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Article: 30 Best Coral Logo Design Ideas You Should Check

30 Best Coral Logo Design Ideas You Should Check

Coral reefs are the rain forests and the cities of the sea!
Check out some of the best coral logo design ideas we have curated to inspire your projects!
Created by The Monochromatic Institute |

The coral logo design has become a popular symbol in the world of branding, particularly in the fields of ocean conservation and marine biology. The design is characterized by a stylized depiction of coral, often in shades of blue or green.

The coral logo design originated in the late 20th century when environmentalists began to raise awareness about the dangers of coral bleaching and the impact of climate change on the world's oceans. The coral reef ecosystem is home to a diverse range of marine life, and the loss of coral reefs can have a devastating impact on marine biodiversity.

Since then, the coral logo design has since become a popular symbol for a wide range of organizations, from marine biology research centers to ocean conservation nonprofits. It has also been adopted by companies that specialize in products and services related to the ocean, such as dive shops and surf brands.

The coral logo design has a number of significant meanings. Firstly, it represents the beauty and complexity of coral reefs, which are among the most biodiverse ecosystems on the planet. Secondly, the coral logo design is a symbol of the urgent need to protect coral reefs from the impacts of climate change, overfishing, and other human activities. 

Finally, the coral logo design represents the interconnectedness of the natural world. Coral reefs are a crucial part of the oceanic ecosystem, and their loss would have far-reaching consequences for marine life and human communities alike. 

Here are some of the best coral logo design ideas you can check:


1. Nour Oumousse

Created by Nour Oumousse |

Use the shape of the coral reef's surface to create a unique initial logo design for your business. For example, if your business name starts with A, create a letter A illustration with the outside of the letter that has the coral reef surface. Use white to color the initial. As for the background, pick some shades of blue that are going to represent the ocean perfectly.


2. coral reef

Created by undaru |

Sometimes, coral reef looks like a tree in the middle of the desert. Just make sure that your potential clients can see it clearly and won't misunderstand it as a tree. Coral reefs have a deeper meaning, so you shouldn't replace them with a regular tree. If you run a modern business, then you need to make sure to choose monochromes for your logo.


3. Coral Genomics

Created by Sava Stoic |

Under the ocean, coral reefs have gorgeous colors. Those colors make them look more impressive than things outside the water. Adopt those colors when you are designing your business logo. But since the illustration will be colorful, pick a solid color for the background, like the simple yet classy black.


4. Corallo

Created by Emanuele Abrate |

If you want to combine the look of a coral reef and a tree, use the corals to create a unique tree illustration for your company logo. For the color, pick two contrasting colors to represent your amazing company. For example, pick a white that symbolizes purity and a red that symbolizes courage and enthusiasm. This design is going to catch your future clients' attention.


5. Caseyillustrates

Created by Caseyillustrates |

Think about a theme when you're creating a logo for your company. For example, if your logo has a skeleton illustration, use corals to create a skeleton shape. This is going to create a super meaningful logo for your business. Use a color combination that is going to accentuate the illustration, and then make sure that your clients will check the logo every time they pass it.


6. Carissimi

Created by Sara Soranto |

Simplicity is everything for some businesses. If your business is also looking for modernity and simplicity, a coral reef is going to be the best illustration for the logo. Coral comes with a minimalist but aesthetic look. To accentuate simplicity, use minimalist font for the typography. Don't use anything bold since it is going to ruin the modern look


7. ReefRoom aquarium studio

Created by Vuk Ranković |

This logo may look similar to the first idea above. The logo combines blue and white, but it has white as the background color and blue for the illustration and typography. The combination of both colors creates a natural logo that also looks fun and impressive. Add some bubbles to your coral reef logo to make it look more natural.


8. SeaChange

Created by Mark |

Consider framing your coral reef logo with a circle. The circle around the logo can mean anything. For example, you can use the circle to show that you want to protect the coral reef. It can also mean you will provide protection to your client, who is as important as the rainforests of the sea.


9. Lindsay Speace

Created by Gadabout Creative |

Instead of creating a symmetrical logo that has a more formal look, some companies prefer a logo that has a fun and flexible look. Create an asymmetrical logo with cute colors like coral color. It is going to make people know what message you are trying to deliver. Use pale color for your logo background.


10. Buqancreative

Created by Buqancreative |

One excellent color to create a coral reef logo is turquoise. It is a happy, friendly, and calm color that will help you radiate the yellow's energy, green's growth, and blue's tranquility. You can also help people think more clearly by using turquoise on your business logo.


11. Reef tour

Created by Berezhnoy Eugene |

Here comes another idea for those looking for a uniquely fun logo design. The shades of blue make the coral reef illustration look more colorful and stunning. Everyone will surely take a look at the logo. The font for the logo typography is totally unique and casual. This kind of font is not for those looking for a minimalist font for their modern logo.


12. Voltage Corals

Created by Brad Simonds |

What makes this awesome logo look more impressive is the combination of coral and navy. Coral is a brighter color that will accentuate the illustration of your logo. And navy is a darker color that will make a perfect background for the coral reef logo. No need to use another color to make the logo look cool.


13. Coventina

Created by Cobble Hill |

Nature has the most beautiful things you can use to create a perfect logo. For example, you can use two coral reef illustrations and then create a mountain logo design. Pick a font that is going to make your logo look unique and inviting. Some curves will make it more inviting.


14. Stay Salty

Created by Bret Baker |

This is the opposite of the Voltage Corals logo. This logo design also uses two unique colors, navy and coral. But consider using coral as the background color and navy as the color for your illustration and typography. Pick some fonts that have a fancy and casual look for your cute coral reef logo design. 


15. Coral Garden

Created by Alvaro Martín |

The idea is not so different from Coventina. This logo combines two different creatures. For example, you can use a coral reef and a fish to create a unique logo design. Be creative in combining both creatures so that you won't make something that is too unusual and weird.


16. Amoray

Created by Filip Panov |

The coral color can also look awesome with another color. Navy blue is just an option to combine with coral. You should consider combining coral with charcoal; it is going to create a wonderful logo for your company. Charcoal is a dark color to accentuate anything on it. Coral and white will be clearly and easily visible. 


17. Camp Coral

Created by Kendrick Kidd |

Be bold in creating a unique logo for your company. For example, try to combine turquoise and brown to create the most outstanding coral reef logo. The bright turquoise in the background will make the brown illustration look more fantastic. This logo will be awesome for your packaging and stickers.


18. Frags 2 Fishes

Created by Eric Crawford |

Create a new object by combining two different objects. For example, you can create an eye by combining a fish, coral reefs, and a circle. Fresh colors like blue, coral, and yellow will make your logo look stunning and will attract people to check out the logo before leaving the street.


19. undaru

Created by undaru |

Another inspiration for those looking for a minimalist logo design. This logo has an impressive but simple coral reef logo with a curve on the bottom. This perfect illustration will be even more perfect with the minimalist and simple font. Pick calm and neutral colors to make it look more professional.


20. Winston Tabar

Created by Winston Tabar |

The concept and color of this logo are similar to the previous one. But the illustration is bolder so that it will be more visible. The coral reel logo in black has the look of a brain or a coffee bean. Be creative in using the coral reef illustration so that you can create the most special logo design for your business.


21. Catur Argi

Created by Catur Argi |

There are many creatures in the ocean, and the coral reef isn't the only creature you can use to create a company logo. Try to combine a coral reef with something else, like a seahorse, a seashell, or anything else from the ocean. This is going to make a beautiful ocean-themed logo.


22. Hammer Coral

Created by Dave Barry |

Purple is a rare color in nature. In the past, purple was expensive and hard to produce. Only the richest can afford and get this color. Today, purple is the color of luxury and royalty. If you want to create a royal brand, then use purple when you create the coral reef color.


23. Oceans 2050

Created by Carole Chevalier |

The simple but beautiful blue and white logo will be more extraordinary with some touches of the natural colors of a coral reef. Place the coral illustration inside the O, which is the initial of your business. If your business name doesn't start with O, add the coral reef illustration on the initial of your business name.


24. Coralion

Created by Upnow Graphic |

You've learned that purple is the color of luxury and royalty. To use it on a more professional logo, pick a darker shade of purple so that your logo won't look too bright and casual. Combine this dark purple background with bold white typography under a colorful coral reef logo design.


25. Reef Relief

Created by Allison Pastor |

Depending on your business sector, use coral reefs to create a specific shape. For example, if your business is in the wellness and healthcare sector, then create a heart shape with a coral reef. It will look impressive and meaningful at once. Pick pastel colors so your clients can see the logo comfortably.


26. Reef Stack

Created by Nick Mealey |

When you decide to use purple for your coral logo design, it should have white since any other color won't look awesome with purple. White on purple allows clients to see what you are trying to say on the logo. White is a better option than black when it is time to write something in purple.


27. Grande Cayman Resort

Created by Dmitry Litvinenko |

This one is like the very first idea you saw on the list. Use the coral reef to create an initial of your business name. But now you need to create the coral reef initial with a coral color. And then combine it with white and black, like the white background and black typography.


28. Ilya Gorchanyuk

Created by Ilya Gorchanyuk |

Those who want a more formal logo can consider using navy blue when creating the coral reef logo. This color looks more professional than coral. It looks awesome in white. Use white as the background color and then use navy blue illustration and typography to make a very professional logo.


29. Coral Health

Created by expoinf |
Adding some touch of green will also be a genius idea to create a coral logo design. Green is the color of nature that will create a wonderful combination of coral color and white color. For the background of your logo, consider using a darker green. This combination will create a more professional logo than the combination of green and blue.


30. Coral Study

Created by The Monochromatic Institute |

If you need a totally professional and modern logo for your business, then you need to check the black and white logo design. Black will always be the best color for a logo background. It looks classy, elegant, and formal at once. Use white for the logo illustration and typography. Since you are going to create a modern and professional logo, make sure that you use simple lines for the illustration. And don't use fonts that have a casual look.


Frequently Ask Questions

How has the use of the coral logo design evolved over time?

The use of the coral logo design has evolved over time to become a symbol of ocean conservation and environmentalism. Initially created to raise awareness about the dangers of coral bleaching and the impact of climate change on coral reefs, the design has since been adopted by a wide range of organizations and companies. Today, the coral logo design is commonly used by marine biology research centers, ocean conservation nonprofits, and companies that specialize in ocean-related products and services. Its significance has grown to represent the interconnectedness of the natural world and the urgent need to protect marine biodiversity.

What considerations should companies take into account when choosing a color palette for their coral logo design?

When choosing a color palette for their coral logo design, companies should consider the meanings and associations that different colors have. The use of blue and green tones is common in coral logos to represent the ocean and its importance in the natural world. Companies may also choose to use warmer tones of coral and pink to represent the beauty and fragility of coral reefs. It's important to consider the contrast and legibility of the color scheme, as well as its appropriateness for the intended audience and the purpose of the logo. Companies should also ensure that their color palette aligns with their overall brand identity and messaging.

What are some of the most recognizable coral logo designs in the world?

Some of the most recognizable coral logo designs in the world include the Coral Reef Alliance logo, which features a blue and green stylized coral with the acronym "CORAL" incorporated into the design, and the International Coral Reef Initiative logo, which features a similar coral design with the acronym "ICRI" in blue and green text. Other notable coral logos include the logo for the Great Barrier Reef Foundation, which features a coral design in shades of blue, and the logo for Reef Check, which features a stylized coral reef in blue and green with the text "Reef Check" written in white.

What design elements are typically incorporated into a coral logo design?

A coral logo design typically incorporates a stylized depiction of a coral, often in shades of blue, green, or pink, to represent the ocean and the beauty of coral reefs. The coral design may be abstract or realistic and may incorporate additional elements such as waves, sea creatures, or text to further emphasize the oceanic theme. Some coral logos may also feature gradients or other design techniques to create a sense of depth and dimensionality. The font choice for text elements in a coral logo may also be carefully considered to complement the overall look and feel of the design.

How does the use of the coral logo design impact a company's brand reputation?

The use of the coral logo design can have a positive impact on a company's brand reputation, particularly if the company is committed to environmental sustainability and ocean conservation. The coral logo design is a powerful symbol of the urgent need to protect and preserve coral reefs, and using it in a company's branding efforts can communicate to consumers that the company is committed to social and environmental responsibility. This can lead to increased brand loyalty and consumer trust, as well as attract like-minded customers who share the company's values. Conversely, using the coral logo design insincerely or for greenwashing purposes can damage a company's brand reputation


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All of these fantastic logo design ideas are created by some of the most talented logo designers worldwide. We hope you enjoy our gallery and remember to leave us a comment below. Cheers!

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