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Article: 30 Best Pineapple Logo Design Ideas You Should Check

30 Best Pineapple Logo Design Ideas You Should Check

Be a pineapple: Stand tall, wear a crown, and be sweet on the inside.
Check out some of the best pineapple logo design ideas to inspire your projects!
Created by EMILIEN C. |

The pineapple has a long and fascinating history as a symbol of hospitality, luxury, and wealth. The fruit is native to South America but was introduced to Europe in the 15th century by Christopher Columbus. However, it wasn't until the 17th and 18th centuries that the pineapple became a popular symbol of wealth and hospitality.

During this time, pineapples were rare and expensive, as they were difficult to grow in European climates. The fruit became a symbol of wealth and luxury, as only the wealthiest members of society could afford to purchase and display pineapples. It was not uncommon for people to rent pineapples for special events, such as weddings and banquets, to impress their guests with their extravagance.

As a result of its association with wealth and luxury, the pineapple became a symbol of hospitality and welcome. Hosts would display pineapples in their homes as a way to signal to their guests that they were valued and respected. The pineapple's unique appearance, with its spiky crown and golden skin, made it an eye-catching and memorable symbol.

Here are some of the best pineapple logo design ideas you can reference:


1. Pinely

Created by Ali Nazari |

Ali Nazari created a logo animation for an event, Pinely. It seems to be a party event since it invites people to buy tickets for this party. Using a white background, he combines black and yellow for the symbol and typography.  The symbol is a pineapple with a black body and yellow crown. Meanwhile, the typography consists of black pine and yellow ly. 


2. Ruthless & Co

Created by Rodney Truitt Jr |

Rodney Truitss Jr presents branding for a clothing company in San Fransisco, Ruthless & Co. It uses a pastel tone for the background. Instead of using it as the symbol, the pineapple appears in the background in a brighter brown, making it distinguishable.  The brand name uses a unique typography in teal color, which looks distinct from the pastel background. 


3. La Pi√Īa

Created by Julien Tilly |

Julien Tilly created a¬†pineapple logo design¬†for a South American restaurant, La Pi√Īa. It uses a black background but makes it more sophisticated with the pattern of the restaurant name.¬† You can see an arrangement of La Pi√Īa on it. The symbol is a pineapple in bronze color which exudes the high-end quality of the restaurant.¬†


4. The Summer Camp Co

Created by Usarek‚ĄĘ Studio |

The Summer Camp co is an apparel brand that uses a logo design with a pineapple. It takes inspiration from the pineapple, texture, and simplicity.  This logo sticks to the monochrome concept. The symbol is a pineapple in black but looks textured with a brush accent. Below is the brand name with the same brushy black color font but in different sizes. 


5. Nadzeya

Created by Nadzeya |

Nadzeya introduces a packaging project, as seen at the Columbia Road flower market, Pink Pineapple. Like its name, it uses pink pastel for the background. The symbol is also a pink pineapple with orange cross lines that mimic the natural lines on the pineapple's body.  The pineapple crown is Tosca, but the designer also uses this color on the short lines of the pineapple body. 




Kibrea Graphics presents a pineapple logo design by playing with a white background and navy typography. The symbol is a pineapple with a green leafy crown and bottom, while its body is yellow. This pineapple symbol also uses a navy line. The typography looks unique, with Kibra appearing in bolder and bigger font under the symbol, and Pineapple Illustration Art Work surrounds it. 


7. artism_studio

Created by artism_studio |

Crop Express, a logo concept for fruit and vegetable worldwide delivery based in Taiwan, evokes a sophisticated vibe. It uses a dark green background combined with a bronze pineapple symbol. The imagery uses a bronze line to form a pineapple.  There is a typography of crops that expresses international trade. Ltd in the pineapple frame symbol, which also uses bronze color. 


8. Tiny Pineapple

Created by Michael Champlin |

A Tiny Pineapple is a little logo for a blog made by Michael Champlin and his wife. This logo looks very rusty as the logo was sketched using Procreate. Michael draws the pineapple with its shade as the symbol for its logo design.  Then, he adds the blog name, tiny pineapple, in a simple font and lowercase letters which looks distinguishable on the white background. 


9. Exotica Studio

Created by Logomachine branding agency |

Exotica Studio has a brand identity of a professional modeling agency. It uses a pineapple logo design with a black background but looks sophisticated, although it sticks to the simple concept. The symbol is a pineapple illustration in a golden color.  Below is the modeling agency name with a bold white for the Exotica and golden studio in smaller font. 


10. Pineapple Paper Co

Created by Jake Lutz |

Andrea Binski created a logo design for Balinese Ananas, established in 2016. It uses a dark grey background with a bronze pineapple symbol. Balinese and 2016 surround the symbol with Ananas appearing in bold white font under it.  The organic delights use uppercase letters in smaller sizes, whilst 'from Ubud' is in bronze calligraphic font. The combination of white and bronze here is perfect.


11. Balinese Ananas

Created by Andrea Binski |

Andrea Binski created a logo design for Balinese Ananas, established in 2016. It uses a dark grey background with a bronze pineapple symbol. Balinese and 2016 surround the symbol with Ananas appearing in bold white font under it.  The organic delights use uppercase letters in smaller sizes, whilst 'from Ubud' is in bronze calligraphic font. The combination of white and bronze here is perfect. 


12. Live More, Worry Less

Created by Ben Koscielniak |

Ben Koscielniek presents a pineapple logo design and t-shirt artwork for TAC Apparel Company. It sticks to the monochrome concept with a black background and with white imagery and typography. The tagline Live More Worry Less appear above and below the pineapple symbol. The designer also put the brand name under the symbol in smaller font and uppercase letters. 


13. Summer Camp Y'all!

Created by Isaac Kuula |

The Summer Cam has a fun logo with a pineapple concept. It combines Tosca, white, and yellow. It involves pineapple imagery in yellow and white lines as the symbol. The designer plays with different font types for the typography.  Surrounded by the symbol is Summer Camp Y'All in a standard font. Below is Collide in bold handwriting style and its tagline, feelin' hot hot hot!


14. Pineapple Club

Created by Andrea Binski |

Pineapple Club is part of a logo collection made by Andrea Binski. It seems the designer likes to use a combination of black, white, and gold in her logo designs. This logo also uses a black background with a gold pineapple symbol which looks simple. It includes the typography of pineapple. Club in a standard white font under the symbol.


15. Matuya

Created by Michelle Colonna |

A¬†pineapple logo design¬†created by Michele Colonna evokes a sophisticated feel with a combination of dark green and bronze. It is a brand identity for Matuya, which seems to be a pineapple beverage. The symbol is a boxy bronze pineapple with the typography of Matuya above and Pi√Īa deshidratada below. The symbol and typography are inside a leafy frame in bronze.¬†


16. Old Monterey

Created by Slavisa Dujkovic |

Old Monterey Emblem combines red and white for its pineapple logo. It is a logo for a café established in 1985 and designed by Slavis Dujkovic. The symbol is a white pineapple with the year of establishment on both sides. The circle frame surrounds the symbol with a bold font for Old Monterrey above and a smaller calligraphic below.  


17. Pineapple Strong

Created by Josh Hoye |

A pineapple strong is a logo for a new Krav Maga self-defense school in North Shore, Oahu. Designed by Josh Hoye, this symbol consists of a yellow pineapple body that looks like a jar and a green crown that looks like a lid. This pineapple logo will be on the gloves, shirts, hats, and fighting mats in different color combos. 


18. Podcast Pineapple

Created by Sugi Binpodo |

Like its name, this pineapple logo design made by Sugi Binpodo uses a combination of podcasts and pineapple. The symbol is a pineapple that also looks like a microphone often used in the podcast. Below the name of Podcast Pineapple, use uppercase letters with different font sizes. The teal background matches well with the white symbol and typography. 


19. Pi√Īa

Created by Mateoto |

Mateoto created this logo design for his friend, who likes to design various things. His friend has been known as Pi√Īa, meaning a pineapple in English. That is why the designer put a simple white pineapple symbol over a black background. He also names it Pi√Īa in uppercase letters and adds designs in smaller font underneath the symbol.¬†


20. The Tropicana

Created by Jennifer Kowal |

Jennifer Kowal introduced a logo concept design for a beach resort & spa, The Tropicana. The symbol is a pineapple with a yellow heart-shaped body and a blue leafy crown. The typography of the resort name under the symbol is also in blue. It uses a slender-style font in uppercase letters, which looks distinct over a white background.  


21. Deal With It

Created by Julio Vega Peinado |

Julio Vega created a logo illustration for a pizza brand, Deal with It. It brings a fun concept with a pineapple character wearing black sunglasses dancing on the slice of pizza. The simple typography of the brand under the pizza is recognizable enough. The designer tries to evoke pleasure through the combination of pizza and pineapple. 


22. Pamela Arguelles Photography

Created by This is EME |

A¬†pineapple logo design¬†for Pamela Arg√ľelles Photography can be an idea for a photography studio. It uses a bronze pineapple in an octagonal body. The typography surrounding the symbol combines black and bronze, so it still connects with the symbol. Pamela Arg√ľelles Pi√Īa appears in black, while fotograf√≠a uses bronze. Both symbol and typography look distinct on a white background.¬†


23. Pineapplebox¬ģÔłŹ

Created by VASK¬ģÔłŹ Studio |

Vask¬ģ Studio tries to combine a box and a pineapple into a logo concept. It turns out to be a cute logo symbol with a boxy pineapple body consisting of orange rectangular and triangular shapes. It also includes three leaves as the crown in Tosca. It looks simple, but this logo concept evokes uniqueness over the white background, even without the presence of typography.¬†


24. Pi√Īa Lata

Created by Daren Lifferth |

Pi√Īa Lata is another pineapple logo design for beverages. Designed by Daren Lifferth, this logo for shave ice uses glass in a pineapple body pattern as s symbol, complete with a green crown and a navy straw on its top. The typography of Pi√Īa Lata appears on both sides in bold font. Below is the typography of shave ice in uppercase letters and smaller font.¬†


25. Pineapple

Created by Lazar Bogicevic |

Lazar Bogicevic releases a logo illustration applying a pineapple concept. He only plays with lines to form a pineapple symbol in yellowish color without adding any typography to strengthen the branding. However, the symbol can deliver the meaning well even without additional information. The yellow pineapple symbol looks distinct on the dark background.  


26. Hello Pineapple

Created by Modal Tampang |

Modal Tampang presents a vivid and fun pineapple logo with a yellow background. It involves an energetic pineapple character wearing sunglasses with an orange aura. Apparently, the brand was established in 2021 because that year appears in this logo. The typography Hello Pineapple in bold purple is under the symbol with the tagline 'always be smile' in smaller font. 


27. The Mask

Created by Nacer Filez |

A pineapple logo design created by Nacer Filez is for The Mask Project established in 2020. It produces handmade masks. The logo does not use many color combos and only plays with black symbols and typography. The symbol is an upper-half pineapple and a lower-half mask. Below is the classic typography of The Mask in bold font and in a standard font. 


28. Aloha Bodywork

Created by KTOM Creative |

KTOM Creative releases a new logo concept with a pineapple theme. It uses a green leafy picture as the background combined with white symbols and typography. The pineapple symbol looks unique because it has mountains appearing on its body. The white typography underneath uses different font types and sizes. The Aloha appears bigger, while the bodywork uses a smaller font in handwriting style. 


29. Pineapple Mood

Created by MALDO |

Pineapple Mood is a logo illustration created by Maldo. Although it sticks to a combination of black and white, the designer makes it fun through the pineapple imagery presented in the logo. It looks like a comedian's face wearing earrings and sunglasses with a curly mustache. The face also wears a pineapple hat with a leaf crown. The pattern on the pineapple's body looks like eyes. 



Created by EMILIEN C. |

A visual identity for Couleurs P√©√Į, a French restaurant, also includes a¬†pineapple logo design. It uses slicing pineapple imagery in brown on white background with a trend rough slab font for the typography of the brand name. The designer also put the tagline La R√©union L√©l√† which means a reunion day in English. This restaurant aims to be a perfect spot for a reunion.¬†


Frequently Ask Questions

What are the cultural or symbolic meanings of the pineapple logo designs?

The pineapple has been a symbol of hospitality and luxury for centuries. In colonial times, pineapples were expensive and difficult to grow, making them a symbol of wealth and prestige. The fruit's unique appearance and sweet taste made it a popular gift among hosts to impress their guests. As a result, the pineapple became a symbol of hospitality and welcome. Today, the pineapple is still used in logo designs for companies in the hospitality and food industries, conveying a sense of warmth, generosity, and a desire to please. It's spiky crown and tough exterior also represent strength and resilience, making it a popular symbol in branding for outdoor gear and adventure companies.

What types of industries are suitable for using pineapple logo designs?

The pineapple logo design is suitable for a variety of industries, particularly those that emphasize hospitality, luxury, and warmth. Companies in the food and beverage industry, such as restaurants, cafes, and catering services, often use pineapple logos to convey a welcoming and friendly atmosphere. Similarly, hotels, resorts, and vacation rental companies use pineapple logos to represent a high standard of hospitality and luxury. Outdoor gear and adventure companies also use pineapple logos to convey strength, resilience, and a sense of adventure. Additionally, companies in the home decor and gift industries use pineapple logos to represent generosity and good taste.

Which colors are commonly used in pineapple logo designs?

Pineapple logo designs typically incorporate warm and inviting colors that reflect the fruit's symbolism of hospitality and luxury. The most common colors used in pineapple logos include yellow, which represents the fruit's bright and cheerful appearance, and gold, which symbolizes wealth and prestige. Green is also a popular choice, as it reflects the pineapple's leafy crown and conveys a sense of natural freshness. Additionally, brown or earthy tones may be used to represent the fruit's tough exterior and resilience. Some pineapple logos may also incorporate complementary colors, such as blue or purple, to create a more vibrant and eye-catching design.

What other graphic elements can I combine with pineapple logo designs?

Pineapple logo designs can be enhanced with a variety of graphic elements to create a unique and memorable brand identity. One popular option is to incorporate text, such as the company's name or slogan, into the logo design. This can be done using a complementary font style and color scheme to create a cohesive visual aesthetic. Additionally, pineapple logos may be combined with other design elements, such as a backdrop of tropical leaves or a textured background, to create a more dynamic and visually interesting design. Some pineapple logos may also include illustrations or icons, such as a pineapple slice or a cocktail glass, to further emphasize the company's industry or values.

Which famous brands or companies are using the pineapple logo designs?

Several well-known brands and companies have incorporated pineapple logo designs into their branding to represent their hospitality, luxury, and welcoming values. One of the most recognizable examples is the luxury hotel chain, The Ritz-Carlton, which features a stylized pineapple logo as a symbol of its commitment to exceptional service and hospitality. The hospitality company Airbnb also uses a pineapple logo in its Airbnb Plus program to represent its high-end accommodations. Other companies that use pineapple logos in their branding include food and beverage companies like Dole and Del Monte, as well as outdoor gear companies like Patagonia.


Let us know what you think!

All of these fantastic logo design ideas are created by some of the most talented logo designers worldwide. We hope you enjoy our gallery and remember to leave us a comment below. Cheers!

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