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Article: 30 Best Construction Logo Design Ideas You Should Check

30 Best Construction Logo Design Ideas You Should Check

Construction is a matter of facing the future with confidence.
Let's check these construction logo design ideas that you can reference and be inspired.
Created by Milk Network |

Logo design is probably one of the brand's heart. Creating a specific and suitable logo should be one of the biggest considerations in starting a company. Especially construction companies that need a particular image to show the firm's capability. There are a lot of construction logo ideas you can take as inspiration that help you show what you got.


The Fundamental Of Logo Design

No matter what kind of logos you are creating, there is always something to follow. In this case, one should understand the brand identity in a little detail. Creating the best type of logo should fulfill and introduce your brand without making mistakes. That is why detailed information is required.

In the construction field, you can consider the types of services. What styles? Are you focusing on creating a future themed house? Are you creating a shed or an apartment? What is the color palette? Should you use goofy-looking letters and shapes or represent your services using a strong, bold design? Jot down your brand identities.

After that, consider the choices of colors, shapes, and letters. Underline that every color creates different moods, impressions, feel, as does every shape and typography. Everything that you display will reflect your company. That is why you can't just choose the comic sans fonts with bright colors for a big construction firm. It is unfitting!

Created by Maciej Świerczek |


Four Basic Design models

1. Modern Or Old Fashion Logo

If you feel suffocated with all of the fundamentals, then try to look at the models. A good construction logo idea to look at is the time impression. You can choose vintage-style logos that can fit many kinds of construction companies. These timeless ideas come with a nostalgic touch, such as classic imagery, underground styles, and simple typography.

Meanwhile, the futuristic or the modern design fit the best for the same style project. If you are running an apartment construction, most likely, this is what you should have. The modern logos work with a somewhat simplistic touch of shapes, colors, and font choices. It also uses unique images to represent the services explicitly.

Created by David Hortobagyi |


2. Show The Project

The idea of being literal is one of the best logos to create. As good as every field, you can also make logos for the construction business using this idea. The main purpose is to fully or explicitly explain what your services are. You can do it in a simple manner or down to the grounded details. For example, add simple images of stone, brick, and scopes for masonry buildings.

Created by Continuum Agency |


3. Fun Logo

One thing that makes design fun is how vast and diverse the ideas came from. If you are that kind of guy that loves a pun, creating a logo with some tiny fun touch will make your firm stand out. A clever logo such as Arizona Piping draws a cactus made of pipes. You can also make a creative model such as Rynomite that has cute red Ryno in it.

Created by Júlio Martir |


4. Type Logo

Since construction is considered as one of the biggest investments, highly possible people will consider this as a cold industry. That is why most people don't feel connected with the company. So, what should you do? Put your a letter or an initial as your construction logo ideas will create a balance and make the company more approachable. For instance, the XXXX construction uses a letter for its logo identity. There are also bear construction groups that blend the simplistic bear face with the gear shapes, creating a distinctive representation of its brand.

Created by Agi Haxhimurati LLC |


30 Construction Logo Ideas

1. Doer

Created by Parámetro Studio |

The Doer company concept logo is pretty simple yet successfully captures all the products and services. It appears as a big chunky red sans-serif font that somehow appears clean and fits with modern design. The simple yet straightforward method makes the logo easy to recognize, adjustable, and applicable. The designer also provides versatile icons such as brushes to hammers.


2. Koncreto

Created by Eva Design |
Another example of a powerful usage and choice of typography came from the Koncreto logo. The company itself serves as an Architectures, construction, and interior services. To capture the essence, the logos use geometric shapes under the ideas of infinite mutation of forms. In the end, it appears with solid lines and oranges colors to make it friendlier.


3. Peita

Created by La Libertat (TNC) |

For the painting company, the construction logo ideas of Peita explicitly tells how the painting roll works. The slightly tilted P icon to represent Peita works on every surface. It also has high versatility of colors since the company uses oranges, black, and white as the color palette. For more, there is also the PIETA word logo that appears in unique-looking typography.


4. Spline Group

Created by Rahul Bhogal |

Another clean rework of Spline's company appears as a pretty simple name as its logo. The idea of its design is to create versatility in the character while developing a sense of nuance. It has an edgy design by adding sharpness and angles. The color choice of black and red, or black, white, and grey, explains the power of simplistic and modern touch in it.


5. Hilti

Created by Aleksey Busygin |

One of the positive comments in Behance found that this kind of logo is extraordinary, and it serves the purpose, clean, and an awesome job to try. The project itself is a logo redesign for expendables, software, and equipment production company. It has a very blocky typography style that works best to explain the foundation's professionalism.


6. Item

Created by Daniil Shumakov |

To create a beautiful and practical logo, the smallest detail can appear from the simplistic typography. To represent the versatile design, it uses black, natural white, natural grey, grey, and warm grey as its color palette. With its simple model, the logo is also easy to apply in every media, such as websites, magazine covers, leaflet, equipment, stickers, etc.


7. Fenway Center

Created by Mubien Studio |

The warm and dark color combination, along with its cool-looking modern construction logo ideas, tends to work well for modern construction companies. The Fenway center is a perfect example of a depiction of unique typography blended in geometric shapes. From afar, the logo appears as if a checkered rectangle flag, but it also represents the F and E characters in it.


8. Orange Obras

Created by Hacha Studio |

The Orange Obras Civiles logo mixes the usage of Typography and a circular target logo in it. To capture and create a brand identity, the logo uses oranges as the primary color palette and white for the fonts. It goes for the opposite as well. To complete the simplistic logo, the designer also implements modest shapes such as X, dots, triangles, and lines.


9. Brick Construction

Created by Alexey Akhmetov |

A clever little touch in the logo can turn simple typography and make it a meaningful one. In this case, the designer works for Brick construction that provides building services in the suburban to luxury category. The single block on top of the B signifies the branded brick. It also uses yellow and dark gray to add a modern touch while also making the company approachable.


10. Eaya

Created by Serena Studio |

When most construction companies choose the blocky font as a logo, Eaya creates a lovely logo by combining sharp edges and rounded edges. As you see it, the cute typography is also made of shapes and strokes, making it suitable for construction. Furthermore, it is also accompanied by icons that come in some charming manner as a way to create a brand identity.


11. Sport Construction

Created by Valeria Weisz |

Construction logo ideas that explicitly explain the services are one of the favorite models to go. In this case, the sports construction has a hexagon logo made of a building framework. The logos and all of the presentations capture every single unique shape of the framework, creating a definite identity. It also implements blue, white, and grey color to emphasize professionalism.


12. Navigator

Created by Continuum Agency |

The navigator explains the names and the services through the exceptional compass model. The lined compass phase somehow holds a lot of meanings in it. It represents a phase, crane-looking structure, and also an A letter. The logo is pretty recognizable, easy to adapt, and adds a professional feel to it, especially with the color palette of blues, black, and gray.


13. Dekon

Created by Réka Neszmélyi |

If you are looking for fun and unique logos, the Dekon model is the perfect example of quirky ideas. Dekon is a design and construction company, which captures its services through adaptable or adjustable O letters. The rectangle O can stretch to represent brick. The logo drawing uses a simple line with a sharp and boxy design that is also applied to its icons.


14. Bayport

Created by A Friend of Mine |

One thing that makes the Bayport logo appear more meaningful is the use of logotype. It has an impression of bold and emphatic through the typography choices and blasts blue color. At the same time, the construction logo ideas also have two dots with differing models. It explains the two primary industry sectors, which are civil construction and property development.


15. Opticretos

Created by Shift |

The Opticretos logo is another smart modern logo that perfectly explains the services and the firm duties. The uses of bold, simple rectangular, and triangle shapes capture the fearless identity and prefabricated building blocks. It also uses grey tones for the printed media that also create an easy-to-recognize brand identity. Overall, it is a very clean logo.


16. SPP

Created by Zupagrafika |

Creating a contemporary style modern logo with a touch of clever design is never easy. But The SPP branding for the Poznan University of technology does it right. It uses P, rectangle, triangle, and circle to form a simplistic unique logo. The canteen logo design underlines the identity of meeting points for engineering, computer science, and architecture students.


17. Akant

Created by Maciej Świerczek |

The Akant logo icon is pretty simple, cool, yet it envelopes all of its services. The background of the icon is made from blending acanthus drawing, geometry model, and architecture aspect. It also perfectly embodies the classic images of acanthus leaf, which is identical to the historical architecture. To complete the brand identity, it uses dark graphite and warm gold color.


18. DK

Created by Regular |

The smart use of basic shapes and color makes the DK logo fully embrace the names and create a visual identity. The orange semicircular shape at the façade makes a D letter, while the white shape at the foreground creates a K letter. Accompanied with a dark color palette, construction logo ideas appear sophisticating, eye-catching, easy to recognize, and readable.


19. Monument

Created by Skinn Branding Agency |

The Monument group logo appears like a very straightforward typography model. It uses a combination of modern sans and old sheriff font types that create a professional impression. But one thing that makes it different is the addition of backslash at the M letter. The slash symbolizes the before and after services made by the monumental restoring building.


20. Grupo Saltor

Created by Shift |

Grupo Saltor that provides development and construction services, has been running since 1989. To update the visual identity, the designers take the ideas from the construction development sites, safety signage, and urban security. With all of that in mind, the logo appears with a unique drawing of a circular model that looks like G, S, and signages in the blue and black backdrop.


21. Fenplast

Created by Ig2 Montreal |

Working for phenoplast, the Lg2 Montreal account creates an amazing visual identity for the company that works like doors and windows manufacturing and distribution. The uses of sans sheriff at the top left side complement the rectangle lines in pink. The rectangle line itself is a smart move to represent the shapes of windows and doors. It is also adjustable and versatile.


22. Grupo Witzig

Created by Sstudio |

The GrupoWitzig design by Sstudio is pretty much the epitome of a smart combination of W and a wooden block model. In the end, the geometric logo creates visual identification that represents the job and the Witzig name. Another unique part of the logo is the color choices, which come with grey, white, and mint green colors, which develop a soft and approachable feeling.


23. Afrobat Construction

Created by Łukasz Kokosiński |

The use of linked lines to create an identity is one of the most obvious construction logo ideas to find. It helps resemble the name of the company, which is Afrobat construction. While it is easy, the designer should determine the correct shapes and colors. So, the logo is recognizable and targets the right customer.


24. Levels

Created by Milk Network |

Emphasizing the names and the meaning makes this logo worth a thumb up. The Levels contracting establishment that operates in Saudi Arabia has a quirky logo with its Typography and symbol. The L letter has a light bit of a misaligned part at the top, showing the explicit meaning of level. The double slash at the end also represents the same idea.


25. F&F

Created by Júlio Martir |

Using visual illusion in logos makes one company appear unique, just like what happens to the F&F logo that looks like a brick construction with gaps between them. With proper inspection, the logo also appears as a double F letter that faces each other with different orientations. Using red, white, and grey, the logo creates a strong, bold, and symbolic.


26. Karaporis

Created by Bill Pappas |

What Bill Pappas tries to convey is the use of shapes and geometry in creating a visual identity. The Karapokis logo has an appearance of arrow ways that are arranged in such a way to state a Double K letter. It is effortless but also intelligent. It looks even more appealing as it appears in printed media on top of a navy blues color palette.


27. Relay

Created by Ville Oké |

Creating visual identity through logos can be done in many ways. One of them is by employing a fun approach that forms original symbolism, Just like the relay company. It has a slightly magnetic lowercase R letter with a small block on top of it. The letter looks like a person relaying something to the next letter, which adds an eccentric touch.


28. SUX

Created by Chisaokwu Joboson |

Simplifying the 3D models of wooden stacks makes the SUX construction relatable. As a construction company, the construction logo idea works well since it embodies the services. But the design also personifies the SUX identity. As the designer makes the model appear milder, the logo can be applied to all types of branding while still having the same meaning.


29. Quadrangle

Created by Agi Haxhimurati LLC |

Just as the name implies, the quadrangle logo is how you think it is. The icon logo looks like a capital Q with rectangular shapes. The little tail on the bottom right is created by moving a single block at an angle, making it appear like a puzzle. The logo also has fascinating, warm, and inviting color choices.


30. Progressive

Created by David Hortobagyi |

What comes to your mind when talking about Progressive terms? A peaking or increasing process is the most relatable answer. With that idea, the logo for the company states the same meaning by using arrow shapes pointing above. Combined with the house icon and office house in 3D, the design envelops all the necessary identity for the branding.



Creating a meaningful and the best brand identity through logos is not something you can do without thinking. In this case, representing the services, the company, and the vision or mission can be the best get-go ideas. After all, design has a very vast reach that includes creativity, fun ideas, styles, and choices.

If you are new to creating a logo, hearing services should be the best option. They know what the best is and what they can do with your branding information. It is because developing the perfect construction logo ideas must have underlying fundamental data. Such as color, shapes, fonts, to imagery choices.


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