of the sport, emphasizing its beauty, precision, and elegance.

Here are some of the best golf logo design ideas you can reference:


1. Long Gimmies

Created by Wells Collins |

Long Gimmies is one of the logo inspirations and ideas for a brand with a unique brand name. Lettering helps introduce the name without providing misleading and weird graphics. Instead, the design uses a professional and elegant font for its name. Long Gimmies itself is an apparel brand. Thus the logo will be easier to use or print on golf apparel or items.


2. Benzy

Created by Alex Aperios |

Benzy also plays with graphic design using lettering or wordmark. Wordmark is a very common design in golf logos since it can provide easier-to-understand, read, and direct identity. At the same time, fonts come in different shapes and models. With a personal touch and creativity, Benzy appears unique with fancy lining, swoops, and font design. It is also a pretty simple brand to use for golf products.


3. Disc Golf

Created by Garrett Thomas Miller |

Disc golf goes with a unique approach to its logo design. The graphic logo is made using an old or vintage image, which has a rubber hose drawing. The disc is drawn uniquely as it holds a flag. The color scheme is black and green, which helps stay relevant to the golf business or branding. This kind of design can help add a memorable and distinctive identity.


4. Bell Acres

Created by Brian Ritter |

Bell Acres is a country and golf club branding. Likely, the design and brand always try to appear high class or classy. Thus, the logo design uses the formal and professional font. It also uses an illustration of a wooden building in the field, which appeals to and stands relative to the golf field and its business. It feels simple yet also effective.


5. S14

Created by Studio One Four |

S14 stands for studio 14. This is a brand logo made with a very direct graphic consisting of a golf ball and a lettering of its name. This direct design logo might feel effortless, but it stays and work well as long as it has relevance to the product. The uses of blue and white keep the design feel a bit modern, especially with the touch of simple graphics.


6. High Roller Golf

Created by Christina Donald |

High Roller Golf Tour is one of the logo designs that come with lettering graphics. It is a design that fully wraps the modern image and luxurious colors, such as using green and gold colors. The design also feels more personal and unique thanks to its font, which comes by using elegant cursive and formal writing with a touch of customized lines in it.


7. Putting Master

Created by The Monochromatic Institute |

What makes the golf logo design by Putting Masters appear like a professional graphic is the touch of simplicity in its model. The concept is pretty good as it combines an illustration and the wordmark. The illustration appears like a green rectangular shape, lines, and a circle shape representing a golf ball in the field. It plays around with negative space to give a dimension.


8. Zero Golf

Created by Deyan Cebedzija |

Very direct and proper in its drawing, Zero Golf is one of the best ways to develop unique branding. Its drawing or illustration is pretty direct. It uses an image of a golf club and a zero number. Everything is in black, which increases the chance of better flexibility, versatility, and timelessness. It is a clear logo to implement in different kinds of products or mediums.


9. Peach Cup

Created by Brandt Farmer |

Peach Cup's design uses a quirky image to create a great identity in the market. The key is pretty simple, as it replaces the golf ball with a peach. The designer also uses two crossed golf clubs to keep the graphic related to the business. For a design, this logo branding is a great implication of the branding. It also uses the natural colors of green and yellow.


10. Disc Golf Insight

Created by Andy Smith |

One of the ways to stay unique in the golf business is to use old -vintage touch on the design. The disc golf insight has its design with an old browned color scheme. The design concept is pretty direct, as it uses a serif font, eye graphics, and the overall shape. The lack of bright colors helps develop the authentic style and impression. So, a memorable graphic to look at.


11. Rob Hopkins

Created by Rob Hopkins |

Rob Hopkins developed a golf logo that felt uniquely unusual. Most of the time, the design for this sport has the classic golf ball or its flag. But Rob Hopkins adds an image of an elephant who is carrying the flag and stepping on the ball. This kind of concept feels unique and memorable. It even has a greenish color, which sure adds a unique touch.


12. New Life Academy

Created by Torey Needham |

New life academy shares simple imagery and illustration for its logo. It decided to develop an identity using an image of a golf ball. The classic arced shape for the brand name made the best formal and professional implication. It even has a motto. But the touch of bright blue and green color serves younger looks and attracts a younger audience.


13. Golfaholic

Created by Alex Aperios |

Lettering design is still one of the logo models that work in various brands, businesses, and products. It is also considered a timeless design since it is easier to learn or see. Golfaholic uses cursive font, which makes a classy and elegant appeal. But at the same time, it feels more youthful and casual. It fits properly with the brand name, which has a modern word in it.


14. Putty Golf Company

Created by Alex Aperios |

Since the name is already familiar to the golf company and business, it is fair to make the design simple. The idea is to balance the expectation and avoid over-stimulating graphics. Hence, the use of initials for the visual representation is pretty beautiful. The graphic is pretty simple as it uses cursive drawing with black and white color, thus making it a distinctive feature to showcase.


15. Alen Pavlovic

Created by Alen Pavlovic |

Alen Pavlovic sure did a good job in the logo creation. Alen Pavlovic developed a graphic that fits both an old and young audience. It means the design is timeless, versatile, and acceptable. It is pretty much simple, as it displays the G until using several golf subjects. It includes the flag and the golf ball. This kind of graphic will make a distinctive appeal to the brand.


16. Faikar

Created by Faikar |

Faikar also developed a good set of golf logo designs. The design he made is a letter mark with an S initial, the golf tee, and the ball. It feels like the design is made to create a simple implication of the game and its branding name, hence the simple graphic. The good point is the use of flat images and playing with negative space for 3D illusion.


17. Palmetto Championship

Created by Abby Kirkpatrick |

As a championship logo, the design showcases a lot of subjects and graphics in its logo. From the symbol, the logo comprises a shield, golf clubs, a palm, and a crescent moon. This design combination adds a unique identity or symbol. At the same time, it also uses a mixture of cursive font and formal serif font. All of those features develop a professional image.


18. Overton Park 9

Created by Chris Porter |

Overton Park 9 has a beautifully made logo design. In its concept, the creator developed a squirrel mascot. The mascot is drawn using a flat graphic image with solid color and a hidden negative space representing the golf flag. The overall design itself also uses green and yellow colors, two of the commonly used golf colors. It also uses formal professional fonts to show its brand quality.


19. Made Golf Co

Created by Alex Aperios |

Made Golf Co's logo design is simple, memorable, and versatile in use and implementation. The idea is pretty direct. It has the brand's initials and the golf tee. It is drawn with a fancy font, which makes the logo feel dignified and has a strong impression. For the best implication, the logo also uses blue and white colors. It sure helps the identity differ from others.


20. Longballer

Created by Omar Garcia |

Going for the real classic name, Longballer's brand name appears more professional and stouter. The design uses a customized font, which has a cursive style but with a taller ascender. The lettering also has a longer tail, which is transformed into a golf club. This kind of design is something you can find a lot in the industry while also providing a distinctive identity.


21. Kanga

Created by Chris Ganz |

Kanga has its wordmark, motto, and an illustration on its logo. Without the illustration, the set-to-wordmark and its motto share the same identity and character. It uses bold font and cursive lettering, plus beautified with an image of a golf club. The illustration adds a touch of personality as it has the canonical golf ball basket and two cans of drink.


22. Bell Acres

Created by Brian Ritter |

Bell Acres's logo design stands to develop a sense of quality and product to its service. The logo feels more professional and directly relates to the company. It uses an illustration of a golf course, complete with the ball and the flat. For the name, the logo uses the famous cursive font as it helps develop an elegant and high-end image.


23. TPC Scottsdale

Created by Mark Johnston |

The Scottsdale logo has a distinctive point by using a mascot image. The mascot is a bird that picks up the flag and the ball. This kind of approach helps create a unique appeal and memorable subject for the logo. On the other part of the logo, the design uses a rather simple formal font. Which helps balance the rich graphic of its illustration.


24. Ambassador

Created by Denis Ulianov |

As a golf club residence, Ambassador's logo design is done properly. Most of the time, the golf club will have a luxurious impression. Hence the brand develops its logo with its graphic elements. It comprises a shield shape, grain shape, crown, the brand's initial, and golf clubs. It makes a luxurious image that shares the shame traits and information about its services.


25. Swingers Club

Created by Thanh Thinh |

As the golf club is known for its luxurious establishment, some golf logo designs decide to use the simpler approach. Swingers Club uses the cursive font to fit the classy and high-end impression. It also puts less illustration to stay neutral, versatile, and timeless. For design, the swinger's clubs feel like the usual images. But at the same time, it is easier to remember.


26. LeClub Golf

Created by Alexandre ACKER |

Le club golf plays around with the wordmark and typography method. The lettering design is done by complementing a modern style and touches in it. It is seen from the uses of sans serif design, which appeals to a casual and friendly audience. The uniquely crafted font also makes the logo stand out or unique, especially with the vertical text orientation.


27. Pro Agenda

Created by Tubik |

Feeling like a pro, the logo is one of the touches of professional designers and their services. The brand has its sketch line drawing filled with simple yellow color in it. The design also has a beautifully hand-drawn cursive font, which is more classy and elegant. The graphic is on point, as it shows a professional golfer swinging their club. Truly one of the most meaningful logos to see.


28. Golf Association of Penn

Created by John Antes |

A simple graphic design is a work that is loved by various logo creators. The Golf Association of Penn made its symbol by developing a simple yet direct graphic. It appears like an initial of its brand, "G," but also added a small flag as a personal touch. This style helps the graphic to appear more unique and memorable. It is also usable with or without the wordmark.


29. Golfers Room

Created by Maskon Brands |

The golfer's room has a small yet memorable logo design. The symbol has an illusion of a 3D image, which represents an open door. The opening was made with the flag shape, which is put as a negative space. The wall is clad in green, a direct color of the golf field. This kind of design also fits perfectly with the branding name.


30. Charlotte Open Lockup

Created by Andy Smith |

Charlotte Open is one of the most famous and dated championships. The golf competition was introduced a long time ago, and it stays consistent with its vintage logo design. Despite appearing dated, the golf logo design is still one of the beautifully made works. It has direct information, bold font with clear yellow and green contrast, plus a very classy vintage impression on it.


Frequently Ask Questions

What symbolisms can I use to represent golf logo designs?

There are several symbols that can be used to represent golf logo designs. Golf balls, clubs, and tees are obvious choices, as they are essential equipment used in the sport. Images of golf courses, including trees, hills, and water hazards, can represent the natural beauty and challenges of the game. Depictions of golfers in action or in classic poses can symbolize the sport's grace and precision. Animals, such as birds or tigers, can be used to represent specific golfers or clubs. Typography, including custom-designed typefaces, can also be used to create a distinctive and recognizable logo.

Which colours are commonly used in golf logo designs?

Golf logos often use a combination of colors that reflect the sport's elegance, precision, and natural beauty. Green is the most obvious choice, as it represents the color of the grass on a golf course. Blue is also commonly used, representing the sky and water hazards found on many courses. White is often used to represent golf balls, while black and silver can convey sophistication and elegance. Gold or yellow can be used to symbolize achievements, such as a hole-in-one or a championship win. Red is a bold and eye-catching color that can be used to make a logo stand out.

Which target audience should I keep in mind when creating golf logo designs?

When creating golf logo designs, it's important to consider the target audience. Golf is a sport that appeals to a wide range of people, including both men and women, young and old, and players of different skill levels. Therefore, the logo should be designed in a way that appeals to a broad audience. For example, a club that caters to beginner players may want to use a logo that's simple and easy to recognize, while a club that caters to experienced players may want to use a logo that's more sophisticated and refined.

What are the successful examples of golf logo designs?

There are many successful examples of golf logo designs that have become iconic symbols of the sport. The Master's Tournament logo, featuring a simple and elegant depiction of a golfer and a pine tree, is widely recognized as one of the most iconic logos in sports. The logo for the Ryder Cup, featuring an image of two golfers shaking hands, is another successful example. The Tiger Woods logo, featuring a leaping tiger, has become synonymous with the golfer's success and popularity. The logos for golf equipment brands like Titleist and Callaway are also widely recognized and respected.

Which design styles are often used to create golf logo designs?

There are several design styles that are commonly used to create golf logo designs. One popular style is a classic or traditional look, which emphasizes the sport's heritage and elegance. This style often features depictions of golfers in classic poses or images of famous golf courses. Another style is a modern or minimalist look, which uses simple shapes and clean lines to create a distinctive and memorable logo. Some golf logos also incorporate elements of art deco, with geometric shapes and bold colors.


Let us know what you think!

All of these fantastic logo design ideas are created by some of the most talented logo designers worldwide. We hope you enjoy our gallery and remember to leave us a comment below. Cheers!

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