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Article: 30 Best Finance Logo Design Ideas You Should Check

30 Best Finance Logo Design Ideas You Should Check

If you got 99 problems, money could solve at least 70 of them.
Check out some of the best finance logo design ideas we have curated to inspire you!
Created by Kassio Pinheiro |
Taking care of the essential money and financial matters on their hand gives the finance company a certain degree of quality. Trust, worth, professionalism, and capability have become key in keeping the brand on top and showing its credibility. Among the sense and motion in introducing its service comes the importance of finance logo design.

Since the logo serves as a brand identity, the creation also demands a sort of professional touch in it. As professional as it should be, the logo design should also be distinctive and unique. Unique finance branding can come with amazing arrays of examples and creative imaginations.

One might see the common use of finance stereotypes, such as color, money, and impression. But nothing is wrong with going for the full imaginative aspect and identity on the logo. For the best inspiration for attractive logo identity design, the following list has curated some of the best ideas to jot down for finance business.

Most logos are made with the best planning and ideation in creating a better brand design in the modern era. They also come with several unique styling that helps craft attractive aesthetic images without losing the professional touch in them.


1. Astrum

Created by Ilya Fisuk |
Astrum astronomical themes try to befit the highly potential crypto world. The company itself does not want to go ahead of itself by creating busy and heavy imagery. Instead, a simple logotype with a touch of personality is used for the logo. The addition of a star in the A letter is the key distinction, which makes it relevant and attractive.



Created by Daniel Escudeiro |
With the more versatile market, Finance branding is bound to share or use the less is more method. Ebanx is an example in which the company tries to capture the modern and digital community, thus bringing modernized logotypes on the go. The design uses interlocking letter design, creating distinctive imagery and identity.



Created by Saul Osuna |
Lexa also uses a more versatile lettering design for their logo. One thing that highlights its business and professionality is the unique and strong font impression. The design uses a letterpress font with a touch of modern and digital style. The boxy font is made with a sharp model and character. It works like a modern digital finance business.


4. FinFlx

Created by Pedro Farelo |
FinFLX plays with a unique and almost abstract symbol for the imagery. It deciphers as the key or focal visual element as the finance business tries to touch the modern market. The good aspect is the modern imagery, which develops a fancy 3D-looking symbol looking like a double F. Blue is also a color character for the finance industry.


5. Trocka

Created by Raphael Iglesias |
Trocka finance logo design idea goes with the total meaningful abstraction imagery. For a finance business, the design took the simple line art presenting two opposite-facing arrows. At a glance, it does not resemble the name. But sure, it makes a fun little modern identity for the business, especially with blue and animated logo projects.


6. CargoBank

Created by Gui Bertuol |
The initial design of cargo banks takes a different turn by picking fun symbols, design images, and schemes. It uses a combination logo consisting of a logotype and its image. The image resembles a fun jaguar-like shadow or silhouette in a circle shape. Overall it shares exceptional taste as the finance business picks an earthy color for its identity.


7. PlutusBank

Created by Abubakar Ibrahim |
PlustusBank uses a geometric shape or unique pattern as its symbol. The swirl symbol likely relates to circulating finance, which is the key to the business of its industry. For a finance business, the design does not appear too loud. It uses a sans serif logotype style, line art symbol, and natural color. All are meant to balance the bright bluish finance tone.


8. Kron

Created by Heydays Studio |
The finance business takes a similar simple yet effective design for its logo approach. It comes from the use of a logotype with a little animated design. The animation highlights two parts of the monogram, KR, and ON. The application satisfies and attracts the more modern business material or market. As people love flat, straightforward identities.



Created by MovingStones. Inc |
The key highlight that the business tries to appeal to is the young or children's financial market. It is said that the company's main target is bank service for elementary or middle school students. That is why the concept uses a simple logotype with a less imposing font. The idea is to be kid-friendly, memorable, and easier to decipher as a Korean bank service.


10. Conta 48

Created by Rafael Silveira |
Despite using the very likely common finance logo design using logotype, Conta 48 uses different or personalized fonts for its identity. The visual element is very apparent with the bright yellow digital display font. The rigid font design makes a unique contrast while also reminding the related business with the stock market.


11. Bravecash

Created by Embacy Team |
A fun and unique illustration is made for the symbol in Bravecash. The best thing is that the whole design fits perfectly, as the logotype helps decipher the image. In this case, the symbol or image shows a line art illustration of the cash fold in two directions. It appears like a horizontal water fountain. It also uses simple colors and lines to avoid confusion.


12. Zilla Capital

Created by Bladesmith Branding |
Zilla Capital takes more illustrative imagery to show its quality and professionalism. The design uses a symbol made out of Z as an initial and a shield-shaped symbol. It can stand by itself as a logo or complement the brand name. It is a good design plan since it implies that the business offers secure financial services.


13. Crezco

Created by Tubik Studio |
Crezco's brand identity combines abstract imagery and a simple intake in identity building. The design uses a lowercase logotype with a sans-serif typeface. But the font is made to fit the more striking and sharp-looking appeal. It fits with the rather abstract symbol consisting of two edges images for a more versatile, direct, and relevant image of quick service.


14. Solna

Created by Manifest Group |
The brand manifesto should be done properly to be a memorable and distinctive finance logo design idea. Solna takes the idea with a pretty straightforward but also modern interpretation of its business. The branding uses simple lettering for its logotype. But the image is a big, iconic, and attractive percentage symbol. It is simple but fits with the service.


15. AccessBank

Created by Lala Yusubova |
The rebranding concept for AccessBank consists of a new logo symbol radiating the center in all directions. The idea tries to capture and explain the bank's capability to provide the best agility in the finance business. It also showcases the business focus, form, feel, and application across all platforms. The line art and simple sans serif make it more versatile in use.


16. FastCorban

Created by Kassio Pinheiro |
Fastcorban tries to use the more modern and attractive imagery of the internet or online finance business. It is seen from the imagery of linked dots, which are capable of providing the various senses of source or models. The use of linked dots also develops the sense of connection in a fast and direct use, a very common crypto or online business.


17. dayinvest

Created by Guilherme Vissotto |
Stock and investment are two things that are very identical to the digital world. With this idea in mind, Dayinvest uses the digital aesthetic to make a distinctive logotype. The typeface promotes the blocky, squared, and letterpress image but with the twist of digital and pixelated images. It is a fun and direct styling for a logo design.


18. GD Pay

Created by Thiago Facchini |
One of the attractive points of the finance logo design from GD Pay is the unbroken line style. The concept tries to run an unbroken line of negative space and make a connected image. Its monogram is pretty simple, with blue and green colors. Since there is no logotype, the simpler logo helps create a more impressive and memorable identity.


19. FTF Exchange

Created by Dima Bertoluchi |
Future technology fund or FTF is one of the running crypt-currency investments. With the business and program in mind, the logo tries to capture the idea through its logo. It uses the imagery of the sun shining on the monogram. The simplicity makes it less complex, which increases its usability. It feels rather an old style but fits the futuristic imagery.


20. Forge Investments

Created by Ismael Branco |
Going for the classic monogram and circular finance logo design helps one business stay in the safest market. Forge Investment uses an FI monogram written in a simple serif typeface for its main visual logo. It is also accompanied by the logotype, but the badge symbol stands out. It also uses metallic bronze color to signify prestige quality.


21. Western Merchant

Created by Daniel Owolabi |

Western merchants are insurance companies. With the vast services and various options in hand, the company decided to go with versatile designs and symbols. The symbol is well thought out as it combines similar letters of W&M into a uniquely shaped symbol. In general, both aspects help introduce the meaning as it offers simplicity, relatability, and correlation.


22. Eyepal

Created by elif kameşoğlu |
Eyepal might come with a more aesthetic and directly understandable illustration. The main image comes with a unique line art resembling four arrows pointing to a center and crafting an eye shape. As a finance logo design idea, Eyepal shares a resemblance to its business name. It is also a memorable and versatile image used for business identity.


23. Kondo Capital

Created by Yoann Kouassi |
Kondo capital takes the name and meaning to craft an aesthetic symbol. In Japanese, it can refer to a traditional building style. That is why the symbol has a similar aesthetic, such as an arched door frame and unique pattern. The condo itself is also a symbol of wealth, which fits with the finance business or its services.


24. E-nvest

Created by Matheus Machado |
Online investment is starting to get its momentum in recent years. Many investment platforms appear with various options. It also forces one to be different and unique with its finance logo design. E-NVEST uses pixelated typography logo design, which is very common in the industry. But the name itself is pretty unique, which makes it stand out.


25. Nubank

Created by Andrea Avedissian |
Digital business and industry give several options for companies to work better with modern implications in their logo. Nubank took the chance by developing a well and attractive sign. It consisted of NU monograms with a line art style. The line art itself is made to overlap, creating a fun implication of 3D visuals. NUBank fits correctly into the modern and young market.


26. Financian

Created by Ruben Daems |
There is a chance that a brand name is too common to stay afloat in the market. Rather than just playing around with symbols, one can also use unique abbreviations. FInancian ended uses FNNCN as its wordmark. It is also complemented with three bars stacked to make it more memorable and has a context to tell even with fewer details.


27. Saito

Created by Human After All |
Saito's design also captures the more modern use of imagery and color. The flat image consists only of line art picturing a box. It is another blockchain-related business that got big several years back. But the best thing about the logo is its relevance to the blockchain Block or node that is illustrated by the box in its logo.


28. inBolso

Created by André Ferbs |
InBolso uses the monogram initial for its symbol. The design comes with simpler ideas as it tries to capture the modern yet also try to stay relevant with the industry. Generally, the symbol is clad in green and uses a unique drawing style. The idea fits in the money-related color, as well as being unique with the design imagery.


29. Bradesco

Created by Shingo Sato |
With the symbol as its main visual identity, the finance logo design from Bradesco works as it's supposed to. The flat image represents a globe with fun implementation and styling. It also complimented the strong pink to magenta shades. As the logo is very straightforward, it does not have too many ornaments to stay memorable.


30. Priorità

Created by João Ferreira |
A small and simple logotype is always one of the best ways to create a business identity. It introduces the name, shows direct information, and stays relevant. It is especially true when the brand name is also easy to read and remember. But to add a touch of personality, Priorita adds a small diacritic mark clad in red.


Frequently Ask Questions

What are the key elements to consider when designing a finance logo?

A finance logo should have a professional and trustworthy look and feel. Key elements to consider include the use of appropriate colors, typography, and imagery. Colors such as blue and green are often used in finance logos to convey trust, stability, and growth. Typography should be clean and easy to read, and imagery should be relevant to finance, such as using a stylized graph or symbolizing currency. The overall design should also be adaptable to various mediums and sizes, such as on websites, business cards, or billboards.

Should I use specific colors in my finance logo?

Colors can have a big impact on how a finance logo is perceived. Generally, blue is a popular choice for finance logos as it's associated with trust and reliability. Green can also be a good choice for finance logos as it's associated with growth and wealth. However, it's important to choose colors that align with the brand values of the company and appeal to the target audience.

Should I include a financial symbol in my finance logo?

Including a financial symbol, such as a dollar sign or a graph, can help convey the purpose of a finance logo. However, it's important to use these symbols in a creative and subtle way, as a logo that is too literal can come across as uninspired.

What role does color play in a finance logo design?

Color can play an important role in a finance logo, as it can convey emotions and help establish brand recognition. Blue is a popular color choice for finance logos as it conveys trust, stability, and confidence. Green can be used to symbolize growth and prosperity, while red can be used to convey urgency or excitement. It's important to choose colors that are appropriate for the brand message and audience and to avoid using too many colors that may make the logo look cluttered or unprofessional.

How can a finance logo be designed to convey innovation and modernity?

To convey innovation and modernity, a finance logo can incorporate bold typography, bright and bold colors, and unique design elements. Incorporating geometric shapes or abstract symbols can also create a modern and innovative look. Using a clean and minimalistic design can also convey a sense of modernity while incorporating a subtle gradient or shadow effect can add depth and dimension to the design.

How can a finance logo be designed to reflect a company's commitment to ethical finance?

To reflect a company's commitment to ethical finance, a finance logo can incorporate imagery or symbols that reflect these values, such as a stylized tree or a globe. Using green or blue colors can also help create a sense of environmental or social responsibility. Incorporating a tagline or brand message that emphasizes the company's commitment to ethical finance can also help reinforce these values.

How can a finance logo be designed to reflect a company's unique history and legacy?

To reflect a company's unique history and legacy, a finance logo can incorporate traditional design elements, such as a classic font or a shield. Using muted or classic colors, such as navy blue or burgundy, can also create a sense of tradition and heritage. Incorporating imagery or symbols that reflect the company's history, such as a vintage currency symbol or a traditional crest, can also help reinforce this legacy.


Let us know what you think!

All of these fantastic logo design ideas are created by some of the most talented logo designers worldwide. We hope you enjoy our gallery and remember to leave us a comment below. Cheers!


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