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Article: 10 Tips to Create a Good Real Estate Logo Design

10 Tips to Create a Good Real Estate Logo Design

The best investment on Earth is Earth.
Here are some inspiring tips you can easily follow to create a fantastic real estate logo design!
Created by Md Shihab Uddin |

In every business today, owners of a business are becoming more aware of the importance of a brand in order to draw new customers' attention. When you pay attention to the business web, you can find many posts about real estate logos. A logo has a very significant role in business today. It has been people's tendency nowadays that they tend to relate the logo with a link to the company's name.

That's why a unique logo should be created in order to capture's people attention. The same thing happens in the real estate business; a good and professional real estate logo will be able to convince people that the company is trustworthy to be chosen. 

Created by Adam Yeomans |

And how hard is it to create a good logo for your real estate business? Well, if you choose to do it yourself, yet you don't have any experience or basic knowledge of design before, you'd better hire a professional to create it so that you will get an effective result. You may think that as a starter, it might need a lot of money for that, but you have to know that the logo this the main tool of your advertising tool.

This is what people see for the first time from the business you are running. A good logo should be able to represent the whole idea of the company. By the time people see it, they will understand who you are, what you are doing, and what business you are running. So, a certain amount of money, in the beginning, is going to be a great investment that will finally bring you many customers in the end. The effective logo will be able to deliver the vies you bring and attract people to get to know more about your offer. 

However, if, for some reason, you insist on making one by yourself, you'd better enrich yourself with as many references as possible. Study a lot and get advice from the expert, and the article below should be helpful for you to create a good real estate logo design, especially if you are a designer.   

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Commonly, a customer will try to get an impression from your logo and try to connect it with your brand. Therefore, it should be designed differently, especially from the business competitors who have the same business. And visually, it conveys how amazing your company is.

If you can make sure that the logo you make is unique, it will tell the whole story of your brand. And if you manage to keep it simple and versatile, it means that you are on the right path to powerful brand recognition! Once you've made a perfect logo, you should use it everywhere constantly! Now, read the tips below to help you create a good logo for the real estate company you are running. 


10 Tips to Create a Good Real Estate Logo Design

  1. Understand The Target Market
  2. Collect Good References
  3. Understand The Client's Business & Background
  4. Communicate Well With Symbols
  5. Choose A Suitable Design Style
  6. Don't Overcomplicate The Design
  7. Choose Fonts & Typography Properly
  8. Choose Color Palette Wisely
  9. Put Your Client's Priority On Top
  10. Avoid Being Identical Or Similar With Others


Created by Gabriel Eich |


1. Understand The Target Market

You should have a target audience, right? Now, when making a symbol for a company, try to put your position into the audience's position. What sort of logo makes you interested in looking at it? What element that you would like to see the most? Is it the color, the text, or the symbol? Or, even as an audience, would you like to read jargon in a logo? From this perspective, you could create such an effective work as the main device of advertising. 

Created by Residencia |


2. Collect Good References

Well, as the designer, you may ask: then what symbol should we use for the work? The first thing you should remember is your audience. We all know that real estate is not a new business. And everyone in this business has been familiar and maybe even got bored with the picture of homes, buildings, skyscrapers, rooftops, etc. They need something really new with a fresher look. And the creativity of the designer here is highly needed. 

Creative logo designers today are starting to use unique patterns to represent the real estate company. They make use of geometric shapes to give a little modern and minimalist touch to their work. Shapes like boxes, triangles, pyramids, and even origami-style symbols are commonly used by the designer. These shapes are considered effective to keep the idea of real estate itself, while at the same time, it could give a different touch to work. That's why searching for inspiration is the activity that should be done by the designer to keep updating their work and their brain so that they can produce fresh and original work with effective results. 

Created by Sandeep Roy |


3. Understand The Client's Business & Background

A logo is the identity of the company, so it should have the ability to represent the company as a whole. It is the face of the company, so when people look at it, they should recognize it at once. Of course, it is not an easy task to make it that way. Even many companies change or renew their logo over time. They need to do some designs over time to find the one which represents the company thoroughly. Even big companies and big brands do this. The businessmen need something different so that the design can really hold the real value of the company.

If you are a designer, what you need to do is to make your client understand the draft you are making. But, before that, there is something you should do first; you should read and comprehend what is their requirements in making a logo design. This is something you can just skip, no matter how often and how good your reputation is; please do read the requirements of the client.

Though you have worked on so many logos for the real estate business, every one of them has different qualities and values that they want their logo conveys. Every one of them has a different personality and character that they want to highlight in every presentation they make. And that is what you need to include in the project that they trust you to do. 

Created by Unisono. Hello! |


4. Communicate Well With Symbols

Creating a logo for a real estate business doesn't mean that you have to use a picture like a building, rooftop, or tower. This kind of design concept has been overused by thousands of designers. And if you want to have yours unique and eye-catching, you should avoid using these symbols. 

You can search for the fresher symbol with a particular theme on the internet freely. Some premium apps may oblige you to purchase a certain amount of money. But that would be worth it if you got the real fresh and new symbol that you can make use of them for the logo.  

Created by Musa Worklab |

Just don't fall for the old trap. When you want to make a logo for a real estate company, it doesn't mean that you have to include a picture of a building. But a question may arise, though. Isn't it a logo that should be relevant to the company? Well, the answer is one hundred percent yes. But, making relevant artwork doesn't have to be that way.

First of all, you can try to find the main core or the value of the company. When you find one, then you can try to transfer the idea into the design. That's for sure.

So, the relevancy is not about the picture but more about the spirit and the message that you want to share with the people. For example, you can tell people that your company really cares about the environment, then you can use the elements of nature in the logo, for instance, take green as the color or blue as the clear sky without pollution. Then try to relate it with the company value that you want to present in the symbol you create. 

Created by Carlos Mello |


5. Choose A Suitable Design Style

Consider what to include in your logo design. After you decide how your business characteristic is going to be, then it is time to bring it alive into your design. Incorporate the vibes into the work. And as it is going to be your identity, it is important to tell the audience who you are.

Therefore, the name of the company should be included in the logo. It will build awareness and recognition as well. In deciding the name of the company, you should remember that the name you choose should be able the tell what you do, nice, and simple. Look at the famous company already; they surely have a simple but nice name. 

Created by Unikorns Team |


6. Don't Overcomplicate The Design

When you are a designer and asked to make a logo for a company, first of all, do deep research on the company asking you. Study thoroughly about the company. Find out what the value is brought by the company, what is the spirit it wants to share, and what message they want its logo conveys. That information will help you create an appropriate design for them. Then realize your thought into a draft and show it to the company owner. Explain the draft, the approach you have done for the work, and what concept you offer them.

Give the business owners chance to give their feedback on the work. They might not always like your idea; that's why it will be better if you bring them several choices of the concept and you explain to them what you offer in the design you make. Real estate logos can exemplify the business by colors, symbols, and typography. A good logo graphic is one that represents the company and the brand.

Created by Vask |


7. Choose Fonts & Typography Properly

There is a type of logo that only consist of letter or words. The typography is a very simple design. Because of its simplicity, it needs great creativity so it won't be a flop. Taking the initial of your company will be the best choice so that your logo will truly represent your business. Besides initial, you can think of some sort of abbreviation. You can take the letters from the characters of the company that you want to highlight and tell people about it.  

In making this type of work, you need to think deeply and thoroughly since you won't involve any pictures inside. Well, as people say, a picture may paint thousands of words, then this work could be harder than you think. You need to provide people with an eye-catching, modern look yet classy and elegant logo, but at the same time, this symbol will bring those people into an understanding of your business as well.

Can you imagine that? At this point, if you think you cannot do it yourself, then you'd better browse the internet and find the logo apps that will help you create one. Or another choice you can take is that you call a professional designer, set a schedule with him, tell him what you need, and you can start everything from there. 

Created by Mahmod Mowafy |


8. Choose Color Palette Wisely

Typography is one element, and the color is another element that should go well with the choice of typography. A good choice of typography and the appropriate color which is applied correctly to the logo will create such a powerful and sharp design that will have the ability to attract people's attention. What you have to remember is that don't get stuck with dark colors such as grey, silver, gold, black and brown, which are commonly chosen to show professionalism and it is close to the real estate image.

Today, many Real estate logo designers have not limited themselves to colors. Unless the client has something specific in demand, they like to play around with various colors. However, you have to make sure that your color options would still give the business its true personality. 

Created by Travis Ladue |

In addition, you need to learn the characteristics brought by every color. Colors like blue are commonly associated with the condition of calm and clear-fresh nature. The bold, which is applied to some dark colors, will give a powerful and steady personality.

On the other hand, there's nothing wrong with playing with some colors choice to show something agile and alive. Colors like yellow, pink, and orange will give you the spirit of life. It suits your real estate business when your target market is a young couple who are looking for a new modern, minimalist house for their small and lovely family. On the other hand, those colors, when presented in contrast, can show a trendy approach to your work. 

Created by Renan Scomparim |


9. Put Your Client's Priority On Top

To make sure that you design a meaningful logo, you need to discover and explore your brand. If you have difficulties in finding it, you can start with these three pints. This will be the foundation of a great real estate logo.

Let's start with brand personality. Think of your brand as a person with characteristics. Ask these questions:

  • How do you want your real estate business to be looked at? 
  • What values do you want people to associate with you? 
  • What characteristics do you want to highlight?
  • Are you trustworthy, extremely smart, tech-savvy, and well-connected?
  • Fun, formal, exclusive? 

Once you've found an established mission and company values, this is a great start. If you haven't, such questions will help you to find one.

Created by Vide Infra |

The next point to consider is your audience. Once you've set the main personality, characteristics, and specializations for your business, it will be a lot easier for you to get a better sense of who your target market is. You can Identify the target by looking at their age range, income, family type, etc. you also need to explore what their goals are and why your real estate company is the right choice for them.

Created by Bravo |


10. Avoid Being Identical Or Similar With Others

A logo is the identity of the business. You want people to recognize who you are and what you do as soon as they see your logo. And for that reason, you should make yours different from other companies, especially your competitor. You don't want your potential customer to get mix-up between your company and others, don't you? So that's why your identity should be made carefully and thoughtfully so that it will be the best representative of your business, and people recognize it easily once they see it. 

Therefore, you need to think out of the box. Picture buildings, houses, and towers; just leave them behind. Go for something natural like trees, fences, or trees, or you can come up with the idea of taking pictures of locks, keys, stone pillars, and many other related pictures which are spread out widely. It only depends on your braveness to think widely as well as your creativity. 

Just don't be afraid to try something new. It may have some risks that you have to deal with. But, once it succeeds, your effort pays off. 

Created by Ruben Daems |


Final Words

Your logo is the core of your brand, so there should be a genuine thought behind the design. Whether you'll be making it on your own or asking for the help of a designer, all you need first is to have a thorough comprehension of your brand and what makes you different from others. Because that is the core of every work, you do. 

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