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Article: 30 Best Sunlight Logo Design Ideas You Should Check

30 Best Sunlight Logo Design Ideas You Should Check

Everybody just wants to have some sun!
Check out some of the best sunlight logo design ideas we have curated to inspire your projects!
Created by Aleisha Samek |

Sun is the source of life, and you can apply sunlight logo designs to become a visual identity, as well as complement the needs of others. The perfect shape and the right color scheme will make your logo shine brighter than competitors have.

I'd recommend using the services of a professional figure designer to produce a logo that meets expectations. It doesn't have to cost a lot, but what you will get later are creativity and skill. 

Of all the figure elements, we quite like the logo, which has the characteristics of brilliant visual appeal and clever geometry. So what meets these criteria so far is the logo that contains the sun.

Therefore, for those of you who might be looking for a suitable figure sketch, you can just use the services of a professional designer. They will present a distinctive logo with the identity of your brand. For that, see the following explanation.

As we mentioned earlier, the rays are the source of life, while if it is included as a figure, the sun will be a complement to other people's lives. Try to find out first what products and services you provide, and get inspired by some of the rays logos:


1. Rafaela Peixe

Created by Guilherme Vissotto |

To present a sketch with sunlight style, you don't necessarily have to always include direct sunlight elements. You can include the implied meaning of the figure for a piece of art that looks like it will catch a lot of people's attention.

It is done by Rafaela Peixe, who presents the sun logo, which visually looks like a spider's web. But if we look in more detail, we see that there is a rays figure in the middle, and around it is the light.


2. New Delta

Created by Ali Malke |

What's more obvious is Newdelta's logo. As a company engaged in offering agricultural products, they did not forget to include that information. New Delta, is one of the most attractive-looking logos.

The sunlight logo design is in the middle of the triangle, which is the border of the whole sketch. In front of the sun, some plants are growing, indicating that it is an agricultural product, so it is very on point.


3. Energy Invest INT

Created by Sara Almadny |

Energy Invest Int uses the rays element in the form of a collection of diagonal lines and arranges it to form a symbol like sunlight. The white color was chosen to accompany the bright blue color as the background.

For this figure, there is also the word Energy Invest Int which is arranged close to the main symbol of the logo. Sara Almadny presented this design with great care. So that people who see it can be interested.



Created by Minh Anh Nguyen |

The sun has always been a complementary element to designs that include children. There's no definite reason, but the shape of the rays seems to get kids excited. So that's the reason Kiddy Sun chose sunlight.

Of the 30 sunlight logo designs we've seen, this is probably one of the most fun to look at. Using a lot of sketch variations so that those who see it don't get bored.


5. Rose of the Day

Created by Oswaldo Salazar |

Roses in the daytime look like a visual identity that doesn't stand out too much, right? But this is the design element that Rose of the Day is trying to present, namely the rose, which has a rays symbol above the figure.

It is a beauty product, so all the elements that are also included adequately describe the characteristics of women. From the fonts to the colors, it's enough to catch every girl's eye to notice the sketch.


6. La Pureté

Created by Micael Micmas |

Still having similar characteristics to Rosse of the Day's Work, La Purete presents a simple design but is quite on point in presenting a brand identity through the sunlight logo designs.

The white and gold colors are the color palette used, while the figure is only very small. Circles with long lines give a sun-like appearance, with clean La Purete writing. Overall, this is a good sign of brand identity.


7. The Flare Cosmetics

Created by Zuzanna Grzyb |

Even though it is a beauty product as well, Flare Cosmetics presents a sketch that is more outstanding than its figure. The rays are here used as the model of the overall design of the Flare.

It appears that the sun's sphere is inserted into the eyes, nose, and mouth. Not to forget, they include elements after using make-up on the cheeks, eyes, and lips. The color is also unique; pink and red are combined into one.


8. Spoon of Sun

Created by Joëlle Majdalani |

The spoon and rays logo becomes the Spoon of Sun's logo. It's like the sun using a spoon to eat. There must be more implied meaning that Joelle Majdalani doesn't immediately explain in one of her coolest designs.

Using elements of Japanese writing makes this figure much more outstanding. A spoon stands vertically, and to the right, there are leaves, two horizontal lines, and also a yellow circle like the rays in general.


9. Pousada do Beto

Created by Felipe Rahme |

Instead of following a sketch that is too difficult, maybe you can follow the work of Pousada do Beto to give the impression of using a cool sun. The themes raised here are Professionalism and timelessness.

Seen from the font used tends to be basic, but the placement and spacing that looks neat make it even more outstanding. The rays logo and added with the white start become the main design theme which makes it cool


10. Hands Up Travel

Created by Elif Kameşoğlu |

For those who see the Hands Up Travel figure for the first time, they will not realize an element of sunlight there. Indeed, you have to be careful in looking at this sketch to know that it is a sunlight logo design.

The rays element is placed on top of the mountain and is also a symbol of the location. This is enough to describe the sketch of the travel agent, so we quite like this design.


11. Bright And Airy

Created by Josh Warren |

If Bright and Airy does not directly enter the sun into it, but rather the sketch is simple but still outstanding. Dark green and gold colors were chosen to complete the overall design that is sure to be eye-catching.

Use only 1/3 of the rays circle, then draw straight lines in the border forming the squares and circles. Josh Warren uses the border as a window, while the sun is the object outside the window.


12. High Desert Sun

Created by Ryan Bosse |

We personally are not a fan of what Ryan Bosse presents for High Desert Sun. But we know what the figure sketch is trying to mean, namely the rays in the middle of the desert, which will be very hot.

For the background, the designer doesn't use a solid color but an orange color with a texture like sand in the middle of the desert. For the sunlight logo designs, the sun depicts a very hot atmosphere.


13. Tornike Uchava

Created by Tornike Uchava |

The Tornike Uchava figure is similar to High Desert rays. But what the Tornike Uchava logo is trying to change is the form of animation. So this is just like a 2-dimensional sun with light exposure that looks fake.

Orange is the background, while white is the secondary color. For the sketch, we rate it high because it makes it simpler but still on point. There are many things that can be explored from the figure.


14. Dalibor Pajic

Created by Dalibor Pajic |

Dalobor Pajic not only included a sun design element in this sketch but also included a moon logo in the middle of the sun. Perhaps the theme adopted from this design is Day and Night.

For color, we can say that this is one of the most interesting to look at. Dark blue accompanies pink to be the color of the rays. Interested in following the sunlight logo designs? Just use your creativity to give one.


15. Tornike Uchava

Created by Tornike Uchava |

This is one of our favorites, the yellow and black colors combine to create the kind of sketch that looks really bright. Even for those who want to try a redesign, many elements can be explored for better results.

A collection of objects that are like water drops are arranged diagonally and rotated until they meet their origin. Until then, it is neatly arranged; it looks like the sun logo. And this is such a masterpiece.


16. Sun Power

Created by Helvetiphant™ |

Sun Power presents a type of log-up sketch, where there are two colors chosen to accompany this type of sketch. Orange color as the background – white as secondary, and also white as background – orange secondary color.

For the sunlight figure, it looks like a combination of kite shape dots arranged in a circle made into three lines. So just by looking at this famous sun logo, it will immediately point it at the rays, and that's also outstanding.


17. Blue Sunday

Created by Diaz |

If you run out of ideas, the type of figure created by Diaz for Blue Sunday is a no less interesting inspiration. Blue Sunday, Highland Park, LA. All detailed information is included here, making it a unique design.

There is a woman element facing the sun. And that is also the main sketch inspiration for Blue Sunday. Even the colors used are no less interesting, the pink and dark blue are included in the logo with sun rays.


18. Original Sunshine

Created by Aleisha Samek |

Indeed, sunlight always describes brightness in all design elements. Included in the sketch presented by Aleisha Samek for the Original Sunshine. In fact, it is one of the unique masterpieces we’ve ever seemed so far.

Original Sunshine includes a half rays figure for the design. The colors chosen are orange, yellow, light blue, and also beige. From this overall sketch, there is not much to complain about because it looks so perfect.


19. New Dawn New Day

Created by Jason K Yun |

New Dawn New Day, meaning that every sunrise is a new day that must be lived. For the color selection, it may not be very suitable, but for the overall design, it is one that catches the eye of many people.

By including the symbol of the 3-eyed rays in the sketch, people who see it immediately know what the main point of the design is. Even the font chosen to be complementary is even more unique.


20. Good Days

Created by Jessie Maisonneuve |

With a fun theme, maybe not a lot, the Good Days figure can be an inspiration for those who want to present sunlight logo designs that use a playful theme. So, what exactly is the uniqueness of this Good Day sketch?

What is unique is the selection of fonts and colors. For the color, we chose a dark blue, yellow, and gray color palette. At the same time, the sunlight figure is illustrated as a human who is dancing.


21. Weather Guide

Created by Dalibor Pajic |

Weather Guide is also a design type that is arguably the one that needs the most changes. Visually, it is not suitable to be a brand identity but more suitable to be a complementary design.

Therefore, those of you who want to redesign must understand what are the minuses of the Weather Guide logo sketch. The first is the unclear design philosophy and made worse by choice of colors that are also not suitable for Sunlight.


22. Opal

Created by Deividas Bielskis |

We also won't forget to include Opal as a unique sketch for you to explore. The Opal uses a variety of colors to present the design. So, the theme chosen is sweet while at the same time making the sketch playful.

First, the figure is divided into 2/3 and 1/3. For the 1/3 size, it is the place of exploration and merging of colors. At the same time, the other part is for branding and is written with the name Opal.


23. Mercado

Created by Linsey Peterson |

For a more abstract, there is a figure presented by Mercado. Using the sunlight theme with circles that resemble people's heads. Even for this design, the designer can change the color to a more suitable one.

From Mercado for this sunlight logo design, the colors are light blue, yellow, and red. Next, the figure is added with another unique design element. In the end, the design is complemented by a dark purple background.


24. Tierra

Created by Elif Kameşoğlu |

Women will definitely like the design from Tierra. Elig Kamesoglu is a designer who dares to play with color and design elements to successfully present a type of design that will be eye-catching but not excessive.

Of the many sunlight logo designs we've seen, perhaps this Tierra design is one of the most feminine. Indeed, the target market is women, so don't be surprised if the color and symbol play is simple and keep fundamental.


25. Solen

Created by Elif Kameşoğlu |

The Solen figure isn't bad either, but it will take a lot of changes to the design elements to make the result more outstanding. The sunlight logo with solen writing simply managed to make the design look less boring.

The symbol included the rays with a line drawn in a semi-circle. Even better is that the Solen figure uses more attractive colors, so it won't be boring for people, and we will use it as a sun logo design for free download.


26. Asana

Created by Aine |

ASANA created by Aine doesn't want to lose its shine to other competitors. And characteristics like this are also what you and your brand need to have so that the design does not look left behind when compared to other designers.

Indeed, many say that there is not much to explore the ray's light logo designs. But that statement is very wrong. Just prove it by looking at the work that ASANA presents, namely with a Japanese theme.


27. Sun Patch

Created by Daniel Patrick |

The lock-up design was won by Sun Patch, created by Daniel Patrick. We can say that this design is one of the most eye-catching. Even those who want to try it can design it from now on.

Yellow, red, dark blue, and white colors are used as design variations. In total, six designs are presented as a result of combining all these designs so that those who see them will not feel anything full of boredom.


28. Sun Daze

Created by Breanna Gabriela |

Sun Daze presents a type of design that is visually very appropriate to become a brand identity. For Sun Daze, they incorporate some elements in the sunlight logo png, like leaves that look like exposure to the hot rays.

In the center is included a cup that looks like the midpoint of the rays. And what's unique is that the colors chosen are unusual, namely dark orange and yellow. So, this is a source of inspiration.


29. Sunrise Coffee

Created by José Augusto Hykavy |

It would be very suitable for a coffee brand to choose a sun figure because coffee and rays have the same characteristics, which are needed to start the morning. This is also the main element of Sunrise Coffee.

The rays logo with circles depicting coffee beans decorates this figure as a whole. By just looking at the figure, it can be said to the brand identity. So, this is one type of design that you can explore further.


30. New Day

Created by Gøril Torske |

No less interesting is the figure that Newday presents. With a sun circle with distinctive lines, it looks like a hand-made design. Even those who want to explore this design can start with color, which is one of the most unique we’ve ever seen.

The colors presented by New Day are quite attractive compared to other sunlight logo designs. Yellow, green, and white are the perfect combination. But what stands out in the logo is the rays.


Final Words

The original version of the rays Logo certainly only includes the sun shape that we commonly recognize. But because times have changed and the trend is also moving towards something more elegant, the rays Logo is now representing the prosperity of the brand.

The Sun Logo becomes the company's identity so that it seems to stand on one corner, including presenting colors that stand for perfection, charm, and elegance. The rays logo will be an important element of the corporate identity.

If the sun is the source of life, then the rays in the logo will be the source of your success. From the logo alone, you can guess that it will require creativity and skill. So, we present cool sunlight logo designs for new ideas.


Let us know what you think!

These above references are done by some of the most talented designers all over the world. If you think your work is better and would like to showcase yours here in this post, please feel free to email your work to Cheers!


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