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Article: 30 Best Law Firm Logo Design Ideas You Should Check

30 Best Law Firm Logo Design Ideas You Should Check

Creating logo designs for law firm entities can be pretty intimidating.
Check out some of the best law firm logo design ideas to inspire your projects!
Created by Janiel Vasconcelos |
Branding a pretty complex and formal business can be a challenge, especially when it comes to developing a proper logo design. Law firms and lawyer is the special case in which every person or firm has a brand to highlight. It shows that today's legal market is more complex and full of competition, and the commoditization of legal services is full of pressure.

Going for a simple name, picture, and design might not appeal to the general modern market. Instead, it can be seen as old and outdated. This is where a good branding or law firm logo design idea is needed. But what makes a good logo design for a law firm or lawyer? There are similar keys in the logo creation principle.

Nearly some of the best logo design ideas should have several features. First is client-focused, followed by innovation, and they can achieve results. A logo for a law firm should be strong but balanced. Sometimes, it can be in a simple illustration or branding image since its simple design also offers memorability and flexibility. Some other aspects highlight various visual elements, such as color, relevancy, and timelessness.

Here are some of the best law firm logo design ideas you can check:


1. Carla Perdigão

Created by Bruno Ruscão |

The first impression of the logo is formal and professional. This is the best notion a law firm should appeal. The company did well with its style and symbol. The typeface is simple, composed of sans serif with a slight personality. The symbol is line art with an emblem shape, developing a C and P monogram inside. Straightforward but also properly delive


2. Tomasz Elsner Kancelaria

Created by Łukasz Radoliński |

Innovative, unique, meaningful, and relevant are some of the aspects found in Tomasz Elsner Kancelaria's design. The logo's symbol represents the scale of justice, followed by the general shape of a sword. The handle is the T&E monogram. With line art, the symbol achieves an undeniably memorable identity for a law firm brand. It also uses gold and red to show legality


3. Ladun

Created by Abdelrahman Khaled |

Among the principles of good law firm branding are simplicity and professionality. The combination of silver and blue for Ladun straight out shows expertise. The design also uses pattern and shadow to create a metallic style for prestige. And the mark is made beautifully with a line art drawing of the scale of justice in a badge shape.


4. Sync Legal

Created by Lukas Juškonis |

Legal firms and companies are bound to show their capabilities through its imagery. Sync, in this case, uses its focus or service as part of the logo design. It captures the image of connected parts, which work as the main visual recognition. The brand name is also probed in the logo as a way to create meaning and an introduction.


5. Lais Monteiro

Created by Guto Negrão |

Lais Monteiro perfectly captures the typical lawyer or law firm logo style but with a modern touch in its design. The image is a combination of a legal eagle and a scale of justice. But the design is made with flat graphics, using line art, and focuses on gold 



Created by Nourhan Mohamed |

What Tawazun has in its logo design is modern and attractive imagery for a law firm. The logo fuses several aspects, its T initials, strong metal element, and a fountain pen. It creates an amazing lavish design as the line art uses black and white and golden colors. It also uses white color and formal logotype, which balance the formal and authentic symbols.


7. Rodrigues Uchoas

Created by Gabriel Eich |

Rodrigues goes for more personal and unique identification through its logo. The key visual is the lavish symbol, which falls under the abstract style yet has a touch of looks like an owl. Owls are a symbol of knowledge, which is a great addition to a lawyer or law firm company. It is also clad in golden and blue, which is the epitome of professionalism and luxury.


8. Daoust Siroy

Created by David Julien |

Daoust Siroy has a touch of casual and personal but also has professional styling in its logo. Daoust Siroy uses sans serif to appeal to modern design. The touch of personality comes from its symbol, which consists of S's initial writing in unique diagonal lines. It creates a modern and flat image but sure stays relevant and attractive.


9. Alliance

Created by Bladesmith Branding |

With the name and its branding, Alliance can make a logo without any hassle. Its name is directly relevant to the business. But the styling can amplify the attractive aspect of its design, such as the use of simple logotype and blue color pick. The only authentic styling is the A is drawn with more decorative lines to add personality


10. Campos e Farias

Created by Rodolfo Ventura |

The consultation and advocate business has a pretty unique logo symbol for its identity. It appears as a splat consisting of double curved lines. It is a unique shape or line art, which can also look like a C or F. For a law firm, the design might not be so appealing. But it can complement the logotype and simple branding design.



Created by Guto Negrão |

Binda Advocacia gives a strong impression through its font, weight, and concept. The overall style tries to make a correlation with famous lady justice statues. Hence the strong typeface, color selection, and shaping. The font has heavy weight, sharp edges, and whitish color. It fits with the stone pattern and brand.


12. Veiga & Lobato

Created by Guto Negrão |

Maybe one of the typical ideas for law firm logo design ideas is gold and blue, with a serif font. Veiga & Lobato take the same idea as it uses the heavyweight serif font and a fun symbol. The symbol appears like an eagle hiding its face. It also has dots and lines resembling a crown. It is a memorable branding symbol.


13. Janaina Gimenes

Created by Matheus Garcia |

Janaina Gimenes uses a combination design, which consists of logo symbols and lettering. The symbol is made out of a monogram, which interlaces the J and C. It is also put inside a gold oval rim. The logotype is very simple, which balances the colored symbol. This is a great style, which makes the logo have a strong impression and is professional.


14. Soares & Castro

Created by ADD Branding |

S&C has innovative styling on its logo. Instead of going for the typical law firm design, it goes to the edgy and cartoony idea. It turns the & into an iconic symbol. It blends with fox cane, a very authentic impression for lawyer branding. It can be a fun detail for the legal market, which has casual yet professional branding.


15. Formigoni & Franco

Created by Angel Angulski |

Using the Initial for its logo design might help make the branding easier to recognize. Formigoni & Franco also has the idea of using F as its main visual identity. The Initial is made to appear like a building texture, a pillar, and a building material. The orange and green colors are cohesive to show a regal and luxurious impression.


16. Thais Merino

Created by Rafael Posada |

This Merino has three law firm logo design ideas or variants. But it has a similar visual element, the brand name and dragon-shaped symbol. The symbol appears like a dragon opening its wings, drawn in golden ink. Line art and flat design allow it to be flexible in any logo variants, including circular, vertical, or horizontal orientation.


17. West Matos

Created by Guto Negrão |

It is easy to see that a lawyer or law firm is a legal service that tries to defend its clients from any injustice. Hence, one of the proper images is a shield and sword. West and Matos advocate using the idea and making a beautiful symbol. It consists of a sword, shield, and leaves-like patterns.


18. BCCB

Created by David Silva |

One of the iconic imagery one law firm can use for its logo is the lady justice statue. BCCB uses the neck above the image as its symbol. The designer also uses golden ink, a circle shape, and a branding name to shape a badge. As an iconic image, it can stand by itself. But it can also complement logotype and be flexible for different mediums.


19. FB&PS

Created by Propale *Com |

Notice how many law firm brands are made with two initials or names. In turn, the market has similar logo ideas using logotypes and simple identities. FB & PS try to make a difference by working with line art flat image symbols. The overall shape appears like a shield, consisting of FB & PS plus a scale inside.


20. Pro et Contra

Created by Lera Shaposhnikova |

Aside from using names, this brand takes the naming using the most common words in the court, "pro and Contra." The branding name is relevant to its business or industry. But to stay different in the crowded legal market, it uses custom fonts and stays simple. It helps the brand to be easier to remember and creates a flexible logo to use.


21. Elioenai Frota

Created by Janiel Vasconcelos |

Another law firm logo design that focuses on the symbol is Elioenai Frota. The design is pretty much straightforward. It appears like a sword, which is drawn using line art. The handle part is the business's initial, E&F. Meanwhile; the rest also has a slight resemblance to the scale of justice. The sword is a typical image referring to lady justice statues.



Created by Andrés Castañeda |

Leganta takes a very strong and professional style of illustration to its logo design. The combination type uses both symbol and logotype, which has a unique yet simple image. The symbol appears like a shield but has an L shape line for identification. The uses of silver and blue are what make it complement the industry or business.


23. Tugne Rodrigues

Created by Rafael Posada |

Given two names on its brand, the logo design comprises the two initials T & R. It is typical for law firm logo design, which is why creating a symbol helps differentiate its brand. Tugne & Rodrigues use its topography for detail. But it also has a monogram of T and R sharing a stroke inside a shield-shaped logo.



Created by Rishav Kar |

Legacy Group takes formal, high-end, and attractive styling for logo design. It embraces the idea of legacy, something with a strong line and connection. With that, the symbol consists of an H initial (from Hufstetler law firm) drawn in the serif font and drawn in a way with a thick lining. But several parts are personalized to create a G word in it.


25. Ernie J Hernandez

Created by Mario Gonzalez |

Ernie J Hernandez once again takes the sword image as its branding identity. The design is pretty simple, using line art and a less contrasting image. The sword later combined with H's initial, which developed an attractive and prestigious image. It uses gold and blue as its color palette for branding.


26. Koberstain

Created by Victor Berriel |

Something a bit different from the Koberstain law firm logo design idea makes a nice inspiration to take. The design did not take the typical scale or sword illustration. Instead, it uses a feather shape. It is another essential tool related to judging, justice, and law. But to make it fit the modern image, it uses geometric shapes and line art.


27. GSA Law

Created by Studio Don Ramon |

Line art is the best graphic image style for many logo design creations. Combined with geometric and sharp angles, it gives an authentic identity. GSA law is a good example, as it uses the style for its scale shape symbol. The symbol is unique as it appears more modern, with the orange color complementing the gray background.


28. Cunha Lima & Lacerda

Created by Micael Micmas |

Cunha Lima and Lacerda also use monograms for their symbols. The C and L overlap each other vertically. But its line art and heavyweight add dimension and visual appeal to the symbol. It works with various arrangements, such as in badge, horizontal or vertical, with the logotype.


29. Shimene Alves

Created by Igor Autran |

When a brand is already known, going full with symbols without any logotype can work fine. Shimene Alves makes it work by using S and A monograms stacked together. It shares similar strokes but also exposes a very apparent lettering style. Its luxurious image is portrayed perfectly using the rose gold color and dark blue palette.


30. Smith Hobbs

Created by Eugenio Errico |

Smith Hobbs takes a more simple symbol and the typical graphic imagery for its law firm logo. It is not wrong, and going simple is bound to work fine in this market. The symbol is made out of a shield with two different patterns and a cap on top. The logotype is formal and professional plus uses a yellow and green color combination.


Frequently Ask Questions

What are some important elements to include in a law firm logo design?

A law firm logo should convey professionalism, trustworthiness, and expertise. It's important to use a color scheme that is appropriate for the legal industry, such as navy blue, black, and gray. Incorporating a symbol or image that represents law or justice, such as a gavel or scales of justice, can also be effective.

How important is color in law logo design?

Color is an important consideration in law logo design, as it can convey different meanings and emotions. Traditionally, black, white, and navy blue are common colors associated with the legal profession, as they convey a sense of seriousness and professionalism. However, incorporating a pop of color can help make a law firm logo more memorable and stand out in a crowded field.

Can a law firm logo be too creative or abstract?

While creativity and innovation are important in logo design, it's important to balance this with clarity and recognizability. A law firm logo that is too abstract or complex may not effectively convey the company's values or services. It's important to ensure that the law firm logo is easily recognizable and memorable.

How can a law firm logo convey the firm's values and personality?

A law firm logo can convey the firm's values and personality through the use of color, typography, and symbols. For example, a modern and innovative law firm may use a sans-serif font and a bright color palette, while a traditional law firm may opt for a serif font and a more subdued color scheme. Incorporating symbols that represent law, justice, or the firm's location can also be effective.

How can a law logo design be made to appeal to a specific target audience?

To appeal to a specific target audience, it is important to consider the demographics and values of that audience. For example, a law firm that specializes in environmental law may want to use natural colors and design elements to appeal to environmentally-conscious clients. Similarly, a law firm that works primarily with small businesses may want to incorporate design elements that convey a sense of professionalism and reliability.


Let us know what you think!

All of these fantastic logo design ideas are created by some of the most talented logo designers worldwide. We hope you enjoy our gallery and remember to leave us a comment below. Cheers!

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