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Article: 30 Best Lightning Logo Design Ideas You Should Check

30 Best Lightning Logo Design Ideas You Should Check

Creativity is a flash of lightning in the dark of night, a brief time of tremendous potential.
Check out some of the best lightning logo design ideas!
Created by Patrick Tuell |

The lightning logo design has a rich background that spans various industries and cultures. Symbolizing power, speed, energy, and innovation, the lightning bolt has become a popular choice for businesses, sports teams, and organizations looking to convey these attributes in their visual identity.

The origins of the lightning symbol can be traced back to ancient mythology and folklore. In Greek mythology, Zeus, the king of the gods, was often depicted wielding thunderbolts as weapons. The lightning bolt thus became a symbol of divine power and authority. Similarly, in Norse mythology, the god Thor was associated with thunder and lightning, further solidifying the lightning bolt's association with strength and might.

In the realm of technology and innovation, the lightning bolt logo gained popularity due to its association with electricity and power. The lightning bolt logo also found its way into the music industry, notably with the iconic logo of the band AC/DC. The jagged and electrifying design of the logo reflects the band's high-energy rock music and rebellious spirit.

Here are some of the best lightning logo design ideas you can reference


1. Bolt

Created by ikram h sakib |

Not only the name, bolt is one of the highly likely used graphics for lightning imagery. The lightning bolt is known for its striking angle and shape. It is also known as one of the Greek's god weapons. With a strong impression, this logo can appear unique and stand out. The bolt shape is hidden between B and O, following sturdy color, font, and concept.


2. PowerPort

Created by Shaon Khan |

As one of the images of electricity, the lightning bolt stands out and gives great relevance to the Powerport logo. The design is on point, without appearing too much or lacking. From the symbol, it fuses two P letters with the lightning bolt as a separator. The cold white and gray with formal font add style to it, which fits the more professional and prestigious industry.


3. Boop

Created by Howard Pinsky |

One of the key elements of lightning is the bright flash color in the night sky. Boop took the idea by developing a logo with yellow as its background color. It helps make a highlight and keep the logo stand out. To make it better, the neat and modern lettering keeps the design feeling young. It also has the bolt separating the two Os, bringing motion and distinction to it.


4. Volt TV

Created by White Rabbit |

There is nothing wrong with going literal with the logo concept. If a picture is hard to adopt, a word or phrase related to lightning might help. In this case, Volt is the answer. The logo uses its lettering using a rather bold, strong, and formal font. With a touch of small alteration, the logotypes still have their uniqueness. It also uses yellow, the best color for the concept.


5. Richard Spaans

Created by Richard Spaans |

Richard Spaans understands the assignment by going with modern logo styling. It consists of a uniquely shaped S letter with a lightning bolt inside. This kind of design is simple but has a great impact on memorability and scalability. Another best touch is the use of green and yellow, which provide one of the most attractive symbols with the lightning symbol.



Hard parts' mood board and concept are one of the coolest to see. The design uses black and yellow to represent the lightning. At the same time, the design comes with a beautifully drawn lightning bolt in every design. It includes the logotype, symbol, or combination. One thing that makes it unique is the font and writing.


7. Adzeus

Created by Jessie Maisonneuve |

One of the key elements and symbolism of the lightning logo design is Zeus. The Greek god is known to use lightning as his weapon. In this logo, you can see that the concept is pretty clear. The cool illustration of a Zeus dual-wielding lightning, the yellow and black color, plus its variation, shows how crazy a lightning logo concept can be.



Created by taufikrizkyy |

The first thing that attracts the viewer's attention is the drawing or the illustration. The logo has a cartoon lightning bolt logo, in which the bottom half of the bolt is drawn with a more curvy line. It adds a unique style, especially with the orange and white colors. At second glance, the lightning bolt somehow resembles a cute fox tail (Fuchs means fox).


9. Chris Garvey

Created by Chris Garvey |

Who can expect cool, bright, and scary lightning can be part of a pizza's logo? Chris Garvey is the person behind the unique drawing of the lightning pizza. The pizza slice is skewed in a way that it has the iconic bolt shape. The designer shed all of the bright and electrifying characters. Instead, go for the classic monotone color to make the pizza's graphics comprehensive.


10. Energy Rabbit

Created by graph_uvarov |

One of the impressions a bolt of lightning is swift, quick, and energetic. Hence the energy rabbit symbol is one of the best to look at. The logo develops an image of a running rabbit with only two simple shapes, the lightning bolt and the head. It adds a warped effect on the body, plus white and blue colors to keep the design relevant and show motion.


11. Eric Lee

Created by Eric Lee |

A pleasant surprise element of the logo by Eric Lee is the snake. For a logo with a lightning bolt, one will hardly relate it to the said animal. But Eric Lee is amazing. The concept of a snake wrapping the bolt is authentic. At the same time, the uses of monotone color with cream lineart and color plus blue and white are amazing. It looks regal and dangerous.


12. Zap

Created by Jay Fletcher |

The idea of Zap sure is the electricity and current. In this case, the design by Jay Fletcher highlights the skeleton x-ray of a cat. This kind of image is pretty common in horror design but still has a cartoonish touch thanks to its flat graphic. Included with orange, black, and white, it is perfect! One of the unique and will likely be memorable for the audience.


13. Drip

Created by Andy Nelson |

Drip, at a glance, feels like a more vintage logo design. The color scheme of black and brown, with the shadow lettering effect, are some of the elements of the oldies style. It also has the classic cursive lettering, fitting with an almost 80s logo. But it also has the zippy line to create the lightning bolt shape, which is used as the underline. Simple, but works!


14. Homie Hundo

Created by Andy Nelson |

Homie Hundo has the capability to attract attention. The illustration comprises a moving snake providing a shape looking like a number 100. It also uses a zippy double line to represent the lightning logo design imagery. Those graphics are one of a kind, complete with blue and white color plus the strong, neat writing. This is an amazing design to look at.


15. Turbo Coffee

Created by Ryan Prudhomme |

Turbo coffee roaster got the classic platform logo design. The semi-circular shape helps contain the lettering and information. It also helps signify the logo model. Talking about its information, Turbo Coffee uses two lightning bolts inside the logo. It likely relates to the swift service, which is highlighted as part of the logo's detail.


16. Lighthouse

Created by Yuri Kartashev |

The logo concept for the lighthouse is a great depiction of the lightning symbol. Lightning is related to a light and a flash of the beam, which fits with the lighthouse. Hence the design combines the lightning bolt shape with a lighthouse shape at its tip. It is also complemented with yellow, white, and navy color to put highlights in the design. Genius!


17. Synergy Gym

Created by Emir Kudic |

Another good example of how vast the use of lightning logo design is is the Synergy Gym. Gym and lightning share the same impression, power. With that, synergy gym adheres to the uses of bright neon red and cool-looking S initial with two lightings in it. It is simple but fully captures both the synergy of the gym and the lightning impression. And make people energized.


18. Corey Reifinger

Created by Corey Reifinger |

Corey Reifinger's logo design is probably a good example of a black-and-white illustration. The monochrome color is amazing, especially with the added washed and dirty effect on the graphic. The logo itself appears like glass with a lightning bolt in it. It can be a great branding for a bar or beverage product, as it might yield an energizing impression.


19. Volt Lighting Co

Created by Milos Djuric |

Volt lighting appears more different thanks to its mascot and graphic styling. The messy lettering, the white and yellow lightning bolt, the crown, and the hawk complement each other. It offers various possible meanings. It starts from the quick and swiftness impression, but also the strength. For better, the orange color hit the mark as a way to attract attention.


20. John Mujica

Created by John Mujica |

John Mujica has unique implications, imagery, meaning, and possibilities. The black and white color and drawing make it unique. At a glance, the lightning bolt is there as the underline. But the M initial symbol can also look like a 3D shape, looking like a double side-by-side building. This feature will engage people to think further.


21. Stormside

Created by Catur Argi |

Stormside can be a good example of how the imagery of a lightning logo design is very vast and different. You don't have to go with the common lightning bolt image but go with the more literal meaning and impression. Stormside draws cold and lightning using simple triangle shapes. This is simple but easier to understand, thanks to the name and concept.


22. Air Force Falcon

Created by Torch Creative |

Lightning has the potential to develop a sense of swiftness, power, and rigidity. That is the best impression coming from the Air force falcon's logo. The falcon is drawn to fly while bringing the lightning. This implication itself is beautiful, not to mention the blue and white color scheme. The drawing is amazing with its intention to develop professional quality.


23. Storm

Created by Jessie Maisonneuve |

Storm's design has several features that make the work have many potential ideas. Starting from the illustration, you can find three implications, the lightning, the skull, and the storm cloud. The design has a touch of scary imagery but still appears more approachable thanks to its cartoony design. Along with the neat design, you can say Storm sure hit the mark.


24. Storm Basketball Team

Created by Ilya Gorchanyuk |

The fact that the lightning logo design can properly fit with the sports industry is amazing. In this case, the basketball team is named as Storm. Hence, the use of lightning images is pretty fitting. Everything fit as it was supposed to be. The logo is drawn as a badge. The lightning shape in the ball and the color develop a complete image in mind.


25. Superfresh

Created by Nebojsa Matkovic |

Superfresh eyewear takes its brand to make a unique drawing for the logo. The answer is combining the palm tree and the lightning graphic. The result is amazing as it makes authentic imagery, complementing it as a branding identity. The designer also plays around with black and white colors that allow the designer to develop various versions of the logo.


26. Krooked Lighting

Created by Coric Design |

Krooked lighting has its way of providing scary imagery and an impression from the graphic. Especially on how lightning and lighting are known to affect people's eyes. That is why the image of a skull with two lightning on the eyes stands out. The unique thing is that the crooked style also applied to the lettering, the hand drawing style, and the color pick.


27. Stormside

Created by Catur Argi |

The graphic style of this logo falls into the flat image. It plays around with simple shapes, which allows for creating unique impressions and meaning. In this case, the logo designer uses spheres and a diagonal rectangle for the lighting. Does it work? Of course, the black and white color makes the graphic appear more obvious and easier to understand.


28. BBQ

Created by Jessie Maisonneuve |

BBQ sure plays a trick with its logo. It not only plays around with the real meaning but also creates a touch of comedy or fun on the graphic. The BBQ lettering is simple. But the illustration of an angel pig with a lightning bolt feels more menacing. But at the same time, a glint of sadness is drawn at the expression.


29. Charger Coin

Created by Alen Pavlovic |

This is the smart and modern logo that explains how versatile the lightning symbol is. It is not only limited to the traditional god and weather but also reaches the modern electronic currency market. The Chargercoin logo is a blend of two shapes and colors. The lightning shape is hidden in the middle, especially with the black background. It is simple but effective.


30. Patrick Tuell

Created by Patrick Tuell |

Patrick Tuell developed a good logo design that felt more foreign than the lightning logo design concept. But that is because the designer plays with shape and the audience's perception with its logo graphic. The logo graphic uses a proper shape to add motion, appearing like a fan. But hidden in it are the lightning shapes. For sure, it makes the audience engage to see the logo further.


Frequently Ask Questions

What are the cultural or symbolic meanings of the lightning logo designs?

The lightning logo design holds cultural and symbolic meanings across different contexts. It is often associated with power, speed, energy, and innovation. In mythology, the lightning bolt represents divine authority and strength. In sports and technology, it symbolizes competitiveness, cutting-edge advancements, and electrifying performance. The lightning bolt is also connected to the concept of heroism, as seen in superhero characters.

What types of industries are suitable for using lightning logo designs?

The lightning logo design is versatile and can be suitable for various industries. It is particularly well-suited for sectors that emphasize power, speed, innovation, and a dynamic presence. Sports teams can effectively utilize lightning logos to represent agility, competitiveness, and energy. Technology companies can leverage the lightning symbol to showcase cutting-edge advancements and the transformative nature of their products or services. Additionally, industries related to energy, electrical engineering, and sustainability can adopt lightning logos to symbolize power generation, efficiency, and environmental consciousness.

Which colours are commonly used in lightning logo designs?

When it comes to lightning logo designs, certain colors are commonly used to enhance the impact and meaning of the symbol. The most prevalent colors associated with lightning logos are vibrant shades that evoke energy, power, and electrifying effects. These include bold hues such as bright yellow, electric blue, vibrant purple, and fiery orange. These colors help to accentuate the dynamic nature of the lightning bolt and create a visually striking contrast.

What other symbolisms can I combine with lightning logo designs?

When creating lightning logo designs, there are several symbolisms that can be combined to enhance their meaning and visual impact. One common combination is to incorporate elements of speed and motion, such as arrows or swooshes, to emphasize the dynamic nature of the lightning bolt. Another option is to integrate symbols of power, such as a crown or a clenched fist, to convey authority and strength. Additionally, incorporating shapes associated with technology, such as gears or circuit patterns, can highlight innovation and modernity. Nature-inspired elements like mountains or waves can evoke a sense of energy and natural forces.

Which famous brands or companies are using lightning symbolism in logo designs?

Several famous brands and companies have incorporated lightning symbolism into their logo designs, showcasing its versatility and widespread appeal. One notable example is the energy drink brand Red Bull, which features a charging red bull with lightning bolts emanating from it, symbolizing power, energy, and vitality. Another well-known brand is Thunderbolt, a technology company that utilizes a stylized lightning bolt in its logo, representing fast and efficient technological solutions. The automotive industry also embraces lightning symbolism, as seen in the logos of luxury car manufacturers such as Aston Martin, which incorporates a lightning bolt to convey speed and performance.


Let us know what you think!

All of these fantastic logo design ideas are created by some of the most talented logo designers worldwide. We hope you enjoy our gallery and remember to leave us a comment below. Cheers!

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