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Article: 30 Best Real Estate Logo Design Ideas You Should Check

30 Best Real Estate Logo Design Ideas You Should Check

The best investment on Earth is Earth. Check out some of the best real estate logo design ideas we have curated to inspire your creative projects!
Created by Kristina Taylor |

Property is a great business. When you have a property business, and you want to make a logo for the company, you have to know the characteristics of the business you are going to run first. After that, you can determine how to design one. In this article, we will discuss various models and characteristics of the 30 best real estate logos. And we'll help you find one that fits and is suitable for your business.

Making an artwork which meant to be representative of a company is not an easy task. Therefore, we provide you here with some amazing works; one of them may spare you an inspiration to make your own. 


1. Prior Do Crato 31

Created by Musa Worklab |

This work seems to want to give a minimalist impression to its clients. It is seen in the selections of upright and thin fonts. A minimalist impression is also reflected in the illustration of the building. This building image looks simple because it only uses a line to make a symbol. 


2. A-One Homes

Created by Hisham El Fooly |

The A-ONE HOMES logo has the slogan gathering a better community in the hope that can provide and form togetherness in society. This is designed rectangular, with a symbol on the left and the description that follows on the left side. This work uses brown for the background and white color for the text.


3. Rentree

Created by Unikorns Team |

The retiree logo lives up to its name, which is renting. Here, some lines collide with each other to form the point of view of a building. When you see the image, you could say this building has two faces; it depends on how your perspective. You can see it from the left or right. And this is a cool idea.


4. Harone

Created by Vask |

The first time you see the Harone logo, you can tell that it uses the initials of the company. After observing for a few minutes, you can see the number 1 because the name contains the number 1. And in the middle, there is a half-box that looks like it's forming a small R. the work uses light gray as the overall color, and it uses pixels in its arrangement.


5. Núcleo

Created by Manifiesto Mx |

When you see this logo design, you immediately remember science lessons. It has the feel of a research laboratory. As in the picture beside it, there is a measuring instrument as the realization of the symbol. However, it might be more appropriate if the term is not a measuring tool but a test tube as a realization and illustration of the symbol because the chemical elements in this artwork are more than calculating mathematics.


6. Graia

Created by Collective |

The name of the Garcia is taken from the Spanish, which means house. Likewise, their slogan felt next to it. The designer chooses blue as the overall color of this work. It makes the work looks classic but still has a bit of modern touch. The letter A is like an inverted V, but indirectly this can also be seen as the house roof as an illustration. The letter G is also a unique part here.


7. One Developments

Created by AZ Studioz |

The form of this design is also not too complicated. The shape of the number 1 in this work is one of the main points. It means the number of the name on the side is the biggest. The designer also shortened the word development to three words like the number 1 so that it has the same portion when compiled. The number 1 uses green and white colors to describe the name of the symbol beside it.


8. Ana Carolina

Created by Renan Scomparim |

In this logo design, the designer sets the symbol on the left and the text on the right. You will find the letter A there. It means that the designer took the initial letter from the name of the owner. The color chosen is brown, and for the name, you can choose to use two colors, black and white. This selection should depend on the background color.


9. 1Oak

Created by Adam Yeomans |

This 1OAK logo uses all the elements of all the words it has; everything is written clearly. People will understand this design because this is quite clear. It has an image of the number 1, which has a motif such as logs or tree fibers. Then in the middle of the number is OAK which serves as the description. The logo is very incredible and unique.


10. Kentwood

Created by Travis Ladue |

Kentwood Real Estate has a simple logo but also has its point of view. In selecting the font, the work uses basic and standard fonts. This font placement model is placed in the center, with an arrow-like accent above it. With the choice of white as the basis for the overall logo, this Kentwood Real Estate symbol also stands out. The selection of a green background also creates a natural impression of the work.


11. Pratum

Created by Tofu Studio |

The designer wants to highlight and display the impression of nature in their logo. The proof is from the selection of the name taken from Latin, which means meadow. The background used also shows the beauty of nature which is very soothing. Font selection also follows the theme you want to present to the client. The shape of the letter A in the word Pratum is also unique. The choice of white in the font also accentuates the work itself. 


12. Al Khoubar

Created by Milk Network |

The Next is the Al Khobar Uptown design. When you see this logo for the first time, you may feel that it is unique, but you are still confused about the meaning of this design. As a description, it uses the word "uptown" in the town. Unfortunately, the city element cannot be found in this work. However, the shape of the hill in the logo is quite interesting. But this work is good enough because it has a minimalist and elegant impression when you see it.


13. Palazzo

Created by Shaka Studio |

The word palazzo is taken from Italian, which means a building or a manse. The shape of the logo already describes the building from the word palazzo design. The design has a minimalist yet luxurious impression. It is due to the gold color selection and the thin font selection. The placement of the icon and the name in the middle are also precise and convenient. The beige color on the background of the font is also appropriate.


14. Fenway Center

Created by Mubien Brands |

The Fenway Center logo design looks sporty because the shape of this work is like a flag found on sports attributes. The icon shows the initials of Fenway Center, namely FC shaped like a flag. The selection of fonts is also firm and thin, giving the impression of enthusiasm. The white color also looks more on point. The green color that becomes the background also adds to the sports impression, which is described as a field.


15. Apto

Created by Travis Ladue |

When you see this logo, what may come to your mind is short, concise, and clear. Those are the right words to describe this work. The selection of standard fonts is not too varied but seems comfortable and close. Providing a font color that matches the background, it can also make the artwork look universal and more professional. The writing like Apto as a business card cover or printed in front of the office as a board.


16. Uelioz

Created by Alee Hyder |

This Uelioz real estate and construction logo looks minimalist, and it may be what the designer wants to show the audience. It is because of the choice of thin and slightly bold fonts. The logo is placed to the left of the name because the shape protrudes slightly to the left, so it is best to place it on the left edge. But it looks like the whole color could be white to make the dots more visible if the background is dark blue.


17. Trubhome

Created by Md Shihab Uddin |

The logo design is the Trubhome. This Trubhome icon looks unique because of its shape. The shape of this logo is like the top of the house, and the four dots as the windows of the house. Once again, the choice of white color on the work gives the main point when looking at this. Providing a variety of backgrounds can also be a good choice since white will suit any other color well.


18. Pingo

Created by Gabriel Eich |

The Logo design is more millennial and modern. Even though it looks millennial, this design can also give the client a homie impression. With a basic font that is square but varied with a slightly pointed top corner, this design looks attractive. To keep it from looking plain, add a yellow dot to the letter O to add an interesting accent too. Then using a modern home interior background image also adds to the attractiveness of this company.


19. Modus Housing

Created by Ruben Daems |

Housing logo fashion is a real estate logo design that we will discuss next. The name of this icon uses a standard, simple font and the symbol on the left. For the icon, it is the line that forms the arrow on the top side, with the hope that the Modus company can continue to upgrade in the future. With a white base, this symbol looks more visible. When this work is put in front of the building, it will look cool.


20. Qunti

Created by Mahmod Mowafy |

Modern Quinta logo. The selection of square fonts gives the impression of technology in it. The choice of light gray color also displays a calm but firm impression. Although using a gray color, this icon can still appear clearly because the designer has chosen black for the background. But if you want the background to be changed, it must be adjusted again. The letter Q here gives this artwork a distinctive feature that is unique from the others.


21. The Initial

Created by Bravo |

No less good than other logos, The Initial design also looks luxurious. Although this icon uses different fonts, it is still harmonious and beautiful. At the top, it uses a handwritten logo that makes it look luxurious and expensive. As for the two lines below, use a basic font that looks minimalist. However, what makes the middle letter different is the slightly wider spacing between letters. Meanwhile, in other words, the distance was normal.


22. Vincer

Created by Gabriel M. Ramos |

Do you see the Vince logo when you look at a children's playground? If so, then we agree. The colors chosen for this design make anyone who sees it look happy and cheerful because they see the colorful colors. But if you look at it deeper and more in detail, this is an illustration of a house. At first glance, it looks like a children's playground because of its shape and color. This is great for attracting your potential clients.


23. Property Impression

Created by Sandeep Roy |

Like the name of this Property Impression, each logo that we first see has its impression. Just like when you see this icon, the impression you get is luxurious, powerful, and exceptional. Why is it so exceptional? Because we usually highlight the icon rather than the background. But this work does the opposite. It has many things in the background, yet it is still a good work since it doesn't eliminate the main "actor" of the symbol. The work looks simple, but it is also unique. Although the background looks crowded, this does not affect the quality; it precisely makes this design looks luxurious.


24. Hestia

Created by Kristina Taylor |

The Hestia logo that we are going to discuss has already shown what they want to convey to potential clients. Indirectly, the design conveys clearly that the company is the best among others. The shape used describes a building that is majestic and comfortable. The gold color also gives this artwork a luxurious feel. The placement of the icon and the navy background color add a luxurious impression to this excellent design.


25. The Earth

Created by Residencia |

By the name taken, The Earth Residencia, the designer gives the impression of green through a green background. The earth element shown in the logo does not use the earth literally but only uses elements found on earth. The elements entered by the designer are leaf elements arranged in such a way that they form like flowers in bloom. This gold color chosen has brought luxurious nuance into the work, and the white font will just complete it.


26. Astris Residence

Created by Vide Infra |

The word Astris is taken from Latin, which means star. The star element is in the letter A which has a sparkle. The combination of gold in the font and background is very unified and suitable. The choice of white as the background in the logo is very appropriate because it succeeded in making the work stand out. The slogan used here is in Russian. The selected font also looks luxurious, fancy, and aesthetic.


27. Hom2E

Created by Be+ +er |

We can see the shape of the name of this logo describes a house. The house used in the illustration has a modern classic style. But at the same time, the vibes of the logo are like covers in film. A basic box font also makes a good impression. The letter number 2 above the letter M describes the smoke coming out of the chimney in the house. While the letter E is like forming a ladder.


28. Amana

Created by Unisono. Hello! |

Amana uses the concept of a patterned background. The background used here is like a pattern from a building. The selected font also looks clear and does not vary. The shape of the logo is also quite simple to form the letter A. The impression conveyed by this design is modern and masculine. Because the background color is black and blue. The white on the text makes the icon not sink even with a dark background. 


29. Orygem

Created by Carlos Mello |

This logo has Something very different from previous ones. It uses a photo of two hands that seem to touch the icon. However, hand photos are not in color or should be called monochrome. Because people stay focused on the middle part of the work, the designer uses the gold color for the icon. And then, at the top looks like it breaks when touched by the monochrome hands.


30. Cater+Co

Created by Travis Ladue |

The Carter+Co design seems ordinary, and there is no variation. The font used is also the base font. The color taken in this logo is monochrome. However, the main point of this work is that it is clear and to the point. It Makes people easily understand when they see the Carter+Co logo. This design is intended especially for people who prefer something simple and not too fancy for detailed ornaments in work.


Final Words

Have you got a logo reference that matches the character of your real estate business? Various styles can be seen in the various designs mentioned above. Starting from color, placement, background, pattern, and shape have also been discussed in this article. For example, if the character of your real estate business has the impression of a luxurious logo, Hestia or palazzo. If you want the nuances of nature, Pratum, Kentwood, and The Earth can be a reference. Your characteristics are more minimalist, Prior Do Crato 31, Housing Mode, and The Initial can also be other references. It all depends on the characteristics of your real estate business and your tastes.


Let us know what you think!

These above references are done by some of the most talented designers all over the world. If you think your work is better and would like to showcase yours here in this post, please feel free to email your work to Cheers!


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