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Article: 30 Best Flower Logo Design Ideas You Should Check

30 Best Flower Logo Design Ideas You Should Check

Life is a beautiful flower field watered by the rainy seasons.
Check out some of the best flower logo design ideas we have curated to inspire your projects!
Created by Stevan Rodic |

Flower logos come in various styles. Among the most popular are abstract flowers, modern flowers, minimal flowers, watercolor, vintage, floral frames, and botanical logos.

To get you inspired, we collected no less than 30 flower logo design ideas from 30 designers from around the world. Check the ideas out and learn about what makes a flower pictorial mark good, which parts will work for your brand and which parts don't.

A gorgeous flower logo design can help you build the brand of your organization, attract customers, and increase brand awareness. Without further ado, here are the 30 best flower-themed logo designs ideas you should check out.


1. CanChristian Church

Created by Jordan Daniel Singer |

The simple yet attractive design includes a dahlia placed inside something that is like a church window. The stylized dahlia represents the dahlias that grow in the city where the church is located.

The flower logo design communicates the life of the Canby Christian Church in a simple yet memorable way. It shows that dahlias are part of the community as well. The colors bring joy and happiness, which makes it even better.


2. Contentment

Created by Nebojsa Matkovic |

Flower logos are versatile. You can use them across different mediums and platforms, from social media sites, websites, and T-shirts, to product packaging. This simple flower logo design is meant for T-shirts.

The daisy flower is lovely as it smiles at the audience. It also delivers certain messages to the audience, too, which they will read after noticing the smiling flower in the middle. While the design is not colorful, it is still visually pleasing.


3. Still Pretty Rose

Created by Vincent Conti  |

A good logo is simple. But that doesn't mean it should be very simple and that no part of it is memorable. It has to be memorable. One of the ways to make it so is by using multiple colors.

This example has four: red in the rose and the outermost border, black in the background, and blue and white in the text. The result is a striking logo that everyone can remember.


4. Speedy Tiger

Created by Damian Orellana |

The next logo proves how adaptable flowers are in logo design. You can use flowers in almost any situation. Here, the flower is combined with a tiger. The flower in question is a pink tulip, which compliments the overall color scheme of the logo.

In terms of style, this is a modern flower logo. Notice the flat and simple-looking designs. Such a style works wonders with digital media like websites or social media.


5. Surf Wave Riders

Created by Katie Connolly |

Speaking of the adaptability of flowers, they work well in badges, too. Here, the flower is framed in a shield shape, which is a common shape for badges. The lotus flower is the only part that has a bright color. Thus, it becomes the focal point.

The lotus flower logo design is visually appealing, especially with the stark contrast between the lotus, the white background, and the dark green text and line.


6. Ventana Bloom

Created by Beret Graphics |

The most common elements used by flower shops are, unsurprisingly, flowers. That's not to say flower shops only used flowers in their logo. This flower shop uses more than just flowers. There is also a woman, a cat, and a window.

The combination creates a wholesome feeling. It makes you feel at home. The logo design looks as if one is looking outside a window and finds lovely things like flowers and cats.


7. Flora's Botanicals

Created by Stefan Kitanović |

This logo is extraordinary. It is a work of art. Not only is it a modern take on the art nouveau style, but it also conveys the brand's values.

It comes as no surprise if this flower logo design does wonder. The art style is simply beautiful. Interestingly, it is both detailed and simple. The details make the logo visually appealing. At the same time, its simplicity keeps it from becoming visually overwhelming.


8. Christina Fischer

Created by Christina Fischer |

This pictorial mark is unlike previous ones. It is enigmatic but brings an earthy feeling, thanks to the color selection. It was designed to be used in packaging. Despite lacking text, it is recognizable and easy to remember.

The design also brings beauty and an air of elegance. What's more, the circle keeps the flower in place, preventing it from becoming overly flowery. It is an elegant logo suitable for an elegant brand.


9. Alpha Floral

Created by Chelsea Bunn |

As we said earlier, flowers are adaptable. You can use flowers in almost any situation. In this case, a logo with earth tone background. The earth's tone color is calming, warming, and inviting. All of which suits Alpha Floral florist perfectly.

Meanwhile, pastel pink colors the flowers, text, as well as round frame, while darker earth tone colors the leaves. The results are gorgeous, easy to recognize, and easy to remember flower logos. 


10. Sunny Creek

Created by Mark Johnston |

This flower-themed logo design has a floral frame style. Notice how the sunflower is framed inside a circle and becomes the focal point.

In addition, the logo also contains details about the brand. Namely, the brand's name, when it was established, where the company resides, and what products it sells. With just a look, the audience can know a lot about the brand. And this is all thanks to the well-designed flower logo.


11. Plant Shop Paradiso

Created by NienowBrand |

This one is an abstract flower logo design. This kind of pictorial mark is known for its versatility. Due to the use of geometrical shapes, they can be used in just about any industry. Of course, that includes plant shops.

These pictorial marks are a great option to represent a brand. They are interesting but don't look overly romantic. Not to mention the use of pastel colors add the wow factor too.


12. Nature Flower

Created by Neat Lineart |

A minimalist pictorial mark, this brand's visual representation does away with unnecessary elements that can clutter the logo. It features the outline of a flower and simple text that tells the audience the name of the brand.

The outline is bright, which contrasts with the dark background. The juxtaposition of the two elements creates an interesting focal point. The golden tint adds luxury and elegance, while the dark blue highlights the most important elements.


13. ecosmo

Created by Badr |

This is another example of a minimalist logo. It includes no unnecessary elements and only keeps the bare minimum. Notice how much white space it has. While most parts of the design are empty, the abstract pictorial mark manages to grab attention.

With the neutral white background it has, it can do so effortlessly. The green color represents growth and harmony. It reminds us of nature, too. It is simple, quite attractive, and effective.


14. Two Roses

Created by Yana Duganova |

The Two Roses is a modern flower logo. Modern flower logos work well with digital media. They are flat and simple-looking, which makes it easy to use them across different platforms.

These logos are often paired with a Sans-Serif font. This makes them a bit bolder and edgier than their contemporaries. Here, the font is bold and comes in black, adding seriousness and professionalism. A fitting choice for the City Club of Gardeners.


15. Beauty Roses

Created by marvadesign_ |

If you need another example of flowers' adaptability, just take a look at this pictorial mark. This gorgeous flower logo design combines the outline of a flower with a drawing. The result is an attractive brand visual representation that can't be ignored.

The subtle contrast also helps to highlight the design further. It keeps things simple, is minimalist, and conveys the brand's identity to the audience. The logo shows beauty in its simplicity.


16. The State of Missouri

Created by Ethan Fender |

Ideally, a pictorial mark should look good even without color. So when you design your own, start it in black and white. Once you have the design figured out, you can consider the color scheme that suits your brand the most.

Here is an example of a pictorial mark that looks good with minimal colors. Notice how it combines a flower with birds and other objects. Notice also the white space.


17. Alive Inside

Created by Jessie Maisonneuve |

When it comes to designing, flowers can get along with many things, including even a skull. The juxtaposition creates a fascinating focal point. Not only that, but since the pictorial mark works well with a black background, it is versatile to use in various mediums and platforms.

The contrast is not stark. It is subtle, which is why it is easy on the eye. Overall, the Alive Inside is a unique, attention-grabbing design.


18. Lil sparrow garden

Created by Badr |

In designing a logo, many designers prefer to limit their colors to two. While this is reasonable, it doesn't mean you can't use more. Just keep in mind that the more colors are used, the harder it becomes to balance them. If you can balance them, it is fine.

This one here is a good example of how multiple colors work. They balance and complement each other. It doesn't look visually overwhelming.


19. Blossom

Created by Ahmed creatives |

The next one is another example of an abstract logo. What's amazing about this example is how elegant and luxurious it looks. The geometrical shapes join together, creating a flower shape. There isn't much contrast in it, but the flower stands apart and makes a statement.

In addition, while it does have intricacies, it is still simple. Its simplicity makes it easy to remember and flexible. Meaning it still looks appealing regardless of size.


20. Saiduzzaman Shafie

Created by Saiduzzaman Shafie |

Daisies are beautiful flowers. They translate well when used as a logo. Here, the daisy becomes the focal point. At its center, there is a small yellow circle. Around it, there are white petals with geometrical shapes that we are familiar with.

Lastly, the background. The background is blue. On the one hand, it provides a contrast to the yellow and white. On the other, it keeps things simple and easy on the eye.


21. Friend Loving Flower

Created by Damian Orellana |

Simple, attractive, and tells a story. The white and black color scheme is classic. But it works well for the pictorial mark. Furthermore, it draws attention to the center. As a result, the audience is drawn to see what the brand is all about.

The hexagon keeps things in line. Many people tend to overlook white space. But, when it is utilized properly, it results in a hard-to-miss design like this one.


22. Woman & Flower

Created by Elif Kameşoğlu |

Flowers' adaptability is amazing. Here you can see how intricate the image is. You can see both a woman and flowers. The union of the woman and the flowers results in an amazing visual cue that is really hard to miss.

The colors are soft. There is a contrast between the color inside the pictorial mark and the background color. It is subtle and adds the natural vibe that the logo gives.


23. Asia care

Created by Valery Shi |

There is beauty in this pictorial mark's simplicity. Notice the absence of intricate elements in the design. What we see instead are four red flowers rotated clockwise at a different degree.

As for the color, they are soft and easy on the eye. The font selection shows the brand's identity. The flowers and stylized text make it easy for the audience to recognize and remember the brand. Plus, it creates a positive impression.


24. Bloomingdays

Created by Elif Kameşoğlu |

A flower shop using flowers as its logo is just fitting. The brand's visual representation here conveys the brand's identity. It includes four blooming flowers, each one facing in a different direction.

The flower shop's name is dark green, which represents the stem of the flowers. The text telling what the brand is telling is in red, which corresponds to the flowers. Overall, the design is minimalist but it can get the job done.


25. Chrome dandelion

Created by Stevan Rodic |

Yet another proof of the adaptability of flowers. The chrome-colored dandelion logo has a contemporary and modern look. On top of that, its extraordinary looks attract attention effortlessly.

While the pictorial mark doesn't exactly have any border, it does have white space. A lot of it, in fact. The clever use of white space adds a touch of sophistication. In addition, it looks uncluttered, clean, and visually pleasing. It is an amazing pictorial mark.


26. Amelia

Created by Yosbrands |

The use of flowers in a brand's visual representation is widespread. It is so widespread healthcare centers are using them. This is hardly surprising considering the looks that flowers have. Not to mention virtually everyone like them.

Here, the flower is used as the healthcare center's visual representation. The petals interconnect with one another, representing the values of the healthcare center. There is not much of a contrast, but the pictorial mark stands out.


27. Flowers & Wine

Created by Alex Tass |

Flowers and wine are such a unique combination. Interestingly, it works well. Just look at Flowers & Wine brand's visual representation here. Notice there are three elements inside the window glass.

The elements on the left and right are roses. Meanwhile, the middle is occupied by a glass of wine. The color scheme here is gorgeous. The upper half is mostly red, while the lower half is more colorful. It is amazing.


28. Topiary 219

Created by Kate Libby |

There are many ways designers incorporate flowers in their work. Some use them as the main element. Some others, like the example here, use it as a frame. Either way, the result is beautiful.

The woman in the middle is surrounded by stems of flowers with a sunflower just above her. The lower part of the design is filled with text, telling the audience what the brand's name is and what it does.


29. Blooming Royal

Created by Rustam Muradov |

This brand's visual representation here is minimalist, to the point, and appealing. The color scheme is easy on the eye. The contrast between the orange and the white parts draws the audience's attention to the center, letting them know what the brand is all about.

The typography is unique. Despite its curving direction, the audience can read the name of the flower boutique easily. Thanks to its minimalism, it is easy to remember.


30. Peony Home Decor

Created by Brian Ritter |

Notice the color selection. There are two shades of green. The darker colors the stem, while the lighter colors the background. The pink creates an interesting contrast.

There is nothing wrong with a simple pictorial mark. If anything, it is what designers aspire to create. A simple pictorial mark goes a long way. The simpler the design, the easier it is for the audience to remember and associate it with the brand.


Final Words

These are the 30 best flower logo design ideas that we have collected. They should give you an idea or two about what a good flower logo design looks like. While you can get inspired by the work of others, never copy them. Instead, use the inspiration to help you create your own.

Also, never rush the designing process. Whether you design the logo yourself or work with a designer, get inspired, take your time, learn your brand well, and design the logo. A well-designed logo goes a long way. It will be worth the time and effort. We hope this helps.


Let us know what you think!

These above references are done by some of the most talented designers all over the world. If you think your work is better and would like to showcase yours here in this post, please feel free to email your work to Cheers!


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