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Article: 30 Best Pepper Logo Design Ideas You Should Check

30 Best Pepper Logo Design Ideas You Should Check

Spice up your dreams with delicious hot peppers.
Check out some of the best pepper logo design ideas we have curated to inspire your creative projects!
Created by Dingbat Co |

The pepper logo is one of the most recognizable brand logos in the world. The logo is used by a variety of companies and products, including hot sauce, spices, and other food-related products. The pepper logo design has a rich and interesting background that has contributed to its iconic status.

The origins of the pepper logo can be traced back to the McIlhenny family, who created the now-famous Tabasco hot sauce. Edmund McIlhenny created the sauce in 1868 on Avery Island, Louisiana, and his family has continued to run the company ever since. The Tabasco hot sauce quickly gained popularity, and by the early 1900s, the McIlhenny family was looking for a way to differentiate their product from imitators.

In recent years, the pepper logo designs have also become popular in pop culture and have been featured in movies, television shows, and other media. The logo has become a symbol of spiciness and is often used to convey a sense of excitement or danger.

Here are some of the best pepper logo design ideas you can reference:


1. Fatal Spices ‚ÄĒ Identity

Created by Olga Vajagińá |

Fatal Spices is an organization that breeds and processes chili peppers and tomatoes and redesigned its visual identity with a new logo. One of them comes with a red background with a combination of black and white colors for the letters and illustrations. It includes chili and tomato illustrations in black with white fire. The words¬†fatalni zańćini¬†in white in the middle show a complete rebranding.¬†


2. Tiger Man

Created by Ben Didier |

The hot sauce label designed by Ben Didier combines orange and yellow colors representing the product well. It comes with a yellow rhombus and a smaller circle on its top stating the company Sriracha Revolver and the quality of products Premium Hot Sauce. It includes information on shake well and all-natural in English and French with the words Tiger Man in the middle. 



Created by Brethren Design Co |

Another pepper logo design for your inspiration is Superstand Flash. It is a brand element for a small hot dog stand in the middle of the building process in Lexington, Michigan now. It combines an orange background and red for the letters and illustrations. The red color represents the red hot dogs sold very well. This logo also displays the sauce choices.  


4. Hella Chela

Created by Stephanie |

Hella Chela is a Mexican-style beer from Karbach Brewing Co. Its logo has a maroon background with a slice of orange and chili illustration. It uses citrus and spices to create a serious flavor punch with a balanced combination of spicy and refreshing tastes. It has a burning skull illustration and Spicy Cerveza with the product's name. Hella means a lot, while chela is slang. 


5. San Angel Chile Co

Created by Ryan Weaver |

San Angel Chile Co. is a habanero chili farm in San Angel, Mexico, that has a unique logo. Located in the Mayan community, this farm uses a pepper jaguar as the illustration in the logo and the initials of SA that indicates the farm's location. The jaguar comes in orange as he sticks out the tongue representing the spiciness of the habanero chilies produced. 


6. Spooky Sauce

Created by Lynn Nguyen |

Spooky Sauce is a pepper logo design that offers a simple yet iconic design. It uses red background with a white accent in the middle that looks like a skull. Even the font used for the name looks horror as it comes with smoke. To strengthen the branding, the company also uses the iconic line ghost pepper hot sauce with the detail extra hot at the bottom. 



Created by Brad Lockhart |

Jerns is a chef's pop-up kitchen located in the Capitol Hill neighborhood of Seattle that makes exploration for its new logo for branding. It combines light brown and white colors. It shows the word JERNS adorned with a leafy knife and spices illustrations. As it serves late-night cuisines, the use of light brown and black for the visual branding represents this kitchen quite well. 


8. Jason’s Planet Pepper

Created by Ragen Venti |

Jason's Planet Pepper is a fun design made by Ragen Venti for his friend. He retouched the old habanero graphic and created a new logo design. Looking for the design, he seems to be making it as a vodka lockup for habanero vodka produced since 2019. It includes orange habanero pepper surrounded by a black ring that looks like a planet, representing a planet pepper. 


9. Shadelano Peppers

Created by MSG317 |

Instead of using a colorful concept like many pepper logos do, a pepper logo design from Shadelano Peppers only uses black and white. However, the designer plays with the illustration and lettering to make it fascinating. This logo uses bubble font for the brand name. It also presents a pepper character holding a bat while chasing a ball with black dots in the background. 


10. Zabs Datil Pepper Hot Sauce

Created by Rise Wise |
Zab's Datil pepper hot sauce has a logo combining blue and red colors. This hand-crafted hot sauce pays tribute to the Datil pepper that offers a perfect balance of sweet heat taste and the slow burn which becomes its signature. That is why it uses a dog illustration with a fire coming out from its mouth.

It uses all-natural ingredients and contains no preservatives.


11. Hot Mama Cantina

Created by Ashley Morris |

Hot Mama Cantina is a logo designed by Ashley Morris for her project. Instead of becoming a visual branding for a food or sauce product, this logo represents a woman honored by a group. The pepper with a sexy woman on top of it illustrates a hot woman. It also uses red color for the letters and illustrations to strengthen the vibe delivered. 


12. Trini Pepper Sauce

Created by Jay Fletcher |

Looking at the pepper logo design of Trini pepper sauce, you might misunderstand it because it has a Scorpio illustration. However, it represents the Scorpion peppers and Scotch Bonnet from Trinidad and Tobago belong to the main ingredients. It delivers a rich and delicious flavor from fresh fruits, vegetables, and herbs, as seen in the icon on its logo along with the T initial. 


13. Heatwright Pepper Co.

Created by Ben Kocinski |

Heatwright Pepper Co., a new hot sauce company, makes a brand exploration through the logo with an orange background. Designed by Ben Kocinski, this logo also has navy and white colors. It brings the statue over the cloud, holding a bowl with an orange fire on its back. From the logo, you can see that this company started hot sauce production in 2019. 


14. Cupid Hot Pepper

Created by Yuri Kartashev |

Cupid hot pepper is a logo design made by Yuri Karthasev that is available for sale. It seems he makes it for a company named Cupid established in 2021. It does not clearly state whether it is a food or sauce product. However, it includes a red chili with an arrow passing through it, as the illustration combines the cupid and pepper characters well. 


15. Tropical Pepper

Created by We Are Charette |

Tropical Peper Co. is a concept of pepper logo design for a tropical hot sauce. A bit different from most pepper logos, it uses a black background with a combination of white, green, and yellow colors. Applies cockatoo head as the icon that represents a tropical bird. The top of its head is yellow and has a green accent on the side.


16. Fasika Spice and Baltina

Created by Mila Katagarova |

Fasika Spice and Baltina is a registered Ethiopian Agribusiness firm established in 1992. The logo is unique and colorful with light blue background with a hen on top and a variety of spices adorned it on the half bottom. It represents the supply of high-quality processed spices and herbs. It also shows that the ingredients only come from sustainable and ecological farms of Ethiopian smallholders. 


17. √Čl Green-Go's

Created by Mike Kirkpatrick |

√Čl Green Go's is a food truck that provides snacks and beverages. Mike Kirkpatrick worked with the owner for visual rebranding through new logos. There are several sample¬†ideas, and one has a black background with iconic √Čl Green-Go's letterings. Another uniqueness of the design is Mike using the art from Yeti's Cave, up in the 49th in Alaska, for an ancient touch.¬†


18. HotCode

Created by Andrii Kovalchuk |

Hotcode is a pepper logo design designed by Andrii Kovalchuk for his client. Although his client did not approve it, it still looks unique with the simplicity of design. He made slight changes to the theme by using a background combined with white HotCode letterings. He designed the pepper illustration from the punctuation consisting of green parenthesis and red greater than sticks that to the simple concept. 



Created by Mila Katagarova |

Bringing the vintage vibe, Fi'kir Barbere has a logo using a single color, brown. Rather, it plays with the illustrations to deliver the branding identity of high-quality pepper. It includes a woman holding a basket and looking at a pepper on the other with a scenery view in the background. There are also pepper plants on both sides of its circle frame. 


20. ChevyPepper

Created by Eduardo Zaldivar |

Chevypepper gets a new logo designed by Eduardo Zaldivar, which seems to represent a red hot chili product. Comes with a black background, and the illustration defines the product very well with the red pepper drawing and the white brand name inside. Not to mention the red fox head and burning fire behind that describe it as hot. The blend of black and red colors is perfect. 


21. Mr. Mustachios

Created by Nicole Sgroi |

Another pepper logo design for a new hot sauce company, namely Mr. Mustachios uses yellow background. It represents the brand well and its playfulness through fun, bright, and mischievous design. Look at the red pepper character wearing glasses with its mustache in the middle. Even the character strengthen the brand name, Mr. Mustachios, written in red font with two burning fire on both sides. 


22. Habanero Culture

Created by P. Von Haggen |

Habanero Culture is a graphic advertisement made by P. Von Haggen. It seems to be a logo for a Griptape product. Combining orange, grey, and white colors, it has two sections. The left presents the orange pepper illustration over a grey background. Meanwhile, the right side uses an orange background with the white brand name Habanero Culture in a simple font but looks perfect.


23. New Mexico

Created by Michael Penda |

Michael Penda made a logo illustration as he went on a cross-country road trip. He made a design of Los Cerrillos, New Mexico, by bringing all the things related to this city. It represents the beautiful scenery, wildlife, and artwork in Los Cerrillos. The illustration includes red pepper, flower, cactus, bird, and direction with dark green color as a background. 


24. Snakebit Hot Sauce

Created by Dingbat Co |

A pepper logo design made by Dingbat Co. as a personal project for hot habanero sauce called Snakebit comes in three options. Since they will come out as stickers for label packaging, the logo color aligns with the type of sauce product in each bottle. The green logo is for the shishito habanero, red is for the original habanero, and orange is for the pineapple habanero.  


25. Pepper Lab Sauce Co

Created by Amy Civetti |

Amy Civeti created an overall branding through a new logo for the local hot sauce company Pepper Lab Sauce Co. in Washington, D.C. The design is simple, with a pepper illustration in the middle with the red company's name on top of it. The logo also shows how the company serves the product by adding a small batch of hot sauce on top of it.


26. Brava

Created by Venttura |

Brava launched its first packaging line for hot sauces through the design made by Venttura. It uses simple red font over the black background to symbolize the sacred fire that resembles each sauce's strength. It emphasizes three different chili peppers with traditional flavors; Jalapeno, Habanero, and Chamoy. It presents labels framed in three mystic characters combined with famous Hispanic symbols; birds, felines, and reptiles. 


27. Burny Wild's Adventure Sauce

Created by Joey Carty |

Joey Carty creates a pepper logo design for a brand new hot sauce company called Burny Wild's Adventure Sauce. Using a fun concept, it combines red, purple, and white colors for the illustrations and letterings. The old man is wearing a hat, and the icon looks funny. Not to mention the variety of lettering to write the brand and its quotes as Adventure Sauce and Live a Little. 


28. The Great Lodge Chili Cookoff

Created by Ross Shafer |

The logo of The Great Lodge Chili Cook-Off designed by Ross Shafer highlights the big red chili illustration in the middle with the brand name with different font sizes on top of it. The different font types used in the logo also make it far from boredom. It looks good on a dark background with adornments from small characters in its surroundings. 


29. Sweet Mama

Created by Zachary Sawtelle |

Zachary Sawtelle made a label design of hot sauce for a friend. The label design is simple yet iconic, with a big name of the product and a small red burning fire on top of it. It includes the ingredients of the hot sauce and the lovely line that makes everything better. The white background looks in contrast to the black lettering and red illustrations. 


30. Heaty's Hot Sauce

Created by Andy Nelson |

Inspired by his love of hot sauce, Andy Nelson made a personal pepper logo design for a hot sauce company, Heaty. It uses red background and white for the letterings and illustrations. The cute fire illustrations describe the product well and still look fun. It combines different font types and sizes for the information on this label with the city where it comes from.


Frequently Ask Questions

What are the cultural or symbolic meanings of the pepper logo designs?

Pepper logo designs often carry cultural and symbolic meanings that resonate with various aspects of the human experience. The pepper, with its vibrant colors and spicy flavor, is commonly associated with warmth, passion, and intensity. It symbolizes the zest for life, boldness, and the ability to add excitement and flavor to any situation. In some cultures, peppers are also associated with protection, warding off evil spirits, and bringing good luck. The pepper logo designs convey these cultural and symbolic meanings, representing energy, vitality, and a sense of adventure. They evoke emotions, capture attention, and reflect the personality and values of the brands they represent.

What types of industries are suitable for using pepper logo designs?

Pepper logo designs are particularly suitable for industries that want to convey a sense of spice, passion, and vibrancy. Food and beverage companies, especially those specializing in spicy cuisines or hot sauces, can effectively utilize pepper logos to communicate their flavor profiles and add an element of excitement to their branding. Additionally, the hospitality industry, including restaurants, bars, and hotels, can benefit from pepper logos to symbolize a lively and energetic atmosphere. Other industries that may find pepper logo designs suitable include entertainment, events, sports, and lifestyle brands that aim to captivate audiences with a sense of boldness, intensity, and zest for life.

Which colors are commonly used in pepper logo designs?

Pepper logo designs often incorporate a range of colors that reflect the vibrant nature of peppers. Red is the most commonly used color, symbolizing the heat and spiciness associated with peppers. It represents energy, passion, and intensity. Other colors commonly found in pepper logos include orange, yellow, and green, which are reminiscent of the various stages of ripeness and the diverse array of pepper varieties. These colors evoke feelings of warmth, freshness, and vitality. Additionally, black and white may be used as contrasting elements to enhance the overall design and create visual impact. The specific color combinations depend on the brand's identity, target audience, and desired to message.

What other graphic elements can I combine with pepper logo designs?

When designing a pepper logo, there are various graphic elements that can be combined to enhance its visual appeal and convey the desired message. Some common elements include flames or fire, symbolizing the heat and spiciness of peppers. Leaves or vines can be incorporated to represent the freshness and natural ingredients. Utensils like forks, knives, or spoons can signify the culinary aspect. Additionally, incorporating abstract shapes or patterns reminiscent of peppers, such as curves or waves, can add visual interest. Typography styles can also play a role, with bold and dynamic fonts complementing the pepper theme. Ultimately, the choice of graphic elements depends on the brand's identity, target audience, and overall aesthetic vision.

Which famous brands or companies are using the pepper logo designs?

While there are no globally renowned brands that exclusively use pepper logo designs, there are several companies and brands that incorporate peppers in their logos or branding elements. One notable example is the famous hot sauce brand Tabasco, which features a pepper icon in its logo. Another well-known brand is Chili's Grill & Bar, a restaurant chain that utilizes chili pepper as a prominent part of its logo. Other companies that incorporate pepper imagery in their logos include Goya Foods, a popular Hispanic food brand, and Sriracha, a well-loved hot sauce brand. These brands leverage the pepper logo designs to symbolize spice, flavor, and culinary experiences.


Let us know what you think!

All of these fantastic logo design ideas are created by some of the most talented logo designers worldwide. We hope you enjoy our gallery and remember to leave us a comment below. Cheers!

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