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Article: 30 Best Apple Logo Design Ideas You Should Check

30 Best Apple Logo Design Ideas You Should Check

Created by Tory Cunningham  |

Apple logo design stands as a beacon of creativity and innovation in the world of branding and graphic design. With its iconic status and widespread recognition, the apple logo has evolved into a symbol of cutting-edge design and aesthetic finesse. This article is your ultimate guide to exploring some of the most inventive and inspiring apple logo design ideas. Whether you're a seasoned designer or a curious admirer, these designs are sure to spark your creativity and offer a fresh perspective on the iconic symbol.

The apple logo, with its rich history and evolution, has always been more than just a brand mark; it's a storytelling canvas. We delve into designs that not only capture the essence of the brand but also push the boundaries of conventional logo design. From minimalist interpretations to complex, multi-layered creations, these apple logo designs are a testament to the endless possibilities in the realm of graphic design.

Expect to find a vibrant mix of styles, from sleek and modern to quirky and whimsical. Each design not only respects the legacy of the original apple logo but also brings its unique twist, reflecting the dynamic nature of design trends and artistic expression. As you journey through these exemplary apple logo designs, you'll discover how designers have reinvented this classic symbol, infusing it with contemporary flair and bold creativity.

Ready to be inspired? Let's dive into the world of apple logo design, where art meets innovation, and every design tells a story. Prepare to be amazed by the creativity, versatility, and sheer brilliance of these apple logo design ideas.


Apple Logo Design Ideas

1. Fall Sunday Social graphic

Created by Rebekah Rhoden  |


2. Art'M

Created by Art'M  |


3. Half an Apple!

Created by Nour Oumousse  |


4. Formosa

Created by Nebojsa Matkovic  |


5. Badr Edd

Created by Badr Edd  |


6. Sweet Apple

Created by Halo Branding  |


7. Cloud Mountain Farm Center

Created by Cameron Jennings  |


8. Channa

Created by Artnivora Studio  |


9. Prio Hans

Created by Prio Hans  |


10. Sandro laliashvili

Created by Sandro laliashvili  |


11. Apple juice

Created by Sazzad Hossain onu  |


12. Every Meal

Created by Petra Lee  |


13. Dmitriy Dzendo

Created by Dmitriy Dzendo  |


14. VASK®️ Studio

Created by VASK®️ Studio  |


15. Jeremiah Britton

Created by Jeremiah Britton  |


16. Rotten Apple

Created by Alex Anderson  |


17. Forelsket

Created by Yana Duganova  |


18. Ava Mae's Apple Orchard

Created by Aleisha Samek  |


19. Sergey Yakovenko

Created by Sergey Yakovenko  |


20. Alex Tass

Created by Alex Tass  |


21. inapple

Created by Alamgir H.  |


22. aief

Created by aief  |


23. Portland Cider Company

Created by Tory Cunningham  |


24. Forelsket

Created by Yana Duganova  |


25. BeGLAD

Created by MATEEFFECTS  |


26. Applez

Created by MT Projectss  |


27. Damian Orellana

Created by Damian Orellana  |


28. Nachash Cider

Created by Stefan Kitanović  |


29. Temptation

Created by Damian Orellana  |


30. Apple Of My Eye

Created by Luke Harrison  |


What Colors Are Suitable for Apple Logo Designs?

When it comes to apple logo design, color choice is crucial. It's like picking the perfect outfit for a grand event – the right colors can make your logo pop, stand out, and convey the right message. But with a rainbow of colors out there, how do you pick the best hues for your apple logo design? Here are five key points to consider :

The Classic Black and White

Sometimes, simplicity reigns supreme. Black and white are the power couple of the color world. They're timeless, versatile, and oh-so-sophisticated. A black and white apple logo design can convey elegance, simplicity, and a modern vibe. It’s like the little black dress or tuxedo of logo designs – always in style.

Go Green for Growth

Green is more than just the color of apples; it’s the color of growth, freshness, and nature. Using shades of green in your apple logo can suggest eco-friendliness, health, and innovation. It’s perfect for brands that want to position themselves as environmentally conscious or connected to nature. Think of it as putting a green thumbprint on your brand.

Red for Boldness

Red apples are eye-catching, and so are red logos! Red is a bold, energetic color that demands attention. It’s associated with excitement, passion, and action. A red apple logo can be perfect for brands that want to stand out and convey a sense of dynamism and boldness. It’s like a red sports car – it just can’t be ignored.

Blue for Trust

Blue is the color of trust, dependability, and strength. It’s often used by tech giants and financial institutions for this reason. A blue apple logo design can suggest reliability, professionalism, and calmness. It’s like wearing a trusty pair of jeans – comfortable, reliable, and always a good choice.

The Playful Pastels

Who says apple logos have to be serious? Pastel colors like soft pinks, baby blues, and light yellows can give your apple logo a friendly, approachable, and fun look. This palette is perfect for brands targeting a younger audience or wanting to convey creativity and playfulness. It’s like a scoop of your favorite ice cream – sweet, fun, and always delightful.

Picking the right colors for your apple logo design is a blend of art and strategy. Whether you go classic with black and white, natural with green, bold with red, trustworthy with blue, or playful with pastels, the key is to align the colors with your brand's personality and message. And remember, the best apple logos aren’t just about color; they’re about telling a compelling story that resonates with your audience. So, go ahead, pick your palette, and let your apple logo design shine!


What Backgrounds Are Suitable for Apple Logo Designs?

Embarking on the journey of apple logo design is akin to setting the stage for a grand performance – the background you choose is crucial. It's not just a backdrop; it’s a canvas that highlights your logo's true colors (pun intended!). So, let's dive into the world of backgrounds that can make your apple logo design truly stand out. Here are five stellar options to consider :

The Minimalist White Canvas

When in doubt, go white! A white background is the Swiss Army knife in the world of design – versatile, timeless, and universally appealing. It makes your apple logo the star of the show, ensuring nothing distracts from its design. Perfect for a clean, modern look, a white background is like the perfect pitch for your logo’s solo performance.

Bold Black for Drama

Want to ooze sophistication and elegance? Black is your ally. A black background can make your apple logo pop, creating a striking contrast and a sense of luxury. It’s like a black-tie event for your logo, where it gets to shine in all its glory against a classy and dramatic backdrop.

The Tranquil Blues

Blue backgrounds can be calming and serene or bold and dynamic, depending on the shade you choose. They’re great for portraying professionalism and reliability. Think of it as the cool, confident friend who makes your apple logo feel right at home, providing a sense of trust and stability.

Nature-Inspired Greens

If your brand has an eco-friendly, organic, or fresh vibe, then green is the way to go. A green background can range from subtle pastels to vibrant emerald hues, each setting a different mood. It’s like a walk in a lush garden for your logo, offering a natural and refreshing backdrop.

Playful Patterns and Textures

Who says backgrounds have to be one solid color? Spice things up with patterns or textures. Geometric shapes, subtle lines, or even a fabric-like texture can add depth and intrigue to your design. It’s like a quirky dance floor where your apple logo gets to show off its moves.

Remember, the background you choose for your apple logo design should complement the logo itself and align with your brand’s identity. It's like picking the right scenery for a blockbuster movie – it sets the tone, creates the mood, and supports the story.

Whether you opt for the classic simplicity of black and white, the professionalism of blues, the freshness of greens, or the fun of patterns and textures, the right background can elevate your apple logo design from good to unforgettable. So, pick your backdrop wisely and watch your apple logo take center stage!


What Are the Challenges in Creating Apple Logo Designs?

Embarking on the creation of an apple logo design is like setting off on a grand adventure – thrilling, yes, but filled with challenges that can make even the bravest of designers pause. But fear not! Understanding these challenges is the first step to conquering them. Let’s dive into the five key hurdles you might face in this creative quest and how to leap over them with the grace of a gazelle.

Striking the Balance Between Simple and Boring

In the world of apple logo design, simplicity is king... but there's a fine line between simple and snooze-worthy. The challenge is to create a design that's easy on the eyes yet memorable. Think of it as the Goldilocks of designs – not too complex, not too plain, but just right. It’s about finding that sweet spot where minimalism meets magic.

Color Conundrums

Choosing the right color palette is like picking the perfect spices for a gourmet meal – the wrong combination can spoil the dish. The challenge lies in selecting colors that not only complement each other but also align with the brand's identity. It’s a colorful puzzle where each piece must fit perfectly.

The Originality Obstacle

With apples being a popular motif in design, standing out from the crowd is no piece of cake. The challenge is to create an apple logo that is unique and distinctive. It’s like trying to be the most interesting character at a costume party – you need to be different, but still recognizable.

Scalability and Versatility

A great apple logo design must look good on a billboard and a business card, which is no small feat. The challenge here is scalability and versatility. Your design needs to be flexible enough to look fabulous at any size and adaptable to various mediums. Think of it as a chameleon, changing its appearance yet always looking sharp.

Timelessness vs. Trendiness

Riding the wave of current design trends can be tempting, but what about when the tide turns? The challenge is to create an apple logo that is both modern and timeless. It’s a balancing act between being on-trend and standing the test of time, like picking a classic outfit that still turns heads.

Crafting an apple logo design is a journey filled with hurdles, but each challenge is an opportunity to flex your creative muscles. Whether it’s achieving simplicity without being dull, choosing the perfect color palette, ensuring originality, maintaining scalability and versatility, or balancing trendiness with timelessness, each obstacle can lead to a more robust and effective design. So, embrace these challenges, and let them guide you to create an apple logo that is not just a design, but a masterpiece!


What Other Symbolisms Can I Feature in Apple Logo Designs?

Apple logo design isn't just about crafting a visually appealing image; it's a storytelling adventure, where every curve, color, and element can unravel a tapestry of meanings. But beyond the obvious fruit, what other symbolisms can dance in this design ballet? Let’s explore five creative ways to infuse deeper meaning into your apple logo designs :

The Bite of Knowledge and Innovation

Often, an apple is synonymous with knowledge and learning (think of the classic teacher's apple). A clever twist? Incorporate a 'bite' into the design. This not only adds a quirky touch but can also symbolize the thirst for knowledge, innovation, and the idea of 'biting' into something new. It's like a visual pun that nods to enlightenment and discovery.

Leaves for Growth and Renewal

Leaves aren't just decorative; they're brimming with symbolism. Adding leaves to your apple logo can signify growth, renewal, and the natural cycle of life. It's a subtle way to communicate progress and organic development, like a nod to Mother Nature’s process of nurturing and flourishing.

Colors That Speak Volumes

Color symbolism can turn an ordinary apple into a narrative. Green for eco-friendliness and health, red for energy and passion, or even gold for luxury and quality. The palette you choose isn't just about aesthetics; it's a silent storyteller, whispering tales about your brand's values and personality.

Geometric Shapes for Modernity

Want to give your apple logo a modern twist? Play with geometric shapes. Circles for unity and completeness, squares for stability and balance, or even a hexagon for structure and efficiency. These shapes can transform a simple apple into a modern emblem, infusing your design with a sense of contemporary sophistication.

Incorporating Negative Space

The art of negative space – where what’s not there speaks as loudly as what is – can add a layer of intrigue to your apple logo design. Maybe it's a hidden letter relevant to your brand, or a shape that tells a secondary story. It’s like a visual riddle, inviting viewers to look a little closer and uncover the hidden message.

Remember, in the world of apple logo design, symbolism is your secret sauce. It adds depth, emotion, and personality to your creation. Whether it’s the clever use of a bite mark, the growth symbolism of leaves, the storytelling power of colors, the modernity of geometric shapes, or the intrigue of negative space, each element can elevate your design from just a logo to a symbol with a story.

So, go ahead, let your creativity run wild, and see what symbolisms you can weave into your apple logo design. After all, the best designs aren’t just seen; they’re experienced, interpreted, and remembered. Let your apple logo be a tale worth telling!


How to Incorporate Rustic Elements in Apple Logo Designs?

In the world of apple logo design, going rustic is like cozying up in a charming country cottage – it's warm, inviting, and brimming with character. But how do you weave in those delightful rustic elements without ending up with a logo that looks like it should be on a barn door? Let’s dig into five creative ways to rustically revamp your apple logo design :

Textural Tales: Embrace the Rough and Tumble

Rustic design is all about texture – think rugged, handcrafted, and natural. Incorporate textures that mimic wood grain, burlap, or even hand-drawn lines. It's like giving your apple logo a comfy flannel shirt; it adds warmth and a touch of the homespun.

Earthy Color Palettes: Nature’s Own Spectrum

When it comes to colors, think about the hues you'd find on a leisurely walk in the countryside. Earthy browns, deep greens, warm reds, and muted oranges. These colors can make your apple logo feel like it’s part of nature’s canvas, as welcoming as a forest hike in autumn.

Vintage Typography: The Charm of Yesteryear

The right font can transport your design back in time. Opt for typefaces that have a handcrafted feel – like serif fonts with a touch of whimsy or script fonts that look handwritten. It’s like finding an old, beautifully written letter in a countryside attic.

Iconography with a Country Twist

Beyond the apple, consider incorporating rustic icons like leaves, branches, or even farm tools. These elements can add a storytelling layer to your design, evoking images of orchards, harvests, and the simplicity of rural life. It's like adding a little countryside lore to your logo, making it more than just an apple, but a symbol of nature's bounty.

The Homespun Pattern Play

Patterns can play a significant role in adding a rustic touch. Think gingham checks, plaid, or even paisley – patterns that you might find on country tablecloths or cozy quilts. Incorporating these into your design subtly can add a sense of warmth and nostalgia, like a beloved family heirloom.

Creating a rustic apple logo design is all about balancing modern sensibilities with a nod to the charming, unrefined beauty of the countryside. It's like blending the crispness of a freshly picked apple with the warmth of a handmade apple pie. Whether it's through texture, color, typography, iconography, or pattern, each element can bring a touch of rustic charm to your design, making it stand out in a world of sleek and polished logos.

So, embark on this rustic design journey with enthusiasm and let your creativity flourish. Remember, the goal is to create a logo that not only represents your brand but also tells a story, evoking feelings of warmth, authenticity, and nostalgia. Let your apple logo be a rustic gem that captures hearts and imaginations!



Apple logo design, with its rich symbolism and potential for creativity, offers an exciting canvas for designers. As we've explored, whether it's incorporating rustic elements, playing with color symbolism, or tackling design challenges, each aspect of the apple logo holds the power to tell a compelling brand story. Remember, the key to a successful design lies in balancing innovation with simplicity, ensuring your apple logo is not just visually stunning but also resonates with your audience. Embrace these insights and let your creativity shine in your next apple logo design project, crafting a symbol that's as unique and dynamic as the brand it represents.


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