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Article: 30 Best Tomato Logo Design Ideas You Should Check

30 Best Tomato Logo Design Ideas You Should Check

It's difficult to think anything but pleasant thoughts while eating a homegrown tomato.
Check out some of the best tomato logo design ideas to inspire your projects!

Created by Ort Design Studio |

In the vibrant world of graphic design, nothing exemplifies freshness and vibrancy better than a well-crafted tomato logo. If you're seeking inspiration, we've hand-picked the 30 best tomato logo design ideas that any designer, novice or pro, should peruse. These logo designs, a feast for the eyes, boast an array of styles – from minimalistic to intricate, vintage to contemporary, leaving you spoiled for choice.

In this colorful showcase, the tomato's iconic red hue takes center stage, offering limitless possibilities for branding across various sectors, from food to agriculture, and even tech! This article aims to fuel your creativity and broaden your horizons, giving you a fresh perspective on how the humble tomato can transform into a powerful logo symbol.

Our compilation of tomato logo design ideas promises not just to inspire but also to enlighten on effective logo crafting strategies. Here's your chance to dive into the world of tomato logo design, relish the diversity, learn from the best, and who knows, perhaps cook up your next big design concept. Get ready for a visual treat that blends art, design, and a touch of tomato-tastic whimsy.


I. Tomato Logo Design Ideas

1. Thet Paing Htwe

Created by Thet Paing Htwe |


2. Burrata House

Created by Peter Francis Laxalt |


3. California Grown

Created by Jamie Stark |


4. Gotomato

Created by Bekah Hanson |


5. Foodoso

Created by Omnium |


6. Tomates Silvander

Created by Camila Dequech |


7. Crazy Tomato Lady

Created by Logan Hall |


8. Uncle Vinny's Hot Tomatoes

Created by Paul J. Bartlett |


9. Ryan Vatzlavick

Created by Ryan Vatzlavick |


10. Tazata

Created by Taher |


11. Ripe Red Tomato

Created by Oleg Agafonov |


12. Tomato King

Created by Małgorzata Ostaszewska |


13. The Little Chef

Created by Tad Carpenter |


14. Quarantine Canteen

Created by Rich Hinds |


15. Cape May

Created by Ahmad Foysal |


16. Sunrise Tomatoes

Created by Gregory Grigoriou |


17. Petar Cirkovic

Created by Petar Cirkovic |


18. Joanna Behar

Created by Joanna Behar |


19. Divine Veggies

Created by Micah Barta |


20. Tomato Mincer

Created by Oleg |


21. Taco Local

Created by Dan Deming-Henes |


22. Rafael Serra

Created by Rafael Serra |


23. Akdesain

Created by Akdesain |


24. Petar Kilibarda

Created by Petar Kilibarda |


25. Times Produce

Created by Konstantin Reshetnikov |


26. Green Planet

Created by Dalius Stuoka |


27. Jodie Ilhamiarso

Created by jodie ilhamiarso |


28. Starmato

Created by Bruno Silva .design |


29. Fatto Con Amore

Created by Kylie Sky Souza |


30. Ort Design Studio

Created by Ort Design Studio |


II. Symbolism and Meanings of Tomato in Logo Designs

When it comes to graphic design, every symbol has a story, and the tomato is no exception. A logo serves as a brand's visual ambassador, delivering a message that words often cannot. When the tomato appears in a logo, it embodies rich symbolism, evoking a unique spectrum of emotions and associations. Let's peel back the layers and explore the deeper meanings behind the tomato in logo designs.

Simplicity and Recognition

One of the most appealing aspects of using a tomato in logo design is its inherent simplicity and universal recognition. The tomato's round shape and bold color are instantly identifiable, making it an effective choice for designs intended to be easily remembered. As a designer, the tomato provides you with a simple yet versatile element that can be adapted to a variety of styles, from minimalistic to detailed, all while maintaining its iconic and memorable qualities.

Freshness and Health

In the realm of food and beverage industries, a tomato logo design can imply freshness, health, and natural goodness. The tomato, often associated with nutritious salads and homemade sauces, evokes a sense of health and wellness. Using a tomato symbol can help brands communicate their commitment to providing fresh, quality ingredients, or products that promote a healthy lifestyle.

Passion and Energy

The vibrant red of a ripe tomato is not just visually striking but also carries significant symbolic weight. Red is a color often associated with passion, energy, and excitement. As a result, a tomato logo design can help infuse a brand image with a sense of enthusiasm and dynamism. This makes the tomato an excellent choice for brands aiming to project an image of vitality, passion, and positivity.

Versatility and Adaptability

The tomato’s association with a wide range of dishes across various cultures speaks to its adaptability and versatility, making it an excellent symbol for companies that pride themselves on flexibility and innovation. A tomato logo design can reflect a brand's ability to adapt to changing market conditions or customer needs. It can also communicate a willingness to explore diverse ideas and solutions, making it a potent symbol for businesses in the creative, tech, or startup sectors.

Growth and Abundance

In agricultural symbolism, the tomato plant, known for its bountiful harvest, represents growth, prosperity, and abundance. Incorporating a tomato in logo design can subtly communicate a message of flourishing and abundance. This is particularly effective for businesses related to finance, agriculture, or any brand wanting to portray a sense of prosperity, growth, or generous output.

In the hands of a skilled designer, the humble tomato can transform into a powerful brand asset. By understanding these layers of symbolism, you can leverage the tomato logo design to craft a narrative that speaks volumes about your brand, resonating deeply with your intended audience.


III. Types of Industries That Are Suitable to Use Tomato Logo Designs

The versatility of a tomato logo design stretches far beyond the realm of food-related industries. The symbol's rich connotations make it suitable for a diverse range of sectors, adding a unique flair to any brand's visual identity. Let's explore the types of industries that can harness the full potential of a tomato logo design.

Food and Beverage Industry

The most intuitive use of a tomato logo design is, of course, within the food and beverage sector. From restaurants and cafes to food delivery services and grocery stores, the tomato can effectively communicate the freshness and quality of products or culinary experiences on offer. Whether it's for a pizzeria, a pasta sauce brand, or a health-food business, a tomato logo can be a mouth-watering visual cue that whets the appetite of potential customers.

Health and Wellness Industry

Given its association with healthy eating, a tomato logo design can also find its place within the health and wellness industry. Companies selling nutritional supplements, diet plans, fitness gear, or wellness services can leverage the tomato to subtly hint at their commitment to natural, health-focused products and practices. The tomato can act as a powerful symbol of vitality and well-being, ideal for brands striving to inspire healthier lifestyles.

Agriculture and Gardening Industry

The tomato's agricultural origins make it a fitting emblem for businesses within the farming and gardening sectors. Whether it's a seed company, a farm-to-table initiative, or a gardening equipment brand, a tomato logo design can convey a sense of growth, sustainability, and connection with the earth. It can also communicate the brand's commitment to organic and environmentally friendly practices.

Tech and Startup Industry

The tomato's versatility and adaptability lend themselves well to the fast-paced, innovative world of tech startups. Much like the tomato, these businesses need to be flexible and creative to succeed. A tomato logo design can serve as a metaphor for the company's ability to adapt and evolve, making it an excellent choice for apps, online platforms, or tech companies looking to project a unique, inventive brand image.

Education and Childcare Industry

The tomato, with its bright, engaging color and familiar shape, can be an appealing symbol for the education and childcare sectors. Schools, tutoring services, kids' clubs, or even children's toy brands could use a tomato logo design to represent their nurturing and growth-oriented ethos. The playful and friendly nature of the tomato can help create a warm, inviting, and accessible brand image.

By exploring the potential of the tomato in logo design, businesses from varied sectors can tap into its rich symbolism and wide-ranging appeal. It's all about understanding the brand's core values and how the tomato can visually articulate these, creating a powerful, resonant brand identity that stands out from the crowd.


IV. Colours That Are Commonly Used in Tomato Logo Designs

One of the key elements that make a tomato logo design pop is the use of color. Picking the right hues can significantly elevate a design, giving it depth, emotion, and personality. While the vibrant red of a ripe tomato might be the first color that comes to mind, the palette commonly used in tomato logo designs extends beyond this classic shade. Let's delve into the rich spectrum of colors that designers often turn to when crafting a standout tomato logo.


The vibrant red of a ripe tomato is the most emblematic color used in tomato logo designs. This bold hue naturally draws the eye, making the logo more noticeable and memorable. Symbolically, red can represent passion, energy, and excitement, infusing the logo with a dynamic and passionate vibe that appeals to the audience on an emotional level.


Green is a go-to color for representing the tomato's leafy stem or vine. But beyond that, it also imbues the logo with feelings of freshness, growth, and sustainability. Especially in industries like health and wellness, agriculture, or eco-friendly businesses, the use of green in a tomato logo design can highlight the brand's commitment to natural, organic, and sustainable practices.

Yellow and Orange

Yellow and orange tomatoes are less conventional but equally appealing choices for a tomato logo design. These warm, sunny colors can bring a touch of joy, creativity, and optimism to the design. A logo featuring a yellow or orange tomato can feel inviting and cheerful, helping to position the brand as friendly, positive, and approachable.

Black and White

For a more minimalist and modern look, black and white can be effective in a tomato logo design. Black offers a sense of elegance and sophistication, while white represents purity and simplicity. This color combination can provide a stark contrast that grabs attention while keeping the design clean and refined. It can work particularly well for upscale restaurants, luxury food brands, or tech companies.

Complementary Colors

Beyond the standalone colors, designers often use complementary color schemes in tomato logo designs for a visually harmonious effect. Combinations like red and green, or orange and blue, provide a striking contrast that helps the logo stand out, while maintaining a pleasing balance to the eye.

In the world of tomato logo design, color is a powerful tool that can significantly influence how the brand is perceived. Whether you're aiming for bold and dynamic, fresh and sustainable, or minimalist and modern, choosing the right color palette can bring your tomato logo design to life, telling a visual story that resonates deeply with your audience.


V. Other Symbolisms That You Can Combine with Tomato Logo Designs

A tomato logo design is wonderfully versatile, allowing for an array of complementary symbols to enhance its meaning and impact. These additional elements can inject extra layers of context and symbolism into your design, creating a more compelling narrative that resonates with your target audience. Let's explore the potential symbolisms that can blend beautifully with a tomato logo design.

Culinary Tools

In the food and beverage sector, combining the tomato with culinary tools like a chef's hat, knife, or fork can add a delightful gastronomic touch to the logo. It can signal that the brand has a serious passion for culinary arts, perhaps hinting at a farm-to-table ethos, artisanal craft, or a dedication to gourmet experiences.

Globe or Map

For businesses with a global reach or multicultural flavor, merging a tomato logo design with symbols like a globe or map can create a powerful visual message. This combination can depict the brand's international influence, its commitment to global sustainability, or simply the diverse, world-spanning tastes it brings to the table.

Tech Symbols

Incorporating tech symbols such as pixels, circuits, or an '@' sign can lend a digital edge to a tomato logo design, ideal for tech companies or startups. It's a great way to highlight the brand's innovative spirit, blending the organic imagery of the tomato with the sleek, modern connotations of technology.

Fitness Symbols

For businesses in the health and wellness industry, combining a tomato logo design with symbols like a dumbbell, heart, or running figure can visually articulate the brand's focus on fitness and health. This can instantly communicate the brand's dedication to promoting healthy lifestyles, improving wellbeing, or providing nutritious food options.

Growth Symbols

Pairing a tomato with growth-related symbols such as an upwards arrow, a growing plant, or a rising sun can emphasize a message of progress, development, and abundance. This can be particularly effective for businesses in finance, agriculture, education, or any brand that aims to convey a sense of flourishing and prosperity.

By adding complementary symbols to a tomato logo design, you can create a richer, deeper brand narrative that speaks to your audience on multiple levels. The key is to identify the core values and messages your brand wishes to convey, and then choose the symbols that best articulate these in a visually engaging and memorable way. This fusion of symbols will elevate your tomato logo design, making it a true visual ambassador for your brand.


VI. Famous Brands and Companies That Use Tomato Symbolism in Their Logo Designs

The power and appeal of a tomato logo design can be seen in many successful brands across diverse sectors. Whether they're food industry heavyweights or innovative tech firms, these brands leverage the tomato's vibrant color, universal recognition, and rich symbolism to create unforgettable logos. Let's take a closer look at some famous brands and companies that have harnessed the potential of tomato symbolism in their logo designs.


One of the most famous brands utilizing tomato symbolism is Heinz. Known worldwide for its range of sauces, particularly ketchup, the brand uses an image of a tomato on the vine in its logo, effectively communicating the freshness and quality of their key ingredient. The logo perfectly aligns with the brand’s commitment to taste and quality, helping to cement Heinz's position as a leading food company.

Rotten Tomatoes

In the digital realm, the movie and TV review aggregator Rotten Tomatoes utilizes a tomato in its logo to create an immediate visual impact. The logo features a fresh tomato for highly-rated content and a splatted tomato for low-rated material, cleverly incorporating the site's rating system into its branding. The logo's design demonstrates how a tomato can be used creatively in industries beyond food and agriculture.

Tomato Bank

In the finance sector, Tomato Bank - an American community bank, uses a tomato in its logo to project a sense of friendliness and accessibility. The combination of a tomato and a dollar symbol effectively communicates the bank's function while the tomato's bright color and rounded shape help to soften the often serious, intimidating image of financial institutions.


The iconic Campbell's Soup Company also integrates a tomato into its logo design. Campbell's Tomato Soup is one of the brand's most popular products, and the image of a ripe, red tomato on the can's label has become synonymous with the product. The tomato's representation underscores the product's primary ingredient and emphasizes its fresh, wholesome appeal.

Pomodoro Technique

In the realm of productivity tools, the Pomodoro Technique uses a tomato as its central logo element. The system, designed to improve productivity through timed intervals, is named after the Italian word for tomato, reflecting the tomato-shaped kitchen timer its creator used. The logo's simple, stylized tomato symbol encapsulates the core concept of the technique, instantly conveying its purpose and benefits.

These examples showcase how versatile and impactful a tomato logo design can be across different industries. Whether it's conveying freshness in food products, rating quality in digital content, or symbolizing approachable financial services, the tomato's symbolism has proven to be a valuable asset in logo design. By studying these successful examples, designers can glean valuable insights and inspiration for their own tomato-infused creations.



In conclusion, exploring tomato logo design ideas can yield a bounty of vibrant, engaging, and meaningful concepts for your brand. The tomato's versatile symbolism, its adaptability across industries, the color schemes it inspires, and the way it pairs with other symbols make it a potent tool in logo design. We've seen the tomato at the heart of many famous brands, proving its enduring appeal. So, whether you're creating a logo for a food business, a tech startup, or an eco-friendly initiative, consider the humble tomato for a design that's fresh, memorable, and ripe with potential!


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