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Article: 30 Best Travel Logo Design Ideas You Should Check

30 Best Travel Logo Design Ideas You Should Check

Created by Yulia Golobiani  |

Travel logo design is not just about creating a symbol; it's about capturing the essence of adventure, exploration, and the vast beauty of our world in a simple yet powerful visual representation. As we embark on this journey through some of the most innovative and inspiring travel logo designs, you'll discover that each logo is not just a mere graphic, but a storyteller in its own right, conveying tales of wanderlust, discovery, and the joys of travel.

In the realm of travel and tourism, a logo serves as the face of the brand, often being the first point of contact between the company and the potential adventurer. It's crucial for travel businesses to have a logo that resonates with their audience, evoking feelings of excitement, curiosity, and trust. This article aims to showcase a collection of standout travel logo designs that have mastered the art of capturing these emotions.

These designs are more than just aesthetically pleasing; they are a source of inspiration and a beacon for globetrotters. From minimalist designs that speak volumes with less, to vibrant and intricate creations that tell a story at first glance, each logo has its unique charm and narrative.

So, let's take a fun and exciting ride through the world of travel logo design, where creativity meets adventure. Whether you're a designer seeking inspiration or a travel brand looking for your next logo, these ideas are bound to fuel your imagination and maybe, just maybe, stir that wanderlust within you.


Travel Logo Design Ideas

1. Rehlat

Created by Quim Marin Studio  |


2. Bliss

Created by Rust Balyaev  |


3. Elude

Created by Herman Scheer  |


4. Book Cabin

Created by Bravo  |


5. Travelgrafía

Created by Sebastián Martínez  |


6. Healtour

Created by Grzegorz Motławski  |


7. Fastra

Created by Baianat  | ­


8. Tripseed

Created by Brobrand Agency  |


9. Hommies

Created by Mohammad Anis  |


10. Travley

Created by Firoj Kabir  |


11. Thira Day Tours

Created by Giorgos Stathopoulos  |


12. Wynd BVI

Created by Intertidal Design  |


13. Jetlag

Created by carly berry  |


14. Omio

Created by Evgeniy Artsebasov  |


15. Julia+Sam

Created by bisoñ studio  |


16. Adeola

Created by Maria Ermakova  |


17. Partiu Viajar

Created by Lucas Barreira  |


18. Santorini Private Tours

Created by Marina Lavrova  |


19. 4evertrips

Created by Estúdio Caetê  |


20. Storyteller

Created by Pimula Agency  |


21. Travels Illustrated

Created by Grzegorz Motławski  |


22. Minstravel

Created by Abraham Melendres  |


23. Abordando Viajes

Created by Ártico Estudio  |


24. Apriori

Created by Yulia Golobiani  |


25. Vanish

Created by The Collected Works  |


26. Expedition Honduras

Created by Simon Hüsler  |


27. Evisa Express

Created by Symbol Studio  |


28. Nam Thi

Created by tegusu Inc.  |


29. Trip Squad

Created by Bekhruz Shamsiev  |


30. Odyssey

Created by Bashar Galal  |


What Colors Are Suitable for Travel Logo Designs?

Choosing the right colors for a travel logo design can be as exciting as planning a trip itself! In the world of travel logo design, colors do more than just make the logo look pretty; they evoke emotions, convey messages, and create an identity that resonates with the wanderlust spirit. Let's dive into a palette of possibilities and explore five fantastic color choices suitable for travel logo designs.

Sky Blue: The Color of Freedom

Sky blue is the quintessential color of openness, freedom, and infinite possibilities. It reminds us of clear skies on a sunny day or the tranquil waters of a tropical paradise. When used in travel logos, sky blue can evoke a sense of calmness and relaxation, perfect for brands promoting serene getaways or sky-based travel like airlines. It's like telling your audience, "Hey, the sky's the limit with us!”

Earthy Greens: Nature's Embrace

For travel brands focusing on eco-tourism, adventure, or nature trails, earthy greens are your go-to colors. These hues represent growth, renewal, and the natural world. From the lush greenery of a rainforest to the gentle shades of a hillside, green in your travel logo can signify a connection with nature. It's like whispering to the travelers, "Come, let's tread lightly and embrace the wonders of Mother Earth.”

Sunny Yellows: The Joy of Exploration

Yellows, especially those reminiscent of sunshine, bring a sense of joy, energy, and optimism. It’s the color of happy days, warmth, and adventure. For travel logos, incorporating yellow can immediately uplift the design and instill a sense of happiness and enthusiasm. It's the color that says, "Gear up for some fun and sun-soaked adventures!”

Oceanic Teals: The Depth of Discovery

Teal, a beautiful blend of blue and green, can be a stunning choice for travel logos. It speaks of the depth and mystery of the ocean and the tranquility of a mountain landscape. Teal is for travel brands that promise discovery and wonder, be it underwater adventures or tranquil retreats. It’s like a treasure map in color form, promising hidden gems and thrilling escapades.

Warm Oranges: The Hue of New Horizons

Oranges in your travel logo can represent the warmth of a new dawn or the captivating colors of a sunset. This color is all about enthusiasm, creativity, and the boldness of exploration. It’s perfect for brands that want to convey a sense of adventure, warmth, and vitality. Orange in a travel logo is like saying, "Join us to witness the awe-inspiring moments of the day.”

In conclusion, the colors chosen for a travel logo design should reflect the essence of the brand and the experiences it offers. Whether it's the calming blues, rejuvenating greens, cheerful yellows, mysterious teals, or vibrant oranges, each color has its story and emotion. Remember, the right color combination can take your audience on a visual journey even before they embark on a real one. So, go ahead, play with these colors and create a travel logo that not only stands out but also transports your audience to their dream destination!


What Symbolisms Are Suitable for Travel Logo Designs?

Embarking on a quest to create the perfect travel logo design? It's not just about the colors and fonts; it's about the symbols that capture the essence of travel, adventure, and discovery. Let's take an imaginary trip through five symbolic elements that make for fantastic travel logo designs.

Compasses: Navigating the World of Adventure

A classic in the travel world, the compass is a symbol of navigation, guidance, and the thrill of finding your way in the world. Using a compass in your travel logo design can speak volumes about your brand's ability to guide travelers on their journeys. It's like saying, "With us, you're always on the right path!”

Globes and Maps: The Whole World in Your Hands

Nothing says 'travel' quite like an image of the Earth or a snippet of a map. These symbols represent global exploration, diversity, and the endless possibilities of travel. Whether you choose a traditional globe, a world map, or an artistic interpretation of either, you're showing that your brand is all about exploring every nook and cranny of this beautiful planet.

Airplanes: Soaring to New Heights

Airplanes are synonymous with travel, representing speed, freedom, and the modern traveler's ability to explore distant places. Including an airplane in your travel logo can signify a world of opportunities, adventure, and the excitement of taking off to unknown destinations. It's your brand saying, "Let's fly away to your dream destination!”

Mountains: Peaks of Possibility

Mountains symbolize adventure, challenge, and the majestic beauty of nature. They are perfect for brands focusing on outdoor adventures, hiking, and exploring the natural world. A mountain in your logo can represent the peak experiences your company offers – those breathtaking moments that travelers seek. It's like a promise of unforgettable adventures and conquering new heights.

Sailing Ships: Cruising Through Waves of Wonder

Sailing ships evoke a sense of exploration, freedom, and the romance of the sea. They are ideal for brands that focus on cruises, maritime adventures, or the allure of the ocean. A sailing ship in your logo can symbolize a journey of discovery, leisure, and the tranquil beauty of sailing the seas. It's a way of saying, "Set sail towards your dream voyage with us!”

In the vast ocean of travel logo design, the right symbolism can make your brand stand out and speak directly to the hearts of travelers. Whether it’s the guiding compass, the all-encompassing globe, the adventurous airplane, the majestic mountain, or the serene sailing ship, each symbol carries a story and an invitation to explore. So, get creative and let these symbols chart the course for a logo that not only represents your brand but also ignites the wanderlust in everyone who sees it. Happy designing, and may your travel logo be a beacon for countless unforgettable journeys!


What Are the Challenges in Creating Travel Logo Designs?

Navigating the world of travel logo design can sometimes feel like you're trying to find your way through a bustling foreign market without a map. It's exciting, yes, but there are challenges at every turn. Let’s explore five common challenges designers face when creating travel logo designs and how to pack your creative suitcase to overcome them!

Balancing Originality and Familiarity

In the bustling world of travel, standing out is as crucial as a passport for an international journey. The challenge? Crafting a logo that’s both unique and recognizable. You want to avoid clichés like overused landmarks or airplanes, yet keep the essence of travel alive. It's like trying to find a hidden gem of a destination that no one knows about but still feels welcoming and exciting. The trick is to infuse familiar symbols with a twist of originality, creating something fresh yet relatable.

Conveying a Brand’s Unique Story

Every travel company has its own tale, be it adventure, luxury, or cultural immersion. The logo needs to capture this narrative in a visual snippet. But how do you cram an epic travel novel into a tiny logo postcard? This is where the magic of symbolism and design elements come into play. The challenge is to distill the brand's essence into a simple yet evocative image that tells their story at a glance.

Designing for Versatility

Your travel logo needs to be a world traveler, comfortable on various platforms, from tiny mobile screens to massive billboards. This requires a design that’s scalable and legible in different sizes and contexts. Imagine your logo is like a traveler who needs to pack for all seasons in one suitcase – it needs to be adaptable yet functional in every situation.

Choosing the Right Color Palette

Colors in a travel logo are like the spices in a local cuisine – they can completely define the experience. However, picking the right combination that resonates with the brand's identity and appeals to the target audience can be tricky. It’s like trying to cater to a global palette; you want to evoke the right emotions and associations, whether it’s the tranquility of blues or the excitement of reds, without overwhelming the senses.

Creating Timeless Appeal

In the fast-moving world of travel trends, how do you create a logo that doesn’t need a redesign with every season change? The challenge is to design something that’s both trendy and timeless. Think of it like classic travel attire – it should have the quality and style to last through years of fashion trends and travel destinations. Your logo should not only resonate with today’s audience but also have the endurance to remain relevant and appealing in the future.

Overcoming these challenges in travel logo design is like planning the perfect trip. It requires research, understanding the landscape, packing the right tools, and a bit of adventurous spirit to try something new. Keep these points in your design itinerary, and you’re well on your way to creating a travel logo that’s not just a visual journey but also a memorable destination in itself!


What Are the Common Mistakes in Travel Logo Designs?

Embarking on the journey of creating a travel logo design can be as thrilling as a spontaneous road trip. But, just like missing a turn on the road, there are common pitfalls that can lead your travel logo off course. Here are five common missteps in travel logo design to avoid, ensuring your brand's visual identity enjoys a smooth and successful journey.

Overpacking the Design: The Cluttered Suitcase Syndrome

In travel and in logo design, less is often more. A common blunder is cramming too many elements into the logo, making it the visual equivalent of an overstuffed suitcase. This can result in a confusing and forgettable design. Just like packing for a trip, it's important to be selective. Choose elements that are essential and representative of your brand. Remember, a simple and clean logo is like a well-packed bag – everything has its place, and there’s no struggle to find what you need.

Using Clichéd Imagery: The Beaten Path

Falling back on clichéd images like airplanes, globes, or famous landmarks is like visiting only the tourist traps on a trip. While these elements are universally recognized, they can make your logo blend into the sea of travel brands. To stand out, think outside the box. Craft a logo that captures the unique essence of your brand, like choosing a lesser-known but breathtaking destination. This way, your logo won’t just be another postcard from the same old place.

Neglecting Brand Consistency: The Lost Compass

Inconsistency in design is like having a faulty compass on a hiking trail – it leads to confusion. Your logo should be a visual ambassador of your brand's values, style, and message. A common mistake is creating a logo that diverges from the overall brand identity. Ensure your logo aligns with the tone, messaging, and aesthetics of your brand. It should feel like a part of a cohesive journey, not a detour.

Choosing Inappropriate Colors: The Misguided Map

Colors in a logo are like destinations on a map; they guide the viewer's emotions and perceptions. A mistake often made is choosing colors that don’t align with the brand's identity or fail to evoke the right emotions. For instance, using muted tones for an adventure travel company might send the wrong message. Select colors that reflect the experience your brand offers, like vibrant hues for exciting adventures or calming blues for leisure travel.

Forgetting Versatility: The One-Destination Trip

A logo needs to be versatile, much like a travel itinerary that varies from cities to beaches. It should look good across different mediums, from tiny app icons to large billboards. A common oversight is designing a logo that looks great on one platform but loses its charm on others. Ensure your logo is scalable and legible in various sizes and formats. Like a well-planned trip, it should offer a great experience no matter where it’s displayed.

Creating a travel logo design is a journey in itself. By avoiding these common mistakes, you ensure that your brand’s visual identity doesn’t just take off but also soars. Keep your design luggage light, stay off the clichéd paths, ensure consistency, choose your color palette wisely, and remember versatility. 


Which Target Audience Should I Keep in Mind When Creating Travel Logo Designs?

When it comes to creating a travel logo design, understanding your target audience is like packing the right essentials for a specific travel destination. It's crucial! Your logo isn’t just a pretty picture; it’s a visual shoutout to your ideal travelers. Let’s navigate through five key target audiences to consider when designing a travel logo, ensuring your brand's visual identity resonates with the right crowd.

The Luxury Jet-Setters: Elegance and Exclusivity

If your travel brand caters to the luxury market, think sleek, sophisticated, and exclusive. This audience seeks premium experiences and expects a logo that radiates elegance and luxury. Imagine designing for someone who wouldn’t blink at first-class flights or five-star accommodations. Your logo should be the visual equivalent of a VIP pass – think minimalist designs, elegant fonts, and a color palette that screams 'chic'. It’s like crafting a golden key that unlocks a world of opulence and refined experiences.

The Adventure Seekers: Bold and Energetic

For a brand that appeals to thrill-seekers and adventure enthusiasts, your logo should pulse with energy and excitement. This audience craves adrenaline-packed experiences, be it skydiving, mountain climbing, or deep-sea diving. The logo should reflect this spirit – dynamic shapes, bold fonts, and a color palette that's as vibrant as their planned activities. Imagine designing a logo that’s ready to jump off a cliff – metaphorically, of course!

The Budget Backpackers: Fun and Approachable

Budget travelers, including backpackers and students, are all about affordable and authentic experiences. They are the explorers of hidden gems and cultural immersion. Your logo should speak to their sense of fun and adventure without appearing too luxurious. Playful fonts, bright colors, and quirky designs can work well. It should be like a friendly invitation to embark on a journey full of unexpected delights, minus the hefty price tag.

The Eco-Conscious Travelers: Natural and Sustainable

With an increasing number of travelers becoming environmentally conscious, if your brand has a green philosophy, your logo must reflect it. These travelers are looking for sustainable and eco-friendly travel options. Think earthy colors, organic shapes, and a clean, nature-inspired look. Your logo should be a green flag that signals your commitment to the planet, like a badge of honor for responsible travel.

The Family Vacationers: Warm and Welcoming

If your audience is families looking for memorable vacation experiences, your logo should exude warmth, comfort, and friendliness. It should appeal to both adults and children, conjuring images of fun-filled family getaways. Soft shapes, playful elements, and a warm color palette can create an inviting feel. Design a logo that’s like a welcoming hug, suggesting that memorable family adventures await.

In the diverse world of travel, tailoring your travel logo design to your specific audience is key. Whether it’s the luxury seeker, the adrenaline junkie, the budget-conscious backpacker, the eco-friendly traveler, or the family planner, your logo should be a visual representation of the unique experiences your brand offers. Think of it as your brand’s first handshake with its future clients – make it count!



Travel logo design is a journey of its own, combining creativity with strategic thinking to encapsulate the essence of a brand in a single, powerful image. As we've explored, the key lies in understanding the target audience, avoiding common mistakes, embracing suitable symbolisms and colors, and facing the unique challenges this niche presents. Remember, a well-crafted travel logo is more than just a mark; it's a visual story that invites and inspires people to explore the world. So, as a designer, embrace the adventure of creating a travel logo that not only stands out but also resonates deeply with the wanderlust in each viewer.


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