30 Best Hotel Logo Design Ideas You Should Check

Branding is a priceless asset for the hospitality industry.
Here are some of the finest and most luxurious hotel logo design ideas you can benchmark!
Created by Nitin Chaudhary | https://www.behance.net/gallery/89484105/The-Green-Room-Branding

The hospitality industry is one of the largest industries currently contributing a very large income to the tourism sector. Not surprisingly, there are many hotels that you can find very easily, especially if you live in a city or tourist area. Due to the large number of hotels that can be found and the size of the industry, the competition is also very tight.

If you are a business hotel owner and want your business to be even busier, then one of the best ways you can do to attract more attention is to create unique identity branding. Branding identity will really help you in standing out compared to other business hotels around you. If you still don't get an idea of ​​what identity you want to use for your hotel branding, then you can check out the 30 best hotel logo designs below that can provide better branding for you.



Created by Natalya Logunova | https://www.behance.net/gallery/131388725/Logo-and-Corporate-identity-for-a-luxury-hotel

Following their specialty, which is a luxury hotel, the visual branding used is also very revealing. The rich brown color, which is used as the background as well as the main color of the branding, produces an exquisite and luxurious impression. 

In addition, the use of icons and typefaces that have a minimalist but slightly classic style also brings this up. This luxurious appearance is very attractive and invites people to feel comfortable staying at the Moerana luxury hotel.



Created by Hobby Brand Studio | https://www.behance.net/gallery/84654605/BOSKO

The main values ​​raised from this business hotel are related to natural things. The identity branding that was created was specially designed to display natural elements in the form of trees in a luxurious and elegant style. 

The designer uses two illustrations of simple palm trees that are made symmetrically, with a simple curved shape in the middle as a representation of the dome shape, which is the shape of the building itself.



Created by Bea T  | https://www.behance.net/gallery/118331211/The-MOTIFS-Eco-Hotel-Complete-Branding

The combination of deep green with a soft orange color is a very beautiful combination. The Motifs is a hotel that carries the theme of eco, meaning that it is related to natural elements. The logo is made to represent these values ​​well. Illustrations of natural elements such as plants, the sun, and also the shape of water are the main elements in the symbol design. 

While the outer frame, which is shaped like a window, takes direct inspiration from the typical window shape of The Motifs hotel itself.


4. Rabbit Hole

Created by Teresa Chylińska-Kur | https://www.behance.net/gallery/105058373/Rabbit-Hole-Hotel-Branding

A mystical and mysterious impression immediately greeted us when we saw the design logo for this hotel's Rabbit Hole. The use of a slightly muted deep green color delivers a mysterious impression that reminds you of the depths of a dense forest. 

As a mascot, they use the illustration of a rabbit which is made very lifelike and detailed, which makes this display very eye-catching with its exceptional style of illustration.


5. Grand Vetus Hotel

Created by Explicit Design Studio | https://www.behance.net/gallery/107789347/Grand-Vetus-Hotel

Grand Vetus Hotel looks very luxurious with its logo design style, which takes inspiration from the art deco era. The symbol represents the shape of a flower petal made in a modern and minimalist style, so the silhouette is made with a simple shape.

A luxurious impression is emitted from the choice of a color scheme consisting of emerald deep green and gold as the color of the elements of the branding. The two create an incredibly beautiful color combination.


6. The Lumiere

Created by LOOVVOOL Studio | https://www.behance.net/gallery/74330995/The-Lumiere

This minimalist and simple appearance is a distinct impression that distinguishes the Lumiere hotel from other hotels. Although the type of design used is simple, it still displays an exquisite design style, making it look elegant and attractive. 

The beige color used by this tea brand is taken directly from the inspiration of natural stone colors, which are neutral and calming. The designer himself succeeded in realizing his goal of displaying works that display luxury and combine them with the surrounding nature.



Created by NORD Design | https://www.behance.net/gallery/136969809/Ammotti-Hotel-Spa

The branding and logo design of the Amotti hotel and spa gives a more feminine and elegant impression. We can see these two impressions from the use of a typeface style that is classic in style but still has a modern hint. In their symbol design, they use a shape like a letter O monogram, which is given a variety of small details in the form of a thin line and also a diamond-shaped star in the middle.



Created by Elise Party | https://www.behance.net/gallery/138459775/TROPICO

When we see the logo design for this Tropico, we are immediately taken to a quiet village scenery with beautiful and calming vast lands. 

The scenery that is displayed in their symbol design is a scenery that is directly inspired by the surrounding environment that guests can examine when visiting this hotel. Located away from the busy city and surrounded by the beautiful vineyard, they use this element as the main value they display in their branding.


9. Solaris Hotel

Created by Titus Ruiz | https://www.behance.net/gallery/99605801/Solaris-Hotel

Solaris is a prestigious five-star hotel that wants to appear with a premium and luxurious appearance. Their branding design takes inspiration from the art deco look that gives them the impression and identity they want. Their logo design itself features a simple circular shape with detailed geometric bars in the midpoint. Apart from that, there is also a simple eye shape added to the logo as an additional detail.


10. MY ANH

Created by Flexx Pham | https://www.behance.net/gallery/118916989/M-ANH-HOTEL-Brand-Identity

My Anh appears with an elegant style that is given a little vintage touch to it. The logo is formed from the shape of a capsule that is given various beautiful details inside it. 

The main symbol in the middle is the monogram of the letters M and A, which displays the name of this hotel. This monogram is depicted as the shape of flower petals that makes the logo look softer.


11. ECHO

Created by Dorottya Zsuky | https://www.behance.net/gallery/130150447/E-C-H-O-S-P-A

Echo itself is a hotel that wants to display a calm, fresh, and clean mood. They use the water element as the main element to represent their value and branding identity. 

Therefore, the shape of a drop of water was chosen as the best form of a symbol because it can directly represent various moods and values ​​that the hotel wants to display. The shape of this water is also given variations in the form of repeating lines, which indicate the element of echo.



Created by Liam Foster | https://www.behance.net/gallery/96177675/Luxury-Hotel-Branding-Azura-Cairo

Azura is a luxury premium hotel based in Cairo, Egypt. For visual branding and identity, they use various traditional Egyptian elements that display unique values ​​from the surrounding country and culture. 

In the form of their symbol design, there is a large triangle formed from an arrangement of small triangles that look like a tiara. This shape was designed to display the pyramid symbol, diamond, and also the letter A from the business name.



Created by Maciej Skibiński | https://www.behance.net/gallery/137087333/MINAMO-Branding-Website-Design

The symmetrical flower shape, which is the main symbol of Minamo is captivating to those who see it. Although the shape is rather simple compared to the symmetrical ornaments that are usually found in symbol designs, it is precisely this balanced look that makes the appearance attractive. 

With the use of a golden brown color incorporated with a deep green color in the background, the symbol is more striking and presents a luxurious impression.



Created by Beáta Csáka | https://www.behance.net/gallery/131658967/Inspire-View-Boutique-Hotel

The symbol design of the Inspire View hotel consists of 2 elements, the typeface and the symbol design. The typeface of the hotel name in the logo design is used as the main focus element, so the size is made large, and the font selection is made complex, with many curved ornaments on each letter. Because the typeface used is complex, this iconic symbol is made simple and minimalist to balance the look.



Created by Nu Nguyen | https://www.behance.net/gallery/112665293/SAIGONGRAND

Saigon Grand hotel appears with a stunning appearance, with a branding style that is quite simple but filled with interesting illustrations. In the design symbol themselves, they show a logo that seems a little vintage, according to the visual branding they chose. 

Rays of light, as well as various lines that exist as illustration details in the design, present an elegant and luxurious appearance.


16. Jaydens

Created by Viet Ha Le | https://www.behance.net/gallery/115559633/Jaydens-House-Hotel-branding

The illustration of a front door is used as the main symbol for Jayden's House hotel, making the appearance very welcoming but professional at the same time. The shape of the door in the illustration of their symbol is given additional detail of a monogram J. This monogram is taken from the representation of Jayden as the owner of this hotel.



Created by Jamal Smith | https://www.behance.net/gallery/118407755/VISTA-Hotel-Resort

As a hotel and resort, Vista wants to offer a calming experience with a pleasant rest with its services. This goal is displayed live in their symbol design which illustrates the beautiful scenery. The illustration, which consists of a valley with the sun peaking in the middle, shows a homey, calming, and pleasant impression, following the service that Vista wants to offer.



Created by Casa Manglar | https://www.behance.net/gallery/118143623/Dorado-Hotel-Boutique-Branding

What first caught the eye of the logo designs for Dorado was its use of a very interesting color scheme. This color scheme is taken directly from the inspiration of an exotic tropical forest with various colorful animals and plants. 

The impression that displays this exotic impression is intentionally chosen according to the feel this hotel wants to offer to its visitors. The illustrations in their logo design are also made to match this brand identity.



Created by Outer Studio | https://www.behance.net/gallery/96448271/Totec-Boutique-Hotel

The Totec is a boutique hotel that features an elegant and modern branding style. Their visual branding consists of a very simple concept, using only black and white and typefaces as the main elements in the design. This look is very classy ​​and can be used as inspiration to elevate your business branding.


20. Gran Crus House

Created by ThinkBold_ | https://www.behance.net/gallery/8916697/Gran-Cruz-House

The vintage style used in the branding of the logo for the Gran Cruz House is incredibly beautiful. The use of copper color combined with a rich, muted dark green color makes it look luxurious and elegant, reminiscent of the prime design of the past. The use of this vintage concept was deliberately chosen to match the interior and building style of the hotel itself.



Created by Insigniada | https://www.behance.net/gallery/106334257/Tranquil-Luxury-Villas-Brand-Strategy-Identity

Tranquil provides a variety of luxurious five-star villas that you could book. From the appearance of this branding design, you can already conclude that they only provide the best service for their clients. This simple logo, in the form of a flower bud, is depicted very beautifully.



Created by Mariam Datunashvili | https://www.behance.net/gallery/132147433/INONE

Inone appears with a classic and classy branding style. The choice of a color scheme consisting of rich colors, combined with a simple and elegant typeface style, makes it look perfect. The logo itself only uses the typeface of the hotel name but is given a very impressive detail in the middle.



Created by Marcus Lee | https://www.behance.net/gallery/111066403/Noctowle-Inn-Brand-Identity-Design

This hotel wants an identity branding that is calming and welcoming but still elegant. The mascot owl is used as the main symbol depicted in their logo design. The choice of a color scheme consisting of blue and white is one of the efforts to realize the desired branding value, elegant but still calming.



Created by Utkir Musaboev | https://www.behance.net/gallery/124488221/Kosmos-Apart-Hotel

The letter K, which represents the business name, is used as the main symbol for the brand. Kosmos hotel uses identity branding that displays luxurious and exclusive visuals, with the use of a minimalist style typeface that is elegant.



Created by Metehan Dalgılıç | https://www.behance.net/gallery/126605821/Lucas-Branding

The minimalist and elegant design concept actually contains the appearance of this Lucas hotel, which is striking and attracts the attention of those who see it. 

The Lucas hotel uses the concept of a logo design with beautiful ornaments. In the middle of the logo, there is an abstract shape consisting of lines and curves whose shape gives an elegant impression. The selection of deep blue, soft salmon, and also other soft colors brings a calming soft impression.



Created by Noah Holcomb | https://www.behance.net/gallery/138101601/RINNOVARE

Rinnovare is a resort that also functions as a museum that takes the concept of monumental classical works. The identity branding for Rinnovare is made to display a classic and slightly vintage impression but still packaged in a minimalist style so that it looks clean and up to date.



Created by Marka Collective | https://www.behance.net/gallery/127567817/Hunters-House

Hunters House is a guest house located in the middle of a village that offers a variety of extraordinary natural beauty. Because it prioritizes pleasure from its natural surroundings, the symbol is also designed to display this. The shape of this bird was chosen as a depiction of the natural elements that are the unique identity of this guest house.



Created by Nitin Chaudhary | https://www.behance.net/gallery/89484105/The-Green-Room-Branding
Created to match the name of the business, the branding design of The Green Room is made using green as the main color. The shade of green chosen is a deep emerald green that gives a luxurious impression. This impression is also supported by the use of gold as the color for the elements in their logo design. 

The typeface used to depict the monogram of the business is a gothic style. This gothic typeface is one of the design elements that bring a distinctive look to the branding of the Green Room itself.



Created by Gallanta Estranda | https://www.behance.net/gallery/89976541/Zenstay-Hotel

Zenstay wants to present a calming and refreshing stay experience for its guests. Peace, exotic, and nature are the three main elements used by the hotel as their branding value. These three elements are displayed through their logo designs which are inspired by symbols that represent these values.

The symbol used as the logo design for this brand is formed from a combination of leaf shapes and various natural elements that create a very calming impression. We can also see this impression from the use of green which reminds us of an untouched forest.



Created by Hamza El-liazidi | https://www.behance.net/gallery/128823165/Caverna-Hotel

The Caverna is a hotel based in Cuba. The designer presents an illustration of a typical Cuban architectural building in this design logo. This architectural illustration form is formed with simple lines but presents the impression of luxury. The typeface used is also very compatible with the appearance of this symbol.

The orange and deep green colors used by the designer produce a very attractive contrast display. The orange color used to describe design elements and objects is placed on a deep green background. The combination of the two brings a bit of a modern feel to this work.


Final Words

Branding and the visual identity of a business are one of the elements that can help the marketing of your business. Using a distinctive and unique identity can increase the possibility of our hotel being better known by the public and create a lasting impression. 

A good hotel, of course, is a hotel that can provide a memorable stay for its guests, so they can repeat visits. One of the best ways that you can choose to make a lasting impression on guests is by presenting an attractive logo design, as we discussed above.


Let us know what you think!

The above references are some of the best artworks done by talented designers all over the world. Hope you enjoy, and don't forget to leave us a comment below! Cheers!

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